Scammers Upgraded My Phone Plan (Verizon Scam)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Found a group of scammers claiming to be Verizon and other cell phone / data providers. Decided I'd see what they'd do when I ask for upgraded service and found they struggled quite a bit without a script. Watch the next call live:
    Full Call........
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  • Nordak Balrem
    Nordak Balrem Day ago

    They have to ask if you are a current mobile subscriber, so they know if they are playing by in-band or out of band rules, they also have a scripted FCC opt in for out of band service sales. 5G service could easily be in the range of what the scammer listed.

  • babyfacebkz
    babyfacebkz Day ago

    I don't know how you keep a straight face with these calls. To funny!

  • virgo4200
    virgo4200 2 days ago

    I work for verizon and we dont have any Indian dudes at the call center all of our call centers are based in america ...anyone who falls for this scam is a these scammers could easily get away with this shit with ATT cause thats all ATT call centers sound like indian people. Also this scammer is a dumbass cause all verizon accounts are numbers no letters lol

  • HaLuNkE ST0NER
    HaLuNkE ST0NER 2 days ago

    I got unlimited 4G+ data, text and calls for only $60 a month 😂

  • Jake Colbert
    Jake Colbert 3 days ago

    no... unlimited 5G isn't going to be pricey... TMo will be offering unlimited everything including 5G for $70 a month for one phone or $45 a line for a family share plan of 4 or more phones.

  • Mike Sowder
    Mike Sowder 3 days ago

    I thought he was about to cry. He didn't cuss or anything like all of the others.

  • ydn
    ydn 3 days ago

    Wow unlimited text, call and 5g data for 200 dollars a year. What a great bargain. Where can I sign up! Lol! 😅

  • Deborah Statton
    Deborah Statton 4 days ago

    10k a day !!!!

  • Teemunator
    Teemunator 4 days ago

    H1Z1 two time back to back :D

  • Jen Allen
    Jen Allen 5 days ago +1

    As someone that was a phone customer service rep on the phone these guys tick me off.

    • Natasha Minor
      Natasha Minor 4 days ago +1

      Sadly these guys took our jobs away from us as well, and I don't mean that as in we were scammers I mean it as look at how many companies now closed American call centers and outsourced the work to India! Notice we never got these calls until out of greed our companies put Americans out of work to hire Indians in a third world country, where they're so stupid as a people they work for pennies on the dollar and the corruption from law enforcement to government is insane in India which keeps it as a third world sh!thole country, it'll always be that way!

  • JWTraynham1
    JWTraynham1 5 days ago

    Just go the ALAMO for the google card... geesh.

  • 10k Subs With No Videos Challenge

    Read my name👻

  • MightyMatt 36
    MightyMatt 36 6 days ago


  • Jae
    Jae 6 days ago

    Why do the majority of these scammers sound like they are half dead?? Maybe they are?? Or stoned??

  • Roxana Damian
    Roxana Damian 7 days ago

    Is the scammer stupid or something?

  • Kondzio
    Kondzio 7 days ago

    Do one time like that you have a google play card and troll him and see what's happend :)

  • annebeck58
    annebeck58 8 days ago

    It is z like in fizzy.

  • ArchedZero
    ArchedZero 8 days ago

    I work at phone store and you can actually get 5G unlimited talk/text/data for $80 a month for one person. Possibly cheaper if you qualify for discounts. $300 is a crazy price for one person every month 😂

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 9 days ago

    My favorite video just because he says he’s from San Antonio

  • Sona Falk
    Sona Falk 9 days ago

    T-Mobile, 50.00 a month. Unlimited everything. 👍

  • Princeofcups Poc
    Princeofcups Poc 9 days ago

    F93T Ocho Ocho

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G 9 days ago

    Verizon is a *SCAM* After her 2yr contract was up, my 90 year old mother switched carriers & Verizon not only told her she "couldn't do that" but if she did - she'd be charged a "$300 early termination fee". I then got on the online chat & pretended to be my mother (90yrs old) & explained that my 2yr contract ended yesterday & I wanted to switch carriers. Again the rep stated "Verizon automatically renews your contract & it will cost $300 to get out of"!! BS! I switched her carrier & 1 month later Verizon had the nerve to send a bill in excess of $550!! $300 early termination fee + $250+ for TV services *never* asked for! After calling to say she wouldn't be paying the bill, their response was "see you in court". Fortunately, I took screen shots (76 in all) & when I started reading - they changed their tune & cleared the balance, BUT never once apologized! Verizon is a *SCAM*

