HOW TO SPOT A LIAR: Red Flags From Justin Timberlake Cheating Apology To Jessica Biel! | Shallon

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • HOW TO SPOT A LIAR: Red Flags From Justin Timberlake Cheating Apology To Jessica Biel! | Shallon
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    #JustinTimberlake has issued an apology on Instagram to wife #JessicaBiel for cheating on her with his Palmer costar #AliciaWainright. But is he actually apologizing or just faking it? I'll break down Justin's apology and tell you how to spot a liar and whether or not a cheater can change!

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  • Shallon Lester
    Shallon Lester  Month ago +243


    • Marv
      Marv 19 days ago

      Shallon Lester looking pretty n this vid

    • rashmi crevecoeur
      rashmi crevecoeur Month ago

      Shallon Im black and even i Mistaken her for Alicia Keys you’re not crazy and I love you by the way I’m from New York and you’re my best friend in my head😭☺️

    • Diane Humphrey
      Diane Humphrey Month ago

      u r prob..related...get lost

    • So. 1991.
      So. 1991. Month ago

      Idk why I read this as, " help a homeless mom get pregnant" lol

    • William Speights
      William Speights Month ago

      Shallon lester i want too bang you

  • Cole World
    Cole World 2 hours ago

    I think it’s been a while since they’ve really been into each other, honestly....

  • Kaisa Herlevi
    Kaisa Herlevi Day ago

    I'm answering to your question about children or partner first. I think it's the children first. And children first contain responsibility to maintain thriving relationship with the partner. Childrens well being should be priority no. 1 to every parent and it does not exclude relationship with your partner. Good marriage/relationship is the best for the children.

  • Ambra Eileen Price
    Ambra Eileen Price 2 days ago

    I loveeeeee your brutal honesty & you are spot on!!! I so agree with you!!!

  • Babushka
    Babushka 3 days ago

    Not that my opinion matters nor is it my business.....I do think the way Justin and Alisha Wainwright were touching was indicative of people who have been intimate. I also think from what I saw was an extremely drunk/stoned barely functional Justin Timberlake. I'm not taking up for him but he looked so out of it I was worried about the amount of alcohol he ingested.

  • Alexandra Sanchez
    Alexandra Sanchez 4 days ago

    I hope that fur in the back its faux, cause that green queen comment LMAO

  • Debi T
    Debi T 4 days ago

    My ex husband slept with over a dozen girls (19-22) from Craig’s list. I’m not jealous. I called the girls to get info and kept it. You never know when you need that dirt. How do you date again though?

  • Katherine
    Katherine 4 days ago

    WHAT will it take to get celebs to stop posting Notes app apologies

  • Widya Purba
    Widya Purba 4 days ago

    WTHell you are saying girl? What's wrong with them holding hand? If they don't consumate it, and they holding hand just once, don't make it bigger problem.

  • British Secret Agent 007

    Unless it’s already been pointed out... Not so long ago...during the superbowl-gate with Miss Jackson!?! He may not have been in a relationship with her but his behavior spoke volumes about his character. No personal accountability , total deflection, blamed her and ultimately threw her under the bus....This is not NEW news ppl. Mkay?!?

  • fantabulousstargirl
    fantabulousstargirl 4 days ago +2

    apparently Jessica had to make him publicly apologize. This is so horrible, he doesn't even understand how humiliating it is for her.

  • xPeckhamm
    xPeckhamm 4 days ago

    Girl you’re makeup is lifeeeeee!

  • Mia Brantley
    Mia Brantley 5 days ago +1

    The other woman is also being fed the idea that you are somehow 'not as good' as her in bed (or a million other ways) most likely. Imagine the humiliation of THAT. Imagine running into her or her friends (who you KNOW have heard all the juice). When you live in a small town, there's no getting away from that.

  • Khristine Alfred
    Khristine Alfred 5 days ago

    Makeup looks beautiful shallon!

  • Love
    Love 5 days ago

    Love your makeup here. You look gorgeous

  • Thomas McMahon
    Thomas McMahon 6 days ago

    Shallon,thank you for every video.Please could you discuss if your videos are also relevant to gay men. ,are navigating relationships and dating gay or straight the same.,or are their different dynamics?

  • Kyla van graan
    Kyla van graan 6 days ago

    I love you! You are hilarious and I feel like we have the same views on many of the things you discussed! Love the hair, love the make-up , LOVE the top!

