My first phone was CRAZY!

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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Comments • 9 397

  • UomoPiccione
    UomoPiccione 23 hours ago

    i got an Ericsson 2.5mm headphones

  • Joseph Meeks
    Joseph Meeks Day ago

    Nokia 3100 for my first phone. Can't beat snake.

  • elias moises fernandez fleitas

    my first phone was a nokia 1100

  • spidaxtreme
    spidaxtreme Day ago

    1:34 Full license at 16? Man things have changed...

  • TNPaparazzi
    TNPaparazzi Day ago

    You may be able to modify the radio bands to the US 1900 band with a hex editor and the phone connected to a PC.. It's been a minute since I've done it on the old school Motorola's, but I used to do it with Europe and Japan only Motorola's all the time.. I'm not even sure if the support forums for those phones exist anymore lol

  • TNPaparazzi
    TNPaparazzi Day ago

    My HTC U12+ is transparent.. There's so much shielding, you can't really see shit lol.. Seeing the camera hardware is kind of neat though

  • samuli telilä
    samuli telilä Day ago

    V-box, more like Vbucks before they were cool.

  • Panni2000
    Panni2000 Day ago

    Or how you it call "V-Bucks"

  • Mike Nolan
    Mike Nolan Day ago


  • Luke Beauchamp
    Luke Beauchamp Day ago

    You were 16 in 2003? Woah, you're only one year older than I am!

  • n00baTr00pa
    n00baTr00pa Day ago

    You seem like the kind of company that would have a few global to US power adapters handy for situations like this. Probably should do something about that.

  • Jorge Franco
    Jorge Franco 2 days ago

    feels like a Tamagushi xD

  • T0xic
    T0xic 2 days ago

    Reminds me of a rock candy controller where you could see the inside.

  • Crion Devillist
    Crion Devillist 2 days ago

    It belong to the museum!

  • Marcos Martinez
    Marcos Martinez 2 days ago

    No tea, no shade, cause you are totally cute and I enjoy your videos but... your earrings and hair cut are dated. And they date you.

  • Joojoo Jurrila
    Joojoo Jurrila 2 days ago

    That's a cute toy phone. I'm sure it worked almost like a real phone like Nokia. ;)

  • Peter Schelin
    Peter Schelin 2 days ago

    Stone age... Great way to make me feel old...........

  • Azerith YT
    Azerith YT 2 days ago +1


  • spaladon
    spaladon 3 days ago

    Lurveeeee the aspect ratio and am glad you guys are sticking with it :)

  • jamison gilchrist
    jamison gilchrist 3 days ago

    One of the new mi phones have clear back I think it it is the 8

  • Hugh Russell
    Hugh Russell 3 days ago

    Lol my first phone was an iPhone 5s now I’ve got an iPhone xs

  • GamingSmartVideos
    GamingSmartVideos 3 days ago

    Get rid of your sponsors just say their in the description instead of ruining your videos!

  • RedXIII56
    RedXIII56 3 days ago

    So Linus is 31 or 32 interesting

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me 3 days ago

    Actually, that would still work... It's the CDMA network that's mostly been phased out

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me 3 days ago

    He thinks he's stone age... My phone was a Phillips Savvy

  • Mark R.
    Mark R. 3 days ago

    Apple still uses non-standard cables.

  • Craig Wedd
    Craig Wedd 3 days ago

    omg i love it, i thought my first phone was ridiculous, i love this phone a lot >_

  • user6667azxc
    user6667azxc 3 days ago

    Was rocking a Nokia 5510 lol!

  • xx_reaperxx
    xx_reaperxx 4 days ago

    The phone is a 1916 telegraph with a screen and mobile

  • xx_reaperxx
    xx_reaperxx 4 days ago

    If u do de math he’s 34 around that

  • Rannon
    Rannon 4 days ago

    This was my first phone as well! :D
    Mine was either slime or neon green and, unfortunately, not translucent. I remember being disappointed when getting it!
    I'd love to see a modern phone with a translucent back!

  • kizonthekeys
    kizonthekeys 4 days ago

    Pop a sim in that baby and your ready to go!!!

  • Mac cat
    Mac cat 4 days ago

    This guy with all his parents money and his pockets and belts! My first phone was the original nokia 3310! You way too flash mate!