  • Bhagyaveer Manjunatha
    Bhagyaveer Manjunatha 10 days ago

    Go PLAY the Google Play card! 😂

  • 11pinkmouse11
    11pinkmouse11 11 days ago

    Lol!!! Each and everything eatery

  • griz063
    griz063 12 days ago

    These Indian call-scammers are ruining it for all SWAsians who have legally immigrated to more civilized countries (poke!). I had what seemed to be a legit debt recovery company give me a phone number to call and both the secretary and the "agent" had residual SWAsian accents and I totally lost my blob on them about being unable to trust them for any kind of professional level assistance based on all the scams coming out of their countries that the government has no interest in doing anything about.

  • Sp Subbu
    Sp Subbu 12 days ago +1

    12:20 😝

  • Bennie Brunink
    Bennie Brunink 13 days ago

    I think in the scam callers script there' s also time involved .. From the moment they call you up .. No matter what is said or what happens .. They will forward your call and so on .. I will leave this at that ..

  • Char Sui
    Char Sui 14 days ago

    Couldn't shut you off fast enough!! Disgusting

  • Brightside
    Brightside 15 days ago

    It's hilarious to me that these people are just stupid. But it also saddens me that there are people naive enough to fall for this. Like, for real, who low does your IQ have to be to actually fall for this crap?

  • Tojo Melville
    Tojo Melville 15 days ago

    I love your background. A lot of thought has gone into it... great films as well!

  • Personal Info
    Personal Info 18 days ago

    Anyone else waiting for this guy to come out of the closet?

  • DogeLife
    DogeLife 18 days ago +1

    gameboy advance crystal clear screen, octa-core and a 1000 megapixel camera, nuclear power battery compartment it's the best phone EVRRRRRR

  • Vlad Gabriel
    Vlad Gabriel 18 days ago

    Go Wallmut and buy Google Play Car 😂😂

  • Macho Fantastico
    Macho Fantastico 19 days ago +2

    This is one of the laziest scam attempts I've heard on his channel. 😄

  • Grímur Grímsson
    Grímur Grímsson 19 days ago +3

    Been on a Kitboga binge these past days watching each and everything he uploads.
    Kit if you're reading this do one thing, make collabs with more beebels.

  • Menky90
    Menky90 20 days ago

    1-800-922-0298 that’s the number that left me a voicemail last week saying my Verizon account was locked and to “press 1” to reactivate it. 🤔

  • VaultRaider
    VaultRaider 21 day ago

    Go ahead a buy the cat OK?

  • Meredith Benjamin
    Meredith Benjamin 21 day ago

    I had a scammer get a $4000.00 phone in my name and in two weeks and then it's charged $700.00 phone bill on it. When Verizon sent me a bill. I told them I don't have that phone or phone number. All I can afford is a track phone. Not an expensive I fancy phone. I called fraud Departmenta. But they kept sending collection companies to get met to pay. Three of them. I explained and sent info etc to watch you of them and the company's sent them a letter that they declined to collect from me. I won. They tried to get in accounts but my bank informs me of unusual things. For now I'm good, but am parinoid

  • Jim Alexander
    Jim Alexander 22 days ago

    Dude this is great! My son showed me your TheXvid I sub to it ..keep me laughing!

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins 22 days ago

    These scammers are all over my area in wales u.k.with their constant calls.

  • private
    private 23 days ago +1

    Pirst of all

  • A.R. Fifteen
    A.R. Fifteen 24 days ago

    Like need to drop more valley girl slang in there. Like totally!

    • A.R. Fifteen
      A.R. Fifteen 24 days ago

      And pecan sandies!! Need more Edna!

  • Ian J. Gonzáles
    Ian J. Gonzáles 24 days ago

    Unlimited 5G. great deal considering that is not available like... anywhere

  • Spoon Love
    Spoon Love 25 days ago

    Game boy advance needs a plan?

  • ncp491
    ncp491 25 days ago

    Kit, you crack me up every time I see those eyebrows rise up above the sunglasses - you are just priceless!!! :-D And thank you for what you're doing. You're the best

  • VagThrasher Prod.
    VagThrasher Prod. 26 days ago

    unlimited texting? 2005 called, they want their shitty phone plans back

    • Smit Singh
      Smit Singh 22 days ago

      You asshole. Have you ever tried recording a legit tech support company in India. You will get to know how helpful are we, your best buys, geek squad, rite aid all they chrge u hourly. Try genuine tech support you will admire and appreciate the services. But please don't use any Google play, iTunes or gift cards for the payment.

