Doctors Reveal Worst Self Diagnosis Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • ► Doctors Reveal Worst Self-Diagnosis Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit  2 months ago +158

    Thanks for the support, means a lot! This summers been incredible! What have you done this Summer?

  • Robke Robke
    Robke Robke 2 days ago

    5:14 im stupid so i need an explanation...

  • VW Girl
    VW Girl 5 days ago

    Here's one for the win. My mother kept insisting she was born with.......upside down stomach. Said she remebered a doctor saying that when she was a baby?!?!?

  • Skylar Renee
    Skylar Renee 9 days ago

    When I was about 15 I would constantly think that I had breast cancer. Id always think that I felt a lump on my breast and wake my mom up in the middle of the night to tell me what she thought and id be crying and freaking out. One day at one of my regular check ups the doctor asked if there was anything she needed to know and i told her. she asked if it ran in my family or anything like that and i was like no but I always feel lumps. After that she told me mom “We have counseling available if she needs it” :/

  • Nyghtking
    Nyghtking 9 days ago

    I'm always afraid that i'll ignore symptoms which will turn out to be something bad, but i'm also afraid that if I actually go to the hospital for something it will turn out to be nothing and I don't have the money or insurance for that.

  • monterrang
    monterrang 10 days ago

    doctor! I think I have ligma!

  • xXFireFlyyXx
    xXFireFlyyXx 15 days ago

    I mean... if he really was a hemophiliac than going to the hospital for a mosquito bite isnt absurd. They have to go to the hospital for everything. hemorrhoids, paper cuts, stubbing your toe, jumping and landing too hard. Anything that can result in bleeding could kill them. Slowly, but it could, they literally cannot create blood clots to stop bleeding. Sooo 😬

  • Confuzed Graphite
    Confuzed Graphite 18 days ago

    As someone with chronic pain, I do sit there and dick around on my phone and have normal conversations with the docs at a 10/10 pain level because a.being in excruciating pain is normal for me, b.freaking out about it doesn’t help anyone, and c.crying makes it hurt a whole lot worse so I’m sure as hell not doing that. People who lie about pain drive me up the wall because getting the doctors to believe the fact I’m in excruciating pain when I’m having a completely normal conversation with them is like pulling teeth. Like look asshole, I know you think I’m pretending so that I can get out of work or school or whatever, but I’m not, I’ve been to work AND school every day this week and I’m only here because my boss threatened me saying if I didn’t come here myself he’d drag me here. So clearly I’m not trying to skip anything, I’m just in an excruciating amount of pain right now and I’d love if you could help me out with that.

  • Australian Gamer
    Australian Gamer 24 days ago

    It’s a damn shame that there are idiots like this that wastes emergency services time and prevents them from getting to the actual emergencies

  • sara parker
    sara parker 25 days ago

    At the 3:18 mark or whatever it was exactly, I take 2 out of those 3 medications they said and all I could think of was the meme of the Simpson’s kid on the bus “hehe I’m in danger” 😂

  • Gacha Go Gacha
    Gacha Go Gacha 28 days ago


  • Give me your liver
    Give me your liver Month ago +1

    Obviously that last one didn’t survive SHE HAD AIDS

  • labyrinthgirl17
    labyrinthgirl17 Month ago

    To all medical persons who might see this little comment - Please, please, please, please, pretty please listen to your patients. I understand, you're busy, they're not the only person you look after, you have a million things going on, it might feel like a waste of time, but just think of it this way. It's better to do the test/exam and find nothing, than to refuse and have someone injured or dead because whatever was wrong wasn't caught.
    I know it can be tiring to listen to those who have gone on WebMD and think they have some life-threatening illness, but sometimes the patient knows something isn't right; and it's better, in my opinion, to be safe, rather than sorry.

  • Nope
    Nope Month ago

    I dont google my symptoms anymore. I thought I just had a bad cold at one point but turns out I had pneumonia and bronchitis and was hospitalized because of the severity. I also began to have some heart issues because of the stress on my body.

