Busted! I Got Caught Plagiarizing My Homework

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
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    Naomi was always a good student, and took her classwork seriously, and her grades. At the end of middle school, in eight grade English class, the teacher gave them a creative writing assignment. Their homework was to be a real writer and go home and write a poem to present to the rest of the class.
    The teacher gave the class three weeks to really think about it and work on it and write the poem, but for Naomi it was just three long weeks of procrastinating. She just couldn't pull any of her ideas together.
    She really couldn't think of anything, and either she was bad at writing poems, or like a lot of famous writers, she just had writer's block. No matter what, she was unmotivated and uninspired and this had grown into way more than just a homework assignment - it overwhelmed her.
    Finally, with just a day left, she went on Google and looked up poems and famous writers, because, well, she wanted to cheat. She knew plagiarism was wrong, and she had never copied any famous writers before or plagiarized anything, but she was frustrated and desperate, and, at the time, she didn't think she'd get caught.
    The one key fact that she conveniently forgot was that at her school (and probably most schools) the teachers were very big on doing your own original work and never copying, or cheating on tests or homework, or stealing other people's ideas. Plagiarizing, especially copying a famous writer for your homework, was a major offense. But, she wasn't thinking about getting caught, she was just thinking about getting her homework assignment done.
    She searched around on Google and found the perfect poem by a perfectly famous writer. She changed a coupe of words here and there - not that that did much good - and she just went ahead and printed up and turned it in.
    The next day in class the teacher went around handing the poems back to the class BUT she skipped Naomi. It was pretty clear, she got caught and there was nothing she could do. Then the teacher asked her to join her in the hall and that was that. She burst into tears and was so embarrassed and ashamed of herself for plagiarizing and copying a famous writer. She got busted.
    She got a referral, which is like part of your permanent school record, and lunchtime detention for a week, but her teacher was really sweet and understanding. Naomi just crumbled under the pressure and made a super bad choice. Her teacher said she could take another try and write a new original poem and that she would just deduct ten points from the grade for her little brush with plagiarism and getting caught.
    Her dad was really upset about it and he gave her a long talking to, and the detention gave her a lot of time to think about it. She learned her lesson - never copy other people's work or plagiarize - and to just breathe and put in the work and effort.
    She worked really hard to make sure her next poem was good, but also didn't get all crazy about it, and she really liked what she wrote and got a good grade on it too!
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  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi 7 minutes ago

    Dude I fucking suck at explaining shit.

  • The Bunny 2025 Gaming

    I accidentally plagiarized in science

  • Natalie Oporta
    Natalie Oporta 2 hours ago

    I copied a sentence but didn’t realize and got in trouble

  • Kenean Ayele
    Kenean Ayele 2 hours ago

    Roses are read
    Violets r blue
    Poems suck
    And school suck too

  • Birat Singh
    Birat Singh 5 hours ago

    I did the same thing for a poem competition in my school. Typed in poems, opened images and went to the oldest pic with the poem that no one could find and copied it and submitted it the next day.

  • Panda Mask
    Panda Mask 5 hours ago

    Not careful
    I fell in the

  • Rice
    Rice 7 hours ago

    Rice wrote a Valentines poem

    “Forget all the gifts but not the sweet monologues
    Get rid of the chocolates because that kills dogs
    The pure emotion is the one thing you won’t see
    Give suggestions on how to end this please”

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 7 hours ago +1

    lol fucking keeno

  • A Human
    A Human 9 hours ago

    Wtf isn't ig normal that you aint good at writing poems? And so much drama cuzz of plagiatrizm or how you call that...

  • LPS lyra
    LPS lyra 11 hours ago

    Girl. 6 words for you. *You. Should’ve. Done. Your. Work. Properly.*
    You were given so much time for this but some people barely even get time and they still succeed without plagiarising. :/

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    سكيتشات 1 12 hours ago

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  • BoomBoySuper
    BoomBoySuper 16 hours ago

    I am ADHD But there 3 Type of ADHD
    1:missing concentration Wobble Working or Doing Home Work Slow or Not Complete or Not Much
    Forget easily
    2:Hyper Moving Every time Climbing Talk too much Prank each other this will be Decrease When grow up a Teenager
    3:impulsive Will Flare Not Implatient Can't Be Wait Like to Like talking, inserting time to talk to other people
    That is ADHD?

