Everyone VS Opie - Best of 2018

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • A compilation of everyone vs Gregg Opie Hughes in 2018.
    0:00-09:23 - Doug Stanhope Podcast. Anthony, Jimmy and Artie Lange attack Opie.
    09:24-22:06 - Chip Chipperson Podacast. Chip goes after Opie, with Ron Bennington and Rich Vos.
    22:07-24:34 - The Anthony Cumia Show. Anthony discusses Opie trying to get Artie on his podcast and calls Opie mental.
    24:34-27:55 - PKA Podcast. Ant talks about Opie getting him banned from the Sirius XM building.
    27:56-32:55 - Anthony makes a video mocking Opie's walk and talk videos.
    32:56-46:47 - Michael Malice Podcast.Ant talks about the issue with Opie.
    46:48-1:02:12. - Opie Radio Podcast. Opie talks with Mike Bocchetti about Anthony and Jimmy, and his firing.
    1:02:13-1:22:00. - The Anthony Cumia Show. Anthony accepts Opie's challenge to be funnier than his podcast, and discusses things that are funnier than Opie's podcast.
    1:22:01-2:18:07. - Jim & Sam. Jim talks about Opie's challenge and Opie's tweets about him.
    2:18:08-2:26:36. - Chip Chipperson Podcast. Chip attacks Opie more.
    2:26:37-2:27:59. - Opie Radio Podcast. Opie calls Jimmy a pussy for not leaving with Anthony.
    2:28:00-2:35:10. - Mike O'Meara Show. Jim responds to Opie calling him a pussy.
    2:35:11-2:45:26. - Chip Chipperson Podcast. Chip talks about Opie trying to reinvent himself.
    2:45:27-2:56:55. - Legion of Skanks. Luiz J Gomez VS Opie.
    2:56:57-2:58:03. - Opie makes a video for Joe Rogan asking him why he won't come on his podcast.
    2:58:04-3:07:40 Your Welcome With Michael Malice. Michael and Anthony discuss Opie's bizarre Joe Rogan video.
    3:07:48-3:39:10 Anthony Cumia Show. Ant listens to the Opie Radio Podcast Rant Line Promo.
    3:39:11-3:55:19 Joe Rogan Experience. Ant talks about what happened between Opie and him.
    3:55:20-4:17:46 Opie Radio Podcast. Opie says Anthony changed.
    4:17:47-4:18:29 A Very Merry Chipmas Podcast. Rich Vos makes fun of Opie.
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Comments • 559

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen Day ago

    Anthony walkimgtge streets, making fun of opie is at 28 min

  • Arcanecide
    Arcanecide 3 days ago

    I don't get the part where Anthony is just walking around the city doing nothing?

    • James Dean
      James Dean 2 days ago

      Mocking Opies ridiculous video

  • zom247
    zom247 4 days ago

    48:47 Who the fuck is this guy! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the ball washing from this guy. Genuine O&A fans know Opie would ruin a bit because he had nothing. This douche is trying to get an in with Opie. He won't help you. As for Mike Bocchetti... it's Dec 2019. He still thinks the business owes him the ground they walk on. Why won't they just tell him! There have been many comedians (When Mike has been brought up) that have said it "Why won't someone just tell him!?!"

  • Lt. Finglefuble Dingler

    Opie really didnt understand the situation at all. I dont think ope has ever had guy friends. He really does act like a woman in every situation

    54:05 this right here shows the true itdiocy of opies whole arguement. Theyd rather go to ac than be at your wedding. How is that ants fault?

    Every opie podcast is a drunken suck opies dick fest

  • Cantankerous Cowan
    Cantankerous Cowan 19 days ago +1

    Opie implying that Sherrod should change his opinion toward Anthony based on Sherrod's being black is more racist than anything I've heard Anthony say.