  • tom fisher
    tom fisher Month ago +2

    This was kinda scary tbh, I've had seizures and hallucinations in the past and to think I could have done harm like swallowing stuff and tryna pull stuff out of my arm is scary

  • RMaM
    RMaM Month ago

    What is g*n?

  • Sadie Shuster
    Sadie Shuster Month ago +1

    In high school I started napping a lot, which I wasn’t worried about because I had a ton of extracurricular activities that I was involved in but it was always a struggle to wake up at an appropriate time. Soon, I started to hear odd things before I went to bed (such as someone cocking a gun, whispering, a door slam, etc.) when everyone was in bed so I told my mom (who has narcolepsy and also experiences hypnogogic hallucinations). I went to a pediatric neurologist and did the MSLT and a polysomnography, and he said that I didn’t have narcolepsy. Naturally I was relieved and went about not worrying about it for nearly two years before it got worse, he never did a check up. Had to switch neurologists when I turned 18 and my neurologist literally called me after looking at my MSLT results from 2016 and said “I don’t know WHAT your last neurologist was thinking when he read your results but you definitely have narcolepsy. Let’s make an appointment ASAP to talk about treatment options.”
    Ooooooo boi did my mom and I cry when we found out.

  • RMaM
    RMaM Month ago

    TL DR => TL Dr.
    Dr. > DR

  • pipocadoce
    pipocadoce Month ago

    But pay attention... If you Google your symptoms and you read you may have a certain kind of disease and you literally have everything that is listed there you probably have that... I spent 3 fucking months going to the bathroom non-stop and drinking water like crazy, I googled my symptoms and said "diabetes" and I was like "naah it can't be it" things got worse I had to go to the doctor but I learned from my father that you should never tell the doctor what you think you have cause they don't like that, so I kept my mouth shut and the doctor tought I had like a flu or something...time passes I get worse day by day, finally went to the ER, my blood sugar levels were 639, yes I had been diagnosed with diabetes type 1... I almost died from a ketoacidosis and dehydration cause I was a stupid bitch and didn't believed what Google told me

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Month ago

    Haha people who diagnose them selfs with any mental illness. Mostly Gender dysphoria and depression I see get a lot of attention these days. Just like anaroxia in the 90s every other 12 year old has it.

  • Erica Spruill
    Erica Spruill Month ago

    The man with a nail in his hand reminds me of my husband. He accidentally shot a framing nail into his middle finger. Drove to urgent care calmly and went inside to be treated. The nurses and doctor kept asking if he felt faint or in pain. Apparently a lot of people faint when they had trauma to high nerve areas like fingertips. My husband never fainted and said the adrenaline stopped all the pain. Wasn't until the next few days the pain came after all adrenaline and novacaine from Dr was gone.

  • Carol
    Carol Month ago +1

    Told doctors I had hypothyroidism for years due to symptoms and family history. Surprise! Testing me showed I have hypothyroidism.

  • Sawta
    Sawta Month ago +1

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    SWR: fUlLy aUtOmAtIc nAiL G*n

  • kaara's mom
    kaara's mom Month ago +1

    3:45 Uh....Morgellon's is not a made up thing in the mind. There are real fibers in your skin.

  • Tabitha Wallen
    Tabitha Wallen Month ago

    Except for all the NIH and unbiased reports that do link vaccines to all those things not to mention the ingredient lists full of known carcinogens

  • Literal Trash
    Literal Trash Month ago +7

    When I was a little kid I had a lying problem so naturally my parents took me to a counselor who diagnosed me with adhd on the very low end of the spectrum (the lying was due to other issues in my earlier childhood) and my step mom then calls my grandma who has split custody with my father and tries to tell her that I have antisocial personality disorder and am a fucking sociopath my grandma gets concerned and calls the counselor and is like what the fuck and the counselor is like “uH nO”

  • The Lord of the Rims

    The pregnancy one reminds me of this old dude I worked with when I quit highschool he was checking out his groceries at the supermarket and decided to be nice and complimented the cashier about being pregnant to which she got embarrassed and replied with "oh I'm not pregnant I'm just fat" he felt like a dick afterwards and got out of there as fast as he could lol

  • Dangerously Pink
    Dangerously Pink Month ago +1

    Some of these are due to bad health education from parents

  • Eyem1337
    Eyem1337 Month ago

    I had a friend who had the exact same wires and fibers thing and said morgellons.... difference was she was a very addicted meth addict

  • PlayWithTheFlow ???


