Joe Rogan on Wage Gap Arguments

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • Joe Rogan on arguments surrounding the wage gap.

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  • zwergnase58
    zwergnase58 10 days ago

    adjusted gender pay gap is still real somewher around 5%.
    the unadjusted pay gap is not claiming to proof that employers are unfair in their decisions about payment (even though that is what the adjusted pay gap suggests), it is meant to quantify the structural differences in the experiences of men and women in the work field.
    if everyone on either side of the discussion could stop misinterpreting this, that would be nice :)

  • Andrew
    Andrew 24 days ago

    They literally got my reaction to the argument spot on

  • Matheus T
    Matheus T Month ago

    -Are you for equal pay?
    -The wage gap doesn't exist.
    -Then you are for equal pay, right?

  • Steve McG
    Steve McG Month ago +1

    If I ever called this out I would risk being sacked from work. Example I work beside a female and we both started at the exact same time 5 years ago on same salary. She has had three children and been off for over 2 years of the 5. However. Due to policy she has had the exact same salary increase to ensure parity, to add insult to injury she has got a promotion because we need more female representation in senior management. Someone tell me that’s fair or equitable.

  • Caleb Kramer
    Caleb Kramer Month ago

    I don’t agree, Joe. A CEO may have a really difficult job, but not 100,000x as hard as the minimum wage worker doing the real work.

  • Conor Fields
    Conor Fields Month ago

    2 millionaires telling u to just work hard haha

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones Month ago

    If you try to travel in too many different directions in life, you'll find you'll end up going nowhere

  • Alt-Z
    Alt-Z Month ago

    Men work more dangerous jobs and thus are most likely to die at work. . .women want equality and equal pay, so how about changing from pediatrician and geriatrics to telephone pole repair or cell tower technician - the people that actually climb those flipping tall cell towers to fix an electrical problem..
    Until women decide to choose jobs that are unsafe or change majors to some type of engineering degree, quit all y'all's *bitching* .. pun intended.
    Lastly I spent 8 years as a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Army.. up until about 2016 females were not allowed in combat engineer roles. Then the military allows for the first female 12 Bravo Combat Engineer, who's specific requirements is an explosives and demolitions expert. (you know, those people who place charges on a door to proceed to clear a building or those people demo a building for deconstruction?) Well, in 2016 one of the Army's first female combat engineer recruits was a deserter. . . My point, they'll bitch and bark about equality this and that, but when it comes down to it they won't follow through on any of it. The first female enlisted NCO to go through Army Ranger School quit during the first phase of training, but was allowed to come back and even recycle several times, something that has never happened in a course that is supposed to automatically disqualify those who “tap out.” But whereas men consistently were held to the strict standards outlined in the Ranger School’s Standing Operating Procedures handbook, those two women who just recently passed Ranger School in August were allowed lighter duties and exceptions to policy. ... So, we can start to see a pattern where the women want equality, but when it comes time to put your words into actions, they are never held to the same standards.

  • Milad Khademi
    Milad Khademi Month ago


  • Terry Birks
    Terry Birks Month ago

    The gap happens when a woman has a child. After that the husband typically continues to climb the ladder and women typically dont because the attention that a child requires and deserves. That is where the gap happens, not that they get paid less, it's that they do not end up on the same rung of the ladder as someone not having to care for a child that has been doing the same job for the same amount of time. I personally think it's a great tradeoff because I see caring for your own child as a very noble and badly needed job and I believe women are much better than men at that job.

  • Izumi kajiura
    Izumi kajiura Month ago

    *look at the thot salary per month and compares it to a working man.* Male weak sex confirmed.

  • Stephen Grimes
    Stephen Grimes Month ago

    I know many people that still push the narrative. And when I try to say otherwise they look at me like I'm some horrible person

  • Justin Beaird
    Justin Beaird Month ago

    Only idiots get angry when someone disproves their arguments, or views.

  • Ty Harden
    Ty Harden Month ago

    Libs will swear this is true on their life lmao! They will spend their whole Saturday protesting this but not spend 5 minutes actually looking it up.

