People With Albinism Review Albino Characters From Film

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • "Oh, he's supposed to be the albino?!"
    Devin Clark @_devinclark_
    Jennifer Renée @jreneejrenee
    Colleen Young @coroyo
    Keenan Javon @keenanjavon
    Rosemary and Christina Alubankudi @stylebytwinology
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Comments • 4 590

  • Cynical Sunflower
    Cynical Sunflower 3 days ago

    I'm writing a book right now and one of the main characters is albino. Her name is Mari Hoffmann. She's a pretty upbeat person with a bit of a temper, loves to paint, and is a foster child. Her backstory is a little sad but she DOES find comfort when she is finally adopted by a single father(Aaron).

  • Matt Dickerson
    Matt Dickerson 3 days ago

    Whoever thought Howie from The Benchwarmers is albino clearly is an idiot and didn`t do their homework on the subject. He is agoraphobic which means he is afraid to go out in public. If you don`t go outside of course you will look like a pale, sickly corpse.

  • Sir_Aurora
    Sir_Aurora 3 days ago

    I actually came here because in my new class this year I have a person with albinism and I genuinely wanted to know about it. All I knew before I met him was people who had white hair and pink eyes, now I know there’s a lot more to it.

  • •*Sմʍʍҽɾ*• •

    Omg the eyes soo pretty

  • James Cabanglan
    James Cabanglan 4 days ago

    Jeffree star?

  • then benagcz
    then benagcz 6 days ago

    The witcher is albino

  • Gogeta Stradustrager

    At first you may think the person is white when you look more closely it look like a black person with makeup on his on his face that how albinism work

  • BloodylocksBathory
    BloodylocksBathory 9 days ago +1

    I remember being annoyed that with all the research Dan Brown did for Da Vinci Code, he did no research about albinism at all. And then even recently that Melissa McCarthy movie The Heat had a character with albinism being treated like some kind of goblin. UGH.
    Might I recommend Noi Albinoi? The "albino" character is the protagonist and is a fully fledged character with depth. He even gets the girl!

  • BrightFallsTV
    BrightFallsTV 10 days ago

    Why their eyes rolling all the time? is that a common condition for albinos?

    • BrightFallsTV
      BrightFallsTV 10 days ago

      "Nystagmus" nevermind found the term, it is a common thing for albinos to have!
      that's so cool that they have all so much in common while they have different Parents :D

  • Runic Erterzz
    Runic Erterzz 10 days ago

    Dye ur hair if udont like it

  • SwooshySwooshy
    SwooshySwooshy 13 days ago


  • john stanley
    john stanley 13 days ago

    Literally spoke to an albino tonight and asked him about what he thought about the matrix twins. He said that there is tones of portrayals in fiction. I watched this video expecting to see a 2019 biased view from everyone involved. The world will judge you nomater what even in lue of political correctness. Anyone reading this; albino or otherwise just live your life. Better to live a life for yourself then for others.

  • Indy Hawkeye
    Indy Hawkeye 17 days ago +1

    People aren’t trying to be racist, there just making movies, THERE FAKE

  • NinjaAlex05
    NinjaAlex05 18 days ago

    😂Albino bitches

  • CreativeLobster
    CreativeLobster 18 days ago

    Remember Logan (aka wolverine). Lol

  • jade0310 jade0310
    jade0310 jade0310 18 days ago

    They should have reviewed Tobias from Black Lightning. Also I find albinos beautiful and the girl with the long blond hair, her eyes are so pretty

  • Luna Nightchase
    Luna Nightchase 18 days ago

    I did research on albinism for an oc...

  • Tornike 1998
    Tornike 1998 18 days ago

    No hate but why do all the women have big heads and a weird hairstyle?

  • f
    f 19 days ago +2

    the guy from logan

  • xxzee
    xxzee 19 days ago

    what is albino

  • RobertoIsGaming YT
    RobertoIsGaming YT 19 days ago

    I thought it was a squid in the thumbnail
    No offense

  • EmDieLess
    EmDieLess 20 days ago

    can they say the n word thou?

  • Axel C
    Axel C 20 days ago

    I hate that black guy getting offended by everything

  • Seth Aqui
    Seth Aqui 20 days ago

    Tobias whale from black lightning

  • Eyrma
    Eyrma 20 days ago +1

    *Why’d you disrespect that guy like that in the thumbnail*

  • Abdelogaming
    Abdelogaming 20 days ago

    The 2 guys from matrix are not even albino

  • Kieran Chadwick
    Kieran Chadwick 20 days ago


  • BigRatJoe
    BigRatJoe 21 day ago +2

    The guy from benchwarmers isn't even albino. Like WTF you guys are spaZinG out over this

  • Urjune 101
    Urjune 101 21 day ago

    Are they blind?

    • jreneejrenee
      jreneejrenee 2 hours ago

      Urjune 101 yes legally blind means we still have vision. I am in the video, the girl with curly hair. I’m legally blind. I can see everything around me just not with great detail at a distance. I personally am severely nearsighted and must hold things close. People with Albinism can be nearsighted or farsighted or they don’t need glasses / contacts but the vision is just less than perfect. Not 20/20. Low vision is anything below 20/70. Legally blind is below 20/200. My vision without glasses or contacts is 20/400 but with correction it is around 20/70.

