Busted! I Got Caught Plagiarizing My Homework

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
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    Naomi was always a good student, and took her classwork seriously, and her grades. At the end of middle school, in eight grade English class, the teacher gave them a creative writing assignment. Their homework was to be a real writer and go home and write a poem to present to the rest of the class.
    The teacher gave the class three weeks to really think about it and work on it and write the poem, but for Naomi it was just three long weeks of procrastinating. She just couldn't pull any of her ideas together.
    She really couldn't think of anything, and either she was bad at writing poems, or like a lot of famous writers, she just had writer's block. No matter what, she was unmotivated and uninspired and this had grown into way more than just a homework assignment - it overwhelmed her.
    Finally, with just a day left, she went on Google and looked up poems and famous writers, because, well, she wanted to cheat. She knew plagiarism was wrong, and she had never copied any famous writers before or plagiarized anything, but she was frustrated and desperate, and, at the time, she didn't think she'd get caught.
    The one key fact that she conveniently forgot was that at her school (and probably most schools) the teachers were very big on doing your own original work and never copying, or cheating on tests or homework, or stealing other people's ideas. Plagiarizing, especially copying a famous writer for your homework, was a major offense. But, she wasn't thinking about getting caught, she was just thinking about getting her homework assignment done.
    She searched around on Google and found the perfect poem by a perfectly famous writer. She changed a coupe of words here and there - not that that did much good - and she just went ahead and printed up and turned it in.
    The next day in class the teacher went around handing the poems back to the class BUT she skipped Naomi. It was pretty clear, she got caught and there was nothing she could do. Then the teacher asked her to join her in the hall and that was that. She burst into tears and was so embarrassed and ashamed of herself for plagiarizing and copying a famous writer. She got busted.
    She got a referral, which is like part of your permanent school record, and lunchtime detention for a week, but her teacher was really sweet and understanding. Naomi just crumbled under the pressure and made a super bad choice. Her teacher said she could take another try and write a new original poem and that she would just deduct ten points from the grade for her little brush with plagiarism and getting caught.
    Her dad was really upset about it and he gave her a long talking to, and the detention gave her a lot of time to think about it. She learned her lesson - never copy other people's work or plagiarize - and to just breathe and put in the work and effort.
    She worked really hard to make sure her next poem was good, but also didn't get all crazy about it, and she really liked what she wrote and got a good grade on it too!
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  • Almotasimblah Mustafa
    Almotasimblah Mustafa 6 hours ago

    I always pergedice

  • Slayer Dark
    Slayer Dark Day ago

    Dumbass that’s is what you get!!!!

  • Diana Libman
    Diana Libman 2 days ago

    my name is naomi
    but this is not my story

  • Honey ;3
    Honey ;3 2 days ago

    This really sounds like my half sister I-

  • Xavier 503
    Xavier 503 2 days ago


  • Cupcake and Diamond
    Cupcake and Diamond 3 days ago +1


  • What a Maverick
    What a Maverick 4 days ago

    In my school if you plagiarize you get SUSPENDED. My school fixes the smallest things with it. Not even detention, suspension.

  • TazWalvez The burrito

    *s t o p making me remember how shit my poems are >:(*

  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 4 days ago

    hahaha I feel kinda bad but u should've thought about it

  • donald chiang
    donald chiang 5 days ago


  • Mateusz Ponikowski
    Mateusz Ponikowski 5 days ago +1

    I rememberd a reedit story from this.
    A girl was called out for plagiarising by her own artwork

  • Pastel Mations
    Pastel Mations 5 days ago +2

    What ever happened to
    *”roses are red”*
    *”Violets are blue”*

  • Brianna 3050
    Brianna 3050 6 days ago +1

    Principal: yeah lets go ahead and put alarms so we know what every single child is doing on the computer!

  • Naomi Okotogbo
    Naomi Okotogbo 7 days ago

    She has my name!

  • Adriana Estrada Salazar

    I know how you feel

  • NoobixGachaz ぬーぶ

    lol today i got a mail of plagiarism of my history work in connexus :') Idk wot will happen

  • occasional otaku
    occasional otaku 11 days ago


  • Blue Acidball
    Blue Acidball 12 days ago

    Another moral of the story, please, PLEASE ALWAYS do your homework on the day it’s assigned, yes, even when it’s Friday

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 12 days ago +2

    I Plagiarize my book reports-
    :> WoOpSiEz

  • Abby Bee
    Abby Bee 12 days ago

    My girl In only 6th grade I got one week to write a page of a poem in French. With a poster.

