Directed By OG Danny Ocean
    Produced by Christian Lou

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  • Kream Brandoo
    Kream Brandoo Day ago


    MrESLOC 20 days ago

    east side 713

  • Clay Poxon
    Clay Poxon 25 days ago

    This song holds the world record for the word motherfucker in under 3 minutes too

  • da 1
    da 1 Month ago +1

    (Kream Clicc Gang, bang)
    Mothafuckaaaaa, mothafucka
    (Maxo 187, nigga)
    Trigga Maxo (uh huh) mothafucka
    I ride trough Spring, just slaying mothafuckas
    Trill ass nigga, quit playing mothafucka
    Let these hollows play with your brain, mothafucka
    Mothafuckaaaaa, mothafucka
    Phone going off, trapping like a mothafucka
    Rob me be the first and last, mothafucka
    Put a slug in yo mothafucking ass, mothafucka
    Mothafuckaaaaa, mothafucka
    Kream Clicc Gang what I bang, mothafucka
    Kill you and the niggas that came, mothafucka
    Forum Park way back to Spice Lane, mothafucka
    Two tears in the bucket like fuck it, mothafucka
    2 years still owe me money, mothafucka
    Got my oldschool shooter with a musket, mothafucka
    Lot of mothafucking snitching, lot of mothafuckas scared
    Got a lot of fucking crips, leave a lot of fuckers dead
    Like mothafuck this, nigga mothafuck that
    So mothafucking mad, shoot a mothafucking MAC
    I ain't mothafucking playing, shoot his mothafucking hat
    Or Ricky mothafucka, shoot his mothafucking back
    Keep trapping mothafucka, then I'm coming for the packs
    You a rapping mothafucka, get a mothafucka clapped
    Mothafuckaaaaa, mothafucka
    2-23 strapped like a mothafucka
    In the SUV, black like a mothafucka
    Aiming for the car seat, I'ma crazy mothafucka
    Mothafuckaaaaa, mothafucka
    Bring around me, on the squad I'ma fuck 'em
    Never use a condom, I'ma stupid mothafucka
    I'ma put you on a grave with your homie, mothafucka (copy paste)

  • ISVC
    ISVC 2 months ago


  • eric steele
    eric steele 3 months ago

    Xavier wulf unscathed sound better

  • MaJ
    MaJ 4 months ago +1

    Take a shot everytime he says mf

  • Wes Collins
    Wes Collins 5 months ago

    Call me a caveman cause a nigga done discovered fire!

  • Josh Mosquea
    Josh Mosquea 6 months ago

    2019 Texas shit ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ

  • Panda Music
    Panda Music 6 months ago

    this shit is still so good been on maxo for so long

  • klipse killem
    klipse killem 6 months ago

    u see me in my uryu coat walkin

  • Danyal kekec
    Danyal kekec 7 months ago

    Crip gang to i die cuz!

  • Danny Villalobos
    Danny Villalobos 7 months ago


    TALOS F I E L D 7 months ago

    And then he bitches in another song about getting locked up, the irony. If you drive around in Black SUVs with illegal automatic weapons, you'll probably end up in jail

  • Danyal kekec
    Danyal kekec 7 months ago +2

    Trigga maxo

  • Chaz MichaelMichaels
    Chaz MichaelMichaels 7 months ago

    Maxo, I'll clap you in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Quinton kelley
    Quinton kelley 7 months ago

    that sick dback jersey thooo

  • Bren Averil
    Bren Averil 7 months ago

    Ima ride for my homie mothafucka wass craccin bitch

  • jake miller
    jake miller 8 months ago

    He said I'm aiming for the carseat..

  • Logan Whitcomb
    Logan Whitcomb 8 months ago

    Man's makes hits

  • Michael Lindsey
    Michael Lindsey 8 months ago

    Who else has this beat?

  • MurdaDripp
    MurdaDripp 8 months ago

    Still Trigga Maxo 187

  • D Y L A N
    D Y L A N 9 months ago

    Take a shot every time he says mofucka

  • alfredo sauce
    alfredo sauce 9 months ago

    This is honestly the peak of fucking music, right now, no fucking shade. Maxo is the truth. Muhfucka is only going to the top from here on out and yes, he needs to get on a track with Q.

  • Teriencio Solano II
    Teriencio Solano II 10 months ago

    Who else read that as Forum Park 22

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 10 months ago


  • Jedye
    Jedye 10 months ago

    Muthafuckaaaaaa. Mufucka

  • Drug Enforcement Administration

    "Got my ole skool shooter with the musket muhfucka"
    I didn't know he knew 21 savage

  • Uzi Vertical
    Uzi Vertical Year ago

    Errybody on xavier wulf beats

  • Jake Doran
    Jake Doran Year ago


  • VirtuaSavage
    VirtuaSavage Year ago

    Sounds like the song from Silent Hill 3.

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson Year ago

    Get in on this shit @SchoolboyQ

  • Edgar Munoz
    Edgar Munoz Year ago

    motha fuccaaaaaa motha fucca

  • A-Rod Oakland
    A-Rod Oakland Year ago

    Did he said mothafucka?