  • MrLundefaret
    MrLundefaret Month ago

    This is utterly bullshit: "Paramedic"
    Can you think of an occupation with higher pressure, more important, more on the line?
    Does this reflect their pay?
    Women tend to go for occupations that are actually important, rather than have previewed importance. And are willing to compromise their paycheck.
    Two men talking about men in men's way, with no understanding of the fact that the pillars of society rests on the back of women.

    UGGI BEAR Month ago

    This will come off rude from me but I’m dropping my opinion because I’m a keyboard warrior lmao. I work in a factory in a manual job there are 2 other woman that do the same job as me except I do the heavy lifting and more work and we all get the same wage in fact the one lady is on more money that me because she’s the supervisor but I also do her jobs as well . I’m not saying all woman can’t lift 25kg bags all day but if they can’t why are they in the job and why are they on the same money or more for doing less? It confuses me sometimes but hay ho we have a job it pays the bills just about we can’t really complain or can we?

  • wäscha
    wäscha Month ago

    Sorry I disagree with the 'your Jobs worth what it's worth' Argument. A ceo doesnt do ALL the work, so his pay is always a result of negotiations and what we deem acceptable. Also a firefighter makes no money by putting out fire but we as society say his Job is worth to be paid. Why cant that be the case in other professions? If you let only the market decide, society will blow itself up, as we witness right now.

  • Ingaz
    Ingaz Month ago

    There will always be inequality. The important thing is ensuring equal opportunity. The rest is up to the individual. Furthermore "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." -Ayan Rand

  • chicagojonesy
    chicagojonesy Month ago

    Joe's at a higher level of economic "success" than most of us, but at the same time, Joe is critiquing the rest of us on our perspective of success. It's easy to have money and coment on others in a capitalistic society. I hope he realizes that he's becoming part of "it." Either way, he's had a good run.
    Plus, the wage gap is bs.

  • Wiggy
    Wiggy Month ago

    The “why wouldn’t businesses hire more women if they’ll work for less?” trope holds no water.
    The rationale behind the gap is that women aren’t worth as much because they don’t work as hard/produce the same quality result/etc.
    While the gap is clearly not the result of “the patriarchy”, arguing it with that assertion is ineffective, at best.

  • Sketch Stevens
    Sketch Stevens Month ago

    I work at a call center and we all make the same.
    What wage gap is basically chicks complaining there are more guys in high paying jobs than gals

  • Danihno
    Danihno Month ago

    If women got paid less then employers would only hire women

  • Griffin Lindsey
    Griffin Lindsey Month ago

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. It’s hard for joe to understand daily life. Considering he got a development deal early worth millions at a young age.
    So it’s easy to question wage gap and do what you love to do.
    But what if I love changing oil and replacing brakes so people have a reliable car...... does that buy me a house?

  • 20Giis
    20Giis Month ago

    Joe literally does not even understand what equal pay is referring to HAHA. NO JOE, IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT A PAINTER SHOULD MAKE THE SAME PAY AS A DOCTOR BECAUSE OF THE GENDER HAHAHA jheez what an airhead

  • 20Giis
    20Giis Month ago +1

    Joe Rogan is LITERALLY being a hypocrite because he is talking out of his ass and did not cite a single research study to support his claim. And at the same time judging other people for doing just that 😂💀 #DEMENTEDJOE

    JP KARAS Month ago +10

    The wage gap is one of the worst lies feminists use in arguments...

  • Sebi One
    Sebi One Month ago +1

    In my job, female co-workers are always asking me to move heavy things for them, grab things off top shelves, fix things, and perform tasks that they deem "men's work" despite the fact they have the exact same job title and same pay as me.
    The gender pay gap isn't nearly wide enough.

  • philmstud2k
    philmstud2k Month ago

    The only wage gap that exists today is the gap between female and male models and pornstars, the women making far more.

  • My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food

    Did he drug Rogan after this episode?

