Trump vs. Clinton | Best Moments From All 3 Debates


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  • Hi_Klass KicksHawaii
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  • ExtremeBeast360
    ExtremeBeast360 Hour ago

    I love trump

  • jp Scooby
    jp Scooby Hour ago

    WE LOVE DONALD TRUMP... - Destroyed Hillary and the dumb-ass fake media

  • Gist Erme
    Gist Erme Hour ago

    Well, Mrs. Clinton got the first part of what she deserves. She was crushed in the election. The other shoe will drop once the "Russian collusion" insurance-policy fraud is over and Mrs. Clinton is finally held accountable for HER collusion with a foreign spy to influence the 2016 election in her favor. The whole "Russian collusion" fantasy is the result of Mrs. Clinton's OWN collusion with that foreign agent who produced the phony anti-Trump dossier.
    We should never forget that the Left's accusations of anybody with whom they disagree represent what they themselves are actually doing.

  • Crinky
    Crinky 2 hours ago

    Sorry, what? I CANT - YES, IM TALK- NO I CANT.. I CANT HEAR YOU GUYS WHEN YOURE TALKING OVER EACHOTHER. Anyways, good video. Seemed unbiased. #MAGA2020

  • Dávid Déla Cruz
    Dávid Déla Cruz 18 hours ago

    I'am from Skorea i like hillary that trump. Just my opinion.

  • viet nam
    viet nam 18 hours ago

    People should what these videos to know how COMPASSIONATE, PASSIONATE AND GENUINE President Donald Trump is... and how HYPOCRITICAL, EVIL, LIAR, IMMORAL, ETC clinton and HER DEMOCRAT GANG ARE...
    1. Donald J. Trump: The Long Road To The White House (1980-2017)
    2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Real Donald Trump
    3. PEOPLE Calling For Nancy Pelosi To RESIGN After Sen Ted Cruz EXPOSED THIS VIDEO

  • Ana Ramos
    Ana Ramos Day ago

    You live in hell fucken criminal bitch drug addict

  • Ana Ramos
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  • Stephen Henry
    Stephen Henry Day ago

    Total boss.

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson Day ago

    Edited way too much. Just saying.

  • Keisury Stefany Barnachia Tamez

    Trump whants Mexico to pay for everthing he is mest up...😭😤😤

  • Keisury Stefany Barnachia Tamez

    I vote for h clinton

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    Tiger Day ago

    What a smug bitch

  • Wheatly The Moron Core


  • LaNeeCollard
    LaNeeCollard 2 days ago

    Q drops

  • Michael Tapper
    Michael Tapper 2 days ago

    Sounds like lil adam schitt

  • 1979wood
    1979wood 2 days ago

    Trump 2020 / trump 2024

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  • The Llama Lady
    The Llama Lady 2 days ago

    He didn't pay any federal income tax cause it's ILLEGAL. LOOK IT UP FOLKS. THE IRS (and TAXES) ARE THE BIGGEST LIE AND CON JOB EVER!!

  • The Llama Lady
    The Llama Lady 2 days ago

    I had no idea our president was so FUNNY. He's a RIOT!!!

  • Lisa Elliott
    Lisa Elliott 2 days ago +1

    On The Topic of unfit to be President you want to talk about unfit Barrack Obama was unfit and nearly destroyed America he was a young Pot smoking Goofoff that lived in Hawaii and was backed by Opra Winfrey to get into the US Senate Got in and Later became President know one new who he was. But Americans decided to Give this young Black man a chance and he won the election! Which turned out to be America's biggest mistake! There is not a school for President all candidates are a toss up! Now in 2016 we can not take anymore chances we need Trump! Hillary is a liar that can not be trusted and she corrupt! It was up to the American People in this crucial election And Americans came out in numbers never seen before and blew the 2016 election right out of the water for Donald Trump and Thank God Crooked Hillary Lost!

  • David Hao
    David Hao 2 days ago

    Fulfill the voting promises, what else are you looking for as a president?

