Super Mario Maker - RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT - Level Showcase

  • Published on Feb 17, 2017
  • Welcome to a couple quick level showcases in Super Mario Maker!
    This Japanese creator is AMAZING!
    Check some of his levels out and give him the stars he deserves!
    I am super lucky that I stumbled upon these levels in a 100 Mario Challenge.
    These are BY FAR the best Red Light, Green Light levels that I have played in Mario Maker!
    This would be a super fun mechanic to use to create your own level with its own unique challenges.
    Each of these mini challenges were super cool and I especially loved the challenges that used multiple giant koopas for different instructions.
    STOP and GO levels need to become more common because I had a blast!
    Got some levels that YOU think deserve a level showcase?
    Leave the IDs down below in the comments!
    My name is Tyler and welcome to Typfoon Gaming!
    Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe!
    == Levels ==
    ● ノコノコ信号による交通安全教室(Koopa signal): A4A3-0000-0201-2919
    ● ノコノコ信号による交通安全教室2[Koopa signal]: BD9A-0000-0295-C605
    ● ノコノコ信号による交通安全教室3[Koopa signal 3]: 79C3-0000-02FD-BACF
    == Music ==
    Vibe Tracks - Fun
    Nurko - Cloud 9
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