• FightHype.com was on hand in New York, New York where multi-division world champion Terence Crawford and top contender Egidijus Kavaliauskas held the final press conference leading up to their showdown on December 14 at Madison Square Garden. You don't want to miss what those in attendance had to say. Check it out!

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  • Keenyn Lofton
    Keenyn Lofton 10 days ago

    This is the most low energy press conference I ever seen for a title defense

  • Lord Shmily
    Lord Shmily 2 months ago

    Another free per view on terence crawford😂😂

  • Mark Herron
    Mark Herron 3 months ago

    Bob A......promoter always looking to expand his game.

  • Rayzelle joy Reyes
    Rayzelle joy Reyes 3 months ago

    Wow! Boring🤣🤣🤣

  • Troy Hughes
    Troy Hughes 3 months ago

    Buds a beast

  • DeWayne Phillips
    DeWayne Phillips 3 months ago +1

    Mean green dropped the most overrated fighter in boxing last night😂😂

  • James Buscos
    James Buscos 3 months ago

    fck this nigga you should be fighting pacquiao your playing around man bob arum is bitching around he set it up for sure there plan is to not fight pacquiao...if he wants to fight pacquiao he can his just avoiding pqcquiao lol funny i hope crawford loose the belt gay ass niggah...

  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    This might be Crawford toughest opponent kovalaquez is good

  • shan cyrel cabezas
    shan cyrel cabezas 3 months ago

    Arum is soo very cute

  • Kovalef Kova
    Kovalef Kova 3 months ago

    Pless..trasllate for my people Latina PLESS...thank bro and this video that good but need my PEOPLE undarteing what means EVERY words

  • Randolf Magculang
    Randolf Magculang 3 months ago


  • El Turo
    El Turo 3 months ago


    GATEKEEPER BOXING 3 months ago

    At least Egis is better than the guy Crawford won the title off.

  • Pimp Daddy
    Pimp Daddy 3 months ago

    Its funny how this is da main event but nobody cares about this fight lmao.

  • Casper 7
    Casper 7 3 months ago

    Another bum fight of Crawford

  • Alidapoet Alifreehand
    Alidapoet Alifreehand 3 months ago +1

    That pink shribvlbled up white boy name Bob is your problem

  • Alidapoet Alifreehand
    Alidapoet Alifreehand 3 months ago

    Arum classic slave master ...

  • Jhun Alviz
    Jhun Alviz 3 months ago

    Hahah there is more ticket left! Not Sold Out! Hahahhahaha

  • AL Rozay
    AL Rozay 3 months ago

    Cherry picking Crawford!! Fight porter? Fuck a bumb ass mean machine FOH

  • S.Rocco.B
    S.Rocco.B 3 months ago

    Who the hell the making this guy fight?!
    Everyone wants to see him fight Thurman Porter Spence Garcia
    They ruining this man's career

  • kevin Debrah
    kevin Debrah 3 months ago +1

    Crawford should leave espn for dazn

  • Lita
    Lita 3 months ago

    I’ll be watch the Charlo fight and if I find time I’ll tune into this

  • Rolando Ojeda
    Rolando Ojeda 3 months ago

    Yesterday dazn had 5 fights something like that and top rank only have 3 fights bunk... and btw the bitch in middle sounds annoying

  • Fiya Mane
    Fiya Mane 3 months ago

    This is a bootleg ass press conference... Top Rank ha

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Bro wtf is this campfire-story format of a press conference?!?! This shit is embarassing for boxing. How can bob sit there smiling I'd be embarassed af

  • james bond 007 Bond
    james bond 007 Bond 3 months ago

    Ithink it is a creapted fight.why? Cuz he fight never heard(no name) .of course crawfowd will win by tko.👍🇦🇪🇦🇪

  • Marlon Bulanon
    Marlon Bulanon 3 months ago

    Hey bud, looking forward to your first professional loss.

    • Collins Collins
      Collins Collins 3 months ago

      Why must you be looking for people failure, what happen if he comes out victorious?

  • ofwlifeblog edward
    ofwlifeblog edward 3 months ago

    Bob Losing money for promoting this guy..