  • Kyle Larson
    Kyle Larson 2 days ago

    Trump was right .it's been 2 years were doing great.remember isis. Benghazzi that was we got a 2 year witch hunt

  • mascara1888
    mascara1888 2 days ago

    As a woman, I couldn't care less if Trump did make any of the 'locker room talk' comments. I care about him bringing jobs back to the U.S.A. and he's getting it done!!! #WomenForTrump #MinoritiesForTrump

  • Ann Sophiarobb
    Ann Sophiarobb 2 days ago

    I want to say trump 2020 but I feel Obama is the only president they will allow to be elected for 8 years..

  • Vinny mags 25
    Vinny mags 25 2 days ago

    Trump 2020 baby

  • Isabel
    Isabel 2 days ago

    I'm going with a Troll sitting on his/her bed weighing 400lbs... Sounds about right. I am SO glad Trump Won because had he Not the POWERS that B would have drowned this country & we would have all paid the consequences... Now we have to Fight for the Declared National Emergency the Courts are going to want to block because of the orders given to them from the Powers that B. The Founders fought & so will we the people ... We will bring this country back to greatness

  • Hector Grazio
    Hector Grazio 2 days ago

    Donald J. Trump is the greatest President of all time

  • Charlie Wethington
    Charlie Wethington 2 days ago

    Most dominating series of presidential debates of all time, jesus christ... I mean Donald Trump. Its always fun showing these videos to my democrat parents

  • Servant to Be
    Servant to Be 3 days ago

    trump is turning out to be a laymans true prseident in many ways...he speaks common sense...and he makes sense of all the jibberish that usually pours out of politicians mouths...scripted hot air meant to confuse and misdirect

  • Rusty Bongs
    Rusty Bongs 3 days ago

    Burn in hell bitch, like you let my brothers

  • Tim Hardin
    Tim Hardin 3 days ago

    this dumb bitch does nothing but lie. Trump destroyed her with facts and truth.

  • b more dawgy
    b more dawgy 3 days ago

    HILARY spent more time trying to badmouth TRUMP and to be honest nonre of the shit she said was even ....worth talking about

  • b more dawgy
    b more dawgy 3 days ago

    It was said that these two were the least favorite or whatever, but Trump had so many valid points. This man is a business man, Hilary is not, but her father was,,,,,with his drapes. Small potatoes........And yes she does tell the enemy every move she makes lol.......TRUMPED >>>>>EMPLOYMENT UUUUUUUP !!!! Look AMERICA LOL........can't you see, Trump is what we need !!! If you think Hilary can do it think about bengazi !!!!!! SO what if trump stung so people in business, hey thats business......and hes still in business and now hes in business for us what if hes not " politically correct " we can understand him because he understand us..........he does. my opinion she thinks she has class, no way, no fucking way....... and in this debate she didnt even explain any of her plans of tax reform but yet she bad mouth his plan.........this crazy. and her husband did inhale for fucksake.
    ...........Think about it America.......what would H.Clinton do for the blue collar and less fortunate families in our country????
    Trump will be president again in 2020........mark my words my fellow americans........GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

  • Kirill Phelps
    Kirill Phelps 3 days ago

    She is so fake witch. I'm glad for america. They've chosen a real president for them. Not that supported good-laying person. She's been in politics for about 30 years. And let's see. She started to say what they need to improve their country on the TV only at that time.

  • samuel muiruri
    samuel muiruri 3 days ago

    should have won it. what about not clapping?

  • Preston Pirtle
    Preston Pirtle 4 days ago

    I love Trump 4 real!!! This dude makes me laugh bruh!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo 4 days ago

    The only promise trump never kept was getting that special prosecutor smh :(

  • Joe Pepsi
    Joe Pepsi 4 days ago

    He iced her so many times that aren’t showed in this video haha

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin 4 days ago

    13:38 14:12 Water Stare lmfao

  • Paul Kehoe
    Paul Kehoe 4 days ago

    a lot,of people know what killary is, its all over the place, she's a very very shady person indeed, however it astounds me how naive people are in reguards to killary Clinton, the evil oozes out of every pore she has,, total scum!!!

