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  • Liam Carlisle
    Liam Carlisle 8 hours ago

    This is why I hate all the titans (except robin)

  • Ihsan ElHafi
    Ihsan ElHafi 2 days ago


  • Jokerman _158
    Jokerman _158 5 days ago

    Even when Alfred goes on vacation it’s dignified

  • Gia Hoàng Phú
    Gia Hoàng Phú 6 days ago

    This Robin is Darmian, right?

  • mikayla Kirkwood
    mikayla Kirkwood 6 days ago

    I love you batman and Rodin😍😘😗😇😚😙🤡😺😻🙀😾😽😹😸😼😿🤶👼🙍🙆🙋🙌💇🤵👰💆🤰👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💑👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👧💅💗💋👄❤️💌

  • ʀᴧɪɴ ɪɴ ʜᴇᴧᴠᴇɴ

    Hey ladies, you wanna know my... *secret identity?*

  • Oreo_ Playz
    Oreo_ Playz 7 days ago


  • Darth Turtle
    Darth Turtle 8 days ago

    I hate this show

  • Brayden Wormer
    Brayden Wormer 8 days ago

    This was actually really funny

  • Diamond Girl554 pool party

    It is when you don't have a job lol

  • knightfall209
    knightfall209 8 days ago

    This was awesome wish they threw in a little more batcave.

  • nerf wars with abraar

    Good job 🧒🧑🤵

  • Richard Fernando
    Richard Fernando 8 days ago

    Robin, batman was a terrible father he trapped you in the batcave remeber.

  • 22TriForce3
    22TriForce3 8 days ago

    1:37 😅

  • Martin B
    Martin B 9 days ago

    This was actually quiet enjoyable

  • Combustible Dragon
    Combustible Dragon 9 days ago

    Robin is right...money is vice. And also i love the referencess....especially the batman and robin one hahahahaha

  • raeena
    raeena 9 days ago


  • Pao Quitugua
    Pao Quitugua 9 days ago


    AXDAN 9 days ago

    anyone else spot that lego portrait of Bruce Wayne with his mother and father

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 9 days ago

    Omg I love this.
    Sad that some ppl put this show down just cause it's not the original teen titans

  • Sam Stanell
    Sam Stanell 9 days ago

    Yo this is so meta

  • Riolande
    Riolande 11 days ago

    Teaches children that money is good and solves all problems.
    Money should determine your job instead of your hobby.
    And this is a kids show

    AESANBNM 11 days ago

    The best part of the episode : the hole where Christian Bale learnt why do we fall

  • Katie Walker
    Katie Walker 13 days ago


  • Ai Gin
    Ai Gin 15 days ago

    young robin is so cuteee.

  • Rusty Cuyler
    Rusty Cuyler 15 days ago

    This show pisses me off

  • Tole Mania
    Tole Mania 15 days ago

    "I want to be a fireman so i can rich too" -- cyborg --

  • Dead Purple
    Dead Purple 15 days ago

    OK this was funny.

    CHOC STRIKES 15 days ago

    Stop at 0:36 you will see a lego picture of batmans family

  • jaimin sharma
    jaimin sharma 18 days ago

    The holy grail of references!

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz 19 days ago

    1:40 🦇 1:53 😆

  • Agent J
    Agent J 20 days ago

    Haha "Learning is the painful" - Starfire

  • Umar Tahir
    Umar Tahir 20 days ago

    It's hard to hate Teen Titans Go when they do things like this

  • Miles Liang
    Miles Liang 20 days ago

    Mostly crap but enjoyable actor stuff

  • Sylvia Close
    Sylvia Close 22 days ago


  • Vigo indian funny videos

    Crazy robin

  • Cat 。
    Cat 。 22 days ago +1

    Solves all yo’ problems

  • N1SC4R
    N1SC4R 23 days ago +1

    1:49 What's Wrong With Val Kilmer (Batman Forever) & George Clooney (Batman & Robin) I Like Those Movies

  • Khamsangha Molsoi
    Khamsangha Molsoi 25 days ago

    What's uppp ... Butt---ler😆😆😆

  • Jake From State Farm
    Jake From State Farm 25 days ago

    1:52 making fun of Batman forever and Batman and robin. Lol

  • Rabab Al-khalifa
    Rabab Al-khalifa 26 days ago


  • Banjo Potato
    Banjo Potato 28 days ago


  • Karsen Hippolyte
    Karsen Hippolyte 28 days ago +2

    Teen titans really is a joke

  • Rob L.
    Rob L. Month ago

    Batmans a jerk

  • gamerguy19981
    gamerguy19981 Month ago

    Ouch...no love for the bat credit card huh?

