My first phone was CRAZY!

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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Comments • 9 569

  • CeruleanSky
    CeruleanSky 10 hours ago

    And here we are in a day where people ghost others because of what phone they use

  • Stigma
    Stigma 10 hours ago

    looks like a fucking advanced tamagotchi

  • Justin
    Justin 11 hours ago

    With that haircut along with the ear rings, I'm not the least bit surprised hes a fan of the clear plastic plague we suffered under for so long. Dude is stuck in the 90s.

  • Kragthor
    Kragthor Day ago

    I'm old because my first mobile device was a pager. Very few people had cellphones when I was a teenager.

  • Firestarta-666
    Firestarta-666 Day ago

    And now you know why phones cost $800+ these phones back in the day would cost $200-300 without contracts... and look how minimal this is

  • Elliott Parkinson
    Elliott Parkinson 2 days ago

    We had the same first phone! I took it to school where they had a policy where you had to hand in your phone at the start of the day so students didn't have their phones with them. They didn't believe it was a phone and I was the only student who got to keep it with me all day and play breakout!

  • ringkiller gaming
    ringkiller gaming 2 days ago

    Who else is watching this on a Motorola smartphone

  • Suhail Mahmood
    Suhail Mahmood 2 days ago

    4:43 Talk to Zack from JerryRigEverything. Yeah, hitman agent 47 is who I am talking about.

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 2 days ago

    That’s pretty small for the 2000s

    Everything else was real big

  • TH Clan
    TH Clan 2 days ago

    it looks like blackberry made a fake DSI

  • JackTheBeast88
    JackTheBeast88 3 days ago

    mine was an olivetti oct400, go google it, passed to my by my cousin who found it on the sidewalk. and I still use that same number

  • Kermit Benjamin
    Kermit Benjamin 3 days ago

    You have the same phone as my Mom back then. I was really amazed by it. back then cause i thought it was a small laptop

  • lazy fox
    lazy fox 3 days ago

    0:05 my dad once sold a car on eBay to a couple in Michigan

  • slyfire12
    slyfire12 3 days ago

    wow technology !

  • BasicCupcake
    BasicCupcake 3 days ago

    y does that look like a gba?

  • A PlayZ
    A PlayZ 4 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till Linus pulls out his Motorola v100e

  • makes better stolen memes

    Jarry rig-am i a joke to you

  • Tianyi Xue
    Tianyi Xue 4 days ago

    Kids be like, Vbox? mom i need more of this for fortnite lol

  • MonkeyblueCheese
    MonkeyblueCheese 4 days ago

    Xiaomi has a transparent one

  • Aidan Sheehan jr
    Aidan Sheehan jr 4 days ago

    0:42 yay i can't wait untill tells us all!!! Linus: talks about fresh books
    Advert companies: hehehehehehehehehe...

  • Panos Mavromatis
    Panos Mavromatis 4 days ago

    what's the phone's name

  • Alixer YT
    Alixer YT 5 days ago +4

    1:12 he says 2018 but this was published in 2019

  • marjolein van ingen
    marjolein van ingen 5 days ago

    Phonak hearing aids use clear plastic casings! You can choose a purple/pink or blue plastic casing if you want the clear casing

  • oldskoolhead0
    oldskoolhead0 5 days ago

    compared to my 1st phone that would be considered a smartphone lol even my second phone was older than that lol think my second one was a nokia 5110 lol

  • bodyalarm99
    bodyalarm99 5 days ago

    Talk about a gameboy computer.

  • Pye Ltd.
    Pye Ltd. 5 days ago +1

    My first phone was a 2004 Sendo s360

  • BeeJayFL
    BeeJayFL 6 days ago

    I had the same phone back in 2002

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak 6 days ago

    Bezel city

  • Nuclear Trinity
    Nuclear Trinity 7 days ago

    Everyone is dying. Very, very slowly

  • Persuiter
    Persuiter 8 days ago

    Did USA not experience the greatest phone of 2003 i.e. Nokia 3310?

    • Finn A
      Finn A 8 days ago

      Sure. I had a 3510i until around 2005 myself, when I traded it for the N-Gage. :)

    • Persuiter
      Persuiter 8 days ago

      @Finn A For sure, but this guy wasn't gonna be getting a 6600 or N-Gage, thus, the 3310 at the time was a good phone at a good price-point for school kids and non-business types

    • Finn A
      Finn A 8 days ago

      By 2003 there was already the Nokia 6600 and Nokia N-Gage. How Americans could roll with something as frankly terrible as what's shown off here beats me.