  • bwhitt7 X
    bwhitt7 X 4 days ago

    Hillary plugged her book in a presidential debate and like no one noticed how she just casually goes “you could pick it up tomorrow”. This woman likes politics because she likes money. The Clintons became rich through politics. Trump actually sacrificed a good amount of his wealth to become president. The left just truly can’t wake up to the fact Trump was the better of the two.

  • Sai Ta Ma
    Sai Ta Ma 4 days ago

    No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life

  • Andrew Greydays
    Andrew Greydays 5 days ago

    “The audience has agreed to remain silent.”

  • Yes this IS copyrighted

    This is the most unbiased thing I have ever seen

    ANKIT KALLURAYA 5 days ago

    Narendra Modi is the best

  • TheHammerman68
    TheHammerman68 5 days ago

    Remember when Presidents debates were actually debating who would be a better President and why, rather than just shouting and roasting contests between two idiots!!

  • CJ CJ
    CJ CJ 5 days ago

    Hillary legit had nothing except murder. Trump is a great man. Glad hes president

  • DJ The 3rd
    DJ The 3rd 5 days ago

    Trump dgaf about "political correctness" (like Literally EVERYONE Behind closed doors) nor can he be bought and THATS why he is for the ppl!!!

  • funny death momo
    funny death momo 5 days ago

    Men talk

  • Tiny Buzzard
    Tiny Buzzard 5 days ago

    How is the water stare not a meme?

  • Shoe Shooey
    Shoe Shooey 5 days ago

    Bragging about testifying in front of congress for 11 hours?? Why was she in front of congress for 11 hours? So glad she lost...

  • Shoe Shooey
    Shoe Shooey 5 days ago

    President Trump is or has done everything he said he would.

  • Simon Baran
    Simon Baran 5 days ago

    The satanic puppet masters just sit back and laugh !! Because they know the dumb sheep will always follow the show !!

  • Stephen Lambert
    Stephen Lambert 6 days ago

    TRUMP WON F**K Clinton THE SOUTH is back for the better black and wHite and others stand together as one now 2019

  • David 1234
    David 1234 6 days ago

    And everybody Knows who won! Everybody doesnt belive that he will win TRUMP!

  • Tony Hmar
    Tony Hmar 6 days ago

    trump is funny

  • Orhan Enes
    Orhan Enes 6 days ago +2

    American politics looks like a live comedy sketch

    • Cody Raber
      Cody Raber 20 hours ago

      Thats precisely what it is.

  • Ray
    Ray 6 days ago

    We'll just leave it to the "fact checkers" because I dont know shit.

  • Savage Playa
    Savage Playa 7 days ago

    1801 she quotes Putin

  • Anthony Passaro
    Anthony Passaro 7 days ago

    They both suck

  • Mike Kobrasark
    Mike Kobrasark 7 days ago

    Trump is King of Kings

  • Stuff stuff and More stuff

    Trump 2020! Maga

  • Michael Mccluskey
    Michael Mccluskey 7 days ago

    Hillary laughs and smiles when she feels guilty.... you can look back at every time she has been called out on anything incriminating....

  • Michael Mccluskey
    Michael Mccluskey 7 days ago

    Hillary prepared to be president🤣🤭😜🤤!

  • The Geezer
    The Geezer 7 days ago

    Doubtless Donald takes on Crooked Hillary.

  • Noe Almendariz
    Noe Almendariz 7 days ago

    Aa oquei

  • Jake Turner
    Jake Turner 8 days ago

    Clinton is a cunt, oh yea, and a murderer. End of discussion.

  • Justin Eccleston
    Justin Eccleston 8 days ago +1

    When she said peace deal. Yet he ended the Korean War

  • The Biggest Of Chunguses

    Washington said don’t split the parties or nothing will get done. Great job guys.

