Minecraft Live 2021: Minecraft Marketplace

  • Published on Oct 21, 2021
  • Fanny and Quinn join Lydia for a closer look at Minecraft creators - what do they do and who are they? Well, the short answer is - anyone can be a creator! Yes, that means you! Keep watching to learn about tools like Blockbench, get inspired by existing creators, and find out what a allilotl looks like! Read more at: Minecraft.net/creator
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  • YelloWool
    YelloWool 7 months ago +3768

    Imagine if this was the Mob vote.

  • Niethur
    Niethur 7 months ago +22

    I love how Mojang makes mob votes yet he can put all 3 mobs in the game

    • Suction Cup fan
      Suction Cup fan 7 months ago +4

      It would be way too difficult and way too much of an overload for them. They have to check out for bugs, code, and not to mention they literally have to playtest on every platform of minecraft that still updates. This is why they can't, they can add them separately, but it would be diffi to do all at once.

  • Random Internet Guy
    Random Internet Guy 7 months ago +311

    I feel like custom dogs have been needed for a while. Id say having 2x as many types of dogs as cats is fair. There are so many more dog types than cats in the world. Cats only change color and maybe some slight differences. Dogs change color, and shape.

    • مازونكا-Mazonka
      مازونكا-Mazonka 6 months ago

      Do you love dogs, only for you but only in the game

    • toobin
      toobin 6 months ago

      @México BG sí 😋 jajaja

    • Littlbooger21
      Littlbooger21 6 months ago +1

      @Random Internet Guy I mean those are not considered dogs. They are wolves. So technically in Minecraft, we don't have proper dogs meanwhile the community had the chance to add cats and their multiple versions. However, he haven't with dogs and there are statistically more people with dogs as pets irl than those w cats. The new mobs the team has been adding recently has also been a huge step in a different direction in creating mobs. Since they look more complex in variety and differenciated from the older, more basic mobs. I would also love to see a version of the leash for the dogs with can have more qualities and specific deets, alongside the addition of proper dogs to tame in mc. IT would also be nice to see a way to tame the dogs different from the wolves in the wild. Maybe find them in villages, or if it's a proper mc update, *A CITY* it would be a huge step in "colonizing the empty mc world. As of currently, the only *"people"* that r in mc is YOU, the player(s), and 'villagers'.
      It would awesome to feel as if the game has more "life" in it rather than always relying on animals and mobs.

    • Just Mr. 3ddie '○'
      Just Mr. 3ddie '○' 7 months ago

      Like taming an ocelot to get a cat how about taming a wolf to get a dog. Then people would have the new "Dog" mob with its own spawn egg. Plus the new "dog" mob could also come with a new thing as well a "dog bed" that will let your dog go to sleep. With an additional addon to the new "dog bed" if your dog got hurt (whilst fighting mobs) it could heal in its dog bed and new features like dog Armour and dog toys that give your dog buffs when fed (the crafting recipe would be a little hard to get the materials for the "dog toy") All of that would be a fun addition to the game. The Pets and Creatures Update.

  • Kevwie
    Kevwie 7 months ago +12

    I would seriously love and be honored to work or be a creator, I’m a terraformer, landscaper, I love to make custom biomes, I been playing this since it came out, first time was is my public library with kids watching me. I can’t even explain how much I love this game.

    • Kevwie
      Kevwie 7 months ago +1

      @UltraSuperFoda same my bro

    • UltraSuperFoda
      UltraSuperFoda 7 months ago +2

      My dream Is to be a worker in mojang

  • Snowleopard 0
    Snowleopard 0 7 months ago +18

    I just love this community so much. Everyone’s creativity and love for the game really shines through. No ones play style is the same, and no one has the exact same ideas. This marketplace allows for the ultimate sandbox experience

  • iStealth
    iStealth 7 months ago +1120

    It's still crazy to me how minecraft is over a decade year old

  • Banana Man Studios
    Banana Man Studios 6 months ago +1

    I like the enthusiasm everyone has, it does even seem real

  • Virginia Pritts
    Virginia Pritts 6 months ago +2

    Would be nice if there were different types of dungeons.