  • na na fam
    na na fam 8 days ago


  • na na fam
    na na fam 8 days ago

    It’s branded orange

  • yt_lorul_videos
    yt_lorul_videos 8 days ago

    So it CAN'T play Crysis ???

  • Kai corti
    Kai corti 8 days ago

    Linus is 30+ and he still looks 20

  • Luke Martin
    Luke Martin 8 days ago +4

    I'm 13 and I'm watching this and thinking to myself "how did u live with that brick on u all day"

  • Riley Jaden De Guzman

    My tirst phone is the samsung galaxy grand 2

  • WiloBrick Productions

    Me when I find a old cell phone or camera.

  • iPro AdeptSpade
    iPro AdeptSpade 9 days ago

    Sorry but, he said you can’t hear anything without the headphones. Yet he hears the ringtone and it keeps beeping. Is it just me that got confused here?

  • Yvette G
    Yvette G 9 days ago

    My first phone was a black candy bar phone with no vibrate mode because Motorola held that patent. Cell phone plans were not a thing, you paid by the minute and there was no texting.

  • チャッドリー 龍介

    I thought the black thing was a pen but its an antena

  • チャッドリー 龍介

    4:53 xiaomi mi 9 ...

  • Adam Creed
    Adam Creed 9 days ago

    Wtf why is it set to Auto(480p) when 1080p is an option.

  • Lil' Lily
    Lil' Lily 10 days ago


  • Musical Euphoria
    Musical Euphoria 10 days ago

    9:26 We all felt that!

  • All Thumbs
    All Thumbs 10 days ago

    My first cell phone - MOTOROLA Digital Personal Communicator Flip Cell Phone F09HLD8416AG

  • Wor Jackie
    Wor Jackie 10 days ago +5

    Linus thinks he's old... I left school in 1993, I was looking at buying my first mobile around '94ish. I decided against it at the time because almost noone else I knew had one at the time.

  • Shibized
    Shibized 11 days ago

    looks like a toy

  • Team Extreme
    Team Extreme 11 days ago

    The Amazon basic surge protecter in the background new review lit my warehouse on fire

  • ForeverMasterless
    ForeverMasterless 11 days ago +3

    See-through electronics need to come back!

    • n1nnymuggins
      n1nnymuggins 13 hours ago

      they need to be tempered glass with finalmeme holes

  • TheDigitalDorito
    TheDigitalDorito 11 days ago

    Screw the iPhone X. I want a phone with a clear white plastic casing

  • thegrumpyfatcat 2
    thegrumpyfatcat 2 12 days ago

    wait so hes 31

  • simros
    simros 12 days ago

    How old is Linus?

  • shownoise iets
    shownoise iets 12 days ago

    Strange colour correction?

  • Magatama Agitsune
    Magatama Agitsune 12 days ago

    Why can't Nintendo make a "3ds phone"? 😭😭

  • Walker Nelson
    Walker Nelson 13 days ago

    My first phone ran Windows Pocket PC 2002, which was never designed for phones in mind, so it had a jank application from Qualcomm installed on it to use the phone hardware.

  • Strider whiston
    Strider whiston 14 days ago

    how to get a profit

    Get a sponsor on all videos
    still get about 100k from almost two videos with normal ads
    Profit... and hate

  • LatvianTVGuy
    LatvianTVGuy 14 days ago

    Looks like BlackBerry which was cut in half.....
    (no hate, Linus)

  • Felix Pearce
    Felix Pearce 15 days ago

    It's a mini laptop from 2000

  • Marek Šťastný
    Marek Šťastný 15 days ago

    Linus! Free dislike goldmine!

  • Benjamin Lawless
    Benjamin Lawless 15 days ago

    9:26 dident he say there was no speaker

  • Deryan
    Deryan 15 days ago

    Meanwhile me. I was born in 2003 and my first phone was a 3310. And now in 2019 I'm owning a Nokia 8. I choose a Nokia phone just for the nostalgia

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 15 days ago

    Wait Linus is 31?

