My first phone was CRAZY!

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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Comments • 9 571

  • Manchedepelle
    Manchedepelle 11 hours ago

    the vbux fortnight

  • Lord Baguette
    Lord Baguette Day ago

    Watching from limberwisk born in bandia-terra

  • Trash Gamer
    Trash Gamer Day ago

    If you try to send over 60 characters it counts as another message. xD

  • Trash Gamer
    Trash Gamer Day ago

    V Box. The jokes get better and better.

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean Day ago

    im the 1 566 669 viewer

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell 2 days ago

    Im not gonna lie... when he said 70$ i was like "your buggin" but i remember my first Ericson/ATT phone that i racked an 800$ SMS bill... the flashback nostalgia alone, the look on his face... as close to time traveling as *most of us will ever experience. The fact that Linus's 1st phone had full Qwerty-keyboatd makes me wild jealous.

  • Lulle’s Gaming
    Lulle’s Gaming 2 days ago

    btw fairphone has the platic backside
    i have one

  • Stefan Jud
    Stefan Jud 2 days ago

    This phone is high-tech compared with the one we had as juveniles. As kids, there were simply no affordable mobile phones available.
    So we got with like 14 a very modern Nokia 3210.
    Features: Greenlit-LCD, 4 Lines of Text, a game - snake, sms, telephone and ypu vould save up to 150 messages and 500 contacts!
    Even worse, a single sms costed like .20 cents and there were either none or like 30 at maximum included.
    I knew people nearly getting bankrupt by their children massivly sending to sms out.
    .. so Linus, enjoy! 😂

  • Alok Krishna
    Alok Krishna 2 days ago

    I was born in 2003

  • Shamindra Hewavithana

    A 15 year old phone has a headphone jack.
    *apple has left the chat*

  • RayplayzRGG
    RayplayzRGG 3 days ago

    Back in the day, I used to have a PDA

  • Layne Smith
    Layne Smith 4 days ago

    ye 360p

  • shaybob1711
    shaybob1711 4 days ago

    You are Iron age, not stone age. Stone age would be the original Motorola cell phone.
    Myself, Im Bronze age. My first cell phone was a prepaid NEC G9. No ring tones, only display showed the number you were dialing (dont think it had caller id) and it couldn't text at all.

  • Nicula Andrei
    Nicula Andrei 4 days ago

    my first phone was a brick ericson

  • lazy lawn kid
    lazy lawn kid 5 days ago

    fairphone has a clair case and its repairible

  • Manuel Freez
    Manuel Freez 8 days ago

    Oh man! i had the same cell phone! and all u say is totally right! big thumbs up!!!

  • raju melwani
    raju melwani 8 days ago

    12:13 blackberry has this game but with levels

  • Tin ALTS
    Tin ALTS 10 days ago

    as it was called in north america:

    MILKBONE 10 days ago

    Whoever made the switch to an ultrawide resolution is a ****ing legend

  • Feeded
    Feeded 10 days ago

    0:31 The V Bucks

  • Dartrix The Dark Knight

    i uas chiding my first phone uas an iphon se and i have it too dis dey and den i hade my samsung 4j plus

  • Dartrix The Dark Knight

    my firs selfon uas or is now my samsung j4 plus but iu can sey it uas my lenovo tablet

  • Jake FromStateFarm
    Jake FromStateFarm 13 days ago

    0:44 fuck you

  • Thrashifice
    Thrashifice 14 days ago

    Burh... I'm younger than you and had a phone that played mp3's... lol

    • Andre
      Andre 14 days ago

      But phones still play MP3s now?

  • Dan Ludvigsen
    Dan Ludvigsen 17 days ago

    my first phone was Nokia 6310i

  • Nedzza Gaming
    Nedzza Gaming 18 days ago

    Atleast it has a backlit

  • Jhan Saytum
    Jhan Saytum 18 days ago

    i wonder after 25years from now what is your daily driver linus 🤞🤷‍♂️

  • vorca ne
    vorca ne 19 days ago

    He said rogers he must be from Canada

    SETEKH 20 days ago

    I thought mine was the last alive :) well semi-alive as the battery is dead and I was unable to find a replacement. BTW you can only talk with the headphones plugged in so breaking the headphones is not a good thing too, at least I was able to find a replacement headphones, but that was like 10+ years ago when i was still rocking it, cuz it was and still is a very cool phone :)

  • Dariel77
    Dariel77 20 days ago

    is this phone from time of building of pyramids?