    • Urjune 101
      Urjune 101 2 hours ago

      @jreneejrenee oh thank you i thought they can still see 'cause how they look on the camera. Now i learned. 😘💗

    • jreneejrenee
      jreneejrenee 4 days ago

      Urjune 101 yes Albinism causes most people to be legally blind or have visual impairment. We lack pigment in our retinas in the back of the eyes so the eyes don’t work like normal.

  • Joshua Tatro
    Joshua Tatro 21 day ago +3

    if RDJ can play a black man, everyone should chill out.

  • Ethan Zardus
    Ethan Zardus 21 day ago

    They all look the same idk why they mad

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 21 day ago

    I find the girl sitting next to the curly haired guy hot

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 21 day ago

    I didn’t know albinism affected face structure

  • Brown Fingers
    Brown Fingers 21 day ago

    Black albino

  • Aupa Atleti
    Aupa Atleti 21 day ago

    Man these foos are looking for something to complain about.

  • Pilar Cuervo
    Pilar Cuervo 21 day ago

    These movies look racist

  • guccigangsabri
    guccigangsabri 21 day ago +1

    These guys are like vegans x2

  • Lil Svamp
    Lil Svamp 21 day ago

    What is albino?

  • Mateo
    Mateo 22 days ago +2

    Wtf buzzfeed, playing the victim card again. There is literally more albino robles in media than this. Unsuscribing

  • XxGraham RichmanxX
    XxGraham RichmanxX 22 days ago +1

    My mans looks like caliban from the X-men

  • Isha Rahimy
    Isha Rahimy 22 days ago

    they creepy asf

  • Edge Jones
    Edge Jones 22 days ago

    The most offensive one was ok just because it was played by an albino logic

  • Min And Tulips
    Min And Tulips 22 days ago

    Pretty much normal to me.

  • Mr.sloth Jr
    Mr.sloth Jr 22 days ago +2

    The real question is can they the N word

  • red angel
    red angel 22 days ago

    Look at the to wait till you see him

  • Best Of The Worst At Being Best

    The guy in benchwarmers wasn't meant to be albino he's just really pail because he doesn't go outside and they call him albino because hes afraid of the sun

  • Reuben Joshua
    Reuben Joshua 22 days ago

    Why them girls look like the twins out of the matrix

  • Traposs
    Traposs 22 days ago

    It's impressive that they found so many albinos all presumably living in LA, but also that every single one of them is easily offended

    • jreneejrenee
      jreneejrenee 4 days ago

      Traposs this was filmed in NYC. I’m in the film. I don’t think I’m offended but definitely annoyed with Hollywood’s stereotypes rather than there being more factual examples about what Albinism is.

    TTV_SOGGYBISCUT 22 days ago +1


  • Joshua Monroy
    Joshua Monroy 22 days ago

    You guys forgot the albino girl from gummo

  • ZedMan
    ZedMan 22 days ago

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like an albino lil nas X

  • Sean O’Donnell
    Sean O’Donnell 22 days ago +1

    That one lady just keeps saying “they should get someone with Albinism like ok we get it say something else”

    • jreneejrenee
      jreneejrenee 4 days ago

      Sean O’Donnell lol thank you yea I was like oh wow the edit on this. I just wasn’t sure what to expect with the finished video. Thanks :) enjoy your day

    • Sean O’Donnell
      Sean O’Donnell 4 days ago +1

      jreneejrenee LoL buzzfeed editors did you dirty 😂 I have mad respect for you though, I never really realized how poorly Albinism is represented in film. Have a blessed day

    • jreneejrenee
      jreneejrenee 4 days ago +1

      That was me... they asked us different questions and I didn’t think they’d include my answer for every one of them so it wasn’t really intended that I said the same thing but those were my thoughts on the clip I was shown. 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol I guess I sounded like I was repeating myself.

  • Cαrrol L
    Cαrrol L 23 days ago

    Ah a zombie

  • Verify_ turtles
    Verify_ turtles 23 days ago

    Who said howie was an albino he was just pale because he lived in a closet

  • Instant Happy
    Instant Happy 23 days ago

    A white black guy

  • xyungx
    xyungx 23 days ago

    Not trying to be rude but does hair dye or like a spray tan work for someone with albinism that wants to change how they look?

    • xyungx
      xyungx 4 days ago

      @jreneejrenee oh ok cool, how was it like when you were experimenting with it?

    • jreneejrenee
      jreneejrenee 4 days ago +1

      Yes people with Albinism can use spray tans and hair dye. I have done both in the past. I’m the girl with the curly hair in the video.

  • Cesar Munoz
    Cesar Munoz 23 days ago

    Who got the Wayne’s bros to react to this vid😂

  • TheJhonatan067
    TheJhonatan067 23 days ago

    That guy is so beautiful

  • Lilgravyvert
    Lilgravyvert 23 days ago

    0:24 Wtf is that

  • blkpanther94
    blkpanther94 23 days ago

    No black lightning?

