• Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Comments • 539

  • JackReel
    JackReel 20 days ago

    Your storage unit used to be my hairdressers 👌🏻

  • Nick
    Nick 26 days ago +2

    Literally Nobody:
    Not even Steve the Lizard:
    Tom: “WINGARDIUM LEVIOSSAA, kind of an okay day in England rn”

  • Drone UK
    Drone UK Month ago

    mad seeing the place you live and drive around everyday. Not been that restaurant yet in Marple

  • D Jaar
    D Jaar Month ago +3

    If he got the property he should definitely hit up the pond guy from Aquascape, would be a good Colab and make that backyard majestic af.
    Like so he can seeeee

  • Gameboys101
    Gameboys101 Month ago

    Alexander mcqueens

  • Mills Films
    Mills Films Month ago

    Il do it for £300,000 cash ;)

  • Justin Hooker
    Justin Hooker Month ago +4

    Dude I remember watching you build that house when I was a kid. That was prime syndicate. Minecraft survival and COD zombies :(

  • Cizza
    Cizza Month ago

    Why is there a Christmas tree up 9:44

  • CHR15Y BoY
    CHR15Y BoY Month ago

    Tom looks like Eddie the Eagle!!!

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams Month ago +1

    Hey Tom, hope you are aware that you're gonna have to do a tonne of surveys for animals like bats if you want to make any modifications to that house and the gardens. Just so you're aware.

  • Ashley Banks
    Ashley Banks Month ago +1

    When the dude put toms glasses on he looked like courageJD

  • Sam Thornton
    Sam Thornton Month ago

    Black vans black converse yeeeeet

  • Adil Khan
    Adil Khan Month ago +1


  • Danthefryingpan
    Danthefryingpan Month ago

    Your Cassell family call scared my dog 😂

  • Lewis P
    Lewis P Month ago

    Holy mother of balls, he finally shaved the abomination that was tge facial hair

  • Andreas Lyngstad
    Andreas Lyngstad Month ago

    If i Had the money you do, and a super skilled father to help with renovating it, I'd go for it for sure

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago

    U need some Valentino’s

  • MaZe Clan
    MaZe Clan Month ago

    Get all black Air Force 1s tom

    SHEPPY Month ago

    The tree reminds me of the tree scene from avatar

  • MrMoses86
    MrMoses86 Month ago

    can I take Alice to my winter wonder land of big d...………..

  • Titty Milk
    Titty Milk Month ago +3

    Why move from that beautiful house I feel like u can never be satisfied

    • TheGarrett9687
      TheGarrett9687 Month ago

      Titty Milk lol brother he’s not moving he’s just buying to invest.

  • Heavy Salad
    Heavy Salad Month ago

    Tom now wears glasses and denim jackets 🙃

  • Dann' O'Mahony
    Dann' O'Mahony Month ago

    Black timberlands, 6inch double cuff 👍🏻

  • Hickman260
    Hickman260 Month ago

    Thought he had laser eye surgery
    But he has glasses on

  • ScarZyFN
    ScarZyFN Month ago +5

    I jus witness 2 murders
    like to undo

  • killerkoekje
    killerkoekje Month ago

    dc shoes fit that bill

  • Sander Cornel
    Sander Cornel Month ago

    Cant wait for a new building series!

  • Harvey Uk
    Harvey Uk Month ago

    Get a pair of boot shoes 🥿

  • Brent M
    Brent M Month ago

    Alexander McQueen shoes

  • Triple_A
    Triple_A Month ago

    That shoe rule is honestly. weird in bars. I'm from Australia and even if you're wearing sneakers you can still be let in to clubs and bars

  • The Friendzone
    The Friendzone Month ago

    How TF is that place only 500k?? Must be nice living up north

  • YonkYonk
    YonkYonk Month ago

    low to black vans

    iCRSMMO Month ago

    black pair of Valentino rock runners

  • Brandon Jenkins
    Brandon Jenkins Month ago

    The house is mank

  • Rampage gaming
    Rampage gaming Month ago

    Get a pair of Geiger’s Tom

  • AJaxx
    AJaxx Month ago

    "This could go from a £500k house to a £1m house. You may need to throw £350k at it, *if not more."*

    So what you're telling me is: put £500k into a £500k house and it'll become a £1m house?


