• Published on Jun 27, 2020
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Comments • 778

  • Izzy Jursch
    Izzy Jursch Year ago +773

    I am around 300 pounds and I'm a young woman. And I am proud to say I just finished cooking all of this. I calculated food for Saturday and Sunday I just made more overnight oats, that salad, and the stry fry. Please positive vibes and some encouragement. I will come back to this comment and let you know how it went.

  • Alison
    Alison Year ago +1

    I have always been very chubby since I was a child, but I had to go on a diet and I was told the quick intermittent. I follow the tips from this channel and have been on the diet for almost 4 months and lost 73.9 lbs. Thanks for the videos!

  • Deprimat
    Deprimat Year ago +1

    Why do i only want to lose weight at 3 in the morning lmao

  • Young At Any Age
    Young At Any Age Year ago +46

    We are in our 80's, plant-based, and feeling BETTER THAN EVER! We are all about healthy aging and appreciate this excellent video and your many others!

  • Marina iline
    Marina iline Year ago +98

    I appreciate that you're giving us just as much information as the ebook without pressuring us to get the ebook!!! Thank you so much xx love from Australia

  • Stephanie Rivera
    Stephanie Rivera Year ago +4

    I've been binging on your meal prep videos. I absolutely love your recipes and cannot wait to try them out. I'm a very visionary person and love the attention to detail you give in every video. Thank you!

  • Lala Lulu
    Lala Lulu Year ago +2

    Just ordered your book! So excited to get started ! I love your recipes so simple and flavorful. I have made many of your recipes already from your TheXvid channel. Your recipes keep me full and I don’t feel like I’m deprived of things I like to eat, I get to almost have everything but in moderation and healthier versions.

  • Taylor Kruse
    Taylor Kruse Year ago +183

    I LOVE how you show decent/realistic serving sizes! thank you!!

  • Bennett Perez
    Bennett Perez Year ago +24

    I absolutely love your ideas and recipes <3 I can only imagine how much prep and work it makes to film a MP video, so thank you soooo much <3

  • bob pecker
    bob pecker Year ago +2

    I've been binging on your meal prep videos. I absolutely love your recipes and cannot wait to try them out. I'm a very visionary person and love the attention to detail you give in every video. Thank you!

  • Stasha Mouser

    You literally think of everything!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all the hard work you have put in, I can’t wait to start this next week 😚

  • Shana_Shay
    Shana_Shay Year ago +19

    Rao's is my absolute favorite sauce!! I've been a fan of it for years. I can literally eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. Can't wait to try your recipe with it :)

  • Michelle Hensley
    Michelle Hensley Year ago +9

    I made my meals for the week this morning. Thank you this. I’m excited to be eating cleaner & healthier.

  • Robert Guajardo
    Robert Guajardo Year ago +239

    Let's show liezl jayne how much we love her and please continue subscribing to her TheXvid channel i do feel meal prep is important especially in dark times like this with the virus

  • Michael Mano

    I made it all the way through this video then noticed her book, For Women, then I re read the video title. Still gonna make some of these meals. They look delicious.

  • Emma Golledge
    Emma Golledge Year ago +10

    Easily the BEST healthy meal prep video I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). I always meal prep on a Sunday afternoon for my partner and I but these recipes make me want to up my game! Thank you 😍

  • Daisy Sinchi
    Daisy Sinchi Year ago +22

    Omg I’m so glad I found this video! It looks very manageable to do especially for someone who has a busy career. Thank you! I subscribed to your channel!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • philippies
    philippies Year ago +7

    Usually i find meal prep videos overwhelming, complicated or just meh but this is so detailed and easy to follow. i'm so so happy i found your channel! also kinda weird, but i love your voice, its so soothing hahah xo

  • Z K
    Z K Year ago +119

    Can you start putting the ingredients in your bio? So then people that want to try this could just copy/paste the ingredients or have a visual view for a grocery list:)

  • emma austin
    emma austin Year ago

    this is amazing!!! such inspiring meals! really want to try this❤️