  • silantbill
    silantbill 20 days ago

    Who are these RETARDS Opie is talking to? The inbred fanboy and the groggy retard with the jowls. “These guys are twitter warriors but you get em in if in a basement I was in you know and asking their mothers for ice cream money!” What the fuck are you talking about you doddering fool? He sounds like Scott Shannon’s wash out half brother.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 22 days ago +1

    The man has being doing radio since he was 18!
    Show some fucking respect!

  • mattitudev1hardy
    mattitudev1hardy 23 days ago


  • hog slop
    hog slop 23 days ago +2

    Million dollar board operator

  • hog slop
    hog slop 23 days ago

    Let’s go to snowy in Michigan

  • DKCG 0113
    DKCG 0113 28 days ago +2

    Im starting to dislike this opie guy

    • BBQ Chicken WHAT!!!
      BBQ Chicken WHAT!!! Day ago

      @DKCG 0113 I'm shocked that you now are starting to dislike him. I hate him because he ruined so many funny bits on XM and destroyed a great show. That's why TheXvid is a godsend along with old WNEW shows. Opie is radio cancer he kills everything around him. Only guy in radio to f-up 3 Multi Million dollar radio gigs WNEW/XM/XM-Sirus. He's now works from his shitty garage setup that noone listens to were he belongs.

    • DKCG 0113
      DKCG 0113 Day ago

      @BBQ Chicken WHAT!!! I've been listening since I was 18

    • BBQ Chicken WHAT!!!
      BBQ Chicken WHAT!!! 22 days ago

      Listen to the complete opie & anthony saga 2004-2014 your dislike of him will turn into hate.

  • brandon McCall
    brandon McCall Month ago +1

    Opie is a legit sociopath

    • ennui blue
      ennui blue Day ago

      If he just knew his place and let the talent do the talking, he could have been well liked. He's not charismatic or creative, but he could have played his technical role instead of being resentful 🤔

  • J Wee
    J Wee Month ago

    This new black guy thinking he understands Patrice is infuriating. Patrice was a house-nigga. Stay in the field you fool

  • Lenny Marcus
    Lenny Marcus Month ago

    Sam is playing with his action figures while Opie is gonna end up at compound

  • djmasucci
    djmasucci Month ago

    Sharrod is unlistenable...and Opie is the worst. If I have to hear him say “I don’t give a fuck” one more time, I’m going to lose my mind.

  • PGH
    PGH Month ago +3

    It went from, "We absolutely fought for Anthony" to Gregg not giving "it his all".
    Dude is a textbook narccicist.

  • jan bramsen
    jan bramsen Month ago

    Love how everybody has shunned that useless sack off NOTHING. LOVE IT :-)

  • Michael Zamora
    Michael Zamora 2 months ago

    Everyone on the opie podcast is a fucking moron, and a brown nosing douche

  • Something Orother
    Something Orother 2 months ago

    "What do we got?"
    *banging on table senselessly

  • Misos
    Misos 2 months ago

    Almost everyones career were made posible thanks to the opster. Must feel bad hating your creator.

    • Michael Kinee
      Michael Kinee Month ago

      Thanks for commenting in the pandering section...

  • Matty Boy Anderson
    Matty Boy Anderson 2 months ago


  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 2 months ago

    Cocksucker opie is without a fucking doubt one cheap motherfucker but in his mind he feels that he should be givin great equipment because hes such a "great broadcaster".

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 2 months ago

    Cocksucker opie is so self centered that hes mad that Anthony left his fucking wedding and took staff with him. Well Cocksucker opie needs to understand that Anthony and the staff don't like him and this wedding was for family and the guys left because they know what a fucking little faggot opie is

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 2 months ago

    Cocksucker opie said that he was "devastated" when he was fired by Sirius. Yet for years Cocksucker opie kept saying how hes leaving and he'll give this place a chance to do the "right thing" but now that they said go fuck off opie. He turned into a crybaby bitch

  • jasper booth
    jasper booth 2 months ago

    Is sharodd black? I couldn't tell, especially when he says it every 2 seconds

  • takerdust
    takerdust 2 months ago

    I wonder how many Opie haters unironically listen to the boring/cringey Chipperson show.

