The Great S'mores Cook-Off!

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • *This video was sponsored by Hershey’s.*
    On this episode of On Location, Coyote puts Mark, Mario and Trent to the ultimate test… a S’mores making challenge! Only ONE can win this epic feat… so, who will make the BEST s’more to win the GRAND prize?! Watch now to find out in the Great S’mores Cook-Off!

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  • Bose-Einstein
    Bose-Einstein 6 hours ago

    Not a bad sponsor, Hershey's are pretty good

  • Ico Castañeda
    Ico Castañeda 18 hours ago

    hs better than gordon ramsay at tastng

  • Adonis Osmani
    Adonis Osmani 3 days ago

    who else wants a part 2 of this
    (just because i want to get hungry again)

  • yourfriendlyneighbourhoodspiderman

    Trent basically Jake from mrbeast but from Coyote's crew.

    REDACTED REDACTED 6 days ago

    I didn't know that coyote was a scout

  • robin lalor
    robin lalor 6 days ago


  • robin lalor
    robin lalor 6 days ago

    you are so cool coyote!

  • Noria Allen
    Noria Allen 6 days ago

    Kay guys, who's you're favorite guy? Coyote, Trent, Mario, or Mark?

    Edit: Mine is Mario! :>

  • Shaka Cooke
    Shaka Cooke 7 days ago

    That intro was a little uhhhhh........ cringey 😬


  • I like spilling tea gurl

    I could watch this video till 3 am 😂🤣

  • Well that’s random Ayla

    Mark will win

  • johanna Sepulveda
    johanna Sepulveda 11 days ago

    Coyote got stung by the deliciousness of the s’mores

  • Kayla Alling
    Kayla Alling 11 days ago

    you should do the great ice cream challenge

  • Kayla Alling
    Kayla Alling 11 days ago

    ilove s'mores every time we have s'mores we have a camp out

  • Afafoo Napoo
    Afafoo Napoo 13 days ago

    This is such a wholesome crew ❤️

  • Wolfie Does Everything

    I don't really like that charred-up taste when it comes to roasted marshmallows. I love that perfect golden brown. It tastes amazing. Then when combined with the s'more ingredients, it is absolutely delicious.

  • xGalaxyPotatox
    xGalaxyPotatox 14 days ago +2

    This is probably the one video where he doesn’t die

  • Erlindo Luab jr
    Erlindo Luab jr 15 days ago +2

    Oh I thought he was going to get bit by s'mores

  • MyJazzyMac/Jukebox James/Jason Pleasant

    But why are they called S'mores? *Because you always want SOME MORE*

  • Aziz Al Ameen
    Aziz Al Ameen 17 days ago

    Looks tasty

  • Jay Minami
    Jay Minami 18 days ago

    While watching this I get a Gordon Ramsey Ad 😂😂 Gordon approves of this show

  • Saba Asim
    Saba Asim 19 days ago

    I love 💕 Hershey’s

  • Akshay Shetty
    Akshay Shetty 19 days ago

    Now thats a lot of sugar

  • The drawing Man
    The drawing Man 20 days ago

    Delicious hot shmoes

  • maximum gamer
    maximum gamer 21 day ago +2

    I fill like his gordon ramsay and they are from master chef

  • Sadin Manassra
    Sadin Manassra 21 day ago +1

    Who's here in 2020?

    Like if you are😎😍🤗😘😆😉

  • Saif Mohammed
    Saif Mohammed 22 days ago

    Every person I just want to say happy new year for you

  • Anh Nguyễn
    Anh Nguyễn 23 days ago

    So dramatic

  • leny belicena
    leny belicena 23 days ago

    s'mores challenge instead of stung orbitten challege XD

  • Nico Shamon
    Nico Shamon 26 days ago +1

    If mark used the regular milk chocolate Hershey instead of the cookies and cream, his s’more would be way better

  • Sia Thao
    Sia Thao 26 days ago

    Have S’mores

    Edit: I love your videos Brave Wilderness
    Edit 2:1 like = 1 S’more UwU

  • Amy Ruiz
    Amy Ruiz 27 days ago

    I wish I would eat all smores

  • December Sfy
    December Sfy 27 days ago

    This is Chopped!

  • Kathleen Weller
    Kathleen Weller 28 days ago

    Cooking show. Nice

  • miri interstate
    miri interstate 29 days ago

    So lucky I never eat s’mores

  • Jordyn Olson
    Jordyn Olson Month ago

    “Hi I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the friend zone with my crush”

    Also Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!

  • Sheheer Masood
    Sheheer Masood Month ago

    I never had smores in my life and never knew until now what are s'mores.

  • Andri fun kid with friends

    Marks looks delicios😋

  • Hudson Hulse
    Hudson Hulse Month ago +1

    Mario’s was terrible and messy

  • Ethan Tindale
    Ethan Tindale Month ago +1

    I doing this at home tomorrow 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • Maureen Fullerton
    Maureen Fullerton Month ago +1

    I love s'mores and I think the s'mores everyone made look awesome and delicious!

  • mrwanPG
    mrwanPG Month ago

    Why is mario always at the back like you guys never treat him like everyone else is it just me ?

  • Ed gamer
    Ed gamer Month ago +1

    Why dose this have a camp fire there’s a fire restrictions so I can’t do it

  • Joaquin Jose Perez
    Joaquin Jose Perez Month ago

    This would be better with Gordon Ramsey as a co-host!

  • Alyshea Lee
    Alyshea Lee Month ago

    Why did I watch this video right after I watched Coyote handle some poop? 💩

  • Wolfycrafter 101
    Wolfycrafter 101 Month ago

    I gotta say it mark on one shot looked like tony from NCIS

  • Claire Scalia
    Claire Scalia Month ago +1

    omg i really want that 5 pound hershey bar no joke. like if you want it

  • Shane Leung
    Shane Leung Month ago

    Diabetes has joined the chat

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl Month ago +2

    Me: Everytime he eats he throws up 🤮🤢
    Also me: Ah great, he didn’t *vomit* today.

    MODERN BOT Month ago

    I tried marks tatic and it was amazing

    UNICORN COUSINS Month ago +1

    Coyote:His face what he tastes the amazing s’mores of Mark
    Me:I want s’mores 🤤

  • Felix Nj
    Felix Nj Month ago

    He's going full-on Gordan Ramsay right there

  • ulises adrian carranza torres

    WIth marks smore you said cook and cream chocolate

  • anna.m
    anna.m Month ago

    Mark won!

  • anna.m
    anna.m Month ago

    Gross penut budder

  • re4pro26
    re4pro26 Month ago

    8:31 i’ve never seen anyone look that stressed over getting a Smore’s rated

  • Kristofer Albia
    Kristofer Albia Month ago

    I am watching this video right after the dung beetle episode.

  • Hurshys R6
    Hurshys R6 Month ago


  • Kyler Rogers
    Kyler Rogers Month ago +1

    Coyote went all "Gordon Ramsay" on us...Camping edition.

  • Sam Kramer
    Sam Kramer Month ago

    Hey mark what would be nice is if you share that Hershey bar