    Google: Holy shit.

  • Josef Gorzula
    Josef Gorzula Month ago

    Doctor, people, you are right. I am sorry. I am the worst.

  • Amythest Mei
    Amythest Mei Month ago

    It's literally 83° F in my house. I think I'm diagnosing myself with "overly dramatic dying"

  • Neon
    Neon Month ago

    3:49 I worked at a vet for a while and after asking the doctor what his most interesting experience was, he said that ppl w/ a psychological disorder will think that they have bugs all over themselves and their dogs , so they bring their dogs to the vet. When the dr says there are no bugs, they proceed to harass the dr. He made it sound like that's happened a lot

  • Green-Eyed Psycho
    Green-Eyed Psycho Month ago


  • ESP PupsnKits
    ESP PupsnKits Month ago

    I always heard the asian temperature thing as someone saying “when patients have a fever they’re temperature doesn’t actually go up”

  • Bri B
    Bri B Month ago


  • Ricky R6
    Ricky R6 Month ago

    7 ads in 18 mins..... FUUUN

  • morpheas m
    morpheas m Month ago

    my ex-gf insisted on going to the hospital over 1 single bug bite went nuts about it would not shut up. she went even tho i told her no. it was just a mosquito bit. all they did was take a marker made a circle around it and said if it gets larger see a doctor. they charged her $700 for all sorts of stupid stuff. replacing hospital equipment, doctor and assistant, hospital fee and so on. the hospital is greedy as hell they will charge an arm and a leg for the smallest things. ex-gf had the nerve to ask if i would help her pay it... ya no i am done bye.

  • DarksideOrbit
    DarksideOrbit Month ago

    I think your ad had a video in it.

  • CreativeConcept
    CreativeConcept Month ago +2

    Both times I've diagnosed myself I've been right. I don't treat it as a diagnosis though and more of a suggestion, one when I got bright red dots on my hands and feet. Itchy, painful, and most definitely Hand-foot mouth disease. Rare to not catch it as a kid and even rarer to catch it without working with kids.
    Another time, hemorrhoids, not hard to guess but the doctor was rude and asked if I had it checked or just came up with it myself. I said the latter, and ended up being proven right.
    I get a formal diagnosis but I make sure to do my research and normally have a pretty good idea before I go in.

  • TheWilderCat
    TheWilderCat Month ago

    0:46 Yup, that sounded way too human and it scares me.

  • Theo_Drawz — 〰 —

    Depression from a 14 year old white girl

  • JadedMuse
    JadedMuse Month ago +2

    I actually self-diagnosed myself accurately once. I had been mulling it over for a couple months before I brought it up to my psychiatrist who had been treating me for unrelated issues. "Doctor... do you think it's possible I'm.. an undiagnosed autistic? I've done some reading, and I know females present differently and are more likely to go undiagnosed in childhood. So. Is that me?" A couple more visits and a referral to one of his specialist colleagues later, I was absolutely right.

    • knuffelmuff
      knuffelmuff Month ago

      Kinda had the same thing to. Could my issues with iniating and maintaining eye contact be more than being to lazy to be polite? Apparently, yes

  • Abstract Thoughts
    Abstract Thoughts Month ago +2

    Lmao when I was in grade 11, I had to leave class sobbing bc of pain in my abdomen. My mom thought it might be appendicitis, but it turns out I was just REALLY constipated lmao

    • Abstract Thoughts
      Abstract Thoughts Month ago

      @foxygirl86 it was actually quite funny to me heh

    • foxygirl86
      foxygirl86 Month ago +1

      Abstract Thoughts you can die from having a bowel obstruction, it is quite serious. Though from a kids point of view I imagine it’s embarrassing to be crying over poop.

