Interview with Kenny Hotz of Kenny VS Spenny

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
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  • mynameisreza1
    mynameisreza1 3 days ago

    Notice Kenny has considerably cut down on his swearing. A consequence of now being a parent perhaps?

  • Quebeck Films
    Quebeck Films 5 days ago

    One of the greatest shows ever

  • Wayne Scott
    Wayne Scott 8 days ago

    plz kenny vs spenny , elder edition

  • Paulin Cailloux
    Paulin Cailloux 9 days ago

    Hey Kenny what do you think about sex with dogs?

  • BEŞIKTAŞ 1903
    BEŞIKTAŞ 1903 9 days ago

    The voice sucks

  • Tristen Wall
    Tristen Wall 11 days ago

    Kenny vs spenny was on netflix in canada anyways

  • Carter Flath
    Carter Flath 15 days ago

    This guy had a shot at a great interview with an absolute beauty and he fucked it. What and awkward dorky fucker lmao

    JACKUAR RAP 17 days ago

    Now I hate Netflix

  • PeradonCentury
    PeradonCentury 19 days ago

    As a Kenny vs Spenny superfan, this was really interesting to watch. Thank you for getting this bud. My two main take aways from this is 1. For all the shit Kenny gave Spenny about his looks, Spenny has the last laugh. 2. Spenny cant do this thing, too bad for us.

  • shithead2415
    shithead2415 24 days ago

    that guy is playing with his mobile while doing an interview? he is a real retard

  • ripper legend
    ripper legend 24 days ago

    Adam, go fuck a dog
    Kenny, you're a good hasid

  • Md Rafiqu Rahman
    Md Rafiqu Rahman 26 days ago

    I don't know if it's syncing issue but it looks like Adams sounds coming from somewhere else like he is not even moving his lips

  • Paul Blade
    Paul Blade 28 days ago

    I still got all my Kenny vs spenny season dvds from Hmv, never let em go

  • D
    D Month ago

    Anyone agree spenny is a snowflake? He is now banning people from mentioning "Wolfish"

  • ItsTh3o
    ItsTh3o Month ago

    14:14 Did this nigga just meow?

  • Mr. Brillz
    Mr. Brillz Month ago

    Damn this is the worst interviewer I've ever seen. Absolutely no curiosity and totally self absorbed.

  • 54321FUCKYOU2
    54321FUCKYOU2 Month ago

    Please come backkkkkk

  • Joseph Kroon
    Joseph Kroon Month ago

    Kenny didn't compete. He was worried about Spenny winning every single episode. Pathetic.

  • Sayuru Elaiyakumaran

    Yo Kenny your the best man I seriously love your work on KvS but you’re actually really nice guy with a sick sense of humour. Nice to see you doing well, best wishes to Kenny and his mental health.

  • number6
    number6 Month ago

    The hair looks like a pain in the ass to deal with. You keep fucking with it and you look like a chick with all the head tossing you have to do to keep it out of your face. How much of your life are you going to waste to keep that look?

  • Nature Nanny
    Nature Nanny Month ago

    When you have a good run in interview while the guys answering you shouldn’t be looking at your cell for the next question just go with the flow. Otherwise this was a good interview nice job

  • Roddrik 1
    Roddrik 1 Month ago

    Kenny is a fuckin LEGEND

  • Photographic Synthesis

    I don't know why I think this would make a great episode but I feel like it could; who could dig a deeper hole. That sounds dumb but I feel like if Kenny and Spenny did it it would be hilarious.

  • Zimbaa
    Zimbaa Month ago

    I originally found Kenny vs spenny on Netflix years ago

  • Zimbaa
    Zimbaa Month ago

    I’m so glad his face isn’t in most his videos. His hair and face combination makes me cringe. His vids are good tho

  • Benedictus 16
    Benedictus 16 Month ago +1

    Kenny is still narcisisst, pooooor Spenny

  • Jesus Hong
    Jesus Hong Month ago +1

    Grandpa you were my first lover
    Grandpa you said there was no other
    Grandpa Grandpa would open the door
    To see little Spenny asleep
    He wiggled his finger as he sucked on my dick
    Grandpa stop molesting me
    Grandpa stop molesting me
    Grandpa I fucked you in the ass
    In the old folks home
    Grandpa Grandpa don't sit on my face
    I'd rather get nasty alone
    I break into Grandpas room in the old folks home
    Pull down his pants & have my way

  • Maximiliano Ríos Vera

    Hey adam, I just wanted to say that your hair looks somehow even more retarded on video than it does on a still image. 💩💇‍♂️

  • kdoeone
    kdoeone Month ago

    Cut your dam hair. Shits retarded

  • Justaguyyoutubin
    Justaguyyoutubin Month ago

    Tie your fucking hair back you spastic idiot. You're jiggling and squirming like Spenny, while he's getting fucked by his dad.

