BENT iPad Pros... :( - The WAN Show Dec 21 2018

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
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    Timestamps (Courtesy of Gajendra Ambi)
    0:00 Intro
    1:03 Floatplane/LTTstore update
    1:43 More intro
    3:42 Floatplane stuff
    20:16 Fortnite sued for dance
    32:50 Elons tunnel disappointment
    35:40 Sponsor: Freshbooks
    36:12 Sponsor: Squarespace
    37:00 Sponsor: PIA
    38:44 (GTX) 11...
    48:22 iPads bent
    50:35 LTXExpo
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  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 5 days ago

    Luke DID actually say 55 mph though, good for you for paying attention Linus. 33:44

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee 7 days ago

    Jon left LMG? 28:31

  • Martin Phillips
    Martin Phillips 8 days ago

    Here a tech tip
    Put the phone 📱 or iPad in a case. And stop 🛑. Bending the product .
    It's thin get over it.

  • ItsNotNick
    ItsNotNick 9 days ago

    Its well known I watched Fresh Prince when I was a kid all the time. People know that it's him.

  • Orbital
    Orbital 9 days ago

    Linus you completely missed the point, actually you are making a point to wards a lawsuit. You say that no one under 25 years would know the Carlton dance and to them it is the fortnight dance. This is exactly why the move is protected and Alfonso Rivera should try to get his IP rights. It is not the fortnight dance because they copied it and it is now named differently. If they use it they should be paying for it or at least ask for permission which they didn’t do. Also part of trade,arks are the mention of the original source.

  • TheSpacecraftX
    TheSpacecraftX 11 days ago

    Lol at them not know the Carlton dance.

  • Robert Dodson
    Robert Dodson 12 days ago


  • Terry Loh
    Terry Loh 13 days ago

    Good topic, worth thinking about as content creators. While it is true that actors/artists are hire to perform and do not necessarily hold the 'copyright' to the material they are performing, they do still have rights to the actual performance, also depending on their contract. I would be surprised if Mr. Ribiero's contract did not stipulate royalties for syndication or other commercial use of his performance. So while the copyright holder (in this case NBC/Andy & Susan Borowitz/Quincy Jones, etc.) would be the ones licensing the use of the material, Ribiero would still be entitled to royalties. This is a touchy issue, and the reason why 80s-90s episodes of Saturday Night Live on Hulu have stripped out not only the musical performances, but any skits the musician performed in.
    It will be interesting to see if Ribiero can copyright the dance for the reasons you've stated, but the performance and the clear reference to the performance by calling the move 'fresh' certainly complicates things. In any case, this lawsuit will help define the line between 'homage' and theft.
    And Linus... shame on you for not knowing Queen. :P

  • kanedanoglory
    kanedanoglory 13 days ago

    Rounded corners. Apple.

  • Tiavor Kuroma
    Tiavor Kuroma 13 days ago

    you can just ignore anything containing "cultural aproviation" because it is post-modern/feminist bullshit :)

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat 13 days ago

    How is it that the phrase, "Same bat time, same bat channel" is not trademarked or copyrighted? And that you can use it?

  • playmaka2007
    playmaka2007 14 days ago

    Do the secret shopper final episode with pr responses!

  • Erland Johansen
    Erland Johansen 14 days ago

    Sounds like needs its own forum! Ideally with user accounts synched with the LTT forum.

  • Gerardo Velazquez
    Gerardo Velazquez 14 days ago

    im really glad to hearing you say "as long as is not something illegal, then is really non of our bussines", the buthurt that so many people can get with those words is amazing

  • RezidentSeagull
    RezidentSeagull 15 days ago

    As soon as LTT has a Floatplane app, even if it's kinda beta, I will absolutely pick up a subscription. The only reason I haven't is because I almost entirely consume video content on my phone, and watching video from a webpage is just too rough an experience for me.

  • Liviu Pavel
    Liviu Pavel 15 days ago

    is the image delayed compared to the audio only to me? I'm comparing it with other videos on youtube and this video image has a pretty big lag in report to the audio.
    very noticeable at

  • nicholas dean
    nicholas dean 16 days ago

    He stole that dance from other people tho... 2:30 there is a video that he even says he stole it

  • Disk Crash
    Disk Crash 16 days ago

    What is the difference between a geek and a dork? A geek goes around with a big orange water bottle. A dork drinks from it while on camera.

  • Olaf Miklas
    Olaf Miklas 16 days ago +1

    How the hell do you not know what the Carlton dance is? Come on. And you keep calling yourself old :o

  • lux349
    lux349 17 days ago

    At 17:00, why if it's from gmail it gets cancelled?

  • Vagina Lover
    Vagina Lover 17 days ago

    can you put a link to the store next time so we can easily buy the shirt

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 17 days ago

    "Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel" is definitely copyrighted.