    I watched your Video


  • Waffle
    Waffle 16 hours ago

    my name is naomi

  • Ashleigh Saunders
    Ashleigh Saunders 18 hours ago

    Ur FUCKED up

  • Ty westphal
    Ty westphal 21 hour ago

    I have had the same experience once I was caught plagiarizing my bible history homework and my religion teacher caught me and confronted me I didn't lie to her because it would make things worse, and she was nice about it she just gave me a 0 on the assignment and gave me a morning detention and I got my phone taken away for a week and she told me this wouldn't be on my permanent record. I know the consequences weren't severe like they would be in high school BUT I definitely learned my lesson

  • Heng Phan
    Heng Phan Day ago

    This is a code to something can you figure it out code:4892887402874

  • Sparklekitty Fun

    My name is Naomi 😺

    LEONA BYRNE Day ago

    Hi I once did this I'm really ashamed but I learned my lesson for now on

  • That One
    That One Day ago

    This is one of the whitest stories I’ve ever heard.

  • dashiec me fire
    dashiec me fire Day ago

    I am so bad at poems$$$$$

  • Ali a is a pro
    Ali a is a pro Day ago

    Why 👧👨‍🏫👩‍🎓

  • Lil Sho
    Lil Sho Day ago

    A quarter of my class would plagiarize (me too) but we would never get in trouble

  • League Plays
    League Plays Day ago

    Whats lunch detention ?

  • SlitBird
    SlitBird Day ago

    In ths voting thing only 2 percent voted Yes I do it all the time. Come on now people be honest more than 2 percent do it.

  • sinister rides
    sinister rides Day ago

    Ha ha ha

  • sinister rides
    sinister rides Day ago

    I didn’t do it with poems I copied my brothers homework

  • Skin Lottery Helper

    Steps on how to not get caught :P
    First step: you know copy it
    Second: lie and say you did it first
    Last: get that A+

  • gliter2016
    gliter2016 Day ago +1

    Not to brag but I’m really good at poems

  • Angelica Xia
    Angelica Xia Day ago

    Hello this is meh Poem
    roses are red
    Violent aren’t great
    I gave you this card
    Now give me a A

  • Legend RageYT
    Legend RageYT Day ago


  • Legend RageYT
    Legend RageYT Day ago

    I always do this. Your stupid. You should have said it differently

  • Harlz
    Harlz 2 days ago

    You couldn’t have read three or four poems and get inspiration

  • superkennediplays Minecraft game play

    Roses are red
    Voilets are blue
    She plagrised
    But why?
    She tried to think
    She didn't sleep a wink
    She fell for the trick
    Why u little twick
    U Chang some lines
    U got in so much troblue
    U busted into to tears
    So u got that paper and teared it to sreeds
    -superkennediplayz 2019

  • Tori Jordan
    Tori Jordan 2 days ago +1

    F### poetry 😡

  • Wolfie Potatoe ;-;
    Wolfie Potatoe ;-; 2 days ago

    Ahem...once I playgiarized a sotry for young authors fair in middle school and actually got first place.
    I playgiarized from a re-read the text and fix it game lmao
    (I was really stupid)

  • Bartels stories 33 and Hair

    That was and a book called love that boy I read it at school

  • Gregory Gonzalez
    Gregory Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Me bŕother got that too 😑😂😂😂because he did not read a book right!😆😆😂😂

  • Donuts ʘᴗʘ
    Donuts ʘᴗʘ 2 days ago +1

    Did we just have the same name?

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 2 days ago

    What does plagiarism mean!

  • cheekibreekiwarrior
    cheekibreekiwarrior 2 days ago

    i could write a poem in a hour,y did ur teacher give you 3 weeks?