  • Bella Duvale
    Bella Duvale 6 days ago +4

    I think the fact that her hand is in inside his inner thigh says they have been intimate.

  • Nancy Debosek
    Nancy Debosek 7 days ago

    Right on. Right on, right on!

  • M B
    M B 7 days ago +1

    I’ve never thought he was handsome, but think he was funny on SNL. I used to think Jessica was hot but then I thought she acted so weird and clingy with Justin, not loving but obsessed, however maybe it’s because of the photos the media would print of her. She seemed creepy. And that was before Sinister or The Sinner or whatever. In the end, none of my business.

    • M B
      M B 7 days ago

      And who cares...the media never cared about Harvey Weinstein/threw that out there. That’s something y’all should’ve been posting incessantly.

  • Adeline Country Cottage

    Just another sociopath, I’m married to one of those.its an f’en nightmare

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 8 days ago +1

    He just seems bored with her. Unfortunately.

  • Nella Ab
    Nella Ab 9 days ago

    Looks like he is more afraid of being accused of sexual harassment, rather that being afraid of his wife acquisitions.

  • smotsy
    smotsy 9 days ago

    You look very elegant in this video :)

  • smotsy
    smotsy 9 days ago

    I thought this was a bigger problem as well - I felt he seemed sincere in his apology, but that there was probably more there than he was admitting. I think things don't look good for them for the future, because to me, if a guy can be interested in another girl (even enough to hold her hand in public! I mean what, you're married dude.. and what was She thinking? He must have given her reason to believe that behavior would be accepted by him!) then he's not into his wife enough, and maybe they shouldn't be together.

  • Roxana Alecu
    Roxana Alecu 9 days ago

    She just doesn't have self respect.I am sure she knew what kind of man he is

  • Valerie Etter
    Valerie Etter 9 days ago

    I wouldn't want to live under your magnifying glass though because you would find something wrong with me too, boring as my life may be.

  • Valerie Etter
    Valerie Etter 9 days ago

    I believe the celebrity bubble that actors, singers, etc. live in is far too difficult for us mere mortals who work regular jobs or find meaning in their careers that are not glamorous or famous to be able to grasp stardom. It's a tiny slice of the population who live famous lives. The remainder of us live in mediocrity who sometimes fool around also. The consequences of the bubble world of celebrity is unnatural and lives such as, for example, Liz Taylor's world with her 8 marriages and Lord knows how many hidden affairs is far magnified. It is like we live on different planets in the galaxy. You have selected jobs that highlight celebrities while ignoring the rest of us.

  • Valerie Etter
    Valerie Etter 9 days ago

    I think you are far more impressive with a natural look. Much less eye make-up. Natural is good especially when you are naturally pretty like you are. I appreciate you caring about gofundme to help out those in need.

  • *мαяιlуи *
    *мαяιlуи * 10 days ago

    What IS that shit you’re always slurping? Curious dot com

  • *мαяιlуи *
    *мαяιlуи * 10 days ago

    I prefer it when you do your own make up bubba (tho the eyes do look good, if a bit heavy) ☺️

  • sanoakley
    sanoakley 10 days ago

    You look bomb! 💣💕👍🏻

  • Teri Longacre
    Teri Longacre 11 days ago

    Agree 100%! I thought the same exact thing with Brittany! All these years later so how is he different? You don’t hold hands with another woman that is not your wife! Doesn’t surprise me. Not much loyalty exists anymore!

  • Ame Ra
    Ame Ra 12 days ago

    I would definitely go gay for her.

  • Jazzz G
    Jazzz G 12 days ago +1

    Honestly, I give them less than a year... :(

  • Giovanna Aguilar
    Giovanna Aguilar 12 days ago

    Your personality! Golden. Love love love your messages and genuine beautiful soul! Yes, “cheating is symptomatic.”

  • ruby cobourn
    ruby cobourn 12 days ago

    shallon i need you to understand how beautiful u look in this video

  • MihaEla Bodea
    MihaEla Bodea 14 days ago

    You look amazing, this is totally your look. Strong but romantic vibes.
    Also, great talk.

