Why we haven't posted..

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Thank you all so much for being apart of our life. Hope you can sit back and relax for this very long vlog. Blessed to have you.
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs  2 months ago +6592

    Thank you so much for being here.

    • Kameron Machan
      Kameron Machan 2 days ago

      love your videos been watching from the start so good to see you and the family

    • bobby poop
      bobby poop 7 days ago

      bro your the only TheXvid i like that post every day but if your posting every day is it hard on your kids ?

    • Jordan Catlett
      Jordan Catlett 15 days ago

      It makes me think about my Actions

    • Jordan Catlett
      Jordan Catlett 15 days ago

      Roman Atwood Vlogs I love your videos

  • Tucker Cook
    Tucker Cook 4 hours ago

    I think she will get stuck!!!

  • Billy Sherer
    Billy Sherer Day ago

    I love you too

  • Christopher Headley

    i have my own bayblads i love bayblads

  • Kameron Machan
    Kameron Machan 2 days ago

    what did happen to romans mom just curious

  • Maxwell John
    Maxwell John 3 days ago

    The razor ride.

  • ShayCreations :
    ShayCreations : 4 days ago

    Check to see if you have H pylori. Sounds similar to your symptoms.

  • Ivan Wolfard
    Ivan Wolfard 5 days ago


  • Sabrina Caraballo
    Sabrina Caraballo 5 days ago


  • Sabrina Caraballo
    Sabrina Caraballo 5 days ago


  • david lash
    david lash 8 days ago


  • Trail_ Force1
    Trail_ Force1 9 days ago +1

    10:12 you guys are getting paid

  • Arc123nyc 420
    Arc123nyc 420 9 days ago +1

    Get a job Cashman NYC $

  • Mary Cook Moore
    Mary Cook Moore 9 days ago

    Just catching up on vlogs since youtube doesn’t send me alerts or put them in recommendations. I had missed Roman’s motivational speeches and I need to hear it today. Can’t believe how fast the family is growing including baby blue donkey. I miss seeing empire and flash as best friends. 💜💜💜

  • Game Bred
    Game Bred 10 days ago

    I remember watching your videos since 2013 with the dudesons in Iceland so I go way back. I did stop watching your vids from 2015-2019. Seems you have anxiety? But you should consult a cardiologist because it might be anxiety or heart related ,so you should discard all possibilities anxiety & cardiovascular

  • Ethan Slin RG 3
    Ethan Slin RG 3 11 days ago


  • Adn Qaisar
    Adn Qaisar 13 days ago

    She will get stuck

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 14 days ago

    I subscribed Roman Atwood

  • Trisha Meloling
    Trisha Meloling 14 days ago

    The frey life Say “smile more” I feel like Roman Atwood Steeled that from them

    • Somebody New
      Somebody New 14 days ago

      They have been saying that for at least like 7 years or whenever they
      Started TheXvid

  • Emily Oppermann
    Emily Oppermann 15 days ago

    She will get stuck

  • Karen Hernandez
    Karen Hernandez 16 days ago

    She will get stuck

  • Ivanov The Dead
    Ivanov The Dead 16 days ago

    Not stuck

  • Ivanov The Dead
    Ivanov The Dead 16 days ago

    the hungry calpiler

  • HoneyBadger
    HoneyBadger 17 days ago

    Anyone know if he figured out what was wrong?

  • Swedish ArmyKnife
    Swedish ArmyKnife 18 days ago +1


  • Jennifer Wheeler
    Jennifer Wheeler 18 days ago

    Yes or no

  • jerameglia vandinkleberger

    the caterpillar is a hickory tussock Moth

  • Eduardo Jaramillo
    Eduardo Jaramillo 19 days ago

    Will get stuck

  • Izabelle Blodgett
    Izabelle Blodgett 20 days ago

    she will get stuck

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith 20 days ago


  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith 20 days ago


  • Ella Jada
    Ella Jada 21 day ago


  • the man lynch
    the man lynch 21 day ago +3

    Sounds like a panic attack or anxiety

  • Tucker Stover
    Tucker Stover 22 days ago

    Yeah she will get stuck

  • danny Dts
    danny Dts 22 days ago


  • Michelle Mohammed
    Michelle Mohammed 23 days ago

    I have a hiatus hernia that mimics the pain of a heart attack. It took 15 years to diagnose and was wrongly put down as panic attacks. But absolutely having acid on the way up is the trigger for that pain in me.

  • DieDK
    DieDK 24 days ago

    Whats happent with canes teeths?

  • DieDK
    DieDK 24 days ago

    I Hope i gets a girlfriend like yours

  • justin weisler
    justin weisler 24 days ago

    Get ahold of Dick Goddard to see what kind of caterpillar that is. HA-HA

  • Justin Qu
    Justin Qu 26 days ago

    My first beybalde was L-drago

  • Steve Combs
    Steve Combs 26 days ago

    She wont

  • David Martin
    David Martin 26 days ago

    she'l get stuck telling by the intro lol

  • Rob Hamilton
    Rob Hamilton 26 days ago

    Where at you riding at. Look fun I would like to take my four wheeler there. I’m from buckeye lake.

  • Navarre Morin
    Navarre Morin 26 days ago

    this was posted on my birthday

  • Happsterboyy 556
    Happsterboyy 556 27 days ago

    You have such a cool house!!

  • Andre Mccarty
    Andre Mccarty 28 days ago +1

    You are the best

  • Kellie Hore
    Kellie Hore 29 days ago

    Love you

  • Krista Hickey
    Krista Hickey 29 days ago

    It could be your gallbladder!!

  • Chy Marie
    Chy Marie Month ago

    God Bless you all.

  • lele lala
    lele lala Month ago

    Is your Girl from the Adams Family? No hate, shes beautiful

  • Jessica Nichols
    Jessica Nichols Month ago

    With you

  • DJLambo1 _28
    DJLambo1 _28 Month ago

    British going to make it

  • Carley Coggins
    Carley Coggins Month ago

    I have every poster

  • Kevin Melanson
    Kevin Melanson Month ago

    She will get stuck

  • Amber M
    Amber M Month ago

    It's been so long! When did they get more donkeys!

  • batgirl 36011
    batgirl 36011 Month ago

    roman you might have what i have

  • Maria Palomo
    Maria Palomo Month ago

    she’s gonna get stuck

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez Month ago

    fishy stankyyyyyy fishyyyyy stankyyyyyyy

  • Betsy Reynolds
    Betsy Reynolds Month ago

    She will get stuck

  • Eric B
    Eric B Month ago

    It might be diabetes. Do a test! You may need to try Keto or at least reduce carbs if that's the case it will reverse your pre diabetes before it's too late