International Christmas Food Taste Test

  • Published on Dec 19, 2016
  • Today we guess what people eat for Christmas around the world. GMM #1047!
    Have a Mythical Xmas with our lip balm and beard oil!
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Comments • 6 437

  • Sour Marshmellow

    shout out from sri lanka and no we dont eat that :D

  • Andrei Munteanu
    Andrei Munteanu Day ago

    The hungarian one is accualy a ROMANIAN thing.....

  • CatLady 2.0
    CatLady 2.0 8 days ago +1

    Australian arid and coastal climates are perfect for growing capers.

  • Peter Pecho
    Peter Pecho 10 days ago

    I hate hungry joke about Hungary I'm from Hungary

  • MengChi Lai
    MengChi Lai 14 days ago

    Link just puts the kfc on the table

  • EnderBorn
    EnderBorn 16 days ago


  • EnderBorn
    EnderBorn 16 days ago

    in portugal its more commun for us to have a cod dish but i think it changes from the north to south i live in the central area so what do i know

  • Kevin Sneijers
    Kevin Sneijers 17 days ago

    Chase is a flat-earther confirmed

  • skrzacikish
    skrzacikish 19 days ago +1

    It isn’t Hungarian, it’s Polish! It’s a gołąbek (literally pigeon). I am inulted
    He he

    • Sandro chichinadze
      Sandro chichinadze 18 days ago

      hahaha its's not Polish, pretty much every country in the Europe and west Asia has it. but the real origin of Cabbage roll
      is either Iran or Azerbaijan.

  • G Wuyts
    G Wuyts 22 days ago

    naah, not having this, vitello tonnato is italian

  • Purple Giraffe
    Purple Giraffe 25 days ago

    0:48 "Ham and _mzzhmumz_ "

  • nikola cvetko
    nikola cvetko 26 days ago

    ladno sarma leb te jebo

  • aceparker25
    aceparker25 27 days ago

    International Taste Test Scoreboard (before this video):
    Rhett: 1
    Link: 1

  • Call Of Duty Productions

    Serbia created the stuffed cabbage not Hungary and its called sarma

  • jessica zhu
    jessica zhu Month ago

    Fried chicken?

  • Mary Ann Johnson
    Mary Ann Johnson Month ago

    Gosh baby Norry. Birthday sorry sorry

  • Mohammed _khader
    Mohammed _khader Month ago +1

    Why do rhett and link eat a lot of pork

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago +4

    Ethiopians don't have food, what are you talking about

  • Krzysztof Maziak
    Krzysztof Maziak Month ago

    I am deeply offended with dish number 2, it's not fcking Hungarian dish its Polish Golabki

  • Yosepi Brady
    Yosepi Brady Month ago

    What is it you guys think Canadians eat?

  • pokewostki
    pokewostki Month ago

    4.18 in poland we name it gołąbki which literally means doves XD

  • KiLO DZ
    KiLO DZ Month ago +1

    The cabbage roll is from russia

  • Muzgavac
    Muzgavac Month ago +1

    Second dish is definitely somewhere from Balkan, but for sure not Hungary. It's called Sarma :)

    • Hinata
      Hinata 2 days ago

      Nope whole eastern europe has that dish

  • tyran
    tyran Month ago +1

    Support to Hungary from polish brothers

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny Month ago

    "Sarmale" that's how they re called. And they are not originating from Hungary, theyre from Romania

  • Georg Bss
    Georg Bss Month ago

    that hungarian dish.... sarmaleeeee....romanian will know.

  • Project Excho
    Project Excho Month ago

    As a Lithuanian, growing up I used to have that Hungarian dish at least once a month.

  • Music FMX Fanatic
    Music FMX Fanatic Month ago

    You would do a full episode if you did italy. You would have a fish thanksgiving

  • maluorno
    maluorno Month ago

    these ppl don't know what they're talkin aboot. in Canada, Christmas means KFC and cabbage rolls.

  • frank grimes
    frank grimes Month ago

    im portuguese and i have NEVER heard of that dish. something tells me the target should be much closer to afica

    SLAAQ Month ago

    4:20 we eat that in Croatia as well haha, it's so good

  • clashgamers hardcore ultra pro gameplay

    The thing from hungury is sarma in Croatia we eat it often here

  • Lime Green Mamba
    Lime Green Mamba Month ago

    Mongolian capers, hahahaha.