  • Elisa Mastromarino
    Elisa Mastromarino 14 days ago

    I think Mr Timberlake would do well to remember that if he were Justin Timberlake the taxi driver, he'd be more than just lucky to be seen with a hottie like Jessica Biel, much less be married to her.
    #egomaniac #alittletalent #enormoushead = #luckyuglyguy

  • MsPhoenix2019
    MsPhoenix2019 14 days ago +2

    The effed up part to me was he was skiing it in front of other people. So everyone knew he was married and let it go on. That's more humiliating than if he was trying to hide it

  • Kean Corables
    Kean Corables 14 days ago +2

    Jessica steal Jt from Cameron... their relationship started on cheating karma for both of them... Jessica knows that Jt is a cheater from day one... when you cheated once is not ok but when you cheated twice or more its a choice...

  • yarisss23
    yarisss23 14 days ago

    Totally! Your parnert should.come.before.your child. And you how is hurting your partner first. Totally agree with you.

  • Emokiriemi Abednego
    Emokiriemi Abednego 15 days ago

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  • Ggg
    Ggg 15 days ago +1

    Lesson #1- never marry a man who hesitated to marry you (him and her would break-up & make-up all the time)
    Lesson #2 - if you break up more than once during the "dating" period - a time when things are suppose to be bliss - know that this pattern will continue into marriage !
    BONUS TIP - aquarious + Pisces ♓ are NOT a good Love match

  • Alexa Feliciano
    Alexa Feliciano 15 days ago

    I think your partner should be on first place and the kids. If you have a good and healthy relationship with your partner you obviously will with your son, but you can have a good relationship with your son and not with your partner. That's my opinion...

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 16 days ago

    I think truth is once you have a child that is the priority. I Dungy think you should just forget you are a wife/ husband too though. But agree with you that even with kids, yoi shouldn't cheat because you (supposedly) love your partner period. Kids have nothing to do in this case, like you said he won't know at least for now.

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 16 days ago

    Put aside JT's fault in all this. Because that's obvious. But why was the girl so viaje with hilding hands? I'm not blaming her but makes me think it was not the first time or was intentional (publixity stunt maybe? ). She knows he is married and he is super famous that people are going to be looking, maybe taking pictures. Was she just drunk too?

  • John in NM
    John in NM 16 days ago

    alisha wainwright keys LOL

  • Alison Fiorilli
    Alison Fiorilli 16 days ago

    Lmao you got me dying mama “playing grab ass with his co star”

  • Autumn Lynn
    Autumn Lynn 16 days ago +1

    First time watching you & you're Amazing!!! So upfront and funny! 😂

  • Hurricane 924
    Hurricane 924 17 days ago


  • EverythingZen
    EverythingZen 17 days ago

    There have been rumours about his cheating on and off for years now. When he filmed Friends with Benefits with co-star Mila Kunis, there were rumours that there was something more between them, and sources stated he had a huge crush on her. I remember seeing interviews and photos of them both, and it certainly seemed like he was into her, I think in this case where's there's smoke, there's fire.

  • Majka Polska
    Majka Polska 17 days ago

    I think what he meant by nothing has happen that they didn't had sex.

  • Lynn V
    Lynn V 17 days ago

    Let’s not forget how he let the media burn Janet Jackson during that Super Bowl fiasco. He threw her under the bus for his own career.

  • Eshna Kabir
    Eshna Kabir 17 days ago +1

    You know why he keeps cheating? Because he KNOWS Jessica Biel isn’t going ANYWHERE! She has no career beyond being Mrs. Timberlake (she couldn’t even capitalize on her Sinner performance that she got critical acclaim for), and she’s the loser that keeps taking this loser back just so she can continue her lifestyle. They deserve each other!

  • 121jazzy
    121jazzy 17 days ago

    Justin is gay as fuck! He's cheating on everyone.

  • Jackie Rivera
    Jackie Rivera 17 days ago

    She looks like Alicia Key little sister 🥰

  • Medina
    Medina 17 days ago

    You look so beautiful Shallon! I love your videos and binge watch them all the time! Xoxo ❤️❤️

  • shivani sharma
    shivani sharma 18 days ago +1

    I think no one should treat anyone the way which they themselves not wanted to be every relations.

  • Jana
    Jana 18 days ago +1

    why is he apologizing for "rumors" ? & did nothing wrong?? no one woud ever look at him if he wasn't famous and he knows it. ".....cry me a river..."