Arsonist Turned Killer | Chicago P.D.

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • The Intelligence unit investigates an arson case which later turns to murder.
    Season 4 Episode 1 "The Silos"
    Sergeant Voight continues to grieve following his son's death. Detective Lindsay tries to keep quiet her knowledge of what happened between Voight and Justin's killer, and an internal investigation by the Chicago Police is conducted. Meanwhile, the Intelligence unit investigates an arson case which later turns to murder, and Officer Burgess meets her new partner Julie Tay (guest star Li Jun Li).
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Comments • 316

  • Gillian Kesson
    Gillian Kesson 10 hours ago

    More Chicago P D

  • roastmytoast
    roastmytoast 2 days ago

    Ponytail holder

  • B0gie
    B0gie 6 days ago +1

    "You don't understand a damn thing"
    Me: Hanks son died what do you mean he doesn't understand.

  • ??????
    ?????? 10 days ago

    Badass jay

  • Lukasz Onyszkiewicz
    Lukasz Onyszkiewicz 12 days ago

    this should be on netflix

  • josephine pahulu
    josephine pahulu 12 days ago

    I Don’t want to die please don’t come home now I’m sorry to call me 😰😰😰

  • Ets Vs Ams
    Ets Vs Ams 16 days ago


  • Niko Mauu
    Niko Mauu 17 days ago +5

    “Our safe word is 😒 bananas”
    Hahahahaha I couldn’t with his face 🤣🤣

  • Naim Faisal
    Naim Faisal 19 days ago +1

    Chase went from being a Doctor to a fireman.

  • Jimin has a small red chilli pepper -_-

    I’m new into this can someone tell me who chase is?

  • Harriet Hindle
    Harriet Hindle 25 days ago

    What happened to his son??

  • Lara Arndt
    Lara Arndt 27 days ago +5

    They casually break someone’s window while arresting him and walk away...
    I feel sorry for the car owner

  • Luciferum
    Luciferum 28 days ago


  • BradyJones
    BradyJones 29 days ago +1

    His last name is burner so...

  • Aisha Cali
    Aisha Cali 29 days ago


  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith Month ago

    At least the cremation will be quicker

  • LunarGalaxy__
    LunarGalaxy__ Month ago

    Bruh, why is Chase here? House is about to beat his ass with his cane.

  • Barney
    Barney Month ago

    Is it just me that thinks hank needs swallow or cough up that huge ball of snot at the back of his throat

  • Dived Coner
    Dived Coner Month ago

    Good job. PD members

  • yee yee
    yee yee Month ago

    Hello! If you like Chicago PD/Med/Fire you might like house MD or person of interest

  • TheWildArcher
    TheWildArcher Month ago


  • Alex Jansz
    Alex Jansz Month ago

    If I want to watch all of them which should I watch forst

  • It’s Me-ow
    It’s Me-ow Month ago

    Where can u watch the full episodes?

  • Janri Du Toit
    Janri Du Toit Month ago

    I live in chic

  • Daniel Van Heerden
    Daniel Van Heerden Month ago +1

    “Call someone you nitwit”

  • Gachaling Ink
    Gachaling Ink Month ago

    Fuck you

  • Ell ie
    Ell ie Month ago +2

    Why did Lindsay and Voight keep giving each other a death stare, it was weird

  • Sckube diving
    Sckube diving Month ago

    why are CPD driving only undercover police cars.

  • Auxiln !!!
    Auxiln !!! Month ago

    Ted Burner has the last name of burner kinda ironic

  • William Hohepa
    William Hohepa Month ago

    I what to be in Chicago...

  • Katie Cornea
    Katie Cornea Month ago


  • Ethan Bishop
    Ethan Bishop Month ago +1

    At 8:40 did anyone else see the guy in the back round looking at this guy like if you saw him too

  • ellie paul
    ellie paul Month ago

    Antonio's hair is fabulous 2:08 xxx

  • Meow Biatch
    Meow Biatch Month ago

    God damn, the acting in this series is fucking outstanding sometimes.

  • Yvonne Quinn
    Yvonne Quinn Month ago +1

    Is this Chase from House MD

  • Stacy Eremeeva
    Stacy Eremeeva Month ago +1

    Those people are GREAT actors!

  • Zaynah Abbas
    Zaynah Abbas 2 months ago

    Is Lindsay back?????

  • MarshmellowPlush
    MarshmellowPlush 2 months ago

    Am I the only person who’s thinks that the arsonist/bad guy looks like Chris Evans? Or am I like blind.

  • Flat jack J J
    Flat jack J J 2 months ago +3

    This is so good it should be on Netflix

  • Eleah BL
    Eleah BL 2 months ago +1

    All I’m saying is that why the F*CK is this not on Netflix

  • Zach Quin
    Zach Quin 2 months ago

    How to watch full episode

  • YL Lee
    YL Lee 2 months ago

    Can someone explain what did not go well for Erin?

  • Fantasmic Art 2312
    Fantasmic Art 2312 2 months ago

    The father is like the emotional fatherly side of the old man

  • TheyCallMeVenom
    TheyCallMeVenom 2 months ago +1

    *Pompeii in a nutshell*

  • Amber Stubbings
    Amber Stubbings 2 months ago +1

    Is it bad that as soon as they said banana I started laughing and I can’t stop 😂 😬

  • exon excel
    exon excel 2 months ago +2

    "your boyfriend shot a kid in the head then burn him alive. sorry if i'm not in a hand holding mood."
    that could not have been written any better.

  • Ciqn
    Ciqn 2 months ago

    where can i watch full episodes?

  • Rat Tails
    Rat Tails 2 months ago

    Haha burner that’s what happened to ur son

  • Sophie Lee
    Sophie Lee 2 months ago +8

    8:16 Says 100% charged, but in the in the top right of the phone its not fully charged

  • Lori Zhang
    Lori Zhang 2 months ago +27

    It’s so sad when something like this happens and you can’t actually see your son. I know it’s for safety reasons but it’s so sad

    • C9rdelia
      C9rdelia Month ago

      it's not safety it's more of a moral thing , nobody wants to see their son burnt to crisp

  • Matthew Stickells
    Matthew Stickells 2 months ago +2

    7:37 voight wtf moment

  • Annmarie Phillips
    Annmarie Phillips 2 months ago


  • Cheesypuff344
    Cheesypuff344 2 months ago +2

    0:11 jeeez talk about burned to a crisp

  • Aaliyah Charlesworth
    Aaliyah Charlesworth 2 months ago

    Jay is one of my favourite

  • Diura
    Diura 2 months ago +4

    Is it just me that thinks he said 60 years away from him

  • Twentyone Pilots
    Twentyone Pilots 2 months ago

    Why does Charley seem so happy

  • Owuski
    Owuski 2 months ago +16

    His name was ted Burner but now he’s ted Burned

    • Eleah BL
      Eleah BL 2 months ago +1

      Owuski ooooo that’s dark

  • Lemma Million
    Lemma Million 2 months ago

    Disgusting skull to look at. besides, he has a posh watch being broken!?!? WHAAAAAAAT?!?!

  • intr0bazerk
    intr0bazerk 2 months ago +2

    9:09 his big bowling ball head BROKE the glass

  • Martins 2020
    Martins 2020 3 months ago +6

    This is the best show "period" 😂