Memeulous and ImAllexx Open YuGiOh Cards

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • I love blue eyes white dragon he's well cool
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  • Potato Luna
    Potato Luna 5 days ago

    Lewis really out here with the gray sweatpants 👀

  • Pug647 The potato
    Pug647 The potato 9 days ago

    Ha you peasants I have green eyes white dinosaurs 🦖

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 11 days ago


  • Darko Vulovski
    Darko Vulovski 16 days ago

    A blou eyes is 20dolars

  • Just Jazz
    Just Jazz 27 days ago

    Bitttccccchhhh, you got water dragon! That's bastion's monster and he's best boi

  • Just Jazz
    Just Jazz 27 days ago

    Seeing cyber end dragon hurts cause of what happened to Zane

  • SSB Animate
    SSB Animate 29 days ago

    Memeulous: Calles holo pokemon cards shiny
    Pokemon Fans: There Holos, not shinies!
    Memeulous: Calles Rare YuGiOh cards holo
    YuGiOh Fans: *facepalming intensifies*

  • Matty Corkum
    Matty Corkum Month ago

    blue eyes is worth about 10p

  • matt_jp
    matt_jp Month ago

    They do realise it’s a dragon set

  • Kat’s Playground
    Kat’s Playground Month ago

    My nAna gay

  • Com-e Kem.p
    Com-e Kem.p Month ago

    Did you know Konami hates us

  • Neo's danger
    Neo's danger Month ago +1

    when i'm 8 years old i come up with the name Neos danger
    when i'm 9 years old i scam for yu-gi-oh cards and have duels and win by cheating
    when i'm 10 i still scammed and used the name neos danger
    when i'm 10 and a half i watch yugioh the dark side of dimensions
    when i'm 10 and a half after watching the dark side of dimensions i find out there were cards with Neo at the start

  • Bake Jull
    Bake Jull Month ago +1

    11:33 RIP a legend on the channel, never saw WillNE coming

  • Tom Fox
    Tom Fox Month ago

    Alex watched minecraft

  • Cameron Shepherd
    Cameron Shepherd Month ago


  • Crusadia Duelist
    Crusadia Duelist 2 months ago

    Its not a holo its a foil

  • kninzo tagoni
    kninzo tagoni 2 months ago +1

    Wow that baby dragon is like a 30 dollar card

  • Hatanwig
    Hatanwig 2 months ago

    Open a ton of magic the gathering
    send tweet

  • solar_apple 345
    solar_apple 345 2 months ago

    I had opened 10 of those same types of packs and I didn't get a single blue eyes

  • Ekonima
    Ekonima 2 months ago



    A LEG!!

    I have like 5,000,000,000,000,000 blue eyes and unstoppable bitchodia

  • Billie Bevan
    Billie Bevan 2 months ago

    Get you a man who looks at you the way Alex looks at George

  • 倒れた女王 -AT
    倒れた女王 -AT 2 months ago +2

    Who's here after Willne ripped his card

  • sad
    sad 2 months ago


  • TiffIsNotNormal
    TiffIsNotNormal 2 months ago


  • Smol Yoongi
    Smol Yoongi 2 months ago

    Is there a video of memeulous and will where he rips the card? Idk lol

  • Angry Banana
    Angry Banana 2 months ago +1

    Alex:Blue eyes exodia dragon
    Yugioh:Damn he’s onto us
    Alex:Blue eyes exodia dragon, OBLITERATE!!

  • 5000 subs with no vid Challenge

    Little do you know you will loose one in the future

  • Binaural
    Binaural 2 months ago

    genuinely decent card

  • J M
    J M 2 months ago

    I mean Lewis is great but it's disturbingly ominous seeing him just looming over Alex and George in the background

    SWCBCI 2 months ago

    That thumbnail was probably just them getting like expressroid for the 4.8 billionth time

  • Gymnasiar
    Gymnasiar 2 months ago

    Its so weird seeing a pack opening from someone who actually does not play the game, refreshing but weird

  • Alextromagnetic
    Alextromagnetic 2 months ago +1

    Offended at how casual Alex was at getting Cyber End Dragon

  • lucy dyer
    lucy dyer 2 months ago


  • DJ TwilightGamer
    DJ TwilightGamer 2 months ago +1

    Hollows are these tall invisible slendermen dudes that eat "special" kids eyes (miss periguines reference)
    I call them shinys like everybody else too lol

  • StinkyMonky
    StinkyMonky 2 months ago

    Isn't the original blue eyes white dragon worth a lot of money?

  • Abu Khan
    Abu Khan 2 months ago

    that powerbond card is genuinely one of the best in the game

  • Roan M
    Roan M 3 months ago


  • Swagnemite Fred10
    Swagnemite Fred10 3 months ago

    A shiny Pokemon is a Pokemon but the colours are different and that's what's make a shiny Pokemon rare

  • gardisvoid
    gardisvoid 3 months ago

    specky nerds

  • Aidan Rawlinson
    Aidan Rawlinson 3 months ago +1

    You should open magic the gathering

  • Iso LaBarge
    Iso LaBarge 3 months ago +1

    yugioh was my favorite childhood show

    I_DON'T_KNOW 3 months ago

    He made the 150£ back with those 4 midrolls
    (Idk what symbol it is I'm Aussie)

  • _Shadow_
    _Shadow_ 3 months ago

    Dont wanna brag or anything, but i have like 10 blue eyes

  • Jacko Gaming
    Jacko Gaming 3 months ago

    Subscribe to Jacko Gaming.
    Sorry I'm desperate

  • Banangananga nangass
    Banangananga nangass 3 months ago

    I am very disappointed. I was expecting him to get a *space mambo* or -baked bean- *jerry bean man*

  • Joshua Osborne
    Joshua Osborne 3 months ago

    Ima also buy some yu gi oh cards now

  • Joshua Osborne
    Joshua Osborne 3 months ago

    Also look at the TheXvid channel xylophone he does minecraft yu gi oh roleplays

  • Joshua Osborne
    Joshua Osborne 3 months ago

    Cuz there is no yu gi oh player disrespecting u in the comments I might as well do it , ahem , ur the biggest yu gi oh bots fight ,me and my yu gi oh cards and If i win i can spank ur nan

  • Jurga. J.
    Jurga. J. 3 months ago

    Imallex is a bad dude

  • SmokeyOwOs
    SmokeyOwOs 3 months ago

    Seeing the down syndrome kid Alexx is kinda..ew.
    What a bad friend

  • charlie
    charlie 3 months ago

    I'm so confused why is everyone mad at alex

  • oi m8
    oi m8 3 months ago

    Why do i ship this so much-

  • Sub_The_Scrub
    Sub_The_Scrub 3 months ago


  • Muhammad Rabeh
    Muhammad Rabeh 3 months ago

    R u Dumb? Absolutely bangar set u got mate. Love ur vids

  • Sacha Dover
    Sacha Dover 3 months ago

    Mid roll ads!!!!! Woooooo

  • Izzy Hurley
    Izzy Hurley 3 months ago

    how come every time there’s a HOLO George grabs it off of alex😂😂

  • Patrick Fisher
    Patrick Fisher 3 months ago


  • Patrick Fisher
    Patrick Fisher 3 months ago

    If anyone Replies to me I know I’m Named after a Famous Person

  • Patrick Fisher
    Patrick Fisher 3 months ago

    I’m not JOKING

  • Patrick Fisher
    Patrick Fisher 3 months ago

    AND there’s a Flood in my outside Stone Sheltet