  • sip
    sip Month ago

    The prince of sir lanka is friends with my crackhead aunt, he also owns a gas station his name is delipe or something like that.

  • Kristopher Huff
    Kristopher Huff Month ago

    Whenever they do these games I feel sorry for Link but I feel so much in common with Rhett so it's tough to root for one or the other

  • Dr steve brule
    Dr steve brule Month ago

    This beef veal is goat. LAMB goat!

  • Sjur
    Sjur Month ago

    729 people are flat-earthers

  • SUP3R P0W3R
    SUP3R P0W3R Month ago +1

    What you call "vitello tonne" is not from argentina its originally an italian dish but the name is the same "vitello tonnato"..

  • Cauê Barros
    Cauê Barros Month ago

    I wanna eat the dish from Argentina

  • Wander
    Wander Month ago

    vitel toneeeeeeee

  • ana if
    ana if Month ago

    the sadest Lampreia de Ovos i've ever seen

  • cole cassista
    cole cassista Month ago

    just saying i love you guys but canadians are the same as americans but smarter lol and it not that cold here in all area .. little known fact the most southern part of canada is actually in line with california

  • Anum Baig
    Anum Baig Month ago

    those first two seconds were actually heaven to my ears lol

  • Wing
    Wing Month ago

    I miss Christmas time 😭

  • Anna B
    Anna B Month ago

    Capers are an 'acquired' taste. In other words, they're not something most people automatically love. That's why it's so strange that Link likes them. He has such a limited palate that I'm surprised he's not gagging right now.

  • Neaii S
    Neaii S Month ago

    Link is such a crybaby lol

  • Eddi PL
    Eddi PL Month ago

    Sometimes I think Rhett is cheating lol

  • Josh Conn
    Josh Conn Month ago

    Random fact: since this episode aired, Swaziland is no longer called Swaziland. They renamed the country Eswatini, which in the Swazi language actually means “land of the Swazis”. I hope that’s confusing enough for you.

  • Mark Taglieber
    Mark Taglieber Month ago +1

    Matthew Taglieber paw patrol chase Marshall skye rubble

  • Karan Dhiman
    Karan Dhiman Month ago

    You guys don't know geography. Jammu and Kashmir is not a seperate country it's part of India.

  • Elliot Rook
    Elliot Rook Month ago

    “I hit the Baltic Sea”, not quite😂

  • BigRS
    BigRS Month ago

    Sarma is eaten all over Balkan...

  • CRE8
    CRE8 Month ago +1

    chase is so cute

  • esther greaves
    esther greaves Month ago

    Stevie - it’s sliced veal
    Link - so it is goat!

  • What am i Doing
    What am i Doing Month ago +1

    And yes a caper is a pea

  • What am i Doing
    What am i Doing Month ago +1

    Canadians have beaver tails so we arent very unpractical (im canadian)

  • Sr. Salman R.R.
    Sr. Salman R.R. 2 months ago

    LoL, "Hold up"

  • snake381
    snake381 2 months ago

    So... Watching this in 2019. And you made a lot of Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians angry, by saying that sarma is Hungarian meal! :)

  • Robert Gearing
    Robert Gearing 2 months ago

    eh what now buddah what are you talking aboooout?

  • Nick George
    Nick George 2 months ago

    Unfortunately Sri Lanka was oceanified in 2005

  • Log1Bar3
    Log1Bar3 2 months ago

    "rhett you had 49, Link you had 69... If you have friends who are dirty minded you would understand

  • Log1Bar3
    Log1Bar3 2 months ago

    "Everything is cold in Canada", Excuse me, I live in Canada and our summers can get up to 30 degrees thank you very much

  • Ivan Vivas
    Ivan Vivas 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks chase is very good looking?! hahahaha

  • Luke McKay
    Luke McKay 2 months ago

    All this talk about Finland... But didn't today's GMM establish that Finland doesn't exist??