  • Jeff YT
    Jeff YT 2 days ago

    she forget to write “this poem is copyrighted”

  • sarah castranovo
    sarah castranovo 2 days ago

    **feels bad
    But this sounds like my L.a teacher 😂😂

  • Tessa Something
    Tessa Something 2 days ago

    I did that too for LA

  • Lovena Arana
    Lovena Arana 2 days ago

    Omg girl we g to the same shool

  • robert hy
    robert hy 3 days ago

    My son once got an award for the best poems for moms and he wrote a nice poem about my wife and he won an amazing award. Thinking back I think that both of my kids can be so loving to their mother.

  • Arm Ore
    Arm Ore 3 days ago

    Fun fact, when you're a grown-up everyone cheats. Tell your bosses will be the ones that do heavy drugs. So kids, cheat early, and do lots of drugs.

  • Naomi Miranda
    Naomi Miranda 3 days ago

    Naomi is my name 2!!!

  • Hyper Potato Gacha Life

    I always cheat on test ._.

    but don't tell anyone ;-;

  • bla4enik 1
    bla4enik 1 3 days ago

    Half of our class did that for a book report and my teacher didn't care

  • bla4enik 1
    bla4enik 1 3 days ago

    what when we write poems we only have like one day and im a 4th grade

  • MVG Knight
    MVG Knight 3 days ago

    Is that a dime?
    Wait that rhymes!

  • adrian lomeli
    adrian lomeli 3 days ago

    Did you pot your school name

  • kitty cute playz
    kitty cute playz 3 days ago +1

    My sisters poem: roses are red violets are blue when I see you I'd rather say "ew".

    FIZZY ALIYA 3 days ago

    Our school is also big on plagiarism...like one time we were like to our teacher (jokingly) “we’re just gonna plagiarise😂” and the teacher also laughed and said...”we actually know how to know that you plagiarised...we have ways” we’re like ok?

  • Wolfie's Gacha
    Wolfie's Gacha 3 days ago

    My filipino teacher explained that to us

  • Lazerzap
    Lazerzap 3 days ago

    *if you're gonna plagiarise, atleast take the least popular poem dummy*

  • Gay Rhino
    Gay Rhino 3 days ago

    0:18 When I was...


  • suicide clown12
    suicide clown12 3 days ago

    Can you only submit one thing about your life or u can do it as many as u want or something????

  • Inioluwa Olaleye
    Inioluwa Olaleye 3 days ago

    I also got caught plagiarizing in English class. We had to write a blog that was worth 70 points but I had no idea what to write so I plagiarized. My teacher knew I plagiarized because he said the blog was “too good,” so he searched it up and he found it. Although I changed up some words but it was still obvious. And since I an a good student and everyone thinks I’m smart and since this is also my first time plagiarizing, he deducted 10 points. But I didn’t get any detention though. Phew 😅

  • No Blow
    No Blow 3 days ago


  • llama_ Playz
    llama_ Playz 3 days ago

    My bestie auditioned for story booth (I didn’t believe her 😑)

  • noobs dudes
    noobs dudes 4 days ago

    *me Writeing one story*

  • Jeon Luna
    Jeon Luna 4 days ago


  • YouTube man Swagroy21

    I use to do it and never get caught

  • Makaiya Skaggs
    Makaiya Skaggs 4 days ago

    Wellll if ur a good student thennnnnnnnnn

  • Angie The Fox Prince

    If u think yr bad at poems then use that as your motivation, write a poem about that. like come on, smh

  • Velvet Wayman
    Velvet Wayman 4 days ago +1

    ❤️The vid

  • Briyana Ross
    Briyana Ross 4 days ago

    i did that before😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  • Angie Ly
    Angie Ly 4 days ago

    You have 3 week? God, I have only 1 day to do a long poem, so you’re actually really, really lucky

  • QT Neopies
    QT Neopies 4 days ago

    they should really edit or do some shots, i know it’s only a short story but a lot of the time the grammar is bad and they say a lot of, and pretty much, like, so yeah, then it was like, etc. it’s kinda annoying. also, right at the beginning it doesn’t start of with an intro. it’s just “hey so in this grade we had to do this so pretty much i was like this and then this happened it was so bad but i learned it was ok so now i’m fine”

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    [B A S H] 4 days ago

    Why the heck does she looks like Sakura from Naruto????