  • Anwsr Mussa
    Anwsr Mussa 13 days ago

    Plagiarism sucks

  • nahomi aguilar
    nahomi aguilar 15 days ago

    My name is nahomi

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 16 days ago +2

    Roses are red
    And I want you to remember
    Your are the reason I lost no nut to November

  • Suitcase Inatamite insanity

    Yeah odds1out

  • Matt Ackermann
    Matt Ackermann 18 days ago

    William Carlos William grew up in my town routherford Nj

  • TheHero idk
    TheHero idk 18 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Why i plagiarised?
    Cause fuck you

  • TheHero idk
    TheHero idk 18 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Why i plagiarised?
    Cause fuck you

  • Luna moon playz
    Luna moon playz 19 days ago +1

    What is poop?

  • M A Z E E
    M A Z E E 19 days ago

    *yeah my, real life name is carlo*
    *and btw that girl is lucky because she has 2 or 3 weeks to finish a poem*
    *and for me right now, i have 1 day to write a essay.*

  • Elutriate Gaming and more

    So when I was in 5th grade and we had this other teacher that came to our classroom every Monday and Friday
    And we got poems read to us on the projector and then we were supposed to get ideas from the poem or something just like the poem and then when we plagiarize the poems the other teacher that came to our class room is always saying: wow good job! That poem is amazing
    Oh I love that poem that you made!
    She was impressed by us plagiarizing

  • Kittey Queen
    Kittey Queen 20 days ago

    Really bad

  • Kittey Queen
    Kittey Queen 20 days ago

    Cheating sis bad.

  • Sofiia estees
    Sofiia estees 21 day ago +1

    Here's a good poem

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If you don't like this comment
    I will sew you

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod 22 days ago

    Just get a few poems and mix them.

  • Sunnon Tea
    Sunnon Tea 22 days ago

    I'm actually bad at poems

    They don't make sense

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla 23 days ago

    Why would you cry

  • Kenzy Ward
    Kenzy Ward 23 days ago

    I did this but I made it in my own words, my teacher didn’t find out and I got a really good mark. But it’s not good 2 do so don’t do this.

  • Caelan Ferguson
    Caelan Ferguson 24 days ago +1

    0:40 Lol nice Breaking Bad reference.

  • Dimitri G
    Dimitri G 25 days ago

    The point in life is finding ways to get away with things the sheep can’t. There lies all money, all success and all happiness and fulfilment.

  • My Channel
    My Channel 25 days ago +1

    In this video I thought of a poem she could of used
    “When I was three I climbed a small tree.
    Looked up at the light,
    Saw a nice sight,
    Grabbed a red apple,
    Took a big bite,
    Fell down the small tree,
    Banged my head
    And bled.
    I then cried as I thought I might of died.”

    Idk why I made this poem I just thought of it as soon as she said she had to write a poem. But don’t cheat and if you have to do what she did feel free to copy my bad poem

  • somebody once told me
    somebody once told me 25 days ago

    ohHhh is ur poem teacher mr.poe? (ifyouknowwhatimsayingg;)

  • JJP Peregrino
    JJP Peregrino 25 days ago

    If your gonna cheat from the Internet, visit different websites with the same topic then copy & paste different parts 😂 please don’t be motivated by this advice 🤣

  • stephanie Scott
    stephanie Scott 27 days ago

    This is why you go to a poem generator sight

  • John Jason
    John Jason 28 days ago

    This is one most stupidest story i ever heard..

  • ツben
    ツben 28 days ago


  • rajalakshmi krishnaswamy


  • Pxul Xxx
    Pxul Xxx 29 days ago +1

    I'm surprised to see the name Walt Whitman middle school because that's where my brother goes

  • Mint Ruto
    Mint Ruto Month ago +1

    Just use your brain 👌

  • YT Chazz
    YT Chazz Month ago

    This was probably plagiarised

  • Rickypotato
    Rickypotato Month ago

    I plagiarized my parents

  • Destiny Artis
    Destiny Artis Month ago

    This has happened to me before. I was so bad at poems until I actually thought about a lot of stuff. I did tell myself I was bad at it too. I also cheated on it too. But then I started to read a lot of poems and how they're creative. And now Im really good at doing poems now because I think a lot💛

  • nightcrawler 3195
    nightcrawler 3195 Month ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You suck at poems
    *And I do too*

  • Hint Mint TV
    Hint Mint TV Month ago

    I didn't finish the book that I was assigned so I looked up what happens XD

  • trip over a knife
    trip over a knife Month ago

    i hate lunch detention

  • Rachel Carroll
    Rachel Carroll Month ago

    You all are so shit dumb assas

  • Pix lars
    Pix lars Month ago

    Oh god my name is Naomi too

  • heart made of glass

    We get an hour in class to make a poem!!!!!🤬🤬🤬

  • Smexy White child
    Smexy White child Month ago

    1st pick a unfamous poem
    2st change a lot of words

  • Nickoli
    Nickoli Month ago

    She sounds like Reilly from inside out

  • Shhdks
    Shhdks Month ago

    I had to write a poem and I didn’t at all and my teacher was like WHY DID YOU NOT WRITE ANYTHING?!