Interview with Kenny Hotz of Kenny VS Spenny

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
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  • RedEyePergo
    RedEyePergo 2 hours ago

    "You look like a fucking panda with aids " 😂lmfao where were those witty comebacks on air Spenny ? probs had a pug dick in his mouth during filming

  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 10 hours ago

    he owns the youtube channel

  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago

    doesnt understand getting trolled

  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago

    desperate man .......

  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago

    no one cares about the show

  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago

    glad the spotlight has shifted

  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago


  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago

    NO one Will EVER know who you are

  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago


  • C Vogel
    C Vogel 11 hours ago

    HEs GOTTEN UGlier

  • Jake Sweedler
    Jake Sweedler Day ago

    Great Interview with the man Kenny!

  • Øystein Opstad
    Øystein Opstad 3 days ago

    Wtf is that hair lol

  • Hugh Jaynis
    Hugh Jaynis 4 days ago

    You don't have to say "mhmm" 5 times during someones response.

  • Arjan Verkade
    Arjan Verkade 4 days ago

    ps. Maybe time for new producers and littlebit modern vibe. Maybe it is time to accept that it is over and try to create new great stuff together. YOu guys must have more in you than the VS gimmick. Like a youtube sketch show. Dunno, just do something and work a bit instead of fishing for a gig dude.

  • Arjan Verkade
    Arjan Verkade 4 days ago

    Try to get contracted by TheXvid! I think KvS gets funnier and funnier as you age. Just make the show.. in the end people will buy it.. Go, spread thy wings thou angle of the gods, please save us beloved angel kenny hotz.

  • vitor3000
    vitor3000 4 days ago

    I just got back into watching Kenny vs spenny. I don't remember a show that made me LOL like that.

  • Jaystings
    Jaystings 5 days ago

    Do some push-ups

  • Ivory Melmoth
    Ivory Melmoth 5 days ago

    Adum forgot his trough at home, thirsty boi

  • TheClique86
    TheClique86 6 days ago

    I love Kenny vs Spenny but Kenny is quite a bit delusional with his self importance

  • rusty shackleford
    rusty shackleford 7 days ago

    god you give horrible interviews you sound like a depressed robot
    kenny vs spenny was amazing... but I want to know how much of that shit was fake cuz it clearly was .. you have to be able to suspend some belief to really love the show

  • Je Cal
    Je Cal 7 days ago

    Pls Kenny if u read this find a way to make more episodes

  • AJ Beaulieu
    AJ Beaulieu 8 days ago

    Terrible interviewer. Disinterested and looks at his phone.

  • mr nobody
    mr nobody 8 days ago

    Alternate video title: Long-haired Kermit the Frog interviews a 60 year old Kenny Hotz.

  • Ed Findlay
    Ed Findlay 9 days ago

    a legend.

  • Mighty Criminal
    Mighty Criminal 10 days ago

    Bro I remember I used to watched the show on Netflix Canada a couple years ago

  • ariana ghandi
    ariana ghandi 11 days ago

    Nice of kenny to give this tranny an interview

  • PsycheGaming
    PsycheGaming 11 days ago

    did you take some of kennys hair to make that mic ?

  • Taco Strat
    Taco Strat 12 days ago

    Get a fucking haircut

  • Matthiayyys
    Matthiayyys 12 days ago

    Adum btfo around 17 min mark.
    p o t t e r y

  • Corey VanHolstyn
    Corey VanHolstyn 12 days ago

    Shitty interviewer. Get a haircut.

  • imhavingillusions
    imhavingillusions 12 days ago

    Cut your damn filthy hair

  • Donovan Mitchell
    Donovan Mitchell 12 days ago

    Awesome video and interview.. terrible hair👍🏽

  • Knoblauchjunge
    Knoblauchjunge 13 days ago

    why did they shut it down ?

  • Quick Time Dan
    Quick Time Dan 13 days ago

    I wish I could interview/ have a conversation with Kenny. And encourage him to go for a new show or continue KvS. In this day and age you don't need an entire crew or a network behind you to make an entertaining show. If he announced a new project on his social media whether it was on TheXvid or twitch we would flock to it and in no time it would be monetized or even a patron would blow up. He's got the talent and recognition to do something.

  • Necros1s
    Necros1s 14 days ago

    I would crowdfund more Kenny vs Spenny!! just do another season! keep it simple and easy! your chemistry is all that is needed!

  • Necros1s
    Necros1s 14 days ago

    I love kenny!