  • TheMasonGamer
    TheMasonGamer 7 months ago +5

    Oh boy, I can’t wait to use these in Java Edition..!

    • Abigail W
      Abigail W 6 months ago

      you guys get everything please let us have this i beg

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 7 months ago +27

    where do I find all these mods? they all looked really cool, I'd love to see them in a modpack. also since mobs are so easy to add with this program you should do more mob votes, instead of 1 per year you should do 1 every 6 months then at the end of the year you should do a vote for a group of mobs, like for minecraft live you make 3 sets of 3 and the winning set gets added.

    • Sparrow
      Sparrow 7 months ago +1

      @RancorSnp exactly. I'm guessing they're spending all their time working on Minecraft dungeons so their original project is put on the back burner. I remember back when we used to get huge updates every couple of months, I miss having Notch on the team.

    • RancorSnp
      RancorSnp 7 months ago +1

      @Howard Basically he's poiting out that the community created all of 3 of the mobs from the mob vote before the voting was wrapped up, but it "takes" Mojang 6 - 18 months to implement a single mob, and they are wondering why do we only get one mob a year on average, when they have tools taht allow creators to make mobs im minutes to hours

    • Howard
      Howard 7 months ago +3

      why??? they should do more mob votes instead of 1 per year?

  • mermer
    mermer 7 months ago +267

    Minecraft has grown an insane amount, I can’t believe I was playing this when it first came out

    • Μega Μax
      Μega Μax 7 months ago +3

      @Lil Nas X 🅥 imagine impersonation...

    • Shawns Sesh
      Shawns Sesh 7 months ago +2

      I first started playing on the Xbox 360

    • ☯︎SʜᴏɢʏᴏMᴏɢʏᴏ☂︎
      ☯︎SʜᴏɢʏᴏMᴏɢʏᴏ☂︎ 7 months ago +5

      I remember when the only water sources were waterfalls because bucket of water didn't exist back then :(

    • mermer
      mermer 7 months ago +1

      @iwasamistake I know right it’s so weird

    • DLAppleGamez
      DLAppleGamez 7 months ago +2

      @Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020 I thought you were a bot for a sec lol

  • SaltWorth
    SaltWorth 7 months ago +8

    This looks fantastic , i have so many ideas for simple mobs to give life to my mc world and i cant wait to use this tool.

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      @SaltWorth Oh ok. I have been using this from past 2 years to make my addons and it's amazing tool.

    • SaltWorth
      SaltWorth 5 months ago

      @Aditya Singh didnt know about it

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      Why you didn't use this earlier then. It has been there since many years.

    GABRIEL JV GAMES 7 months ago +2

    Tá ficando muito legal estou ansioso para 1.19

  • Mak Bones
    Mak Bones 7 months ago +8

    Please let us use the Freeze Effect on bedrock with command blocks!

  • Carlos Arroyo
    Carlos Arroyo 7 months ago +3

    10:39 the axolotl looks like is ready for Halloween 🤣

  • Daki
    Daki 7 months ago +238

    minecraft is such a wholesome game where everyone can play anywhere at anytime

    • Samuel Ploof
      Samuel Ploof 7 months ago

      Unless you don't have it paid

    • Rifter447
      Rifter447 7 months ago +1

      there is a ice dragon spawn killing me on Minecraft Help

    • Damian Wayne
      Damian Wayne 7 months ago +2

      im in heaven rn and im playing mc

    • Nitroplasma
      Nitroplasma 7 months ago

      @Negative Zerø i-

    • Negative Zerø
      Negative Zerø 7 months ago +1

      @Nitroplasma time travel to the future and let them install minecraft in your mind

  • Degtyarev • 1.4M views • 8 days ago

    i like how lady Agne's voice and Fanny's voices are no different

  • MasterFarrell
    MasterFarrell 7 months ago

    I'm really hyped to try Block Bench out!