  • Aidan Lefeld
    Aidan Lefeld 2 months ago

    Caspian sea

  • hegyimutymuty
    hegyimutymuty 2 months ago

    mmmmmmmmmmm töltöttkáposztaaa

  • Voice Bender
    Voice Bender 2 months ago

    Thailand isn't colored in on the map

  • ThisIs Pats
    ThisIs Pats 3 months ago


  • Rock The Human
    Rock The Human 3 months ago


  • jimmy lee
    jimmy lee 3 months ago

    9:52 🤣💀

  • Evie Frye
    Evie Frye 3 months ago

    I love the cartographer 😂😂😂 he is so cute man

  • Amani Matheen
    Amani Matheen 3 months ago

    Rhett: This could be the kind of thing they do in Sri Lanka
    Me: I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S: I'm Sri Lankan and LOVE KFC!!!!!!!!!!

  • moop_de_moop
    moop_de_moop 3 months ago

    What kind of KFC are they getting that from because they are pretty lucky. All the ones I had from were pretty bad.

  • skeet skoot
    skeet skoot 3 months ago

    i love chase

  • Elizabeth Michaud
    Elizabeth Michaud 3 months ago

    Link, we do have capers in Canada, and some of us loooooove them!

  • Kate Mattice
    Kate Mattice 3 months ago

    Ethiopia food is delicious

  • BigRS
    BigRS 3 months ago

    Sarma jebote...

    WIKKI 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that thinks the Hungary food looks like Polish gołąbki?🤔🤔

  • Susan Gamble
    Susan Gamble 3 months ago

    Really should have done Pavlova from Australia.

  • Derpy Bear
    Derpy Bear 3 months ago

    So sad there wasn't Sri lanka

  • Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
    Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn 3 months ago

    I love Chase

  • Jay G.
    Jay G. 3 months ago

    In Japan the KFC Christmas dinner is so popular if I remember right they have like, special Christmas buckets/boxes and people pre-order it months in advance in order to guarantee they get it because it sells out so fast.

  • The Big One
    The Big One 3 months ago

    4:10 these are called “Sarmale” and it’s from România !!!

  • Angrypolak 01
    Angrypolak 01 3 months ago

    Way late but that Hungarian dish originated from Poland it’s not Hungarian it’s polish

  • pancakenotes
    pancakenotes 3 months ago

    I like that they made the board short so that chase looks like he's tall being the same height of it

  • Alex Rohde-Barthel
    Alex Rohde-Barthel 3 months ago

    Japanese and their KFC for the win!

  • Bailey
    Bailey 3 months ago

    I’m 1/4 Hungarian and omg that stuff is so good

  • Codgames
    Codgames 3 months ago +1

    Macedonian Christmas in in January 🇲🇰🇲🇰
    every Macedonian has a barbeque with:
    Lots of meat, Burek which is bread with either cheese or spinach and cheese and manga which is soup with meat

  • FBILogan Moore
    FBILogan Moore 3 months ago

    Rhett: hold up... dats just straight up fried chicoon Lank
    Link: daaatss right son

  • Josh Pereira
    Josh Pereira 3 months ago

    The dish from Portugal was definitely old from wherever they got it from the fios de ovo should be soft

  • R3fug33
    R3fug33 3 months ago +1

    In Australia, we eat prawns for Christmas.

  • Max Well
    Max Well 3 months ago

    At 10:53 it sounds like Rhett says “you can have the whole f***in chicken”

  • Henji 123
    Henji 123 3 months ago

    Link is such a sore loser

  • Pig Pig Gaming
    Pig Pig Gaming 3 months ago

    7:49 Thank you, Link

  • Kid Kid
    Kid Kid 3 months ago

    As an Ethiopian, watching them handle the food like them is giving me a laugh of a life time. They are precious ❤️

  • Tommy M
    Tommy M 3 months ago

    That second dish is my favorite polish food

  • パイロシニカル
    パイロシニカル 3 months ago

    "You've got to dart first.
    And yes dart is a verb"
    Nice one, Link

  • Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)

    I've heard China eats KFC for Christmas too

  • Drift King
    Drift King 3 months ago +1

    Sorry for nagasaki and take some KFC tooo add to your saltiness XD too much? srry

  • Ruban Paul
    Ruban Paul 4 months ago