  • Necros1s
    Necros1s 14 days ago


  • Ecomm Star
    Ecomm Star 14 days ago

    You’re a terrible interviewer

  • Katherine McCrory
    Katherine McCrory 14 days ago

    Who can keep a butt plug up their ass the longest.

  • Just Paranormal
    Just Paranormal 15 days ago

    Even if Kenny and spenny had a podcast that would be awesome!! Give us something!!

  • 8DoPsTa6
    8DoPsTa6 16 days ago

    u cant make a show like kenny vs spenny nowdays. everyone is a feminist, sjw or anti white, those people would start a shitstorm after every episode. this world is full of retards.

  • The Game Guru
    The Game Guru 16 days ago

    Nice interviewer- NOT. A gay ass guy pretending to be a girl who has long hair.

  • Faheem A
    Faheem A 16 days ago

    Such a filthy furry interviewing Kenny

  • kevin macdonald
    kevin macdonald 18 days ago

    I thought the microphone was a plant he was holding

  • no name
    no name 19 days ago

    a good voice in comedy

  • Well Done89
    Well Done89 19 days ago


  • MitchG04
    MitchG04 19 days ago

    I love Kenny vs Spenny but jesus, he is a douchebag

  • Shook Ones
    Shook Ones 21 day ago

    Who can blow the biggest far" or who can "have more fun" are probably the best episode.

  • ShakenPig
    ShakenPig 22 days ago

    good but gonna dislike because of the picture at the start

  • Gabriel Moran
    Gabriel Moran 22 days ago

    YourInterviewKindOfSuckedDOTca. But I love Kenny so I watched anyway!

  • Isaac Leon
    Isaac Leon 23 days ago

    This guy is an awful interviewer

  • Nathan Wilkinson
    Nathan Wilkinson 23 days ago

    God bless Kenny for putting up with this interview. Imagine answering questions from a guy reading his phone and either flopping his hair, licking his lips or drinking water to every answer you give.

  • GraveyardTricks
    GraveyardTricks 24 days ago

    Who the fuck is this girl interviewing him. Blocked your channel gay cunt. Keep on flicking that hair

  • PJ Hutch
    PJ Hutch 27 days ago

    just as a side note, the dog and bear is a great bar to party at.

  • Mr. O-Town
    Mr. O-Town Month ago

    wait?? the DVDs are rare? I pick one up whenever i come across them at a flea market or value village.. I have like 3 copies of each.

  • Melvin Leong
    Melvin Leong Month ago

    Kenny needs to make a podcast

    • Nicky P
      Nicky P 27 days ago

      if only you knew

    JUNGLE PUZZLE Month ago

    Please bring the show back for fuck sakes

  • FuturePants
    FuturePants Month ago

    100 bucks says Kenny did no research into this animal abuser before agreeing to be on camera with someone who fucks animals.

    • YourMovieSucksDOTorg
      YourMovieSucksDOTorg  Month ago

      Kenny set up humiliations where Spenny had to give a rimjob to a cat, get humped by a goat, and get dogs to eat food out of his asshole. And yet you're claiming I'm an animal fucker simply because I've previously pointed out that people like yourself don't actually give a shit about animal consent? You are exactly what I'm talking about. You are so delusional it hurts.

  • Xxpoplock123xX
    Xxpoplock123xX Month ago

    Should've asked about the gorilla episode!

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young Month ago

    Omg poor Kenny man you seem weird af

  • DcPower *
    DcPower * Month ago

    Spenny son gone big

  • Linus Envy
    Linus Envy Month ago

    how many times did she adjust her hair in this vid? at least every :37 seconds.

  • Peej -
    Peej - Month ago

    Unexpected face reveal

  • hoonaignachowaneha
    hoonaignachowaneha Month ago

    Dog fucker meets Slimy Jew.

  • BakedOFF Shatter lol

    17:40 adult children

  • Anton E Krog
    Anton E Krog Month ago

    Why is he holding the plant in one hand, and his phone in the other. Is he afraid that crazy bastard Kenny might attack him??
    Lol thank for the interview, always good to see Kenny, what an awesome guy.

