Busted! I Got Caught Plagiarizing My Homework

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
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    Naomi was always a good student, and took her classwork seriously, and her grades. At the end of middle school, in eight grade English class, the teacher gave them a creative writing assignment. Their homework was to be a real writer and go home and write a poem to present to the rest of the class.
    The teacher gave the class three weeks to really think about it and work on it and write the poem, but for Naomi it was just three long weeks of procrastinating. She just couldn't pull any of her ideas together.
    She really couldn't think of anything, and either she was bad at writing poems, or like a lot of famous writers, she just had writer's block. No matter what, she was unmotivated and uninspired and this had grown into way more than just a homework assignment - it overwhelmed her.
    Finally, with just a day left, she went on Google and looked up poems and famous writers, because, well, she wanted to cheat. She knew plagiarism was wrong, and she had never copied any famous writers before or plagiarized anything, but she was frustrated and desperate, and, at the time, she didn't think she'd get caught.
    The one key fact that she conveniently forgot was that at her school (and probably most schools) the teachers were very big on doing your own original work and never copying, or cheating on tests or homework, or stealing other people's ideas. Plagiarizing, especially copying a famous writer for your homework, was a major offense. But, she wasn't thinking about getting caught, she was just thinking about getting her homework assignment done.
    She searched around on Google and found the perfect poem by a perfectly famous writer. She changed a coupe of words here and there - not that that did much good - and she just went ahead and printed up and turned it in.
    The next day in class the teacher went around handing the poems back to the class BUT she skipped Naomi. It was pretty clear, she got caught and there was nothing she could do. Then the teacher asked her to join her in the hall and that was that. She burst into tears and was so embarrassed and ashamed of herself for plagiarizing and copying a famous writer. She got busted.
    She got a referral, which is like part of your permanent school record, and lunchtime detention for a week, but her teacher was really sweet and understanding. Naomi just crumbled under the pressure and made a super bad choice. Her teacher said she could take another try and write a new original poem and that she would just deduct ten points from the grade for her little brush with plagiarism and getting caught.
    Her dad was really upset about it and he gave her a long talking to, and the detention gave her a lot of time to think about it. She learned her lesson - never copy other people's work or plagiarize - and to just breathe and put in the work and effort.
    She worked really hard to make sure her next poem was good, but also didn't get all crazy about it, and she really liked what she wrote and got a good grade on it too!
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    Shadow rain Chill 8 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are blue this is a nice poem so are you

  • JudeDude
    JudeDude 13 hours ago +1

    *TheOdd1sout has joined the chat*

  • Arielle Mendez
    Arielle Mendez 16 hours ago

    When I was in middle school i was in a similar situation, I had to write a poem for my English class and at the time i was very busy with other things so the day before the poem was due I searched on Google "simple poems" I made sure that the poem I was going to copy was something my teacher could look at and say "yep she wrote that" when I turned it in I did feel some guilt but went along with my life. She never found out but I told myself that I was NEVER going to plagiarize again.

  • K1llerm0th
    K1llerm0th Day ago

    Screw poetry in school I will never use it

  • HawaiiUnicorn2312345 Mai

    *that happened to me too cause I didn’t have a idea so I copied roses are red*

  • Marama Heck
    Marama Heck 2 days ago

    I once had two days to write an entire FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAY!!

  • shilpa santhrupth
    shilpa santhrupth 3 days ago +1

    I wish I had such a homework
    Cause I me amazing at poems
    Touch hood

  • Amistic James
    Amistic James 3 days ago


  • M e g a t h r o n
    M e g a t h r o n 3 days ago

    My school is so tight on plagiarism. Everything has to be submitted online and as soon as it gets submitted it checks everything for plagiarism and even if it’s 0.1% plagiarised it can and will effect the grade you get. My school is so stuck up and I’ve only been there a term and it’s already killing me with all the pressure.

  • Lps lover 51 0
    Lps lover 51 0 4 days ago

    My name is Naomi to!!!!!!😄

  • Amirmohammad Eslami
    Amirmohammad Eslami 4 days ago

    Id just write a poem about me being bad at poems

  • Emely Moreno
    Emely Moreno 4 days ago

    I am bad at poem but that's not so bad.a poem for you

  • naomi taylor
    naomi taylor 4 days ago +1

    I thought the teacher in this video was talking to me coz dats my name 😂

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    This school is so fucking extra.

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    That’s a haiku not a poem stupid

  • CyberC's Arcade
    CyberC's Arcade 7 days ago

    One time I needed to show my school to my mom because she was skeptical about if I did it or not. When she left the laptop broke and erased all my math data. When she looked and even with my explanation, she still made me redo it all. And that realy hurt me because people didn't trust me as much.

  • Pastelly Flamingos
    Pastelly Flamingos 7 days ago

    :O tututut

  • jason 10101
    jason 10101 7 days ago +1

    Never copy other people's work its just rude

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    Itz Katelyn gacha 7 days ago

    At the end instead of saying poems its poet

  • Armypower
    Armypower 8 days ago

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    Kim Kim 8 days ago


  • AviLla Luvs all
    AviLla Luvs all 8 days ago

    Poor naomi

  • XxxGamingMasterxxX .-.

    Poem suggestions For Your Kids
    1. Roses are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    My heart Is Dead
    I'm Such a Fool

    I Bet No Teacher Even Listens To Juice Wrld ^^

  • ConservativeMedia
    ConservativeMedia 9 days ago

    I didn’t cry when I plagiarized

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  • Margarette Domingo
    Margarette Domingo 11 days ago

    I did the same thing tho😂but my teacher doesn't really care. She just gave me 90/100 😂

  • Della K. Sigler
    Della K. Sigler 11 days ago

    When, I was in High School The President was shot and parents signed the children up to go to War. True Story.

  • randomness 2000
    randomness 2000 11 days ago +1

    Lol my school has referrals too

  • Yennices Rodriguez
    Yennices Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Right now I should be doing homework but I'm watching story booth

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      We’re kind of educational - kind of? Maybe a little?

  • Savannah Jiggets
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    It would have been smart if she searched up *non* famous poems

  • ام خالد محمد


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    Rose are red
    Violets are blue
    Look at the star
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    Your my sunshine
    Never give up on your life dreams

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    You are so sweet and sour and I love this one and love the fact of the night and the other I have to do a lot and then go home I have to do a little next to a guy with me I will be in a relationship I have no one else to love and be with you and then you have no idea what

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    Your retarded I looked up on Google and made a poem on Abraham Lincoln and use different parts in different poems

    • Horse Lover
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      The funny thing is you just called someone retarded and you used "your" instead of "you're". Please learn basic English before you insult someone.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 13 days ago +1

    She could have instead wrote her own plagiarism poem.....Something like this....

    I tried to cheat the system,
    To get my degree within
    My university that I was in.

    But I was caught doing a Ctrl-V on one English assignment,
    Got rung up on plagiarism charges and faced the chastisement
    Of expulsion from my school, for the wrongs I did in my intellectual theft self-advertisement.

    She should have done this especially when she goes to college for the first time and imaging that she is caught plagiarizing herself and facing the penalties for doing it......

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