Super Mario Maker - RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT - Level Showcase

  • Published on Feb 17, 2017
  • Welcome to a couple quick level showcases in Super Mario Maker!
    This Japanese creator is AMAZING!
    Check some of his levels out and give him the stars he deserves!
    I am super lucky that I stumbled upon these levels in a 100 Mario Challenge.
    These are BY FAR the best Red Light, Green Light levels that I have played in Mario Maker!
    This would be a super fun mechanic to use to create your own level with its own unique challenges.
    Each of these mini challenges were super cool and I especially loved the challenges that used multiple giant koopas for different instructions.
    STOP and GO levels need to become more common because I had a blast!
    Got some levels that YOU think deserve a level showcase?
    Leave the IDs down below in the comments!
    My name is Tyler and welcome to Typfoon Gaming!
    Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe!
    == Levels ==
    ● ノコノコ信号による交通安全教室(Koopa signal): A4A3-0000-0201-2919
    ● ノコノコ信号による交通安全教室2[Koopa signal]: BD9A-0000-0295-C605
    ● ノコノコ信号による交通安全教室3[Koopa signal 3]: 79C3-0000-02FD-BACF
    == Music ==
    Vibe Tracks - Fun
    Nurko - Cloud 9
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    Thank you so much for the support on this video! Over 100K views and 1K likes. Keep it going!

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    amazing video

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    koop o

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    Dis bad

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    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  Month ago

      There is an episode 2!

  • TreyTheCuber/Gaming, Cubing, and Much More!

    5.4Kth liker!!!

  • Random Guy Studios
    Random Guy Studios 2 months ago

    Looks like ka zu?? Idk katakana very well, but i think thats correct

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    Near. 2 months ago

    The creator's name is kazu (KAH-zoo)

  • Abraham Moore
    Abraham Moore 2 months ago

    I played that level! Before I watched this vid fyi

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  2 months ago

      Awesome, yeah it's a great level!

    DAT DANK REAPER 2 months ago

    His name is probably ching chong ding dong

  • Kk190 Dabing sheep0123
    Kk190 Dabing sheep0123 2 months ago

    Its redlight green light

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  2 months ago

      That's not the official translation, but that's what I called it :D

  • イhe Gaming Wither
    イhe Gaming Wither 2 months ago

    It means traffic safety by [his name]

  • Marvin V
    Marvin V 3 months ago +1

    if I were to say what those levels were without talking I would do 👍✅

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      Nice :D

  • Flaming overlord Gaming

    These are the same levels

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  2 months ago

      They use the same mechanic, but they are definitely different!

  • Michaelah
    Michaelah 3 months ago

    -cool video- AWESOME VIDEO

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      I meant this

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      I'm a sonic fan but I LOVE THOS VIDEO

      **Likes all his videos**

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    he sounds so bored

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      Nah, I loved this level!

  • Márton Király
    Márton Király 3 months ago

    7:44 STOP YOSHI ABUSE! *Yoshis are people, too!*

    • Typfoon
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      Poor Yoshi.. Yoshis are lizard dinosaurs too!

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    the name is guz

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    He's Kazu

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    of you not died you can get the good of you died you go bad

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    Tyfoon makes me think of a fan

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    I love you man

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    This sounds like a horror game lol

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    It has 666k views 0-0

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    I love ur videos and I’m on ur discord!

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    Zachary Mogel 4 months ago

    Try them again and try red this time

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  4 months ago

      But then I would die :P

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    Red light, green light, show me everything you got🎵🎵🎶

  • Chance Copy of AaronPlays!

    Ahhh an old game from my school

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      Typfoon  4 months ago

      Haha yep, same here!

  • Xavier Pendleton
    Xavier Pendleton 5 months ago

    red light green
    light level showcase

  • nick sargent
    nick sargent 5 months ago

    I will make a new traffic light level

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  5 months ago

      Nice. I like these levels!

  • Zackery The Memester
    Zackery The Memester 6 months ago

    dude,you said you didn't know how to pronounce it when itaid the nam on the side (Koopa Signal)

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  6 months ago

      Yeah but I don't know what the rest of the title says!

  • MagcargoMan
    MagcargoMan 7 months ago

    That's a very neat level mechanic. I see new ideas for Mario Maker every day.

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  7 months ago +1

      Yeah I really enjoyed it!

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 8 months ago

    You forgot to show the alternate ending to the first one :(

    • Typfoon
      Typfoon  8 months ago

      Oops, this was a long time ago lol

  • Judy Filipski
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    His name is..........

    JOHN CENA!!!!

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      *air horn sounds*

  • RainbowFarting Unicorns2003

    This is the very first TheXvid video I liked

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    Do the gomomba

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    I saw 1YMM

  • Francesca Agre
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    5:00 The Brick Blocks are turned into Coins, but before this, the P-Switch cannot be seen.

    • Typfoon
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      Yeah, the P-Switch was up above off screen!

  • Comlight211
    Comlight211 9 months ago

    This was the good level, i dont mow hod did this user take so long, and i wish i can play this level and enjoy it. I got super mario maker for 3ds and i cant search any levels, perhaps i should buy thw wiiu, LOL

    • Typfoon
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      Haha yeah, this is a really cool set of levels!

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    600th comment

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    Such a... Red ... Green ... great levels !

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    Ok. Well let me know when you find one or make one. By the way, your reactions to level fails is my favorite part of your channel.

  • Byron Phillips
    Byron Phillips 11 months ago

    If you ever have the time, could you either find or make a music level that has the song that is for the official trailer.

    • Byron Phillips
      Byron Phillips 11 months ago

      My reply is above my first comment and by main trailer theme I meant sonic mania.

    • Typfoon
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      I think there might be a level out there already! Maybe I'll find one eventually

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    Pronounce it Kazu I think

    • Typfoon
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      Yeah I think you're right!

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    The title says Traffic safety classroom by Nokonoko signal

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      Oh cool, I didn't know that!

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    Thanks for playing my level on stream today! Only started watching today! I am gonna watch a lot more!

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    i just started watching you and ur not that bad ur pretty good :D

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    His name is pronounced: Kazu

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      I have a face cam on all of my streams. I might eventually do them on offline content, but only if I have time to. It takes a lot of extra time to edit

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    I know Japanese

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    The first one is awesome

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    You should have made one of marios eyes green and one red on the thumbnail

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      Hahah that would've been cool

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    Check mario vs mechabowsilla

    • Typfoon
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      Everyone has played that level months ago. I'll probably focus on newer levels that people haven't seen quite as much

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    Why pink

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      Because there is no red semi-solid

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    The red is pink

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      I think you get crushed! Haha

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    V. V

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    well, it couldnt of came down on a track. it would go through the floor. Also, the cloud is, but the muncher isn't.

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    red light... GREEN LIGHT! red light... GREEN LIGHT!

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      Because it's awesome. I am actually changing my intro soon, so there won't be any anymore!

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    Your name is based on Tycoon?

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      Nope, just based on my real name and meant to be like "typhoon"

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    I played this level before

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    25B8-0000-0352-963D - Batman-Themed Mario Level

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      Hahah I really appreciate that donation! Thanks again!

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    We asians are so intelligent.

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    The title is red light green light koopa signal

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    The level idea is good but a bit too easy

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      Yeah, you could definitely make a harder version!

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