New Boots for Griezmann, Aguero and Suarez | Puma Spark Pack Closer Look

  • Puma Spark Pack Football Boots - On the Closer Look agenda today is the Big Cat’s turn to deliver fire new goodies, in the shape of the PUMA ONE 20’s debut and the second drop for the FUTURE 5.1. Get a detailed look at each of these releases and find out all you need to know for Puma's latest on pitch pack.
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Comments • 80

  • Pro:Direct Soccer
    Pro:Direct Soccer  2 months ago +16

    Puma Future 🆚 Puma One - Which one are you taking?

    • Aurelius Ang
      Aurelius Ang Month ago +1

      Puma One. My size is UK 9.

    • Ezana Selomun
      Ezana Selomun Month ago

      I am Future fan but this time the One looks much better 😍😍🔥🔥🔥

    • Ginger 7
      Ginger 7 2 months ago

      Pro:Direct Soccer Would love a pair of Puma one 20’s in a UK men’s size 10 for the new season and would go great with my teams kit as they match the colours💛🖤

    • vitou khen
      vitou khen 2 months ago

      Puma Future

    • aimaan shafieq
      aimaan shafieq 2 months ago

      I would love to have the puma one 10 please

  • Izzul Hilmi
    Izzul Hilmi 12 days ago

    I like the puma one ❤😍
    Size uk 6.5

  • Sikandar Zahid
    Sikandar Zahid 16 days ago

    Pume Future 5.1 in size 9.5 UK. I would prefer it in the MG stud pattern if possible. Thanks.
    First time I have ever subscribed and liked so hopefully it’s worth it!

  • Rafa Bashizi
    Rafa Bashizi Month ago

    Puma future U.S size 9.5 love the leopard colorway

  • Temjen Ltr
    Temjen Ltr Month ago

    Puma one uk6😍😍😍😍

  • sam walker
    sam walker Month ago

    I’m thinking puma one. Not usually a fan of yellow boots but would wear these. UK 9 please

  • Rhett Vincent
    Rhett Vincent Month ago

    I'm loving the competition between the boot brands this year! The innovation between brands can only benefit the consumers. Stay awesome fam!
    My entry for the giveaway would definitely be for the Puma One's on size 8 US. Cheers! 🔥

  • Johan Martinez
    Johan Martinez Month ago

    Future 5.1

  • Sayak Ghosh
    Sayak Ghosh Month ago

    Puma Future 5.1 UK men's 9.

  • Abdullah Bangi
    Abdullah Bangi Month ago +4

    Has the winner been announced yet?

  • CJAG 10
    CJAG 10 Month ago

    Pro Direct If I would win I would I love the Puma One Size 6.5 UK, thanks for the opportunity, Good luck everyone

  • Mital Patel
    Mital Patel Month ago

    Puma future5.1 UK 8

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson Month ago

    Puma future us 9.5

  • Jonathan Selander
    Jonathan Selander Month ago

    Puma future, size 43 eur!

  • Simon Schwesinger
    Simon Schwesinger Month ago

    Puma Future in EU 40 please 🤚

  • issa kacem
    issa kacem Month ago +1

    The best puma🔥🔥
    Size 11

  • -Edvin S.
    -Edvin S. Month ago

    Puma one 20.1 in size 46 EU please.

  • Syed Fathuddin
    Syed Fathuddin Month ago

    Future 5.1 7.5UK

  • XxMatSnipes08xX Sports.

    Atleast they didn’t make it the puma one one again!

  • Mike Pita
    Mike Pita Month ago

    Puma future uk6

  • Sb Kaká
    Sb Kaká Month ago

    future 5.01 uk 8

  • Cliff Carder
    Cliff Carder Month ago

    Future 5.1 UK 9.5. Cheers for the review guys.

  • Ki millamen
    Ki millamen Month ago

    Would love the future 5.1, EU size 40 😍

  • Come at me bro
    Come at me bro 2 months ago

    my boots are destroyed so i would love the Future in a mens US 11.5

  • Taloot Siffledeen
    Taloot Siffledeen 2 months ago

    Puma future 5.1 in mens 11.5 US
    my boots right now are in horrible shape so this would be nice

  • Jack Haankwenda
    Jack Haankwenda 2 months ago

    Size UK 7.5 I'd like the future 5.1 because I'm a huge fan of Antoine Griezmann

  • Alex Sharma
    Alex Sharma 2 months ago

    Size 9.5 uk plzzzzzz cos I love the puma boots😍🔥⚽️👟🙏

  • Ginger 7
    Ginger 7 2 months ago +1

    Puma one 20 Uk men’s 10
    Would love these for the new season and they match my team colours so would go great with the kit💛🖤

  • Dorain Verma
    Dorain Verma 2 months ago

    UK 10 Future 5.1
    The futures will change the future of football boot industry

  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green 2 months ago

    Uk men’s fg 10.5
    The one’s are my favourite, look sick

  • Neymar10 da silva
    Neymar10 da silva 2 months ago

    Yellow IS not woaw

  • Jorge Celino
    Jorge Celino 2 months ago

    The future, size 44 kkkk

  • jerry
    jerry 2 months ago

    I'd love the PUMA 1. I'm a size 8 US

  • Anip Ghose
    Anip Ghose 2 months ago

    Puma One bcoz of the touch it provides and the leather feel and the sleek look and the flashy color.