  • 223 Remington
    223 Remington Month ago

    Leave the mics. The interview covered "shit being real". Having an interview in a bar SHOULD have clinking glasses.

  • Simon Peter Abraham

    I would have imagined Kenny hotz influencing South Park, turns out Matt and trey probably influenced hotz.

  • Emily Freeman
    Emily Freeman Month ago

    One of my favorite shows ❤❤
    This interview made me happy

  • bio nett
    bio nett Month ago

    hes really hinting hard that he wants to do KvS again...

  • Flix Talk
    Flix Talk Month ago

    Great interview!

  • Liam Moran
    Liam Moran Month ago

    There was just an Inside Scientology ad before this video. 😂

  • Joel
    Joel Month ago

    some billionaire needs to put these guys back on tv. They are my absolute favourite.

  • scott p
    scott p Month ago

    bring back goldar!! meat and first to touch the ground are the 2 best IMO. But theyre all amazing.

  • madmehr
    madmehr Month ago

    what you were in toronto?

  • Xavier Watkins
    Xavier Watkins Month ago

    Kenny Hotz is a god!

  • Mike Jarrett
    Mike Jarrett Month ago +1

    Kenny hotz is hilarious but he just comes across as a massive asshole.

  • A Texas Mickey Molotov Cocktail

    Tom Green is the godfather.

  • micha stevanovic
    micha stevanovic Month ago

    what if we got kenny vs spenny in the new college humor channel dropout, its supposed to be uncensored comedy

    YUNG NOODLE ARM Month ago

    for someone thta didnt talk a lot you sure did drink a lot of water adam with a U

  • Vega
    Vega Month ago

    hes so old. fml im old

  • tajrulzify
    tajrulzify Month ago

    the hair makes you look like an ugly woman.

  • Midnght Eclipse
    Midnght Eclipse Month ago

    Why did you hold that thing the entirr time?

  • odinsmeadhorn
    odinsmeadhorn Month ago

    How this hasn't been rebooted as a netflix or prime series is baffeling to me. There is no justice.

  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie Month ago

    Get out me car

  • nateman79
    nateman79 Month ago

    During 2016 elections, Kenny worked for liberal propaganda shit pile VICE. never been so disappointed in a person.

  • Garkolym
    Garkolym Month ago

    Please! Bring him back to TV! Please Please Please! This show was the best, i have ever seen ... Greetings from Germany

  • zippy o
    zippy o Month ago

    I think every one starts off on spennys side, and then as time goes on, you realise how idiotic he is and just want to see Kenny ruin him.

  • Tyler Connor
    Tyler Connor Month ago

    I wonder if adam ever puts his hair up.

  • James Town
    James Town Month ago


  • TheGreener121
    TheGreener121 Month ago +4

    KvS best. show. ever.

  • private pyle
    private pyle Month ago

    Laughed a lot at kenny over the years. To bad some fuckin geek had to do this interview.


    Spenny is probably making Twink pornography now.

  • Z3r0x7
    Z3r0x7 Month ago

    I saw the thumbnail and for some reason thought Hila Klein was doing the interview...

  • Cory Gaunt
    Cory Gaunt Month ago

    k vs s was on netflix for a while in canada a few years back

    NELOPES7 Month ago

    Oh ya

  • -Genes-
    -Genes- Month ago +2

    I can’t believe you didn’t ask anything about Goldfield!

  • Cj Burnett
    Cj Burnett Month ago

    No mention of what spenny is up to? =( love ya Kenny!

  • carl
    carl Month ago

    Why hasnt kenny been on joe rogan

  • AbduCola
    AbduCola Month ago

    Spenny was under the table the entire interview and was not allowed to talked

  • TinyDancerX99
    TinyDancerX99 Month ago +1

    Mr. DOTorg, thank you for introducing me to KvS with your original video. I love it more than most things.

  • Albert Chehade
    Albert Chehade Month ago

    WoW, the hair..........

  • Pastafari
    Pastafari Month ago

    I feel so fucking old now

  • Rafsan Shakur
    Rafsan Shakur Month ago


  • mark burhoe
    mark burhoe Month ago

    This guy is so fucking boring.... his questions suck, it's like he doesn't know anything about the person he is interviewing and he has no personality.

    • Alyson Grey
      Alyson Grey 14 days ago

      That's how you have to be in a interview mate

  • Mc Sneezy
    Mc Sneezy Month ago +5

    You are a very beautiful woman

  • Zeels90 Fortnite
    Zeels90 Fortnite Month ago


  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 Month ago

    Is that a girl? If it is it's one of the crazy fugliest girls I've ever seen, damn

  • Thuro Maintenance
    Thuro Maintenance Month ago +1

    What a weird fucking interview

  • Justin V
    Justin V Month ago

    Love your show!!! I would have killed to see season 7. :/ spenny....