  • Bonzo
    Bonzo 18 days ago

    I took my IPad back to the apple store to complain about several operational issues on my 3 month old tablet.
    They said it was warped and accused me of abusing my IPad and therefore would not be covered under the applecare policy I purchased. So I had to pay to get a replacement. This will be the last apple product in my home.

  • 3polygons
    3polygons 18 days ago

    It's funny because I don't know right now if "Carlton" ever paid rights to Tom Jones, the song that he dance to in that chapter is his.... He has performed the dance later a number of times, and I guess made a brand of it, makes sense as people have always liked it a lot (I like it, but am old...) and ain't that easy to dance it as it looks... :D
    Not sure how it happened, but if he'd sued a player, would have been very ugly...but a company holding one of the most played games at the moment...makes a lot of sense, they have resources to purchase some royalty free footage and base on that, or be a bit creative on that...

  • 3polygons
    3polygons 18 days ago

    I do the emoji

  • 3polygons
    3polygons 18 days ago

    My country mentioned in the show! I feel important now :D

  • Moonwired
    Moonwired 18 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was probably the worst example in the history of using examples as an example

  • MigM16
    MigM16 18 days ago

    yes youtube has 1.75x play speed now yeaaaaa

  • Travis Lee
    Travis Lee 18 days ago

    32:26 they really got linus t-posing and saying Nigward

  • Ron Bes
    Ron Bes 18 days ago

    Does Jon no longer work for LMG?

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 19 days ago

    Sargon is not right-whinger. People say that because he is highly critical of modern feminism, PC culture and SJWs.

  • Noctem Gaming
    Noctem Gaming 19 days ago

    he looks kinda like sypherpk

  • HateG Plus
    HateG Plus 19 days ago

    LTT tour guide service?

  • Darth Jay
    Darth Jay 19 days ago

    Sargon is a center left British classic liberal, not a right winger..
    Fake news!!

  • Dusty Carrier
    Dusty Carrier 19 days ago

    The lawsuits against Epic are going to fail. The dance moves being original is irrelevant. The copyright office (?) specifically laid out guidelines suggesting an individual "move" is not copyrightable. It must be a full choreography.

  • ApexPie
    ApexPie 20 days ago +1

    Did Fresh Prince of Bel Air not air in Canada?

  • ConradJupiter77
    ConradJupiter77 20 days ago

    linus would look good with pirate earings

  • pranamd1
    pranamd1 20 days ago

    So basically, Apple is openly telling people to get bent...

  • Ghetelen
    Ghetelen 20 days ago

    "Music has samples"...and you pay for them or get sued.

  • Cody Jones
    Cody Jones 20 days ago

    Can't copyright a dance also Alfonso admitted he stole the dance from Bruce Springsteen's Dancer in the Dark music video.

  • Ashutosh Pandey
    Ashutosh Pandey 20 days ago

    Hello Luke. Seeing you after long time on this channel

  • Iggy Norant
    Iggy Norant 20 days ago

    There is no line, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.

  • Fried Borno
    Fried Borno 20 days ago

    show us the thing that is the thing!!!!!

  • sirgallium
    sirgallium 20 days ago

    It's not my ability to control your ability to open the case

  • sirgallium
    sirgallium 20 days ago

    My guess is that they are bent because they are being stacked up in the factories and trucks and the packaging and ipad itself were not strong enough to stack so high.

  • detritus23
    detritus23 20 days ago +1

    Re: Carlton Dance - it is called “Right of Publicity” or “Right of Celebrity”. John Ratzenberger and George Wentz successfully sued a company over the use of the Cliff and Norm concepts. The reason the suit is brought in California is the strong “Right of Celebrity” law.

  • Rishabh Desai
    Rishabh Desai 20 days ago

    39:34 because geforce experience

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez 20 days ago

    Brian tong podcast reported this a month ago. Brian tong worked for CNET, now he has his own podcast. Downey California

  • Theflyingdog
    Theflyingdog 20 days ago

    I managed to bend my iPad 5th gen (I watched this on it)

  • Olex Prost
    Olex Prost 20 days ago

    35:34, the look on Luke's face when linus says "Nigward" lmfao

  • Beerenmüsli
    Beerenmüsli 20 days ago

    Awesome Video!!!!

  • Dmitry Granicin
    Dmitry Granicin 20 days ago

    NOT a legal expert here (yes, I'm NOT one), just to throw an opinion as a musician. When you improvise a new pattern of chords or a melody, *if nobody heard it, then it's yours*, but the very moment you perform it in front of others it becomes public domain, the best you can hope is that people keep attributing the thing to you. This is why premieres have significance in art, this is partially what Banksy's "Girl with Baloon" might have meant if it's not just a prank. Everyone can watch the Swan Lake, write the music (notice - not copy!) from ear, change the story up a little bit, and choreograph the thing - you can't sue the new author for his own version of it, even though the original Swan Lake with select choreographies is "all rights reserved".