  • B̸r̵o̸a̴d̶c̴a̷s̸t̷_̵7̵6̷

    we need a full video of Mojang workers trying out community made mods

    • adolf hitler
      adolf hitler 7 months ago +1

      Minecraft marketplace add-ons are amazing and better than java edition i think its because they get money from it while java do it for free

  • Helena
    Helena 7 months ago +3

    Guys we need a reptile like a lizard and a alligator!

    ALIAS_FDZ 7 months ago +278

    This is what hytale was going to do with modding, they have set people free to create their own creations using a creation tool, I love that they have implemented it

    • tuan khoi
      tuan khoi 6 months ago

      There, a TLDR for you. Now try to stay on topic and don't digress please.

    • tuan khoi
      tuan khoi 6 months ago

      Basically, i want to see a day where Java maps with fully customized AI, animations and free rotated models are accepted to Realms (Realms do not accept modded maps, obviously)

    • tuan khoi
      tuan khoi 6 months ago

      I want Mojang to extend the ability to customize a mob's AI, and the ability to make custom animations, like how Mojang added support for datapacks and support for the vanilla shader for Java players. To VANILLA

    • tuan khoi
      tuan khoi 6 months ago

      @MatZ And i did mention the possibility of Optifine… and i did mention i want those support to be extended to Vanilla as well. Dude did you read all of them throughoutly? Please read slowly and carefully at a steady pace, thank you.

    • MatZ
      MatZ 6 months ago

      @tuan khoi I know it's a joke, but what you said isn't completely meaningless. "Official support" for modding isn't something Java players remotely care about, as forge and OptiFine give us way more possibilities.
      Also, I wasn't offended. You accused me of saying I don't care because I didn't have any arguments, and I quoted your first comment because, with this context, saying "I don't care" makes sense in this discussion

  • OzelBlox
    OzelBlox 7 months ago +15

    Imagine that tree mob just stares at you when in sleep

  • Space
    Space 7 months ago +3

    I love how Minecraft gets more people involved in programming and how Mojang makes the game friendly for doing so.

  • Damp Squash
    Damp Squash 6 months ago +1

    The main reason I like the minecraft community is that they are probably one of the most caring for the players unlike some games that I’ve played with an angry communiry

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon 7 months ago +11

    It is time to make a mod where all the new mobs are brands of mayo.
    This is all I want is to fight a giant tub of mayonnaise

  • Darber HHH
    Darber HHH 7 months ago +1

    I wish in the 2.0 version they will make a nostalgia video from 1.0 to now...

  • Isaac Gonzalez
    Isaac Gonzalez 6 months ago

    It would be great if they put in more animals !!

  • BeeLson
    BeeLson 7 months ago

    These mobs from the cover of the video must be in the game ... they are "gorgeous"!

    KITY NISHUKY 7 months ago +13

    It is very impressive how they let their imagination fly, it is amazing that they created an incredible game like the creators, all the updates that were made were thanks to the study of mollang to the dessallolladores and many more are amazing

  • Jack the Omnithere
    Jack the Omnithere 6 months ago +1

    if the game (regardless of version) had that mob-creating site, we'd be jumping for joy.
    i know what i would be creating.

    • Jack the Omnithere
      Jack the Omnithere 5 months ago

      @Aditya Singh i thought it was going to be an official (albeit a bit more restricted) addition to the game.
      something like going to the main menu and then somewhere is the option to create something new, like... say, a new mob. for example the Red Dragon: you take the Ender Dragon, shrink it a bit, make it red and voilà! a new mob for your game.
      which would work in tandem with a feature i thought existed in all versions of the game: other players visiting YOUR world. not servers, not something like Fire and Ice or other mods, etc. just your normal world in Survival/Creative (depending which you chose).
      i want those two features in the console versions (the latter is the most likely, though).
      i am no modder, and i like my console versions (i just bought the Switch version recently).
      and if someone tells me/gives me a link on how to play with a controller they'd be helping me big time, because i am NOT comfortable with a keyboard.
      yes, i just caught on to the fact that modders have been using it because *you just told me.*

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      It's for both Bedrock and Java. It's used for making Java mods and Bedrock addons. Mod and addon creators have been using this tool for years and you just came to know about this now.