  • Joshua Shah
    Joshua Shah 4 days ago

    Wow linus you're so old 😂

  • Christian Velasco
    Christian Velasco 4 days ago

    Why is your first phone a small laptop?

  • TheBloxxPlayz YT
    TheBloxxPlayz YT 4 days ago


  • GameshinbunTV
    GameshinbunTV 4 days ago

    My first was Nokia 3210, but Motorola v100 was my 2nd

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens 4 days ago

    The Uk had a Nokia that was also the same way with the headphones in 2000
    Didn't last long

  • Hugh Janis
    Hugh Janis 4 days ago

    linus you are canadian......its like 1980 in canada still look at your feet. This was your phone last week,

  • SmitiaS _
    SmitiaS _ 4 days ago +2

    But can it run Doom?

  • Alex Parry
    Alex Parry 4 days ago +1

    Linus: *looks at plug* "OHHH"
    me at home: "??????"
    Linus: *talks about how it's a British plug*
    Me, a Brit: "Ohhhhhhhhhhh"

  • CassetteTard
    CassetteTard 4 days ago +1

    the V - B O X ?

  • Raffia16th Blaze
    Raffia16th Blaze 4 days ago

    well damn. and here i thought id never see one of these things again.

  • Lance Lindle Lee
    Lance Lindle Lee 4 days ago

    This honestly looks like a toy

  • Arborly Bubble
    Arborly Bubble 4 days ago

    The fuc is that thing?

  • xscallcos boss
    xscallcos boss 4 days ago

    his daily driver in 2018... 2019

  • TheVis
    TheVis 4 days ago

    UK sockets best sockets.

  • AndroidUFO
    AndroidUFO 4 days ago

    *The V-Bucks*

  • Dragon Empire
    Dragon Empire 4 days ago

    Some kid probably think this is a first model:prototype of nintendo ds

  • Tall Order
    Tall Order 4 days ago +1

    The look on Linus's face when he realized the phone was working, is the same face I made when I recently found a palm pilot with PalOS 3 that worked.

  • Tall Order
    Tall Order 4 days ago +3

    My first phone was a lookalike of that famous nokia phone everyone is nostalgic over. It came from a walmart under t-mobile. I believe it was in the late 90s. It even had those beepy buttons and calculator-like LCD screen. I don't even remember what make or model it was.

  • Emil Landén
    Emil Landén 4 days ago

    How old are you? That thing seems like a rocket ship compared to my first phone... I actually used it to punch in nails ˆˆ

  • Tomasz W
    Tomasz W 4 days ago

    "so the answer is always the same, would you please, just let it be" ;)

  • Timmeh
    Timmeh 4 days ago

    Looks like the OG spy phone from Club Penguin

  • Redstone Warrior
    Redstone Warrior 4 days ago

    Yooo dude I was born in 03

  • 9 Media
    9 Media 4 days ago

    looks like we are about the same age :/. No worries, we still in our prime. hah

  • F16Spyros
    F16Spyros 4 days ago


  • YoGundi
    YoGundi 4 days ago

    1:12 it's 2019 Linus... The video was uploaded Jan 5th, 2019. Get it right god damn it. Lol

  • I Play Games
    I Play Games 4 days ago

    Linus reminiscing about how old he is

  • The LamoidZombieDog Channel Hub

    4:19 why did he stick his fucking tongue out

  • Do You Even Prep?
    Do You Even Prep? 4 days ago

    My first phone, also around the same time... Nokia 5195.... I used to play the shit out of snake on it.

  • Brant Wedel
    Brant Wedel 4 days ago +5

    "Do you guys remember non-standard mobile phone schargers, It's so easy to take for granted stuff we just don't have to deal with anymore" -- Said Apple never

    • feha92
      feha92 3 days ago

      What a nightmare that was.

  • Gabe Curtis
    Gabe Curtis 4 days ago

    I was born in 2003!

  • Erwin Orval
    Erwin Orval 4 days ago

    It looks like a 90's kids toy! 😂

  • Brandon Robinson
    Brandon Robinson 4 days ago

    That's crazy I saw this because I used to have one in middle school and I thought I was the shit lol. Awesome throwback.