  • Ochoa Bey
    Ochoa Bey 3 months ago

    *Bob* happier then a mfer! 🤣 Like *This is my nigga!"

  • Wadab TV
    Wadab TV 3 months ago

    P4p but no ppv... Hahahaha

  • sir lopez george
    sir lopez george 3 months ago +1

    Mean machine does sound better than whatever that tomato cans name is.

  • FervenC
    FervenC 3 months ago

    Arum is Killin bud...Told this ngga not to sign wit snakes but he was hard headed

  • keith bryant
    keith bryant 3 months ago

    Bob fake ass on stage

  • John Stout
    John Stout 3 months ago


  • Anita Raymond
    Anita Raymond 3 months ago +3

    This is pathetic I didn't know about the fight till two days ago

  • John Stout
    John Stout 3 months ago

    Lets go

  • RT Tutorial
    RT Tutorial 3 months ago

    pathetic crawford he never had the fight he wants because of cow cash arum haha

  • Space Man
    Space Man 3 months ago

    Crawford frustration crystal clear, can’t get nowhere with Bob Arum , buy yourself out of it dude !!

  • Franz Malinis
    Franz Malinis 3 months ago

    2:32 that's pacquiao entrance soundtrack eye of the tiger 😂

  • ambokozo
    ambokozo 3 months ago

    Sad setting,no buzz,Crawford needs a big fight badly

  • venyl ralph obsiana
    venyl ralph obsiana 3 months ago

    crawford vs adfhvvghjkiiojvfdd

  • MAn Str
    MAn Str 3 months ago +5

    Bob seems like he doesn't really even care about this fight

  • Monk 88
    Monk 88 3 months ago +2

    Poor guy still fighting bums and not getting promoted properly

  • SilverBlackGorilla
    SilverBlackGorilla 3 months ago

    Bud is my guy but he needs to get as far away as possible from crooked ass Bob Arum

  • george Redondo
    george Redondo 3 months ago

    yan ang unang talo ni Crawford kah maen machine

  • Premiumboxingtips Predictions

    Arum is well into his 80’s and he’s still wrecking careers. He’ll do it til the day he dies.

  • shanswan waters
    shanswan waters 3 months ago +1

    Mr. Crawford is a great guy. May God bless him.

  • Boxing Hetero
    Boxing Hetero 3 months ago

    1:59 C'mon Terence, sell the fight. It's just some words, even if you are not taking him lightly you can say you are, talk trash and set other fights up. Make Boxing Great Again!

  • Deependra Pande
    Deependra Pande 3 months ago

    Ohh why she keeps on asking that long long long

  • habcollector
    habcollector 3 months ago

    Bud take the Porter fight. It's not that this guy should be overlooked, its just that he is not on your level. And you are being handed a steady stream of guys not on your level. Its harder to be champ that challenger, my fear is at some point you just can't get motivated for these guys. Skillwise P4P - I think you it, but resume at 147 - SMH. Take the Porter fight, it will open up doors. Then take an Ugas fight. Beat them both and PBC runs to you. TR not helping you - help yourself.

  • Majestic Dark Horse
    Majestic Dark Horse 3 months ago

    Crawford, next in-line as a promoter... 4:23, This female is delusional..."No manches!"

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 3 months ago

    How tf is this nigga goin say he's moving up to 160 to fight canelo but he fightin this guy. Who TF is this guy? SMH

  • Drew Gaston
    Drew Gaston 3 months ago +6

    I know it’s just a press conference but ain’t nobody there..

    • DeWayne Phillips
      DeWayne Phillips 3 months ago

      Drew Gaston, Because that’s whom he chooses to fight, NOBODY

  • Samsung GalaxyS9
    Samsung GalaxyS9 3 months ago

    God please tell me Bud didnt/isn't renewing the contract with bob. There's literally no reason to do so. Starting to think he's waiting for the killers to kill each other.