  • GeneYeebs
    GeneYeebs 7 months ago +15

    Question: How long does it take to design, create, and code it into the game?
    And W E N E E D N E W D O G T Y P E S ( not for this update yet, u guys r busy enought)

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      It totally depends on what you are trying to make. A complicated model can take many hours or even days. Modeling and animating is usually the longest part (but it totally depends on your entity). Coding is usually the shortest part but if you don't know what you are doing then this can be the most complicated part. You will get many errors during coding.

  • Lambda
    Lambda 7 months ago +2

    Around a month ago I was going to make a map for my friend and I gave up on that to say the least, but this video might have just read inspired me to make a map again.

    MODS AND ADDONS 7 months ago

    Mojang is always growing continuously without stopping

  • ender constructions
    ender constructions 7 months ago +204

    this serves me too much, I have been a creator of packs, mods and texture packs for years thanks for showing us this mojang

    • Mirthul gaming Tamil
      Mirthul gaming Tamil 7 months ago +1

      @Cong Minh Bui true now like
      They need income beacause of their creativity

    • Telephone 🅥
      Telephone 🅥 7 months ago

      *⬆️ Not RickRoll 😭*

    • Cong Minh Bui
      Cong Minh Bui 7 months ago +12

      @hans yolo pay for what? Work on packs and mods takes a lot of time and effort. Beyond community what hold creator still? Sold on maketplace is fair for them since them could earn income from creative

    • hans yolo
      hans yolo 7 months ago +4

      now the want us to pay for it tho :(

  • Dulcecita Risitas
    Dulcecita Risitas 7 months ago

    Ohhhh i love this, im trying to make mods, and this is wwowowo, is amazing. The part of wizard is sooo much useful, cause i'm going to make strawberry animals.

  • Uwarobosa Obasuyi
    Uwarobosa Obasuyi 7 months ago

    The next mob vote is looking superb .

  • Lalo
    Lalo 7 months ago

    Awesome job!

  • Fiti Papani
    Fiti Papani 7 months ago +1

    5:36 yes only for market place creators.
    they have features like imgui, debug info, profiling tools and dev settings

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      No lol. I have created so many addons and I am not marketplace creator. You just need to learn some coding.

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 7 months ago +1664

    Remember when the Marketplace sort of thing was an April Fools Update?

  • a guy who hates niny
    a guy who hates niny 7 months ago

    I feel that what we most want is coming.

  • Aaaah Haaa
    Aaaah Haaa 7 months ago +16

    Minecraft dev: Hmm, I think I forgot something...
    Other Minecraft devs: If you forgot, then it wasnt important.
    Minecraft dev: Yeah, you're right
    Fletching Table:

  • FélixCat96
    FélixCat96 7 months ago +1

    I vote for the dogs I love the wolves :]

    KITY NISHUKY 7 months ago

    wow I love minecraft the updates that have been adding in minecraft I wonder what other updates are going to add ??

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor 7 months ago +59

    New mob vote is looking pretty pog! I liked seeing those skins too!

    • 20pe_te19
      20pe_te19 7 months ago


    • Kobace
      Kobace 7 months ago +1

      @Lil Nas X 🅥 holy cow it’s lil nas x your my fav football player I’m your biggest fan

    • Family guy  🅥
      Family guy 🅥 7 months ago +1

      *⬆️ Not.RickRoll 😭*

  • Baby Axolotl
    Baby Axolotl 7 months ago +1

    Add this update and copper golem to Minecraft.
    The mechanical update, it'll be more about Redstone.