  • Seismic Squirrel
    Seismic Squirrel 20 days ago

    Damn thing looks like a freakin toy laptop straight outta the early 2000s

  • Shiroski O'charos
    Shiroski O'charos 21 day ago

    Looks like a Gameboy to me haha!

    Oh shit... How relatable....

  • Santiago Finamore
    Santiago Finamore 21 day ago +1

    Ok pretty cool but... Can it run Crysis?

  • IsaacTheHero 113
    IsaacTheHero 113 23 days ago

    still like austan evins more

  • Elijah Lloyd
    Elijah Lloyd 23 days ago

    Wow I was Born that year

  • Daniil
    Daniil 27 days ago

    HTC Exodus smartphone has a transparent plastic body
    It is pretty. In a way.

    MOST TALKS 27 days ago

    I thought you were 21 yrs old

  • Alrighty Then
    Alrighty Then 28 days ago +1

    Remember the days when phone companies valued... Transparency?

  • Thomas Kings
    Thomas Kings 29 days ago

    I grew up with a Nokia 3310 and not with crap like this.

  • Nikka Lugod
    Nikka Lugod Month ago

    720 gang

  • Yeokage
    Yeokage Month ago

    Linus got 2160p!

  • major cinnamon sweet

    imagine sending nudes on that XD

    COOKIE GOODNESS Month ago +1

    VBox = Vbucks
    VBox= Bad bUt I’ll take it.

  • DRK Execusioner
    DRK Execusioner Month ago +4

    This looks like a 2Ds XL

  • Rose Juliette
    Rose Juliette Month ago

    Can we see this modded with modern parts. I feel like you could fit a laptop graphics card in there.

  • MCatwar
    MCatwar Month ago

    my first cellphone: galaxy s7. true story

  • Nikki Hamilton
    Nikki Hamilton Month ago

    I had moto razer when I was teenager

  • - ChaosStar-
    - ChaosStar- Month ago

    V bucks

  • memememe
    memememe Month ago

    Looks like a UK Orange model. Orange is a carrier, now EE.

  • Muilisx
    Muilisx Month ago

    its like a canadian side kick

  • MattPlays12
    MattPlays12 Month ago


  • Kylefassbinderful
    Kylefassbinderful Month ago

    I was born in '86 and I remember the nightmare of every phone having some proprietary plug for power. In fact, the only device I had that charged over USB was my massive Rio Riot 20gb MP3 Jukebox and it only used USB 1.1. Cheers to modern day standards.
    I also remember having the LG Fusic w/FM transmitter built-in and that had the smaller than usual headphone port. That phone was amazing in a lot of ways except for that headphone port.

  • Racoon
    Racoon Month ago

    My first cell was the Nokia 100 Analogue

  • Imesh Hettiarachchi

    Bro this literally was the first phone i used when i was a little kid, i never really knew the model at all. this brought me back so much of memories. thank you for this

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee Month ago

    Now we know Linus's guilty pleasure

  • MR_ NERD
    MR_ NERD Month ago

    My nokia 3310 from 2000 can work 3 days on battery without charging

  • Corey Louie
    Corey Louie Month ago


  • CJB
    CJB Month ago

    1:13 "Here In 2018" Dude its 2019 keep up lol

  • mirco1205
    mirco1205 Month ago

    My first phone was the Nokia 2110, it was heavy as hell and messages run through the screen and when you missed a word you had to start the message reading again^^ At this time here in germany a minute calling cost 1.99 DM ( YES it really was DM and not €, in € it would be around 1€, AND they always counted WHOLE minutes, so 1:01 minute would be 2 minutes :D ) and a SMS was about 50 Pfennig ( about 25 cents ). Ah yeah and of course you had to pay the phone ( which was around 500 DM ) and a monthly contract price of 69 DM. If you carried this 600gramm Monster in your jacket you looked super dumb, because it pulled your jacket down the side you´re storing it ^^

  • XpletG ImprovedFQ
    XpletG ImprovedFQ Month ago

    Does it run PUBG or Fortnite?