  • aohige
    aohige 20 days ago

    Are you taking ques from Zero Punctuation to make the opening theme five times louder than the actual show?

  • Luis Stiller
    Luis Stiller 20 days ago

    In International Terms in Latin America (Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua it is a spotlight show as part of Thursday and Friday Nights so he maybe able ito show International Royalties as part of his income. Thus proving his trademark cause I remember it very clearly with the song it goes with.

  • ansonx10
    ansonx10 20 days ago

    lmao the "backpack kid" better not be the one that's trying to sue for the floss. He """invented""" it in 2016, but there are videos of it from 2011. This is so dumb. Can we hit 50 t-poses?

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago +3

    Just skip straight to 20:16 and save 20 minutes of your life listening to them dribble over their pathetic attempt of a platform.

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago +3

    They try to big up ShitPlane like it is some epic service, when it just isn't.

  • SaitoGray
    SaitoGray 21 day ago

    Great, can't wait to see how that neutral stand is going to work (spoiler : you gonna have a shit ton of nazi and Paypal will kill you. But hey, at least you have the greatest of open mind accepting "both side " !)

  • jgould30
    jgould30 21 day ago

    my god, sponsor sponsor sponsor. Can I get some content with my sponsor please?

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc 21 day ago

    Re: GTX 11** - YES.
    Keep your fucking ray-tracing - I'd rather save a hundred quid.

  • Chipperowski aka RoboBoit

    Under Pressure was performed by David Bowie, although Queen wrote it for him.

  • Aaron Bailey
    Aaron Bailey 21 day ago

    Ya'll should make a haircut for the money.

  • Devanshu Kathrecha
    Devanshu Kathrecha 21 day ago

    Where are the news???

  • Hunter Lee
    Hunter Lee 21 day ago

    I'm under the age of 25 and know the fresh prince of belair. and I've never played fortnite, because it's not on steam. check mate.

  • JaxPandora
    JaxPandora 21 day ago

    Making Nigward sound like Ni(ck) Waard.
    Speech 100

  • Some Rock
    Some Rock 21 day ago

    *writes LTT Edition on his computer with a permanent marker*

  • Da vid
    Da vid 21 day ago

    The Carlton Dance is in The FRESH Prince bro... Niggas just need the money, ya know.

  • Mathewmartialart
    Mathewmartialart 21 day ago

    ok who the feck do i email etc to finally have my questions answered bout floatplane, as sending tweets, making comments like this one has gotten not a single reply as of yet

  • Norman Zakaria
    Norman Zakaria 21 day ago

    HE DID SAYS 55 MILES PER HOUR! I'm with you there Linus!

  • Monolith Fan
    Monolith Fan 21 day ago

    I have been to vancouver. I never want to go there again much less Canada in general.

  • Grant Hampson
    Grant Hampson 21 day ago

    #LTX Would be cool if you have 1 of the best of 4790K 6700K ... 8700K 9700K n 9900K all with 2080TIs with Acer predator 4K144 for comparisons and gaming and live benching. Like the idea of Building custom water cooled pcs and have people's input then give away on the fly and do some middling with people getting involve in painting or lazer edging n rebuild n giveaway

  • Lan G
    Lan G 21 day ago

    Linus was obviously not a regular Fresh Prince viewer. For shame.

  • Nam Hoang Van
    Nam Hoang Van 21 day ago


  • JohnSTF72
    JohnSTF72 21 day ago

    48:13 is what you came for (probably).

  • Zack Tyler
    Zack Tyler 21 day ago

    I cut my own hair for free...

  • Lana Zubak
    Lana Zubak 21 day ago

    Im 17 and i know the dance from fresh prince in my counrty the fresh prince is always every 2 years out to watch at tv

  • Teacher Nickoy
    Teacher Nickoy 21 day ago

    Sypherpk is back

  • juicedup14
    juicedup14 21 day ago


  • Jake Rosendahl
    Jake Rosendahl 21 day ago

    Can we make that 8k yule log in HDR too? 😘😘😘

  • Gigglelot
    Gigglelot 21 day ago

    Also, you don't need to worry about using a bundler for Floatplane if your server is running HTTP/2, just saying.

  • Gigglelot
    Gigglelot 21 day ago

    Ughh... Linus and Luke is annoying the fuck out of my with their ignorance, lack of understanding and in their words "not knowing anything". Just stick to tech, talking about ram cpu cores and thermal paste. Anything outside of your realm of actual knowledge, just stay away from.

  • Gigglelot
    Gigglelot 21 day ago

    These white guys are super cluless about the whole dance stuff.