  • Han Park
    Han Park Month ago

    Robins bitchass just revealed Batman's identity

  • Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble Month ago

    *I’m Batman*

  • Spider-man Lukose
    Spider-man Lukose Month ago

    Gunner has been in the shower

  • Apokolips
    Apokolips Month ago

    Lfk fkorp

  • Austin Plays
    Austin Plays Month ago

    Batman is treating robin like garbage😡😡😡

  • Jonathan Han
    Jonathan Han Month ago

    1:49 Batman Forever and Batman & Robin the Two worst batman movies ever. 👎🎥

  • Jeremiah Proctor
    Jeremiah Proctor Month ago

    No wonder why this show is a joke

  • SK AL
    SK AL Month ago

    Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Adam West and...........okay..........

  • Margaret Broom
    Margaret Broom Month ago

    One of the few clever jokes in Teen Titans Go.

  • Mermaid
    Mermaid Month ago

    Money only solves money problems. Which is most problems lol

  • Dc4live 9000
    Dc4live 9000 Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • Hunter Wood
    Hunter Wood Month ago

    LEGO Batman and 1960 Batman Joker pictures haha love it

  • UnicornSans
    UnicornSans Month ago


  • Pain Ville gaming
    Pain Ville gaming Month ago

    Batman reference get out jail free card and extra for thrashin forever and robin

  • Michael Hewitt-Clarke

    1:54 I laughed harder then I should at that

  • Audiel Garcia-Krehl


  • Audiel Garcia-Krehl


  • Jonathan Fuentes
    Jonathan Fuentes Month ago

    A blind squirrel eventually finds a nut...

  • Raven McKenzie
    Raven McKenzie Month ago

    Oh come Titan. The Clooney and Kilmar Batmans weren't that terrible

  • Brody Hall
    Brody Hall Month ago

    1:49 what the heck I liked that movie what was so awful from it

  • X Seleviathan X
    X Seleviathan X Month ago

    "The learning is the painful" sounds about right


    Wow they so stupid except for robin

  • Conster The Monster

    That was actually funny😂

  • L B
    L B Month ago

    How did they get out of that coffin thing if it had spikes inside it?

  • Nino Ortega
    Nino Ortega Month ago

    I like the val Kilmer batman

  • Estefani Calfante
    Estefani Calfante Month ago


  • ryan murphy
    ryan murphy Month ago +1

    No one is mentioning the Star Wars kid reference. 😂

  • Jeremy Bonder
    Jeremy Bonder Month ago

    Batman likes Superman because he had Superman swim shorts

  • Raisa Grech
    Raisa Grech Month ago


  • Abner
    Abner 2 months ago

    Hey I saw legos in a picture

  • Baci Stillman
    Baci Stillman 2 months ago

    Teen titans way better get over teen titans go

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 2 months ago

    I'm batman

    YOUNGEST TV 2 months ago

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  • Steel Streeton
    Steel Streeton 2 months ago

    Although I hate this show, at least it can make fun of itself and DC

  • OrangeinfernoFTW
    OrangeinfernoFTW 2 months ago

    All the batmans

  • maryan Abdullahi
    maryan Abdullahi 2 months ago

    Give me a like if you like raven

  • Patricio raul moreno vidal

    kakrei robip sser ioidsvgcc

  • Doctor Dubstep
    Doctor Dubstep 2 months ago

    Dc roasted there own movies

  • Doctor Dubstep
    Doctor Dubstep 2 months ago

    All the 90s Batman stuff was is the trash I love it

  • Andy Roca
    Andy Roca 2 months ago


  • Chanda Chileshe
    Chanda Chileshe 2 months ago

    Gal kilmer and George Clooneys stuff just chucked in the trash

  • swarnak Ray
    swarnak Ray 2 months ago

    Great comedy!

    JCJC XM 2 months ago

    I do not know when it will be like 2004 again

  • Demian Velazquez
    Demian Velazquez 2 months ago

    0:36 you can see at the left the pictures have one of Bruce and his parents as lego pieces and the old joker from the batman movies

  • Alexandra Maria
    Alexandra Maria 2 months ago


  • Bogdan Goranov
    Bogdan Goranov 2 months ago

    Love the refferences. Kinda Lego Batman thing, but we can actually burn the Schumachers's bollox

  • αlєχ ʝк1265 Torres

    The guy in the phone is dead flash

  • Jimmy Oi
    Jimmy Oi 2 months ago

    LEGO Batman picture secret

  • 360dude gamer
    360dude gamer 2 months ago

    2:24 Alfred: well it's my day off time to see my family since I hadn't seen them in 40 years

  • Abram Mendoza
    Abram Mendoza 2 months ago

    0:20 look closely at those painting
    is there Lego?

  • Zoozo Alsltany
    Zoozo Alsltany 2 months ago

    Us ok

  • anelyn mucoi
    anelyn mucoi 2 months ago


  • gamer 2of536
    gamer 2of536 2 months ago

    Why dose bat man has a underwear that says superman

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 2 months ago

    Jeff Bazos is batman! In real life! If Batman was real he would be Bazos.

  • Angelique Mercado
    Angelique Mercado 3 months ago

    “Here’s some stuff from Val kimmer and George Clooney”
    In the trash. 😂