  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 Month ago

    Women can stfu & heat some food up in a pot if they dont like the working world goddamn I'd like to have the ability to be a little twitch slut or instagram ass flasher for cash

  • Joe Mendyk
    Joe Mendyk Month ago +1

    Got halfway through this and got tired of these two guys missing the point.

  • Lee Thomson
    Lee Thomson Month ago

    The “wage gap” was outlawed in the 60s look at it this way in scotland the police can work 40 hours over three days and 30 over 4 women tend to work the 30 hour shift because of families men tend to work the 40.....both the same rates of pay just men tend to have less obligations like children living with the mother which is more common its a debunked “myth”

  • Marlon T
    Marlon T Month ago

    What about teaching .. just sayin..

  • Zac D
    Zac D Month ago

    Porn industry
    Girl always gets paid
    Guy doesn’t get paid unless he delivers the money shot.
    Wage Gap!

  • Tusar Koirala
    Tusar Koirala Month ago

    In some cases yes, there may be gap
    Male Soccer players in the US make 150k a year
    Women Soccer players make 75k in the US a year
    even though Women soccer is relatively more famous than the men (here in the US) and women’s team win world cups and bring more revenue than the US Men’s soccer team. I think there is some truth to some extent but overall i dont believe there is any wage gap

  • Tommy Brown
    Tommy Brown Month ago

    So we gonna act like the men's and women's national soccer team doesn't exist. There's a great example

    • Eduardo Rodriguez
      Eduardo Rodriguez Month ago +1

      Tommy Brown They still don’t make enough in advertisements with viewership, jersey sales, and players can individually make money on sponsorship deals based off their popularity in the sport. Women’s soccer isn’t as developed as men’s soccer and it’s because men have been playing football in Europe for like 2000 years and national/club teams have basically been competing to perfect tactics and every aspect in the game. Women’s soccer has been around for less than 50 years and they have different capabilities than men. Stadiums overcharge tickets depending on the teams, tournament, cup, etc.

    • Tommy Brown
      Tommy Brown Month ago

      @Eduardo Rodriguez I've been to games. Here in San Antonio more people go watch the Mexicans play than the USA. Not to mention women's games sell out in stadiums all the time. Maybe they should be promoting the successful gender more instead of acting like mens soccer has been good in the last ten years.

    • Eduardo Rodriguez
      Eduardo Rodriguez Month ago +1

      More people watch men soccer than women soccer. It’s just a reality. In the end, sports is entertainment. If you don’t reach the same amount of reach with audience, you won’t make much money. You can’t force equal pay if revenue is earned through viewership.

  • ThatFly WelshGuy
    ThatFly WelshGuy Month ago

    The amazing thing is that it’s illegal to pay people different salaries based on discrimination. It’s been illegal for ages

  • Abondend Hope
    Abondend Hope Month ago

    Work harder and longer women

  • CipherBytes
    CipherBytes Month ago

    The more they whine, the more companies automate or move overseas to get rid of the whiners. They're just shooting themselves in the foot. Pretty soon we will all be equal at a $0 wage. The future for smart Americans, understanding the inevitable future, is to give up on the old worker worker mentality, and shift to becoming businesses with a work force overseas. We are not going to compete with people who will work for less. The dummies will hang on to the old ways, resisting what is inevitable, and they will die with them. Adapt or die off. Natural selection at work.

  • KeiFresh
    KeiFresh Month ago

    I’d love to go outdoors and value friendship over cash but I have to work in order to eat

  • Dying DNS
    Dying DNS Month ago +1

    Me working a minimum wage job. X to doubt.

  • Connor Raabe
    Connor Raabe Month ago

    Slash the death rate in half! Inequality has never been so obvious and outrageous!

  • Connor Raabe
    Connor Raabe Month ago

    Joe "The Thing Is" Rogan

  • Dylan Zrim
    Dylan Zrim Month ago

    Australian cross bench says the wage gap exists here more than anywhere.
    Yet they forget in 79? I think australia passed the anti discrimination act, prohibiting any form of wage gap.
    Any suggestion that people take their employers to court in this case gets met with “we shouldn’t have to”

    Don’t hate the game if you fuckin suck at playing it

  • Josh Hartigan
    Josh Hartigan Month ago

    I feel like the life expectancy gap, the career life threatening gap, and the gap of men behind bars needs to be worked on first! The problem is guys dont matter and helping those issues would indirectly help the male wage gap more then the womens wage gap. So i guess lets stay in the bubble instead!