    • BlackMage666
      BlackMage666 Month ago +1

      Hey Opie, you should buy a shotgun with a toe trigger instead of making accounts.

  • shadyshawn trismegistus

    Thats how oblivious and delusional opie is. He said anthony is obsessed with him and opie knows this because he has spies. Wtf? Only an obsessed asshole would even admit to having spies

  • Hayden Divine
    Hayden Divine 3 months ago

    Thats the difference between Ant and Opie. Ant used to actually work for a living at a shit job like the rest of us before he got money and fame. Opie never worked a day in his life so instead of being humble he's an arrogant piece of shit.

  • Paul Osicne
    Paul Osicne 3 months ago +1

    Opie provided nothing to any of the shows besides: "okay let's go to the callers", which I fucking hated. Fuck the callers.

  • Joshua Plunto
    Joshua Plunto 3 months ago +1

    Interestingly enough, whenever an o&A fan called and stated ANY of these "anti opie" points....we would get smashed as "divide and conquer" advocates. Smh silly geese.

    • DKCG 0113
      DKCG 0113 Month ago

      Im sure jim and ant had a few laughs together after those calls

  • Johnny Bgood
    Johnny Bgood 3 months ago +1

    Opie is a female wanker, he acts just like a fuckin broad

  • Jordan effbaby
    Jordan effbaby 3 months ago +1

    What a douche Opie in last part bitched about ant talking racist ,Opie participated or attempted to in most of the racist shit I ve heard on the old O@A clips...lol WTF

  • Hayden Divine
    Hayden Divine 3 months ago +2

    Haha opie saying anthony cant do it without him. He made a fucking empire from his basement and you got a shit podcast... Oh wait i forgot hes the master of radio

    • Hayden Divine
      Hayden Divine 3 months ago +1

      And his comment about Ant not taking responsibility... This fuckin guy can not be this stupid. This guy says shit then says he never said said shit. Even when its out there for the world.. I really tried to give Opie a break and somewhat try to like him or even his work but he makes it literally impossible

  • drew brownlee
    drew brownlee 3 months ago +23

    opie being desperate and begging joe rogan is such a douce chill moment

    • Lt. Finglefuble Dingler
      Lt. Finglefuble Dingler 6 days ago

      Hey bro they were pals ya know can’t disrespect the opester like that

    • drew brownlee
      drew brownlee 14 days ago

      @Jz i have and that entire show is the complete undressing of gregg opie hughes as a zero

    • Jz
      Jz Month ago

      drew brownlee have you checked out The Who are these podcast about opies show it’s so funny

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 3 months ago +1

    I defy you to find a better way to spend 4 hours 18minutes on a day off than listening to this.. right?? All kidding aside. Ur a legend Jack for putting this up. Period. Fuck yeah...

  • Scott Sabre
    Scott Sabre 3 months ago +1

    Jim and anthony should get a show together. Sam could be the Opie.

  • Connor Bolen
    Connor Bolen 3 months ago

    Kinda feel bad for opie just a little... hear me out lol he looks like absolute shit and is barely getting a hundred views on his current videos. It’s sad

  • J Lesh
    J Lesh 3 months ago +1

    opie is shit

  • nextgendg9
    nextgendg9 4 months ago

    thexvid.com/video/3MmXfl9r1po/video.html your welcome

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg 4 months ago

    Holy shit 2:56:00 holy shit opie is insane . His video to joe

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg 4 months ago

    I only like like chip when he’s bashing opie directly, “you thought that was funny?” “It’s edgy to burp into the mic”

  • Middle Cast
    Middle Cast 4 months ago +1

    "I wish I could go to the phones". A spit take was had.