  • Mako Next
    Mako Next Month ago

    battery sT orAge case 3:27

  • BeterBan
    BeterBan Month ago

    They don't use clear plastic anymore because they don't want you to see that there's room for a 3.5mm jack

  • Leo Wang
    Leo Wang Month ago

    Is no one just going to talk about the backlit keyboard

  • Johan Lundberg
    Johan Lundberg Month ago

    2003? in 2003 i probably got my Nokia 3210, and that phone must have been way smoother than that haha :P (my first phone was a Ericsson A1018S) ;)

  • Ethan Brasoveanu
    Ethan Brasoveanu Month ago

    1:13 *H E R E I N 2 0 1 8*

  • The Ultimate Gamer
    The Ultimate Gamer Month ago

    did he say 2018? 1:05

  • Josh J
    Josh J Month ago

    We're the same age but had wildly different first phones. I got my first one about the same year as you and started with the Nokia 5110

  • Dudimer Jones
    Dudimer Jones Month ago

    your first phone was capable of text? you are dating yourself. or, telling us how young you are, lol!

  • Xenophobic Gamer
    Xenophobic Gamer Month ago

    finally a phone named v-bucks! need to buy this one.

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet Month ago

    *V-bucks phone*

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    He was like a kid in a candy store for this video

  • Yaguarte
    Yaguarte Month ago

    Mine was the Motorola 310

  • Broadsword85
    Broadsword85 Month ago

    Damn that was your first phone.... mine was older then that... im really old...

  • SolRayz
    SolRayz Month ago

    You could have said that device was from the 80's and I would have believed it.

  • PhoenixHoodyz
    PhoenixHoodyz Month ago


  • Nate Tallent
    Nate Tallent Month ago

    v bucks

  • DragonFireHype 1
    DragonFireHype 1 Month ago

    My first phone was a government phone

  • zackington
    zackington Month ago

    thats considered a phone

  • Socky Noob
    Socky Noob Month ago

    The FX0 had a clear back lol

  • Isaac Suarez
    Isaac Suarez Month ago

    I setted the resolution to 144p.

  • Kim Zimmermann
    Kim Zimmermann Month ago

    I had the same phone at one point in life, though I was a bit younger than you I think, I had it in lime green color, it also came with a belt clip so you could attach it too your belt, looking real "smart" xD
    And yeah the headphone part of it, sucked beyond disbelief :P

  • Bryson Buchanan
    Bryson Buchanan Month ago

    wow Linus is old

    LIL LIL Month ago

    *N O S T A L G I A*

  • hengineer
    hengineer Month ago

    I agree about non-standard chargers. My VERY FIRST STANDARD CHARGER was the HTC Windows Mobile phone I had with verizon. It had a mini-usb plug!

  • hengineer
    hengineer Month ago

    my parents first cellphone was one of those "TAC" phones that was huge. my first OWN phone was the nokia brick I got from Radio Shack for Verizon in 2001

    • hengineer
      hengineer Month ago

      I've had a hard time finding the exact phone, maybe my parents still have it (they still have the same phone numbers still with AT&T!) I think it was the microTAC (due to the flip only covering the keys instead of the entire phone)

  • Masowskyy
    Masowskyy Month ago

    Watching on a Motorola moto g6 plus.

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K Month ago

    whoa you could put a rasberry pi and a colour screen and make a retro gaming machine

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K Month ago

    four sibling dang! Linus was a busy and responsible bro!

  • Josiah Hokanson
    Josiah Hokanson Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that the fx0 is the most recent phone that has a transparent plastic phone body. on the subreddit there was a community modding CM on the phone so it could run android.

  • Jackson Coop
    Jackson Coop Month ago

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • cj budz
    cj budz Month ago

    motorola c332 is my 1st 1999

  • Angel de Jesús Henández Infante

    Is This phone the same one from this Eminem Video? lol I remembered the video after i watched this!!

  • Zoltán Vajda
    Zoltán Vajda Month ago

    My first phone was an alcatel one touch view, then the alcatel one touch 300 after that my mighty siemens c35i .... those were the days! :D

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia Month ago

    Damn Canadians make babies.

  • Dukes The Lan Guy
    Dukes The Lan Guy Month ago

    i had one of these things, loved it, got stolen by a girl at school.

  • FacePlant1324
    FacePlant1324 Month ago

    My first phone was a old moto razer then i got a phone with a slide keyboard shortly after

  • 0zelena6kriza4
    0zelena6kriza4 Month ago

    Oh man and do you remember Nokia models from 2000s that was cell phone revolution!

  • novedd
    novedd Month ago

    I would turn thst into an emulator for gba games

  • Get_Deaded
    Get_Deaded Month ago

    More like vbucks

  • PJSproductions97
    PJSproductions97 Month ago

    The really scary thing is that there's 16 year olds today who weren't alive when this thing came out, and that makes me feel old.