  • Obsidian The Wolf X3

    Oh my GOD.
    Those poor kids!!!!
    1 like= 1 less kid with tastebuds!! 😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Llolipop studios
    Llolipop studios Month ago

    I've done all of these

  • Eu. Peachh
    Eu. Peachh Month ago +2

    I had a friend who lied having depression, schizophrenia and having a heart surgery all at the same time. Let’s just say me and my other friends called her out for her lies
    Pretty much she was being a stereotypical 14 year old girl who wanted to ‘fit in’

  • BeaniePudge
    BeaniePudge Month ago +2

    My father (diabetic) lost his leg because he was too stubborn to go to the doctor, he almost died, but. Thank god he’s alive.

  • Angel Singer
    Angel Singer Month ago +5

    I told my PCP I thought I had MS. He laughed at me, but did a neuro exam to “humor” me. Afterwards, he left the room without a word. The nurse then came into the room and handed me a referral to a neurologist and two medications to treat (you guessed it) suspected MS. Diagnosis was later confirmed. I got a new PCP.

    • Kelly Menefee
      Kelly Menefee Month ago +1

      Angel Singer I was diagnosed by a urologist. My only symptom was the inability to urinate. Never had the urge, would have to make myself go after 6-8 hours. He sent me for a MRI of the bladder, kidneys and “just to rule out MS” the brain. Two weeks later I was in my neurologists office starting treatment for primary progressive MS. I still send that urologist a Christmas card every year.

  • Frisk the Fork
    Frisk the Fork Month ago

    3:14 oh heyyyyy i take lamotrigine (lamictal)

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on Month ago

    Endometriosis is pretty bad

  • screche moaner
    screche moaner Month ago

    I have ferengitis help

  • Not my Problem
    Not my Problem Month ago +1

    I get really dizzy after eating,stretching,getting up or laying down, sitting in a car and and if I don't drink a litre of water every hour.

    • knuffelmuff
      knuffelmuff Month ago

      That does sound like something you might want to ask a professionell about

  • AlphaFoxAdam
    AlphaFoxAdam Month ago +2

    Doctos of Reddit...
    -EMT/nurse/PT/pharmacist here...

  • Unscrewed _ Up
    Unscrewed _ Up Month ago +9

    Even if some people fake mental sickness, that in of itself indicates an underlying problem in their life imo, instead of being so skeptical it’s easier to just be compassionate regardless.
    Edit: related to this, I just want to say that even though I didn’t self diagnose myself with anything. I would go into bouts of believing I was sick (in all manners of ways), regardless of the actual likelihood, and I would fear being ill (mostly schizophrenia and cancer). I would spend hours reading about various sicknesses and worry that I would die. Turns out I had ocd.

  • Anonymous Duck
    Anonymous Duck Month ago +4

    The last time I've seen someone Google their symptoms he was diagnosed with pregnancy

    • Taffy Adam
      Taffy Adam Month ago

      Anonymous Duck did you just assume? “Diagnose”?
      Wow. Brave of you to assume they subscribe to your societo-normative big pharma perpetuated worldview. What do you have to say for yourself?

    • Anonymous Duck
      Anonymous Duck Month ago

      @Taffy Adam I'm diagnosing my friend with trans then

    • Taffy Adam
      Taffy Adam Month ago +1

      Well if you remember the headlines a while back they said a man gave birth
      Edit here is the lonk:

  • imtired
    imtired Month ago +2

    I’m the 1/10000 who insisted they had cancer, and was right.

  • Porcelain Gamer
    Porcelain Gamer Month ago +1


  • Grafique Nine
    Grafique Nine Month ago +1

    I'd just be HORRIFIED if I had the tastebuds...