  • EO
    EO 2 months ago +1

    puma futre 5.1 pls, sz 8 uk

  • Mssm Z
    Mssm Z 2 months ago

    I Would Love to wear That beautiful bright Puma Future i 5.1 on pitch Uk size 10

  • M Bailey
    M Bailey 2 months ago

    Loving the bright yellow on the futures uk12

  • Jordy Kafwe
    Jordy Kafwe 2 months ago

    Great review! I really like the hazard-warning colourway of this pack.🚧 The ripple effect on the K-leather also seems better than the rougher texture on the previous gen. Puma One 20 looks like a really classy leather boot now🤩 Size UK 9.5

  • Joey Seo
    Joey Seo 2 months ago

    Future, US 8

  • muhd ihsan
    muhd ihsan 2 months ago

    I would love to get the puma ones
    And i already liked and subscribed
    And my size is uk 9

  • lynx lynx
    lynx lynx 2 months ago

    Lovely colour way😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • lynx lynx
    lynx lynx 2 months ago

    Future 5.1 size UK 5 about the boots they's not much to say but perfect

  • stewart lawrence
    stewart lawrence 2 months ago

    All yellow ones are🔥🔥🔥 a size 10.5 UK. Im loving the channel

  • Azzit Mirza
    Azzit Mirza 2 months ago

    puma one 20.1 size 9uk

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 months ago

    The future 5.1 looks great with the contrasting yellow and black
    US 9

  • aimaan shafieq
    aimaan shafieq 2 months ago

    I would like to have the puma one 10 please

  • Yonjer C
    Yonjer C 2 months ago +1

    Puma Future in size 9.5. Absolutely fire

  • Christodoulos Varnava
    Christodoulos Varnava 2 months ago

    Puma one size 42.5

  • Jacob Harper
    Jacob Harper 2 months ago

    US 10 puma one

  • Naufal Yulca
    Naufal Yulca 2 months ago

    US 10

    I think puma one’s got a simple design and just right for attackers like me

  • Benjamín Figueroa
    Benjamín Figueroa 2 months ago

    I really like the One and the Platinum, but if there’s a boot that I’ve heard really good feedback is the new Future.
    That’s my choice, Puma Future 5.1 in size 9 US 🙏🙏🙏

  • Albert B.
    Albert B. 2 months ago

    These are fire. Size 41

  • Kartik Kashyap
    Kartik Kashyap 2 months ago

    Puma Future 5.1⚡! Size UK: 11

  • 31 m
    31 m 2 months ago

    Just love future series... One of my favorite!! Uk size 7and half

  • Nizam Drus
    Nizam Drus 2 months ago

    Change my mind! never worn any Puma! puma future UK6.

  • Liam Boyle
    Liam Boyle 2 months ago

    US 9.5 Future 5.1
    The future looks bright.

  • Evan Lewis
    Evan Lewis 2 months ago

    Future 5.1 UK 10

  • Niccolò Morelli
    Niccolò Morelli 2 months ago

    Size EU 45 Puma future

  • lee jarrett
    lee jarrett 2 months ago

    I’d like the future in a size 9.5 as my cat peed in my boots and now they stink...

  • Ad Cad777
    Ad Cad777 2 months ago

    Future please in size 8.5 UK🤞🏻

  • Subair kumbalam
    Subair kumbalam 2 months ago

    My size is UK 2 (22cm)
    I want the puma future it looks so gorgeous

  • Owenaldo10
    Owenaldo10 2 months ago

    I would love to win the future 5.1 in size 11 uk plz

  • Chaotic Cobra
    Chaotic Cobra 2 months ago

    Puma One in a size us 10

  • the reactions
    the reactions 2 months ago

    May I please have the puma futures

  • Elaine Dillon
    Elaine Dillon 2 months ago

    The Future 5.1 in an EU 48.5 please. I love how they look

  • Kev Dillon
    Kev Dillon 2 months ago

    UK 13
    Future 5.1 , thanks

  • 5lugRS
    5lugRS 2 months ago

    Thanks for the awesome chance. 11.5 US.

  • Sarosh M
    Sarosh M 2 months ago

    future 5.1s
    size 9uk thanks

  • s0und_w4v3
    s0und_w4v3 2 months ago

    Future 5.1 US men’s 9;
    Puma has a very bright future ahead of them if they keep making boots like these 👌

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 2 months ago

    Size 8.5
    Puma future
    The color looks amazing and I would love to try something new

  • Nathan Mayling
    Nathan Mayling 2 months ago

    future size 9 uk

  • Mikołaj Kudra
    Mikołaj Kudra 2 months ago

    9.5 Us
    8.5 Uk
    Puma future for me. As a midfielder I need soft Touch and Great lockdown which in 5.1 is obvious. Amazing colourway and I would love to have these ❤

  • James Tang
    James Tang 2 months ago

    PUMA ONE size 6.5 men US

  • Seemabi K A
    Seemabi K A 2 months ago

    Good content pro direct soccer I already subscribed your channel
    I want the puma future 5.1in the size UK2(22cm)
    I participated in most giveaways and got nothing

  • go at
    go at 2 months ago +1

    Puma one 20.1 🔥🔥🔥
    44.5 eu

  • abirex 17
    abirex 17 2 months ago

    8.5 puma future😳😳😳😳
    I love how you could customize the lacing! Good luck to everyone

  • Vikram Sodhi
    Vikram Sodhi 2 months ago

    These are 🔥🔥🔥 puma future 5.1 plzz size 8 UK

  • Guiancarlo Febres
    Guiancarlo Febres 2 months ago

    Puma one 9uk. Looks amaizing❤️

  • Ugandan Nuckles
    Ugandan Nuckles 2 months ago

    US 9
    I would love the Puma Future 5.1 because of the customizable lacing system, would fit me great because of its shape and its very good looking

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 2 months ago

    My favorite player is Aguerooooooooooo so I'd love to have the Puma One 20 for size 8 UK