  • Xxkvng_$upr3mexX .
    Xxkvng_$upr3mexX . 7 months ago

    We need actual dogs in minecraft and leave the wolves wild like what happened with the ocelot and the cats

  • NoraTusket
    NoraTusket 6 months ago +5

    So, this is very cool, but I have a question that I don't seem to be able to find. If the blockbench is compatible with Bedrock... would I be able to take the mobs I made to nintendo switch? And... how?

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      There's one way to transfer it tho if you have Minecraft bedrock in mobile/pc . You will first need to create a world with your addon in mobile/pc then join the world using your Nintendo switch. But I am pretty sure if you had the game in pc/mobile you wouldn't be playing on Nintendo switch.

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      It's compatible with both Java and Bedrock. So the addons will work on Nintendo switch but only when you find a way to transfer the addon from PC/mobile to Nintendo switch.

    WHOOOSH XD 7 months ago +13

    Me casually adding amogus to Minecraft with Blockbench: 😏

  • zegtendo
    zegtendo 7 months ago +68

    i hope they add a unique dog like cats in the official game

    • infiniduck
      infiniduck 7 months ago

      Imagine of the generations of wolves evolve into dogs.

    • BlueHighSky
      BlueHighSky 7 months ago

      @Lightcer It's a small grammar mistake, it's still perfectly readable

    • MarizaIsGood / 2DCylinder
      MarizaIsGood / 2DCylinder 7 months ago +9

      @Ry thats not how it works, because i was able to read it perfectly

    • Ry
      Ry 7 months ago +2


  • kabeer parate
    kabeer parate 7 months ago +2


  • IdiotConnoisseur
    IdiotConnoisseur 7 months ago

    Hopefully the make it so you can actually use the objects in your own worlds after you buy their packs.

  • JoshuaJon2011 Reuploads
    JoshuaJon2011 Reuploads 7 months ago +3

    make a thing where we can block our swords again it would fit in with the spam click

  • Laura Luedeman
    Laura Luedeman 7 months ago +1

    0:35 shows a picture of the cave update in the background. Also shows a picture of 2 dog variations...coincidence? I think not.

  • Narnia Lives
    Narnia Lives 7 months ago +129

    Plot twist: the Wild update is gonna include possible reskins of wolves (kinda like how ocelots were), the Evergreen, and alligators.

    • don't talk about my pfp
      don't talk about my pfp 7 months ago +1

      They mention it in one of askmojang too

    • Noa
      Noa 7 months ago +2

      I hope! That would be awesome I’ve always wanted the wolf to have another kind that’s more like a dog and a husky’s perfect!

    • Howard
      Howard 7 months ago +1

      that's truly a wild though

    • itsragequit
      itsragequit 7 months ago +6

      Lol imagine if it did

  • Muhaiminul Jinan
    Muhaiminul Jinan 7 months ago

    When I tried to make the grizzly bear myself, the model had no texture. Therefore, I couldn't draw anything on it.

  • vil_2009
    vil_2009 7 months ago +1

    Me gustaria que agregaran cocodrilos a los nuevos biomabas que aprecerian seria como un complemento perfecto al nuevo bioma que saldria que seria tematico del pantano ya que los cocodrilos viven en pantanos seria como un nuevo mod aparte de slime y podrian implementar una nueva armadura de cododrilo y comida del cocodrlio

  • Mi pequeño Pitbull
    Mi pequeño Pitbull 7 months ago +2

    It's beautiful 😍😍😍✨✨✨

  • Blue
    Blue 7 months ago +15

    Minecraft: makes everyone a creator
    Me:(evil laugh)

  • Takenosprey2158
    Takenosprey2158 7 months ago +102

    Mobs that Mojang rejected to add are not completely lost the Community can made them by them self

    • Takenosprey2158
      Takenosprey2158 7 months ago

      @Rising Death ok cool idea

    • Mạnh Bình_TV
      Mạnh Bình_TV 7 months ago


    • brucifer
      brucifer 7 months ago +2

      @Rising Death Right? Id honestly be fine with paying for extra features if it was just features that added to vanilla MC. Yeah ill drop 2.00 to have aligators in my swamp or some s**t

    • Rising Death
      Rising Death 7 months ago +3

      Yea but it would be cool if they could official add them because i dont have a computer to play minecraft

    • dra6o0n
      dra6o0n 7 months ago +2

      Or attempted to sell for money.