  • Ricco Castro
    Ricco Castro 8 days ago +1

    You gotta give it to trump 👍,

  • TTV_DeagleDaddy6 *
    TTV_DeagleDaddy6 * 9 days ago

    At 4:20 Trump stuttered so he had to add rlly in it but I like Trump

  • John Nihil
    John Nihil 9 days ago

    Trump and Hillary are so childish and petty. Is this the presidential debate or a high school debate club?

  • OceanUndertow
    OceanUndertow 9 days ago +1

    I love Trump, Hillary so freakin weird and creepy, I'm sure she's a lizard, MAGA 2020!!!

  • William Finnegan
    William Finnegan 9 days ago

    Why does she smile when her ass is getting handed to her. Weird.
    I’m so glad we have a real person , a strong person, a skilled person as president.

  • bepis boy
    bepis boy 9 days ago

    You could almost scrape enough Trump supporter brain cells in this comment section together to rival Forrest Gump

  • Ivy G
    Ivy G 9 days ago

    Im now trying to back track and catch up bcz I want to vote next time. I admit I never understood politics clearly and damn, I reallllly like the way President Trump just behaves like "yep, I said it, still will say it, moving on to burning u on this platform."

  • Aaron Estevez
    Aaron Estevez 9 days ago

    *C H I N A*

  • kanyus The Great
    kanyus The Great 9 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • Leisure
    Leisure 9 days ago

    8:57 I grabbed her by the pussy but I will knock the hell out of ISIS.
    14:00 This made it to Mr. Robot. And it was so bad in the series. Lol.

  • Apple Applepie
    Apple Applepie 10 days ago +2

    1:04 trump: “i want you to be very happy” hillary: smiles* me: wth, lmfao.

  • ciscoche1
    ciscoche1 10 days ago

    His last comment, I'm LMAO

  • Tiffiney LAMAR
    Tiffiney LAMAR 10 days ago


  • Tiffiney LAMAR
    Tiffiney LAMAR 10 days ago

    We saw her STAMINA, falling down the stairs, tripping while she walks.....oh yeah....she's got stamina alright!! 🤣🤣😂

  • Tiffiney LAMAR
    Tiffiney LAMAR 10 days ago

    She didn't prepare for the debates she got the questions handed to her. That's not preparing, that's cheating!

  • Tiffiney LAMAR
    Tiffiney LAMAR 10 days ago

    2019, look at the BOOMING ECONOMY!! THANK GOD FOR TRUMP!!

  • jwang604
    jwang604 10 days ago

    2 years in and It’s safe to say America has made the right decision. God Bless!

  • reduce cotwo
    reduce cotwo 10 days ago

    Since becoming president, the Trump Organization, , the Trump Foundation, Donald's charity and even his three oldest children all face a shitload of lawsuits...The only thing this guy really cares about is ripping people off and Trump calls it smart business.

  • neil howell
    neil howell 10 days ago

    This clip will show you how much stamina she has .Hillary falling over divine intervention

  • Ms Mccoy
    Ms Mccoy 11 days ago

    13:20 " Water Stare" ha ha haha ha ha You are funny

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 11 days ago

    This debate was fire.... such a nasty woman.. bahahahahaha

    LIVE FREE ORDIE 11 days ago

    " There are beautiful people the world. There are ugly people in the world ", Hillary Clinton is ugly inside and out.

  • Harsaaj Singh
    Harsaaj Singh 11 days ago +1

    i need to watch more presidential debates

  • Sauron Merciful
    Sauron Merciful 11 days ago

    Trump is the worst president in American history, huge tax cuts just for his family business, and the dumbass Americans fell for it whilst schools, health care and environmental projects suffer terribly, so stupid

  • Kai Inkorporated
    Kai Inkorporated 11 days ago

    10:53 this guy is an amazing president. Enough said.

  • Kai Inkorporated
    Kai Inkorporated 11 days ago

    No wonder Clinton lost. She’s crazy.

  • johnpetrius28 Petrius
    johnpetrius28 Petrius 11 days ago

    President Trump Roasted that Demon!