  • EmEff14759630
    EmEff14759630 Month ago

    Things are worth what they are worth - mind blown 😂😂😂

  • Mr Balls To the Chin


  • John Martyn
    John Martyn Month ago +1

    Ok so Joe's point in this video is that women choose lower paying jobs than men and as a result are payed less, fair point but speaking from what I know in my field the average male chemistry graduate earns approximately 100000$ per year while the average female chemistry graduate earns an average of 77700$ according to the American chemical society, this is taking into account that both work full time and had been working in their current job for at least a year so to say that there isn't any disparity based on gender is pretty misleading.

    • Ebenezer
      Ebenezer Month ago

      That doesn't prove they're paid less for being women - I assume that is illegal in your country.
      Women are less competitive. Women tend to take less risks with job hunting - they're much less likely to apply to jobs where they don't meet all the requirements than men, they're less likely to relocate, they're less likely to negotiate/walk away from an offer that doesn't meet their expectations.
      How many people in your sample are actually doing the same job at the same company?

  • Vonn
    Vonn Month ago +1

    i support the wage gap. now we need mens min wage$13.33 and womens at $10

  • Austenhead
    Austenhead Month ago

    Well you sure kicked the hell out of that strawman. Now ask yourselves, do women just have a tendency to choose lower paying jobs or are female dominated professions less valued precisely because they're female dominated? Take your time.

    • Ebenezer
      Ebenezer Month ago

      Do you have any evidence of that? Lots of professions used to be male dominated but are now balanced/female dominated so if what you say is true there should be plenty of data to support your claim.

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune Month ago

    I'm a software programmer. I make a salary above the average income. Sometimes I go to Subway for lunch. The person making my sandwich is a female, and she is making $7.25... There is your wage gap... When I take my car to the shop, a male mechanic is working on it. He makes maybe $15-$20 an hour + commission. A subway lady is still making $7.25.... there is your wage gap. Get yourselves better jobs ladies!!

  • Josh Gibbons
    Josh Gibbons Month ago

    There is a video circling of the Australian senate questioning the woman who did the pay gap research about it and she is constantly asked "did U take into account the difference in hours worked" (referring to ot, to which her only reply is "we annualised the income of part time employees" (didn't take OT into consideration) she was also asked "is this determined from an hourly rate?" Her reply "no, annual income" so the report included OT pay but not OT hours determining that men who work OT earn more than a woman in the same job who doesn't work OT....

  • Nathan Ramos
    Nathan Ramos Month ago

    i work at a running store and alot of customers that come in at 11am during the weekdays are women. Why you ask? Because they don’t work, or work part time whilst their husbands work the full time job making all the money

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Wage gap is not true! Women have a lot of benefits! Fuc them!

  • Eddie Lowney
    Eddie Lowney Month ago

    480p? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • bruinsfan2828
    bruinsfan2828 Month ago

    what JRE episode # was this from?

  • Bailey Reed
    Bailey Reed Month ago

    I've never heard that argument before about how employers, in an effort to save on overhead, would logically want to hire the exact same worker for $0.79 on the dollar. That's such a good point!

  • woodyfive0
    woodyfive0 Month ago

    If women made that much less no fucking employer would hire a man. If I own a business and can pay 20% less to get the same work done, I’d hire all women no questions ask. BOOM myth busted

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Month ago

    Where I worked the women got paid $12.75 an hour for sorting and I got paid $12.50 an hour for offloading. Way harder job for $.25 less than the women

    • Ebenezer
      Ebenezer Month ago

      Should've been a sorter

  • Indy Fist
    Indy Fist Month ago

    My dads a school teacher my mothers a nurse. Talk about a wage gap😂😂😂