Best Moments From Harry Styles' 'SNL' Takeover

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • From an over-the-top Icelandic accent to the debut of his new single "Watermelon Sugar," ET Canada breaks down all of the best moments from Harry Styles' run on "Saturday Night Live".
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Comments • 466

  • Jane Jareol
    Jane Jareol 4 days ago

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  • Mara R
    Mara R 4 days ago

    OMG my crush on Harry just skyrocketed❤️

  • prowoman j
    prowoman j 5 days ago +1

    Should get an Emmy Nomination. That Lunch Run skit was Heeeee-larious. The thought of Harry Styles trying to comprehend the significance of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich...LMAO!!!
    That skit not shown here. Too insider for outsiders to get.

  • Some ones elses Heartbeat

    He is actually a believable islandic person😁

  • Some ones elses Heartbeat

    Sweet son of a bitch,that boy is funny😂

  • Feli
    Feli 6 days ago

    1:50 me and my dog xD

  • Cai De Leon
    Cai De Leon 6 days ago

    Is there anything he CAN'T do? like Harry why are you so blessed?

  • Lisa Z
    Lisa Z 8 days ago

    If you don't love Harry Edward Styles then you have serious issues cause......What's not to like about the man He is perfection

  • Kelly Mackenzie
    Kelly Mackenzie 8 days ago

    This is probably the best episode in a long time. He is hilarious......and easy on the eyes!!! ☺ I can't believe he was in every skit and sang. Other hosts don't act in all the skits. HE IS AMAZING AND I WANT TO HIM ON ALL THE TIME!!!

  • syafirah shafee
    syafirah shafee 13 days ago

    It would be great if my dog turn into HARRY FOOKIN STYLES

  • Harry Belle
    Harry Belle 15 days ago

    Harry ur so funny and cute. Ur a man of many talents..❤

  • Blitz Lundin
    Blitz Lundin 15 days ago +2

    Harry: like all my serious relationships
    Me: yeah like the one month relationship with Taylor
    Harry: we will spend one night together

  • Anna Westemar
    Anna Westemar 16 days ago

    where can I watch this if I live in Sweden? I want to watch the whole thing so bad.

  • bea alonso
    bea alonso 16 days ago +1

    Este hombre puede actuar cualquier cosa increíble un gran artista

  • Name
    Name 16 days ago +1

    It's amazing how good his speaking and comedy skills are when his main profession is singing.

  • Patti Uy_9
    Patti Uy_9 17 days ago

    He is so cute!!

  • Andrea Perez Mendé
    Andrea Perez Mendé 19 days ago +2

    I feel so good when I see someone like Harry, wich is always with a lot of eyes looking at him, enjoyning when he is singing, and when he is acting too. Good for you.

  • Kristine Hussain
    Kristine Hussain 19 days ago


  • what's so funny
    what's so funny 20 days ago

    Niall Liam Louis...............and..... Ringo 😂😂😂

  • megs3003
    megs3003 21 day ago

    mate i wish SNL would make their episodes available in australia

  • raquel urrea
    raquel urrea 21 day ago

    fuck. i would die for this man

  • Khushi Chouksey
    Khushi Chouksey 22 days ago

    That 5:51 High though

  • Eibb Mojares
    Eibb Mojares 24 days ago

    4:09 Lights up

  • Vanesa Ramirez
    Vanesa Ramirez 27 days ago

    He just keeps getting f better and better

  • Kim L
    Kim L 28 days ago +2

    Ugh, Harold 😩😭❤

  • Loloi Delgado
    Loloi Delgado 29 days ago +1

    He's really humorous and versatile as well..😀

  • arlaine alorro
    arlaine alorro Month ago +19

    Just like all my serious relationships, we're gonna spend one incredible night together, and we'll never see each other again. -*Harry Styles 2k19*

  • Julia Mé.
    Julia Mé. Month ago

    Did anybody noticed, that he looks a bit like Evan Peters? 🧐

  • Vivien Lam
    Vivien Lam Month ago

    This makes me 10x more in love with him

  • minitwink16
    minitwink16 Month ago

    Ringo lol

  • cleng
    cleng Month ago

    He looks good in that pilot attire

  • Jessica Ballard
    Jessica Ballard Month ago

    Can we just pause for a moment and acknowledge that mullet during watermelon sugar high (5:50-6:00)😱🤔😖

  • Robert Spratt
    Robert Spratt Month ago +1

    What a talented guy he is, and with an awesome personality. I wish him all the success in the world. He deserves it.

  • yuwen yue linyi
    yuwen yue linyi Month ago

    So talented 😍😍😍😍
    Full of charming
    Forever love HARRY 😘

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell Month ago

    Harry can do it all. He's a natural...

  • Jennifer Arslan
    Jennifer Arslan Month ago


  • Jarred Stephen
    Jarred Stephen Month ago

    Harry is so good we forgot about how bad this ET host is

  • hanna thompson
    hanna thompson Month ago +2

    thank you so much for not talking in between every clip... that was so refreshing

  • Thor Durham
    Thor Durham Month ago

    they look Swedish not Icelandic...

  • Nia Zitting
    Nia Zitting Month ago

    He totally blanked when it came to Zayns name

  • Dian R Fadhilla
    Dian R Fadhilla Month ago

    i am no 1D fan and i don’t really pay attention when they’re big. but damn harry styles, i really enjoy his first album but i’m here obsessed with his second album!!!! and then he also naturally funny and good ad acting, oh my what is this man. is he even real ??!!

  • Richard Christopher
    Richard Christopher Month ago +1

    Was never a One Direction fan, but this guy was born to entertain, superbly talented....and I'm 54!

  • Sharon Lawler
    Sharon Lawler Month ago +6

    He’s just so darn good at everything he does. Just love his sense of humour. Give this man his own show...I’d watch it for sure.

  • fewijuce
    fewijuce Month ago +1

    I really ♥️ Harry Styles

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Month ago

    damn he really pulls off that silver hair :OOOOOOO

  • Clinton Rusthoven
    Clinton Rusthoven Month ago +1

    I love how Harry's gluteus maximus is not perfect, either...he's just a regular guy...

  • kyle aboy
    kyle aboy Month ago

    why didn't he add zayn on his brother's?

  • exafeline
    exafeline Month ago +2

    this clip shows me how Harry with different hairstyles. then, maybe i understand why Harry keeps his long hairstyle, because it best, even though the blonde one kinda looks great too.

  • Extrememdp
    Extrememdp Month ago


  • Teresa moreno Moreno


  • Glassy
    Glassy Month ago


  • Glassy
    Glassy Month ago

    someone please give him a late late show omfghsjdlkajvda

  • Amy Jensen
    Amy Jensen Month ago

    I wish my dog was Harry styles

  • DaVincii
    DaVincii Month ago

    He's sounds like Dacre

  • Techie Lopez
    Techie Lopez Month ago

    Such a natural!

  • if u could put urself in my shoes

    5:00 Marcel is all grown-up now 😢❤

  • Kita Kal
    Kita Kal Month ago

    youtubes recommendations most of the time are just blehhh but now im getting lots of recommendations of harry SO now, youtubes finally doing things RIGHT!

  • Titis Indra
    Titis Indra Month ago

    God : "Y'all wanna know how i made him? A slice of David Bowie, a pinch of Willem Dafoe, n add a teaspoon of Mick Jagger. You are welcome humans."

  • Amy starfish
    Amy starfish Month ago +1

    He's a very talented comedian too 🤣

  • Jen _29
    Jen _29 Month ago