  • East Kill3r
    East Kill3r Month ago

    Yeah, a guy that shit talks movies behind a computer screen I would expect to look like you so good job on not breaking any stereotypes.

  • Dylan Patterson
    Dylan Patterson Month ago

    Bring it backkkk

  • Ayecie
    Ayecie Month ago

    Started watching KvS in 2007/08. I used to scour youtube for episodes. There was this one channel who used to post them consistently back then called "douchenozzlesucker" and i still haven't forgotten lol. Me and my friend used to write our own episodes and play them out at recess, complete with a humiliation at the end, i was a giant fan back then and still am. Fuck, i've enjoyed literally everything Kenny has done, from pitch, papal chase to triumph of the will, i'm just so thankful for this mans career. It feels good to hear that he's content with where he's at and wouldn't mind just hanging it all up. I'm 100% down and i'm sure the whole fanbase is for a new season, having older guys be put through the shows gauntlet again would be fucking hilarious, but i feel that it'd just be too much for todays PC culture, it just wouldn't fly. Even listening back to Kenny's podcast which he did only like 4 years ago is scary because the shit he says in it would get him burned at the stake by today's media. It's sad and unfair but i'm just happy we got what we got.
    Also, i better get my Vaughan ass to that pub asap, cheers.

  • Gregory Dreyer
    Gregory Dreyer Month ago

    Kenny - I've literally watched or listened almost every single piece you've done, which is why I know your psychosis has lead you to read every comment on this page. Loved the podcast you did a few years back, more people should ask you about Triumph.
    Glad you were able to fight through the awkward interview style of this guy (thanks for putting the interview together!) and give us some gems. You've never commented as deeply on KvP as you did in this; the realism approach to KvP, pointing out its dogma, the moralistic ambiguity of bad guy / good guy, exposing the audience for how shitty we are in cheering you guys on in the gladiator ring. Fucking loved all of it.
    That being said, you mentioned thinking about giving it and walking away. I haven't seen you give an interview like this in a while, it looks and sounds like you've have this different perspective than before which could enable you to make the best shit you've ever done. You could be right on the precipice of your best work and not even know it.
    I say you keep at it, die with a microphone in your hand because to me you clearly have a lot more to say that the world should hear.

  • Steve Ertel
    Steve Ertel Month ago

    he asked the dumbest questions.

  • Steve Ertel
    Steve Ertel Month ago +2

    worst interviewer ever

  • BriggsygameZ
    BriggsygameZ Month ago

    I found out about kenny vs spenny from a woman

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve Month ago

    The legend

  • matheuss berant
    matheuss berant Month ago

    I want them to swap haircuts. The background audio wasn't terrible. Nice interview, I want to see you interviewing Spenny.

  • Karly Beteau
    Karly Beteau Month ago

    "Mama mia, papa pia baby's got the diarrhea"
    I just finished re-watching the show for the second time. Best fucking show ever!

  • Ry Mac
    Ry Mac Month ago

    still one of my favs

  • nate dean
    nate dean Month ago

    Hah! I still have KvS dvd's.

  • MadMo_11
    MadMo_11 Month ago +1

    Love kenny. Fuck spenny

  • orion deschamps
    orion deschamps Month ago

    10:11 aka edgy Spongebob

  • orion deschamps
    orion deschamps Month ago

    The god himself. Your review made me watch almost all of the show

  • Smoke at least one
    Smoke at least one Month ago

    I grew up watching the show. There will never another show like kVs.

  • Sam Easter
    Sam Easter Month ago

    All hail Lord Kenny!

  • Gavin McIngus
    Gavin McIngus Month ago

    KvS was te best show ever.

  • Reb Roboturner
    Reb Roboturner Month ago

    Canadian dog sex

  • Obstriegel
    Obstriegel Month ago +1

    11:08 ohhh please Kenny stop lying. We all now you enjoyed to destroy Spenny not just for the show.

  • D G
    D G Month ago

    There is not a chance in hell I would believe those episodes were not scripted or that Spenny was being genuine.

    • Alyson Grey
      Alyson Grey 14 days ago

      If they were they are the greatest actors ever, and they are exactly the same in live events.

  • dayofthesnakes
    dayofthesnakes Month ago

    Funny Kenny mentioned his social media presence. He totally went from posting shit about Spenny almost every day and then dropped off the face of his FB and Twitter accounts. Spenny is now a more shameless self promoted on social media than Kenny.

  • Flexxed0nMyself Oops

    what's kennys yt chanel?

  • Rhys Ure
    Rhys Ure Month ago

    What an awkward, poorly executed interview lol

    • Alyson Grey
      Alyson Grey 14 days ago

      He's a youtuber give him a break

  • Dan Theman
    Dan Theman Month ago

    Buy back the house on sherbourne and squeeze out a throwback season

  • sqatch92
    sqatch92 Month ago

    Kenny Hotz will always have my respect for unleashing the Best Fart on TV.