  • Ricardo Becerra
    Ricardo Becerra 21 day ago

    In CA 2.99 cash is 3.00, but via cards it’s 2.99!
    I don’t think you pay cash to FP?

  • Slimword
    Slimword 21 day ago

    31:00 Leonard French, a well known TheXvidr and Copyright lawyer, disagrees with you. He says that things like dance can be copyrighted since it is considered an art / choreography. It is quite possible that Alfonso thought up the dance on the spot for the episode in which he first used it on Fresh Prince and that his contract did not state that his using it there would make it then exclusively part of the show. Based on what Lawrence says, Ribeiro has a strong case and, if they go to court which is unlikely, he would win. Most likely this will be settled out of court.

  • Maximus
    Maximus 22 days ago

    16:25 FFS Luke just forward the free gmail account to the new email address. It's gmail they give you the tools to leave and won't try to lock you in like yahoo / AOL.

  • lazypizzaguy
    lazypizzaguy 22 days ago

    the lindsay lohan thing gta v picture looked like katie upton not lindsay lohan but upton did not try to sue. but lohan did for some reason.

  • xKaydo
    xKaydo 22 days ago

    Nah the carlton dance is still the carlton dance lol but does he have ground to copyright them and retroactively sue epic? idk

  • RechargingBatteries
    RechargingBatteries 22 days ago

    Probably gonna be buried but maybe make an LTT shirt (the one Linus is wearing here) BUT with the text and background lines the same colour, so it's hidden similar to Luke's shirt

  • Luke Carrier
    Luke Carrier 22 days ago +2

    Vehemently disagree with your moderation strategy for Floatplane. Creators consistently been pulled up over constant factual inaccuracies/conspiracy theories cause genuine harm and shouldn't be hosted without clear warning. Safe harbour doesn't free you from that responsibility.

    • SaitoGray
      SaitoGray 21 day ago

      Exactly. They is a reason if people like sargon is being banned from Patreon, you can't just close your eyes and yell "WEDON'TCAREWEDON'TCAREWEDON'TCARE", that not how that work. But it's they're lost, when Paypal will kill Floatplane for having too many assholes they couldn't say we haven't warned them.

  • Animize
    Animize 22 days ago +1

    Welcome to the Floatplane show (with some tech news and sponsors)... It's getting a bit annoying actually.

  • Dispie Dark
    Dispie Dark 22 days ago

    Linus is suggesting to do the news instead off Luke trying to get news in between linus talking whaaaaaattttttt !!! :p
    Nvidia: Here what i would like to see.
    RTX 2070 and 2080 no more, these are the new titans with all the high end features for the people that want it all.
    GTX 1150, 1160, 1170 and 1180 stack, no more titans, no more (ti) just keep it clean for ones thank you very much.
    Then in 2 years form them i want to see
    RTX 2160, 2170 and 2080
    GTX 1250, 1260,1270 and 1280
    and so on no more jokes with ti or titan, your RTX are your titans now
    Apple are such dicks really thats pretty much what a manufacturing error looks likes guess apple is lowering there standards again. Just a little curved its still good, it still good.
    Someone make a Blazed as hell meme with linus store shot !

  • László Sárközi
    László Sárközi 22 days ago

    Fun fact: PIA in Hungarian means Booze.

  • Gabriel Ramirez
    Gabriel Ramirez 22 days ago

    "Is being an asshole trademarkable?" #Gold

  • Awais Tasleem
    Awais Tasleem 22 days ago

    PIA Pakistan International Airline

  • White92Guy
    White92Guy 22 days ago

    When Linus made the LTX joke and realized their expo is called LTX but I assume didn't know that RTX is the RoosterTeeth Expo and has existed for years. Don't put it past Nvidia to steal your expo name. Side note they too have their own site for watching content and it's the same price for a monthly subscription. So yeah, LTT is following the footsteps of RoosterTeeth by creating their own platform for content and Nvidia stole their name.

  • AltAcount F4
    AltAcount F4 22 days ago

    oh god linus vetter not get memed on for saying nigward.

  • BelviGER
    BelviGER 22 days ago

    Watch "All cars go to heaven" by the Smoking Tire guys
    It'll either give you ideas, or you could even collab with them for ACGTH 3

  • Josh Peterson
    Josh Peterson 22 days ago

    Random person is correct. I distinctly remember Carlton (whatever his name is) saying in an interview about the dance that he saw Madonna do it once, and used the move on the show.

  • Lord Franko The Don
    Lord Franko The Don 22 days ago

    Its one thing to say Carlton has a tough case but its a different tging to say hes "off his rocker", "out of money". Who doesn't know the Carlton dance?!?!?

  • shiverme timbers
    shiverme timbers 22 days ago

    so sick of trademarks and patents in these so called first world countries.