  • Reagan Goodman
    Reagan Goodman 3 months ago

    I hope Terrence Crawford really get some good fights and have made some good money because he really a fuck nobody no well no names

  • Nelson Rodriguez
    Nelson Rodriguez 3 months ago

    He needs to fight Vergil Ortiz next

  • Obi Nene
    Obi Nene 3 months ago +1

    Mehn if you told me Crawford was p4p great I wouldn’t believe you . I mean I can bet some of his family don’t know he’s fighting

  • ryan ilagan
    ryan ilagan 3 months ago

    Bud real problem is the ring girl

  • Dre_jus_said 2.0
    Dre_jus_said 2.0 3 months ago

    There is 19 people at this place 😩😩 how come there hasn’t been commercials for this fight? Ain’t this the P4P king? Smh run nigga run

  • Thug N Ball Hustle
    Thug N Ball Hustle 3 months ago

    Bud was big professional...

  • James Baxter
    James Baxter 3 months ago

    I don't know why but everytime I see Bob Arum, it pisses me off

  • ckdee1 ckdee1
    ckdee1 ckdee1 3 months ago

    Bud fighting street bums ashamed he ruined his career signing with arum then saying he wants all smoke 💨💨💨 knowing how arum gets down 🤣🤣

  • JhomelmaZ HD
    JhomelmaZ HD 3 months ago

    Oh shit!!! Crawford is about to fight with my neighbor 😧😧

  • Shaar Lahat
    Shaar Lahat 3 months ago +1

    Tough talk to a tomato can.

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green 3 months ago

    Bob made him wear a button up

  • B Rabbit
    B Rabbit 3 months ago

    Bud looks like he’s going clubbing in Ethiopia with some cab drivers 😝

    • B Rabbit
      B Rabbit 3 months ago

      Steady Eddie that’s the style nowadays where have you been? Crawford looks like he just bought his shirt at Burlington Factory today all dusty and shit haha. Jk

    • Steady Eddie
      Steady Eddie 3 months ago

      Funny you ain't comment on his opponent with holes in his jeans..mmm

  • Slackerz Sincity
    Slackerz Sincity 3 months ago

    Sorry man, but I don’t know who these bum fighters are. Who is Terrence fighting?

  • alex a.
    alex a. 3 months ago

    He needs to retire that shirt! Hideous

  • J Hill
    J Hill 3 months ago

    Bud I hope to see you fight quality fights one day

  • Ameer K
    Ameer K 3 months ago

    How is bud #1 when he’s not making #1 paycheck, Khan makes more than him

  • Akoben Renaissance
    Akoben Renaissance 3 months ago

    Who are these retards in the audience talking thru the WHOLE damn press conference ??? (smh)

  • El Virgo
    El Virgo 3 months ago

    Bud is the man!

  • Hortinus
    Hortinus 3 months ago +1

    2:19. GGG: I like this one. Big drama show!

  • boxing Australia.
    boxing Australia. 3 months ago

    Bob just retire already your a fossil in this sport a icon and a legend but out of touch I hope bud leaves him

  • Michelob Barton
    Michelob Barton 3 months ago

    ESPN needs to show more love to Bud as well as Top Rank do

  • fifty stateking
    fifty stateking 3 months ago

    Wtf is this shit he dnt fight nobody

  • Carlos Dyer
    Carlos Dyer 3 months ago

    i find it surprising, the amount of hate BUD receives. Yes pbc has the top welterweights but each one of those fighters, if they control their own destiny can fight BUD. if bud is so easy and hes not fought anyone and lets not forget he too has a strap, then why wont any of the pbc fighters fight him? BUD has called out spence, pacman (who once had the strap that BUD has) before losing to horn who BUD beat to get the strap. Hes called out porter, garcia and thurman who is on record of saying get a strap then ee can talk...and yet NO ONE wants to fight this man. They dont even mention his name unless a question is raised about BUD...there is too much politics. Get the fight done if pbc wins the unify the belts if BUD wins its great for the sport and it means bigger fights for all parties involved...theres no legit reason why these fights havent happened yet. I hope they can get business done in 2020!!!

  • Angelo Jones
    Angelo Jones 3 months ago

    Who the fuck is mean machine?

  • Larry Nealy
    Larry Nealy 3 months ago +3

    I hate to say it but press conference looks 2nd class compared to PBC's press conferences. i wish Bud and went over to PBC, he would have been heavily promoted!

  • hagler10033
    hagler10033 3 months ago

    Struggled with one legged Benevidez this man ain’t as special as he thinks