    • MB
      MB Month ago

      AJaxx stonks bro ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • ian mcarthur
    ian mcarthur Month ago

    love you tom but your scottish accent is offensive to my earholes

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips Month ago

    I think you should save it and buy it then slowly make a check list in a note book or something of all the stuff you want doing then when you have enough money but one of them and tick it of

  • H-BGames
    H-BGames Month ago +1

    for fashion sense you should wear plain black nike airforce, white airforces look better with a brighter outfit

  • Madmum404 Games
    Madmum404 Games Month ago

    Honestly get some airforce 1 they have loads of different colours and if u can keep a shoe white they are really nice

  • Kai Nichol
    Kai Nichol Month ago

    Buy it and make a series of you making it up

  • InterrexOfficial
    InterrexOfficial Month ago

    Chelsea boots are sound but not dead shiny ones with what you’re wearing get suede ones

  • Clayton Lopez
    Clayton Lopez Month ago +1

    Im calling it. Tom mentioned alice’s skin looking different. SHE’s PREGGERS BOYS WE’RE GETTING A BABY HANDFORTH

  • Christopher Holt
    Christopher Holt Month ago

    Wouldn't say a 50min drive is on your doorstep haha

  • Alex Barnes
    Alex Barnes Month ago

    Tell ya sister to dm me 😂

  • Young Un
    Young Un Month ago

    Tom Persue you dreames an get a project house weather it’s a little cheaper or smaller house you can make it modern an bigger for cheaper an make a massive profit

  • Emma P
    Emma P Month ago +2

    Black desert boots.
    Low top, all black vans.
    Dark tan timberland boots, looks better with blue jeans.
    Sorted for every occasion 👍🏼

  • Ha Do
    Ha Do Month ago

    Have a looked at some Alexander McQueen or guissepi or balenciaga

  • Blake Graham
    Blake Graham Month ago +8

    You could turn the renovations into a miniseries, I’m stoked!

  • Jt Flores
    Jt Flores Month ago

    Toms real life house imagination resembles his minecraft house imagination

    • TheZaneEternity
      TheZaneEternity Month ago

      Jt Flores - How? I feel like you haven’t seen how good some people are at building stuff on this game

    • Jt Flores
      Jt Flores Month ago

      TheZaneEternity wym hes creative af

    • TheZaneEternity
      TheZaneEternity Month ago

      Jt Flores - Ah, well it’s not that great in game so I thought you were sarcastic

    • Jt Flores
      Jt Flores Month ago

      TheZaneEternity im saying his imagination is great in game and irl ya know

    • TheZaneEternity
      TheZaneEternity Month ago

      Well in real life you’re restricted, in minecraft is where you can go wild

  • NoVa Desire
    NoVa Desire Month ago


  • David Bouzaglou
    David Bouzaglou Month ago

    Common Projects, best shoes ever.

    IZZOTON IX Month ago

    Get some black gazelles

  • bayram ozkaya
    bayram ozkaya Month ago

    3:45 that was cruel 😂

  • -Hands—— B
    -Hands—— B Month ago +1

    That’s good for £560,000

  • OfficialJDCE
    OfficialJDCE Month ago

    I never usually comment but did you really say you have lived in that house 5 YEARS?!?! I remember when you bought it and was watching it all develop and you telling me that was 5 years ago?? jesus christ where has time gone.

  • 1234 5678
    1234 5678 Month ago

    Paul smith is my fucking cousin 😂

  • AzZeR
    AzZeR Month ago

    Knocking it down could possibly be cheaper than a total renovation if your looking for high spec similar to yours

  • Khaotic Goblin
    Khaotic Goblin Month ago

    I think you should buy some black timberlands

  • Scottish Sneakerhead

    Get black suede Chelsea boots instead