• Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • Jonah and his family have adopted me for the day and as their new son, they've agreed to eat the hottest noodles this side of Glendale with me. I love this family and watching them in pain is terrifying and adorable.
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  • Drowzy SZN
    Drowzy SZN 52 minutes ago

    I have faith Jonah will get in a real movie some day

  • aspp68
    aspp68 10 hours ago

    Tapatío is not even spicy

  • Scott Ochs
    Scott Ochs Day ago

    I only liked this cuz Lil V told me to

    TUMIE M 2 days ago

    I like how the kept on eating

  • Erik Daniel
    Erik Daniel 4 days ago

    Tapatio is not spicy

  • Sunia Nasser
    Sunia Nasser 4 days ago

    everyone: dying from the heat

    Josh: hows everyone doing

  • Pher Ghxsty
    Pher Ghxsty 13 days ago

    5:20 vardan things his mom dying

  • Robbie Clark
    Robbie Clark 14 days ago

    I love how Vardon feels like he need's to be on camera so when Suzi legitimately goes outside to get some air and Josh is filming he reaction Vardon goes in front of the camera and puts on a show. I guarantee that Vardon is not suffering as much as he is presenting

  • Robbie Clark
    Robbie Clark 14 days ago

    Vardon is a cutie but he kind of annoying and it seems like he is being over dramatic

  • Alex FTGM104
    Alex FTGM104 15 days ago +1


  • DangerousKick _Elite
    DangerousKick _Elite 16 days ago

    Vardon: everyone has pooped their pants...
    I haven't... ever... 😐

  • Julia Nazaryan
    Julia Nazaryan 17 days ago +4

    I'm an Armenian❤🇦🇲thats why i watch it😂❤🇦🇲

  • Gabriel Charles
    Gabriel Charles 17 days ago

    why are they all so fat

  • Garrett Rakestraw
    Garrett Rakestraw 18 days ago

    tbh i don't like how annoying vardon is no offense

  • Pr1nc313m Bk
    Pr1nc313m Bk 19 days ago

    Tapatio 🤣🤣🤣 it sounds mad English 😂😂

  • Tu Rorro
    Tu Rorro 20 days ago

    For the baby 😂

  • Autumn Dugan
    Autumn Dugan 20 days ago

    Vardon is so dramatic

  • K G
    K G 21 day ago

    I fucking love those noodles. I’ll have tears and snot streaming down my face (you’re welcome for the image) and still be eating them like “these are amazing!”

  • Tony Langevin
    Tony Langevin 23 days ago

    I never realized how annoying Vardan is

  • l i n n a y a
    l i n n a y a 25 days ago

    *vartan* not var *dan*

  • Omg_yael
    Omg_yael 27 days ago

    Bruh do u know how many times I had to gasp for air😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pamela Bradshaw
    Pamela Bradshaw 27 days ago

    “Should I eat all of that” is Johans line when he wants you to just tell him to eat

  • Petra Pinter
    Petra Pinter 28 days ago

    10:10 thanks 😂😂

    REPORT ME 28 days ago

    Vardan loves being around josh but, he loves the camera a bit to much. For example when vardan goes in front the camera and says “my mouth is on fire”. Then josh says “ye ik”.

  • Ricatalano
    Ricatalano 29 days ago


  • Hunter Mitchell
    Hunter Mitchell 29 days ago

    that looks like very spicy 🌶 ramen 🍜 noodles

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito Month ago

    Wait is everybody having seconds!? Haha

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito Month ago

    Is he like mini Josh

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito Month ago

    Her name is Woopdido? Haha

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito Month ago

    Her name is Woopdido? Haha

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito Month ago

    Josh said: Armenians and Jews have big noses

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito Month ago

    Do you guess like Jewish people?

  • Jonathan Blandon
    Jonathan Blandon Month ago

    Found the spicy noddles. Your welcome everyone .

  • Jonathan Blandon
    Jonathan Blandon Month ago

    @09:45 Suzanne laugh

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee Month ago

    haha suzy at 1:00

  • Moundir Hzr
    Moundir Hzr Month ago

    I hate vardan

  • txhtssidmxn
    txhtssidmxn Month ago +2

    Jonah: “I’m pretty hungry”
    Vardon: “when are you not hungry”
    Me: 😂😂😂

  • thomas burr
    thomas burr Month ago

    I love you buddy, been a fan since Drake and Josh and I love the Vlog LOL your sense of humor is hilarious but if you keep doing these muckbangs with Jonah you're going to end up looking like him by the end of the summer LOL keep it up J love you bro

  • Dawna Van kralingen

    Love this family..thanks for sharing Josh

  • Casey
    Casey Month ago

    i only hit like when the 7 year old told me to.

  • Jaedyn Oblisk
    Jaedyn Oblisk Month ago

    was published on my bday

  • DaX_Sava
    DaX_Sava Month ago

    fucking 10 people in pain lol

  • Yung DiZzy
    Yung DiZzy Month ago

    Why do Jews have big noses?

  • No one,nobody NOTHING
    No one,nobody NOTHING Month ago +1

    Everybody there are champs(well except josh 🤣🤣😂😂 sorry josh)

  • Anthony Grigorian
    Anthony Grigorian Month ago

    9:29 Վարդան մեռնելու ես! nah, he won't, but did enjoy those Spicy Noodles

  • Anthony Grigorian
    Anthony Grigorian Month ago

    ստեղ կա՞ն Հայեր

  • andrew alfaro
    andrew alfaro Month ago

    Jonah took it the best

  • William Lewis
    William Lewis Month ago

    One fatter than the other lol. They should really start looking after their bodies

  • cd the gamer
    cd the gamer Month ago

    I did that with hot Cheetos and it so good but spicy plus i loved it becuase i really like stuff that are spicy

  • Timberly Ulsh
    Timberly Ulsh Month ago

    that girl in the back is cracking me the fuck up

  • Brady Hepner
    Brady Hepner Month ago

    This is how many times that kid said “oh my god”

  • sebastian valenzuela

    What are you trying to prove Jonah??

  • Thatbitch Marie
    Thatbitch Marie Month ago

    I loveeeeeee uuuuuu

  • Shaun R
    Shaun R Month ago

    You should rename this to how I almost killed an entire Armenian family

  • Shaun R
    Shaun R Month ago

    2019 josh with the Thor biceps... Anybody ever see him in the movie the whackness? It was dope check it out

  • shama noorani
    shama noorani Month ago

    What type of Smash;)

  • Red Static
    Red Static Month ago

    I want some

  • xXHuntHunterXx
    xXHuntHunterXx Month ago

    That’s bomb

  • lorsus lewis
    lorsus lewis Month ago

    Respond to my comment I'll subscribe wassup josh

  • QLZ_ Saoudba
    QLZ_ Saoudba Month ago