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    InsideOutFanBoy 4 days ago

    Captions stop at 0:56

  • Hurricane 2806
    Hurricane 2806 4 days ago

    Screw poetry just playgurise another pome and change alot if things

  • GPS Idiots
    GPS Idiots 4 days ago +1


  • Galaxiana gacha
    Galaxiana gacha 4 days ago

    Same im bad at poems

  • Can we get 5000 Subscribers Without Any videos

    At 0:19 she wasnt clicking the backspace, She was clicking the Esc button.

  • Elyssa Blog
    Elyssa Blog 4 days ago

    i love haiku haha

  • Clementine Marsh
    Clementine Marsh 4 days ago

    i plagerised before because we got papers i got jackie joyner kersee i had to write all about her

    lol ik this isnt plagerising if they alow us to do it

  • Quartz910_
    Quartz910_ 4 days ago

    *tori is that you*

  • Laura Yauri
    Laura Yauri 4 days ago +1

    You know what I will do I will just watch some baby show and try to find poems in the show and then the teacher will never know cause she doesn’t watch baby shows does she

  • Laila Wong
    Laila Wong 4 days ago

    This drawing is different from yours drawing

  • November1707
    November1707 4 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I suck at poems
    What about you?

  • YoSøcoolbøï.-.
    YoSøcoolbøï.-. 5 days ago +1


  • james zehna
    james zehna 5 days ago +1

    This is a poem I wrote myself it's called "Alaska's Cosmic Night Sky". I wrote it out of my love for space and Alaska (my paradise)
    Alaska itself is beautiful also the cloudless night sky itself is beautiful. The sun's solar wind comes through the north pole producing the iconic Northern Lights. All the galaxy's stars, star clusters, and constellations in the northern hemisphere are visible. The Milky Way itself is also visible along with Andromeda Galaxy above the Andromeda constellation. You can see Sirius A the brightest star in the sky also unique stars : Spica blue in the sky, Betelgeuse and Arcturus red in the sky, Capella flashing green and yellow in the sky, and Polaris always pointing north. To touch it off, there's the full moon of Luna but let's not forget the planets of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. If you decide to stargaze in the Last Frontier with your boyfriend/girlfriend as a date and start at the crack of nighttime, beware you'll be so hooked to the beauty that you'll be stargazing till the crack of dawn. stargazing in Alaska is something that'll be fun for you especially to space fans.

    NOTE: don't plagiarize this poem or you'll suffer the pharaoh's curse.

  • DatSav_Kendall
    DatSav_Kendall 5 days ago

    If your gonna cheat don’t use a famous poem, and change the whole poem but keep it matching. So keep the poem as an outline lol


    Fair use

  • Naomicat Sanchez
    Naomicat Sanchez 5 days ago

    :0 I did the same for a peom and my name is Naomi

    Wait nobody cares

  • Amora Hill
    Amora Hill 5 days ago

    That sound like my school lunch detention and referrals hmmm

  • bendy the night fighter

    0:04 tords hood

  • Marie Jules
    Marie Jules 5 days ago

    White people shit like for real

  • A E S T H E T I C
    A E S T H E T I C 5 days ago

    Some teachers type your poem into Google, so beware! 😂

  • Tete gap
    Tete gap 5 days ago

    Wtf, thats literally what i do every day with my homeworks LOL

  • Mineral Blade
    Mineral Blade 5 days ago

    When I plagiarized my mom laughed because I made sure she would read it and it was in my own words I SWEAR and she said it’s fine your alive 😂😂😂

  • Lexis
    Lexis 5 days ago

    Plagiarism is common in my school.. Everyone does that..

  • Emadمخم6مممءءمممخمخ Hamza

    Im bad at poems too

  • Emadمخم6مممءءمممخمخ Hamza

    Im bad at poems too

  • Purple Shiloh vlogs
    Purple Shiloh vlogs 5 days ago

    Me its fine our teacher is nicw we were allowed to copy on google

  • Kensou NCass
    Kensou NCass 5 days ago

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