  • Jun K
    Jun K 4 months ago

    When Anthony recording bum he gave him money so he didn’t get his ass kicked

  • GentlemanBystander
    GentlemanBystander 4 months ago +2

    Aaaannnd fired from Westwood One, I wonder if he's still got the dosh necessary to pay budget-Ron White, Patrice-Tribute-Act, and "I don't need to do this anymore for a career" to show up on whatever he's streaming from facebook to six people.

    • BlackMage666
      BlackMage666 Month ago

      Ricardo Cantoral Patrice in a coma was funnier than Sherrod.

    • Ricardo Cantoral
      Ricardo Cantoral 4 months ago +1

      "Patrice-Tribute-Act" is being generous. That guy isn't good enough to stand in the direction of Patrice's farts.

  • Jon Chi
    Jon Chi 4 months ago +1

    As big of a dick as Opie can apparently be, Jim Norton is not funny on the radio.

  • Nicholas Wojton
    Nicholas Wojton 4 months ago +1

    Opie is talentless and the only thing mildly funny about him is his name.

  • Emer
    Emer 4 months ago

    Is Sam the new Opie?

  • pronouncedtommy
    pronouncedtommy 4 months ago +1

    Just don’t understand why O&A couldn’t recreate the show without ope....

    • Andy Broberg
      Andy Broberg 4 months ago +1

      Ant Ron jimmy imo

    • djjdantenucci
      djjdantenucci 4 months ago +1

      pronouncedtommy they can. Ant and Jim would be cohosts, plug in the trav-dog

  • jadedmastermind
    jadedmastermind 4 months ago

    I had an epiphany recently. Opie is a narcissist with a persecution complex, he always blames everyone else for the problems he creates and he can't handle criticism; all of his aforementioned personality flaws are the defining characteristics of a dirty Jew. Opie explains why everybody hates Jews!

  • NeedITDeathHeated
    NeedITDeathHeated 5 months ago

    3:58:56 - Fucking Lol

  • Mark Airwind
    Mark Airwind 5 months ago +2

    leave it alone

  • MrBrucelee117
    MrBrucelee117 5 months ago

    I’d much rather get smashed in the face repeatedly with a piece of heavy mining equipment than listen to Sam Roberts. Jesus. What a boring beta cuck. With his high pitched girly voice and his stupid, half baked comments, it blows me away how he can pat himself on the back about his radio talent. This guy is just like opie. He sucks. Wow. They just throw any old cheese covered corn ball on the mic these days. 🤦‍♂️

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin 5 months ago +1

    This is brutal. I really feel bad for Opie after this.

  • PogothePurple
    PogothePurple 5 months ago

    I'll say this now while I'm thinking it, just to be fair to Ope. He's at least not as big a cunt as Maddox.

  • Tony D
    Tony D 5 months ago

    Howard Stern mentions: 3:24

  • Kodee Huggins
    Kodee Huggins 5 months ago +21

    3:58:56 lol!
    Opie talking about Ant, "He knows he can't do this shit without me brothaaa!"
    It makes me so so happy to know he's so wrong.

    • Lt. Finglefuble Dingler
      Lt. Finglefuble Dingler 6 days ago

      Opie is so self obsessed that all of his insults are against himself.

    • john dogan
      john dogan Month ago


    • PGH
      PGH Month ago +2

      I never believed in karma and still don't - for a split second I actually did when watching Gregg beg Rogan to go on his now failed podcast with crazy eyes and zero friends.

  • jasper booth
    jasper booth 5 months ago +1

    When opie would say "he's killing it for us!!" I bet it would make those comedians feel like circus seals

  • Roddy Dykes
    Roddy Dykes 5 months ago +1

    2:56:57 that whole walk around filming himself trying to talk to Joe Rogan, saying the things he’s saying: You can tell he’s a straight up nut-case, if you saw a guy on the street like that you would immediately assume mental homeless person.

  • Cat Tac
    Cat Tac 5 months ago +1


  • lou sasshole
    lou sasshole 5 months ago

    The Chip character is hack