  • TheShadowofDormin
    TheShadowofDormin Month ago +4

    My little brother made a Kenny Hotz PS3 account and would pretend to be Kenny and would have to look up episodes when people would grill him

  • TheShadowofDormin
    TheShadowofDormin Month ago +2

    Kenny Vs Spenny was the best!!! I remember I had a Korean student live with us and he was shocked with what they could get away with. The acid episode was amazing but to far

  • matt shine
    matt shine Month ago

    I tried to donate to your bitcoin but its not working would you do a video of you cutting your hair for a thousand bucks

  • Jennifer Baker
    Jennifer Baker Month ago

    Kenny fucked meat. That’s both beastiality and necrophilia- two things that he always accused spenny of.

  • NotoriousHD
    NotoriousHD Month ago

    14:15 wtf is that sound that the guy in the orange shirt makes lol

    • matt shine
      matt shine Month ago

      lol I think hes meowing his interviews are so awkward

  • Isaac Corkum
    Isaac Corkum Month ago

    The interviewer pisses me off for no other reason other than he looks/sounds like a hermaphrodite

  • groovass65
    groovass65 Month ago

    His constant hair fidgeting and head tilting is so annoying.

    • matt shine
      matt shine Month ago

      14:15 for his meowing at kenny

  • R0KURU
    R0KURU Month ago

    Kenny, what is your liveleak account!?

  • mixy85dc dc
    mixy85dc dc Month ago +2

    I think this was a great interview . I’m a crazy huge fan of KvS and the way he broke down the show was awesome

  • Jeremy Mclean Films

    What a nice fucking guy

  • relikvija
    relikvija Month ago

    just cut off that hair man

  • Cole Sletten
    Cole Sletten Month ago

    And that fucking laugh

  • Cole Sletten
    Cole Sletten Month ago

    Share your damn hair. That shit is greese

  • Biqnutz
    Biqnutz 2 months ago

    very good interview i love this show so much and kenny is such a good guy man would i love to see another show i would watch that shit even pay for it kvs was and is still to this day one of the best realest shows of all time and doesnt get funnier with this crazy jewish mothafucka! love u kenny god bless and props to the interviewer nice questions!

  • Friezbee
    Friezbee 2 months ago

    Hes fucking old

  • Johan Ekland
    Johan Ekland 2 months ago

    Kevin Spacey with a wig.

  • Wu Lu
    Wu Lu 2 months ago +2

    Kenny is awesome as always! But you are *really bad* at doing interviews!! Sry don't @ me

  • Q K
    Q K 2 months ago

    Damn Kenny got so old quick man he used to be so sexy lol 😝

  • Glenn Cross
    Glenn Cross 2 months ago

    That shirt... Crash Bandicoot on meth?

  • Ryan Paradis
    Ryan Paradis 2 months ago

    I dig your Hausu shirt

  • mynameisreza1
    mynameisreza1 2 months ago

    Notice Kenny has considerably cut down on his swearing. A consequence of now being a parent perhaps?

  • Quebeck Films
    Quebeck Films 2 months ago

    One of the greatest shows ever

  • Wayne Scott
    Wayne Scott 2 months ago

    plz kenny vs spenny , elder edition

  • Paulin Cailloux
    Paulin Cailloux 2 months ago

    Hey Kenny what do you think about sex with dogs?

  • BEŞIKTAŞ 1903
    BEŞIKTAŞ 1903 2 months ago

    The voice sucks

  • TRIST wong
    TRIST wong 2 months ago

    Kenny vs spenny was on netflix in canada anyways

  • Carter Flath
    Carter Flath 2 months ago

    This guy had a shot at a great interview with an absolute beauty and he fucked it. What and awkward dorky fucker lmao

    JACKUAR RAP 3 months ago

    Now I hate Netflix

  • PeradonCentury
    PeradonCentury 3 months ago

    As a Kenny vs Spenny superfan, this was really interesting to watch. Thank you for getting this bud. My two main take aways from this is 1. For all the shit Kenny gave Spenny about his looks, Spenny has the last laugh. 2. Spenny cant do this thing, too bad for us.

  • shithead2415
    shithead2415 3 months ago

    that guy is playing with his mobile while doing an interview? he is a real retard

    • Joseph S
      Joseph S Month ago

      he's got his questions written down on it. You are the real retard lol XD

  • ripper legend
    ripper legend 3 months ago

    Adam, go fuck a dog
    Kenny, you're a good hasid

  • Md Rafiqu Rahman
    Md Rafiqu Rahman 3 months ago

    I don't know if it's syncing issue but it looks like Adams sounds coming from somewhere else like he is not even moving his lips

  • Paul Blade
    Paul Blade 3 months ago

    I still got all my Kenny vs spenny season dvds from Hmv, never let em go