  • DC’S Life
    DC’S Life 23 days ago

    Why are they acting like they have there own race there are black albinos and white albinos

  • Manuel Kay
    Manuel Kay 23 days ago

    This woman just said that she doesn’t
    want non albino actors playing albino roles. Basically she doesn’t want actors doing their freaking job. What the hell?

    • jreneejrenee
      jreneejrenee 4 days ago

      Why not hire an actor who has Albinism and actually looks the part? How is it cool to paint people to look albino but it’s not cool to paint someone to look black... 🤔 id say the majority of roles in films are played by people who are of the race or skin color of the character that is being played.

  • Justin Macedo
    Justin Macedo 23 days ago

    Black lighting

  • Nolan H
    Nolan H 23 days ago

    Its not like everybody is albino

  • Cog in the wheel
    Cog in the wheel 23 days ago

    It was great to see basically all of them laugh at me myself and irene

  • michael kahondo
    michael kahondo 24 days ago

    ahh were tibias at from black lighting

  • 007 Crunch
    007 Crunch 24 days ago

    n o o n e c a r e s

  • big coochie
    big coochie 24 days ago


  • Yung Sandwich
    Yung Sandwich 24 days ago

    2:55 didn't some idiot say the same thing about trans people?

  • Arttu Leija
    Arttu Leija 24 days ago

    i got adhd and i dont care if people without adhd get those roles so that chick can stfu

  • Johnathan Giles
    Johnathan Giles 24 days ago

    Dude looks like the guy from king in the hill

  • Chris James
    Chris James 24 days ago

    Any group other than white males apparently face discrimination in buzzfeed’s eyes.

  • Jr martinez
    Jr martinez 24 days ago

    Girl white orange hair not that white hahah these people hella boring af

  • da 8laksmith shaqq
    da 8laksmith shaqq 24 days ago

    Albino Daniel Ceaser

  • Psycho Tomster -
    Psycho Tomster - 24 days ago

    Jesus it just a movie

  • justin carter
    justin carter 24 days ago

    0:22 omg they got the twins from the matrix 😂

  • Dick LongFlop
    Dick LongFlop 24 days ago

    I Really Find Those Twins Attractive 😁

    • Ward 03
      Ward 03 22 days ago

      Dick LongFlop lmaooooo

  • gaming inc
    gaming inc 24 days ago

    These are aliens not humans

  • Rubee ;p
    Rubee ;p 24 days ago

    I’m albino 😐

  • chaz hood
    chaz hood 24 days ago

    He doesn't have aLbinISm hIRe people wITh AlBinISm

  • Last Minute
    Last Minute 24 days ago

    no one talking about how sensitive they are bruh

  • callum wilce
    callum wilce 24 days ago

    Black lightening on netflix has an albino character

  • Jan Camaya
    Jan Camaya 24 days ago

    people with albinism are cool btw

  • Fionn Medlar
    Fionn Medlar 24 days ago

    Where’s Caliban from Logan?

  • Aaron Monroe 2
    Aaron Monroe 2 24 days ago

    They look scary

  • Boyplay6
    Boyplay6 25 days ago +2

    0:33 no offence but the guy sounds like JOJI
    A Japanese-Australian singer A.K.A Filthy Frank

  • Aaron Melendez
    Aaron Melendez 25 days ago


  • Piro cal
    Piro cal 25 days ago

    There's someone in X-Men with Albinism

  • North London Is red
    North London Is red 25 days ago

    I can’t look at that black albino guy to long lmao 😂

  • Kaycee  Martin
    Kaycee Martin 25 days ago

    They didn’t mention the one from not another teen movie lool

  • Trace Dylan 2005
    Trace Dylan 2005 25 days ago


  • Lord Aizen
    Lord Aizen 25 days ago

    I didnt know howie was an albino,i thought he was special

  • Captain Fire
    Captain Fire 25 days ago

    The dude in the black looks like bart simpson

  • David Gilbert
    David Gilbert 25 days ago

    Howey was just a shut in

  • SkateHouseOfficial
    SkateHouseOfficial 25 days ago

    Because clearly your albino friends can't act

  • Electro Shot
    Electro Shot 26 days ago +1

    Albanians are NOT Albinos, get it right!

  • Juan Reza
    Juan Reza 26 days ago

    The woman that looks the least albino is the most offended,.. go figure.
    -America... You got some explaining to do

  • 304RealAssP NiggasKnow

    Real life Bart Simpson

  • JC_ gaming
    JC_ gaming 26 days ago

    Wow I’ve never seen more spoiled people in my life! Like if they took people with cancer and showed them movies of people playing as people with cancer the people watching wouldn’t even care. like so what ya they took non albino people and made them look albino like maybe no albino people were available to play the part of these people and not all the people who play albinos in movies are bad. And its really disrespectful to just assume that they want all the albino people locked away. jeez y’all are crazy.

  • Members Only Media
    Members Only Media 26 days ago

    0:25 she cute ;)