  • Wolter4ik
    Wolter4ik 7 months ago +1

    I love minecraft, it's the best and will be the best🥰

  • pixelfish
    pixelfish 7 months ago

    uma pergunta,vai dar para criar só pra quem tem o app ou só pra quem tem um pc?

  • Freddy faz bear
    Freddy faz bear 7 months ago +5

    some of my mob creator ideas : firework villager, tnt pig I’ll edit more when I think

  • Kol Skullkid
    Kol Skullkid 7 months ago

    The gift that keeps on giving

  • Fah m
    Fah m 7 months ago +88

    People would just make the rejected and lost mobs with this mod

  • Alli's production
    Alli's production 7 months ago

    *finally, I can finally make different types of dogs skins and textures*

  • Pixel Warrior
    Pixel Warrior 7 months ago

    I would love the new dog skin

  • Nook Miles
    Nook Miles 7 months ago +1

    It's really crazy to think an entire Triple A company can survive off a single game franchise (before Microsoft bought Mojang they were still doing pretty well)

    • Andrex208
      Andrex208 7 months ago

      I had been playing Minecraft since the end of 2009, but there was a moment when it got tired of me and I didn't play it again (I think from 2017 to 2020). And when I played it again, it had a lot of changes.
      It is practically a game that does not die or is abandoned, which makes its success obvious.
      (In opposite cases, Cube World is an example)

    • kids
      kids 7 months ago


  • Nightmare 1
    Nightmare 1 7 months ago

    People at Mojang could please add the copper golem it would be so cool the copper golem would be so cool to have a cute little robot that walks around your house and other players could make little robot armys.

  • cantsayando
    cantsayando 7 months ago +55

    I feel like our ideas are finally getting listened to by Minecraft.

    • Meme Man
      Meme Man 7 months ago

      If you find a bots just report it

    • Youdubham
      Youdubham 7 months ago +1

      These bot accounts dude…

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 7 months ago


    • NEWTON_stUdiOs
      NEWTON_stUdiOs 7 months ago +3

      Ur comment just got stolen by a verified scammer.

    • ItsMeStario
      ItsMeStario 7 months ago

      @kattt lol like bruh

    SANDERMC 7 months ago +2

    If This Was A Mob Vote, I'll Vote For New Dog =)

  • Toster
    Toster 6 months ago

    This is fantastic and i have a question do the website work on consols like Xbox

  • WB Playz
    WB Playz 7 months ago

    It is still crazy with new creatures🤗🤗😘

  • HITROON 69
    HITROON 69 7 months ago +2

    With this i would a Doom or a Fallout mod pack

  • Carlos eduardo Alves
    Carlos eduardo Alves 7 months ago +88

    The dog mod fills me with nostalgia

  • SpaceMonkeyBoi
    SpaceMonkeyBoi 7 months ago +1

    Thought they were adding dog breeds for a second 😂

  • Diego Rodríguez
    Diego Rodríguez 7 months ago

    i think mojang should add dogs on minecraft... just imagine them on a mob vote

    GOHAN DE ÓCULOS 6 months ago

    Novos botões na tela seria bom

  • Plushie!
    Plushie! 7 months ago

    Question: can you make mobs on switch version of minecraft?

  • agodelianshock
    agodelianshock 7 months ago +29

    I feel like its kind of off color to devote so much time and resources to telling us how easy it is to make new mobs, then making us pick which mobs we can't have in a vote. If we can have these tools, let us use them to mod traditionally instead. I want to play using shaders with my bedrock friends but bedrock is so limiting.