  • ramiyan22
    ramiyan22 5 days ago

    born on 2003

  • Heckin Memes
    Heckin Memes 5 days ago

    This thing doesn't have snake.

  • HaseoSG
    HaseoSG 5 days ago

    why is it that alot of the video players are getting thinner the size difference is bothering me >.>
    i had to switch it to theater mode for it to stop bothering me.

  • jasleh
    jasleh 5 days ago

    The phone with the transparent back your looking for is xiaomi mi 8 pro

  • Benedek Tóth
    Benedek Tóth 5 days ago

    My first phone was an Alcatel OT 311 what had orange backlighting and that was dope!

  • mc360master_LIVE
    mc360master_LIVE 5 days ago

    Woah your first phone has a backlit keyboard

  • Mlg Pug
    Mlg Pug 5 days ago

    The new solja handheld 2.0

  • hans
    hans 5 days ago +3

    Ti-86 was my first cell phone because I had no friends.

    • BBeanland
      BBeanland 4 days ago

      nah man, i hit up all my bros on my Gameboy(original)

  • pikachufan25
    pikachufan25 5 days ago

    Hahahaha, reminds me of my umbreakable nokia phones

  • JessThe Pors
    JessThe Pors 5 days ago

    v-bucks hmm cool name

  • Cloud Connected
    Cloud Connected 5 days ago

    but can you play Diablo Immortal on it?

  • Ultra Vires
    Ultra Vires 5 days ago

    What is Linus' daily driver anyways ? Is it a Mate 20 ?

  • The last Thunder Warrior

    When someone asks what best describes early 2000’s technology, I answer “coloured see-threw plastic.”

  • Luigi SB Games
    Luigi SB Games 5 days ago

    Or as we call it, the v-Bucks

  • Irregular Fluctuation

    Linus is about 31 years old.

  • xhimiz14
    xhimiz14 5 days ago

    My first phone was a Nokia 3310

  • xhimiz14
    xhimiz14 5 days ago

    My first phone was a Nokia 3310

  • TheBlueGamerG
    TheBlueGamerG 5 days ago

    Im as old as your dat phone.

  • Fettige Finger
    Fettige Finger 5 days ago


  • steryios foyntas
    steryios foyntas 5 days ago +1

    Xiaomis Mi8 pro is transparent

  • Pug1Gaming
    Pug1Gaming 5 days ago

    my first phone was an htc amaze 4g.

  • PensiveGamez
    PensiveGamez 5 days ago

    Holy cow! This was my first phone I brought myself. It was in the bargain bin in the phone shop. £10 and then pay as you go sim card was given to me free... I think they even gave me £5 credit.

  • T1NCH3
    T1NCH3 5 days ago


  • goldug
    goldug 5 days ago

    I had an Ericsson T10s as my very first phone. It lasted ~2 weeks. Then I got an Ericsson GA 628. That one was awesome, because I could make my own ringtone and exchange the "face" of it (like the first phone shell ever) to different colors. I had it for several years, I still miss it today.

  • Mi Pa
    Mi Pa 5 days ago

    My brother had this phone.
    I was glad to laugh him.That's when I had Sony CMD J5.

  • Collin Beal
    Collin Beal 5 days ago

    I got my first phone in 2003 as well, but it was a regular flip phone wtf

  • Victor the Kid
    Victor the Kid 5 days ago

    Okay, can I request a 2019 review of the last Nokia N95 model????
    That goddamned thing was SO POWERFUL (or so I remember)

  • Dark Skon
    Dark Skon 5 days ago

    everyone watching this video with a half smile :)

  • Radu Mircea Bunica
    Radu Mircea Bunica 5 days ago

    v bucks ftw

  • Mystical Antlers
    Mystical Antlers 5 days ago

    I got my first phone back in the 5th grade, it was the iPhone 5s which literally came out, and looking back at it now I just noticed how spoiled I was.

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor 5 days ago

    Why is Linus always the butt of "the old guy" jokes. He's like 32 haha

  • Nathan
    Nathan 5 days ago +1

    and this man is married... haha

  • M3UEC
    M3UEC 5 days ago

    This made me chuckle, but brilliant viewing!

  • Cody Schleiger
    Cody Schleiger 5 days ago

    Never getting those 14 min back

  • James Debbarma
    James Debbarma 5 days ago

    he kinda got emotional there