Jeffy's Pet Shark!

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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  • SuperLuigiLogan
    SuperLuigiLogan  2 months ago +1879

    Go watch the full video and subscribe!

    • gameoholic1994
      gameoholic1994 22 days ago

      SuperLuigiLogan Worry no longer about TheXvid and its demonetization. There’s a better alternative where you can upload your videos and monetize them, but with NO ads, and MORE freedom. It’s called DTube.
      And here's a tutorial on how to set up an account there, but in order to work, it says to create a Steemit account:

      RED PANDA 28 days ago

      I honestly thiught yiu made this just to see how many clicks you'd get because of Jeffy😂😂😂

    • Donnato Lopez
      Donnato Lopez Month ago

      SuperLuigiLogan Pero le quiero eres lo que te dice el baboso de

    • samanta Neifelde
      samanta Neifelde Month ago


    • Creveter
      Creveter Month ago

      You need to stop.

  • LRainbowL-YT
    LRainbowL-YT 11 hours ago

    They barely upload rip

  • Roblox Dude
    Roblox Dude Day ago

    Which scream is the best like for jeffy

    Comment for shark

  • dafrayser
    dafrayser 2 days ago

    What the fuck are y’all talking about you fucking asshole

  • MMONEY18 q
    MMONEY18 q 4 days ago

    Plzzzz Make more videos !!!!!!

  • Lori Kimberly King
    Lori Kimberly King 5 days ago

    Please correct ur closed captioning#nomorecraptions

  • RagingHammer
    RagingHammer 6 days ago

    I fucked jeffy

  • Luke Straight
    Luke Straight 6 days ago +1

    this is shark pupet tic tok

  • wild animations
    wild animations 7 days ago

    You’re the one that got the best day

  • Meta boi
    Meta boi 7 days ago

    The puppet shark!

  • Raymond Black
    Raymond Black 7 days ago


  • Raymond Black
    Raymond Black 7 days ago

    Hi I'm sure biggest fan i whish i could meet you one

  • easter bunny with no subscribers

    *how shark puppet met jeffy*

  • Amairani WOW
    Amairani WOW 8 days ago


  • Brendon Olalde
    Brendon Olalde 9 days ago

    oh you have a new channel ok i will be sure to subscribe rn

  • x_p4
    x_p4 9 days ago


  • slovan01
    slovan01 9 days ago

    Nice catch Jeffey!

  • Akilah Pelt
    Akilah Pelt 10 days ago +1


  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson 11 days ago

    Bad idea to catch a shark🦈

  • Alpha VLOGZ
    Alpha VLOGZ 13 days ago

    I dint hif to

  • Evan Gove
    Evan Gove 13 days ago

    ha get demonetized


    Lol Jeffry’s first shark

  • Apex Pro
    Apex Pro 17 days ago

    How many channels are u going to retreat to?!

  • Noah The Slayer
    Noah The Slayer 18 days ago

    Damn I stopped watching you for like 1.8 years and I come back and you still having trouble with demonetization 😂

  • Maliek Harris
    Maliek Harris 18 days ago +1

    Superluigillogan you best TheXvid ask for I hope you did good

  • Scxrch
    Scxrch 20 days ago

    best thumbnail so far

  • Darth Nater
    Darth Nater 20 days ago

    That’s shark puppet

  • Pandaboss
    Pandaboss 25 days ago


  • Lawrence Reichert
    Lawrence Reichert 26 days ago +1

    best part 0:18

  • Ballistic Dragon
    Ballistic Dragon 26 days ago

    Another channel

    SANTIAGO MOROCHO 26 days ago

    Shark puppet

  • Crayzy Luka
    Crayzy Luka 26 days ago +1

    I saw this on TikTok 😂😂

  • TheTurleyFamilyOK
    TheTurleyFamilyOK 27 days ago


  • Exotic Life
    Exotic Life 29 days ago

    “I hope it’s a big one”

  • die alam
    die alam Month ago

    The shark puppet :)

  • Quinn Reil
    Quinn Reil Month ago

    Logan My name is Quinn 7 you Should make A Video with Jeffy Killing Good man

  • Irving and Byron
    Irving and Byron Month ago


  • Captain Salsa
    Captain Salsa Month ago +1

    0:17 so dang funny 😆😆😆

  • JbBelibers fOrLoFe
    JbBelibers fOrLoFe Month ago

    Logan why is it only 40 seconds

  • Oofy playz :3
    Oofy playz :3 Month ago

    This made me laugh😂😂😂

  • Grav Bullet
    Grav Bullet Month ago

    This is where the tik tok memes start

  • Guadalupe Valenzuela

    Wait the shark is shark puppet

  • Will Holtom
    Will Holtom Month ago +3

    TheXvid:Oh No sll made a 40 second video with no swearing or mean things...
    D E M O N E T I Z ED

  • Penny Douglass
    Penny Douglass Month ago


  • XTML
    XTML Month ago

    I’m here because of tiktok

  • squidward
    squidward Month ago


    MOEGELOES T Month ago

    Do a cody gets a boyfriend dat gay boi

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday Month ago

    80 percent of your viewer's are under 15

    • Ruby Tuesday
      Ruby Tuesday Month ago

      @KingCed He's shamelessly making money off 8-10 year olds.

    • KingCed
      KingCed Month ago

      Tbh who cares

  • Mr. Brandon1295YTP cool

    Logan! hey someone is copy you video it funny 😁 it like hm it sml YTP

  • Mario #1
    Mario #1 Month ago


  • legendary sayain Broly

    God dam it in private ur videos

  • Game Channel 123
    Game Channel 123 Month ago +5

    This is How many money jeffy has

  • THANOSGaming
    THANOSGaming Month ago

    The number of subscribers Logan has is the number of times that Mario has stuttered

  • Kristina Ražov
    Kristina Ražov Month ago

    Where's rosolina

  • Ryan Lusby
    Ryan Lusby Month ago

    SuperMarioLogan! Look at your house! You've destroying everything in it when you were making SML movies! You need to pay for all this! or else...

  • Montzerrat Perez
    Montzerrat Perez Month ago

    You need to fucken take that pencil out of his fucken nose ! My son did the same fucken shit this ugly ass puppet did !!

  • Logan McDaniel
    Logan McDaniel Month ago


  • Tyler Geer
    Tyler Geer Month ago

    that vid sucks i need fulld vids but it was funny got to give you that

  • SS Sn1pezz
    SS Sn1pezz Month ago

    I saw this on tiktok from shark puppet

  • Treysen Wilson
    Treysen Wilson Month ago