    • Nishil Jaiswal
      Nishil Jaiswal 7 months ago

      @Bence Mester Use fabric please

    • Anthony Rodriguez
      Anthony Rodriguez 7 months ago

      You know you dont need shaders to play the game right

    • Bence Mester
      Bence Mester 7 months ago +1

      @Matt Dawson Not really. However there is only one way, which a bit performance heavy:
      - Spawn an invisible mob or armor stand
      - Clear the AI if mob
      - Spawn an item which has custom model
      - Give the mob/armorstand that item as a hat.

    • Matt Dawson
      Matt Dawson 7 months ago

      @Bence Mester cant datapacks add new mobs on java

    • Bence Mester
      Bence Mester 7 months ago

      Can we switch? I dont want unoffical mod loaders for java, so can we get behaviour packs instead? I'd see what mobs and blocks would be on Hypixel, Wynncraft.

  • Meagan Bryant
    Meagan Bryant 7 months ago

    Please add an arctic update with penguin 🐧

  • Luis Antonio Guevara
    Luis Antonio Guevara 7 months ago

    I wish they can bring back ocean depths monster

  • Rodrigo Gildo Bellido Quispe

    to 1.19 or 1.20 of minecraft they can increase the gray bear and that appear in lagoons eating salmon as well as the snakes

  • Dante Rodriguez
    Dante Rodriguez 6 months ago

    they should add more mods with special qualities right?

  • A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

    minecon live is one of the only shows i’ll sit though and watch

  • koray kapu
    koray kapu 7 months ago

    That golem at the start... we need it in game

  • James sanders s
    James sanders s 7 months ago

    Ok we really need new types of dogs in vanilla Minecraft

  • Gerardo Coctecón Olivares

    Pueden agregar baldes de diferentes materiales
    Nuevas piedras
    Y otras cosas de la naturaleza 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

  • James Bud
    James Bud 7 months ago +1

    Man this update is so cool

  • sl1v
    sl1v 7 months ago +10

    It only felt like yesterday when houses where only made with diamond, iron and gold blocks. The game has grown so much

  • Phant0mZ 360
    Phant0mZ 360 7 months ago +1

    Look at all those fanarts! 😍

  • Itslegendary
    Itslegendary 7 months ago +2

    Add different variations of Villager and different ability of them also add different structures

  • Ronan Devlin
    Ronan Devlin 7 months ago

    Could you add a thing that you can choose where your mob spawns like making tree monster in the taiga or a
    Mountain leopard in mountains

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago

      That's already possible using spawn rules.

  • Sándor Farkas
    Sándor Farkas 7 months ago

    The candidates for the new mob vote. 😂

  • Danibross 504
    Danibross 504 7 months ago +1

    Thanks! I hope which surprises will be soon!

  • ☠️Death Knight☠️
    ☠️Death Knight☠️ 7 months ago +1

    Request for BlockBench: Please make it work on my IPAD IOS. There’s no editing option that’s all I need!

  • Riskblade
    Riskblade 7 months ago +1

    Im so glad Im part at Blockbench Addon Creators !

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago +1

      @Riskblade see above comment (if it isn't deleted)

    • Riskblade
      Riskblade 5 months ago +1

      @Aditya Singh ok can you send a link?

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 5 months ago +1

      Join bedrock addons dis server to get help with other creators.

    • Riskblade
      Riskblade 7 months ago

      Coding is kinda hard

  • josuegamer
    josuegamer 7 months ago

    Lol I loved the one in the city more with elitras

  • Jackson Jones
    Jackson Jones 7 months ago +35

    I’m going to die for that new dog species

  • Meng Khemara
    Meng Khemara 7 months ago

    Ahh it nice to see Notch again

  • Espírito de fogo
    Espírito de fogo 7 months ago

    Muito legal