  • why soserious
    why soserious 15 days ago

    7:51 Reason for listing on Ebay....Nostalgia

  • Smandude25
    Smandude25 16 days ago

    O my god am I getting old
    Linus, *you know nothing of my pain*

  • Asura
    Asura 16 days ago

    *spies the Orange logo on the box*
    _RIP T-Mobile and Orange_

  • All Things M3
    All Things M3 16 days ago

    My first cell phone was a bag phone

  • Wolf line animations
    Wolf line animations 16 days ago

    My first phone was my Motorola phone back in 2011 I wanna say and I still use Motorola to this day

  • aeolusenjietogameming
    aeolusenjietogameming 17 days ago

    4K GANG

  • Grapes X3X
    Grapes X3X 17 days ago


  • Game Start
    Game Start 18 days ago

    What an awful phone... in 2003 it all was all about Nokia & Sony Ericsson

  • Kickassman 4
    Kickassman 4 18 days ago

    I like how they ended up "Advertising" in video's when we came up with the ad blocker. _We created one thing. "the buffer" so we can skip your ads

  • Malcolm Cole
    Malcolm Cole 18 days ago

    i sold that to im he slated me on the fuck he got my orange screwdriver tho ill never know

  • Zachary Monroe
    Zachary Monroe 19 days ago

    My first phone was the Samsung U450

  • killer of kings
    killer of kings 19 days ago

    I have a non internet phone and its annoyng

  • Marco Buiks
    Marco Buiks 21 day ago

    Talk about stone age .My first cellphone was a Kermit .U had to buy the base unit .The Kermit itself .But in that time u could use the phone basically for free .It used Greenpoints .almost every gasstation had a greenpoint ..Ah from free mobile conversations .to subscriptions matching the home internet + tv channel subscriptions . Guess i could never get used to paying extra for a service i already have at home ...The time when phones still had a wire .But when we went outside ,we had no distractions from silly notifications using up you're bandwidth ...and soon people can blow away their money even faster on a 5g network ..ah all the things they invent for us Good times ..good times i'll say

  • niggler
    niggler 22 days ago

    my lg risio 3 is a pretty darn good phone for around $70 so you way over paid for that

  • David Cortés DaFailboatFan

    DS but 0.5S

  • Tom Hubbard
    Tom Hubbard 24 days ago

    Yeah... non-standard chargers... we don't have to deal with them anymore... Apple.

  • Maximilian Gaedig
    Maximilian Gaedig 24 days ago

    CoNeCt iT To WiFi

  • Team
    Team 24 days ago +1


  • Flufflebut
    Flufflebut 24 days ago

    I agree! Clear plastic casings are cool! Show off all the sexy silicon under the hood, no? Sad that trend has completely died out.

  • Sven Lima
    Sven Lima 27 days ago +2

    This old phone is equal to your new phone in size or rather volume. No progression here.

  • Sven Lima
    Sven Lima 27 days ago

    @Linus How much time do you spend to arrange and rearrange the stuff in the background until you're satisfied with the feng shui experience you want to send to your audience? A lot of yellow, a green, a blue and an orange spot: Does this go along with the science of colors? :-)

  • Ben's Computer Repair
    Ben's Computer Repair 27 days ago

    I have a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter. I feel so lucky now.

  • Ogreatgames _com
    Ogreatgames _com 28 days ago

    Looks totally cool Bro.

  • Victorgaming456 7
    Victorgaming456 7 28 days ago

    I have a note 9 too

  • Javier
    Javier 28 days ago

    My first phone is a Moto G7 power

  • Fujiwara Takumi
    Fujiwara Takumi 28 days ago

    My first phone was an Nokia 3330

  • neko kittin
    neko kittin 29 days ago

    My first one was samsung galaxy gio

  • Joshu Vk
    Joshu Vk 29 days ago +1

    the mi 9 has a clear edition

  • Grant and Tina Silcock

    My VERY FIRST mobile phone was a Motorola 480 "bag" phone in 1995! Took 12hrs to charge and only had about 40mins talk time per charge and was worth $1200!

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 Month ago +1

    "My phone had also a very nice jogging holder..." 🗨🤣〽️

  • gio behan
    gio behan Month ago +1

    wow his first phone was a

  • Kumar Vlogs
    Kumar Vlogs Month ago

    Linus your dream come true:- Transparent back plate phone - check out - Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

  • Papa Clutch
    Papa Clutch Month ago

    That's was my first also!!! Dude I remember paying 10c per incoming and out going message and 10c a minute

  • valbona Berberi
    valbona Berberi Month ago

    why wood hi pers his eras

  • HyperRyuu420 and RYHK НУРЕ

    Watching at 240p to save data

  • Jake Kenneth Mactal

    Remember those times when your text messages could only contain up to 160 characters, including the space between the words? That's where we invented those shortcuts like "wer r u?" "txt me bak" and the like.

    CAN KURNAZ Month ago

    After I tell y about fresh books......

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 Month ago

    My first phone wasn't much better! Lol.