  • Hannah Gamino
    Hannah Gamino Year ago

    I used to listen to this shit everyday before work lmao

  • gabrielcarti
    gabrielcarti Year ago

    Sounds like Unscathed- Xavier Wulf

  • Wet x Boy
    Wet x Boy Year ago

    rob me be the first n last MF

  • Ballin2Honchos
    Ballin2Honchos Year ago

    Nipsey Hussle @ 1:00

    • Carl Marccs
      Carl Marccs 2 months ago

      That's not Nipsey. Nipsey was a RSC. These niggas HGC. They don't fucc with each other like that.

  • LJ Rexordz
    LJ Rexordz Year ago

    Still hard

  • Diego Mejorado
    Diego Mejorado Year ago

    Maxo holds it down for the H ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  • Kyle MacQueen
    Kyle MacQueen Year ago

    Huston rap so underrated

  • Leonard Jordan
    Leonard Jordan Year ago

    It's about time that this vid hit 1 million views!

  • Ricky Riley
    Ricky Riley Year ago

    what's the sample from? sounds like Resident Evil

  • Isaac Wismer*6*6*6


  • Jsh Grdnr
    Jsh Grdnr Year ago

    This makes me wanna pay 10 for 5gs

  • 5ive Chaney
    5ive Chaney Year ago


  • Jimmy Thermal
    Jimmy Thermal Year ago +2

    ฮ“ฮนฮฑ ฮบฯฮทฯ„ฮนฮบฮท ฮฒฯฮฑฮดฮนฮฑ ฮฟฯ„ฮน ฯ€ฯฮตฯ€ฮตฮน.

  • dom Kazi
    dom Kazi Year ago

    he shoulda called this shit MA fuckaaa

  • Kiss Vega
    Kiss Vega 2 years ago +4

    feel like Samuel l Jackson would so approve of the lyrics

  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 years ago

    Fredo brought me here ๐Ÿ˜”

  • supersajan
    supersajan 2 years ago

    omg sample from Silent Hill

  • Cleveland216
    Cleveland216 2 years ago


  • ISVC
    ISVC 2 years ago


  • stef tsi
    stef tsi 2 years ago

    0:14 The dude on the left is it Kevin Hart? lol

  • Cheah Anonymous
    Cheah Anonymous 2 years ago

    The piano sounds like the piano off of the silent hill movie

  • Anthony Updyke
    Anthony Updyke 2 years ago

    crip gang

  • ELWARSTA3C X-111
    ELWARSTA3C X-111 2 years ago

    2 years in still ow me money call my old scoo shooter with the muskit MoTHAFuCkA!!!!!

  • Timbo
    Timbo 2 years ago

    Aiming for the car seat Iโ€™m a crazy...

  • OWazabi
    OWazabi 2 years ago +3

    yutub gets it

  • Yks Snilloc
    Yks Snilloc 2 years ago +171

    Schoolboy Q- WestCoast
    Maxo Kream- SouthSide
    Dave East- EastCoast
    The ultimate crip collab.

    • jose ramirez
      jose ramirez 14 hours ago

      Alief is in South West check your facts

    • Esoterick Soul
      Esoterick Soul 6 months ago

      @I Eat Latina Ass or the Muddy Coast

    • Jaime Chavez
      Jaime Chavez 7 months ago +2

      Dave East is a Poser. Q and Maxo Real Fly Crippin.

    • xXThe_good_lifeXx
      xXThe_good_lifeXx 8 months ago

      โ€œYeah aiteโ€

    • Cosmic Drop
      Cosmic Drop 8 months ago +4

      Q and Kream dropped a song together and it's fucking insane

  • Sabu Kane
    Sabu Kane 2 years ago

    Hoovers wear hoovers to ?

  • yo mama
    yo mama 2 years ago

    A lot of mother fucking here

  • Ben Nyamogo
    Ben Nyamogo 2 years ago +206

    Samuel L Jackson bumps this track every morning.

  • Mvrio Vsesino
    Mvrio Vsesino 2 years ago

    Kream klick kaine

  • Coisas da vida
    Coisas da vida 2 years ago

    too many motherfuckers

  • Dominic Goodrich
    Dominic Goodrich 2 years ago

    maxo kream is a walking street bible

  • Satans Vandal
    Satans Vandal 2 years ago

    dang whole squad got the water style jitsu mastered.

    STREETSWON 2 years ago

    this is the hardest shit ive ever seent in my lifes.

  • will burris
    will burris 2 years ago

    this is fucking trash

    PLAGUE. 2 years ago


  • OnThatPowder
    OnThatPowder 2 years ago


  • kid mid
    kid mid 2 years ago

    mutha fuckaaaaaa

  • Chris 40V
    Chris 40V 2 years ago

    Does anyone know what Maxo song he says "if you ain't making money nigga wtf you trappin for"

  • idkdrew
    idkdrew 2 years ago

    Mufucka - Maxo Mufuka

  • crowding10000
    crowding10000 2 years ago +2

    pissed this mutafucking song isnt called muthafucka

  • Color Blind Entertainment


  • diamond chavez
    diamond chavez 3 years ago

    this shit slap

  • King Crook
    King Crook 3 years ago

    Who did it better? Bones and Xavier Wulf or Maxo?

  • Wayne D
    Wayne D 3 years ago

    damn this is is definetly NSFW

  • Above The Law
    Above The Law 3 years ago

    is there a name for these kinda beats it reminds me of lo-fi shit mixed with trap