  • NPC trolling to wake you up 4253

    "Each and everything eatery" bahahahahahahahaaaaaa😂🤣👌🤣

  • TheGuruStud
    TheGuruStud 27 days ago

    JFC, he got so greedy. 299 for unlimited LOL. And it never fails, they're too dumb to know they're being fucked with even with the asinine info (and their English is plenty good to pick up on it if they had a functioning brain).

  • mama 79
    mama 79 28 days ago

    "We are not Bros"
    "The caaaallllll" 😂

  • mama 79
    mama 79 28 days ago

    You make my day Kitboga😂💖👌

  • daimon
    daimon 28 days ago +2

    Unlimited 5g? Around 30 euros here so not too expensive I think.

  • Carol Francois
    Carol Francois 28 days ago +1

    It is CLEAR that they don't know how the phone services work in the US.

    DMLK CS 29 days ago

    The train! 🚂 🚂 🚂 😂😂

  • andrew romans
    andrew romans 29 days ago

    Unlimited daba , love it

  • Kareem Almond
    Kareem Almond 29 days ago +1

    This reminds me of what AT&T did (not sure if they’re still doing it) putting 5g icons on users phones when they turn on 4g/lte

    • Kareem Almond
      Kareem Almond 28 days ago +1

      Jim R
      Yeah 5g is unbelievably fast. I heard the U.S and another country are racing to see who can have a 5g network first.

    • Jim R
      Jim R 28 days ago

      Kareem Almond
      They are still doing it. My AT&T says 5g almost all the time - but my service has not changed at all.

  • Benjamin Kanarek
    Benjamin Kanarek 29 days ago

    Stopppppp it your killing me!!! I laughed sooooo hard I almost pissed myself!!!!! "Is it for one EAR????" "Do you like pancakes???" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cathycva
    cathycva Month ago

    “One two buckle my shoe” LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!

  • cathycva
    cathycva Month ago

    Kit is so hilarious and clever. He rocks!!!

  • Mike ekiM
    Mike ekiM Month ago +1

    What happened to your neck? I randomly noticed it half way through the video...

  • Gaming Collection
    Gaming Collection Month ago +1

    A really nice background you have behind you.

  • Cryo Gyro
    Cryo Gyro Month ago

    Wow, he actually gave you legit advice on finding that WallyWorld. 😅

  • Cryo Gyro
    Cryo Gyro Month ago

    use the number: "eleventy-seven" next time Kit. Really messes with their heads. 😆

  • Kuchito
    Kuchito Month ago

    Is that grandma or the fag ?

  • marisolmp3
    marisolmp3 Month ago

    Can you please do a daycare or a mom at home with wild children fighting and arguing and you yelling at them every 2 seconds? Please cuz that's me on every phone call ever!!!! Lol the callers know my kids names after every call. Then the struggle of u buckling them in n going to the store takes like 5 hours!!! With mom mom mom mom mom mom mom in the background! Lol

  • s
    s Month ago

    Only $299 a month!
    ROFL one time fee just go ahead and buy those google play card
    Keep wasting these asshole's time

  • Ben MacAdam
    Ben MacAdam Month ago

    Stranger Danger!

  • Saffron Dallimore
    Saffron Dallimore Month ago

    “You can you can you can you can...-“ He malfunctioned. 😂 @3:10

  • Invincible Penguin
    Invincible Penguin Month ago

    I though I was going to get an opportunity to try out some of the nifty Hindi swear words I've been learning by watching scam vids... but they put me on hold and I'm too impatient to wait...
    If anyone wants harass them they called from 1-808-042-5504 and it was a social security scam. Supposedly my account was locked because of irregularities LOL..

  • chrryteri
    chrryteri Month ago

    When he said game boy and laughed so hard at his own joke. 😂

  • Toby Wade
    Toby Wade Month ago

    What is the 'memometer'?

  • Christie
    Christie Month ago

    Omg you are hilarious!!!!!!! 😜🤣📞

  • Pam Stanton
    Pam Stanton Month ago

    Everyone he says "go ahead" the video stops and Google assistant kicks

  • IRLrosie
    IRLrosie Month ago

    For an ears.

  • IRLrosie
    IRLrosie Month ago

    Why should I embarrassed.

  • IRLrosie
    IRLrosie Month ago

    “You can you can you can you can send 100 messages in one day”