AJ's Hearts of Iron IV Developer Preview!


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  • Erik Pendleton
    Erik Pendleton Month ago

    Must have given up - never saw his review. I am sure it would have been "WTF? I am supposed to take over the world with this over complicated POS with lousy UI?".

  • Aaron Diener
    Aaron Diener 2 months ago

    In all honesty, he would probably have raged after wasting 6 hours to lose from BS that was out of his control

    GASHI YUMI 10 months ago

    Im think aj dont like this game but he like strtegy game like civ 5

  • Leonardo Antonio
    Leonardo Antonio Year ago

    You know what's more intimidating? Hearts of iron 3 UI, and all the stuff to do when everything is in manual mode

  • Tahar Bouaf
    Tahar Bouaf Year ago

    Lovely and interesting

  • Theriptilegammer
    Theriptilegammer Year ago

    Please make a lets play of this game

  • Brad From Scene Twenty Four

    I do not focus so much on planes my self. I just focus on a massive and technologically advanced military. I see all of you focussing on production. I bombard my workers as soon as I get in to start on industry. I cut half of my country into War Industry and the other half to make civilian factories to produce some for trade. And if you want an easy game you work towards communism or fascism so you have no democracy slowing you down. And for research fuck that industrial research I NEED MORE POWERFUL GUNS!

  • Viking Gaming
    Viking Gaming 2 years ago

    This game is shiiiiit

  • Steven C Shen
    Steven C Shen 2 years ago

    Yeah good tutorial alright, this is probably the WORST tutorial in any games ever created, it just chucks you in as Italy and leave you be, no instructions no nothing.

  • Gabes.
    Gabes. 2 years ago

    I'm kind of disappointed how they lowered the amount of planes in the air.

  • David Wright
    David Wright 2 years ago

    Is this on ps4

  • dekadencja
    dekadencja 2 years ago

    Poland loves you too AngryJoe!

  • Pavle Pavlovic
    Pavle Pavlovic 2 years ago

    if i ever saw a bad presenter , man, when i think about it , most of them are like , i dont know where they get them, kind of ppl that dont know waht " New Game " means , those kind of ppl get selected for presenting ... its like yeah you will be there to clean the desk , and while you are at it , present Harts of Iron 4...

  • Dryer Voyage
    Dryer Voyage 2 years ago +5

    "We do have a good tutorial" lmao

  • Mason Mead
    Mason Mead 2 years ago

    this game is trash compared to Hearts of Iron 3

  • James Cope
    James Cope 2 years ago

    wait can you play as finland?

    • Drake
      Drake 2 years ago

      +Tiger . Nope and 1939

    • Tiger . Nope
      Tiger . Nope 2 years ago +1

      Yes my dude, you can play as any country during the time of 1936, just some of them wont have as much action

  • MrJDG2011
    MrJDG2011 2 years ago

    Well they geolocked the german version with a huge censor here in germany. Fuck this game...

    • Fascist Legion
      Fascist Legion 2 years ago

      They actually removed the officers portraits? I can understand me himmler and Joseph but anyone else like Rommel where serving their country. What a bunch of bitches that don't know the difference between genocide and duty.

    • Kenneth Warring
      Kenneth Warring 2 years ago

      lol, don't hate the game. it's more or less the German government that caused it.

    • MrJDG2011
      MrJDG2011 2 years ago

      +Jan III Sobieski They removed portriats of german Officers and Hitler completly and there wont be any DLCs with free content here

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago

      What did they censor? ;/

    • AlexanderHL
      AlexanderHL 2 years ago

      Pirate it you dummy :)

  • Moutton Noir
    Moutton Noir 2 years ago

    I am fascinated by WW1 & 2 and have read/studied the period extensively. I love Victoria 2 and have 100's of hours clocked up in play. I bought HOI3 with great expectations. It has been my most frustrating gaming experience ever! I've never been able to find a handle on the game- I've spent hours, I've devoted time watching "let's play" youtube posts but I just can't seem to crack it. HOI4 looks fantastic but it also looks just as, if not more complex than 3. I want to master this game but my experience to date has dampened my enthusiasm. Maybe I'll hang fire a bit, watch a few let's plays and wait for a Steam sale then I won't feel so bad about spending so much on a game that I fail to conquer. Wish I could be more positive about it.

    • Moutton Noir
      Moutton Noir 2 years ago


    • Elliot Close
      Elliot Close 2 years ago

      If you have friends who understand and play the game, get them to help, if none, teach yourself, experiment. The game for me was much easier to understand the EU4, but no something you can jump into. Also watch some youtubers play, but not tutorials but through them actually playing it. I was able to make a Fascist USA from watching the youtuber TheDevilDogGamer's playthrough

    • Pontifex Tigris Maximus
      Pontifex Tigris Maximus 2 years ago

      Uh.... frustrating ? I learned the entire HUD and mechanics after one big game as Germany

  • furylogic
    furylogic 2 years ago

    yawn .

  • np11111
    np11111 2 years ago

    I wonder if you could accept the request to give Germany Danzig, and then the war would be prevented

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago

      While I play as Poland it takes me two weeks to make Germany capitulate :D

    • np11111
      np11111 2 years ago

      +James Cope danke

    • James Cope
      James Cope 2 years ago

      lol nice name

    • np11111
      np11111 2 years ago

      +Ace Michael Wittmann Nice

    • Slovenian Home Guard
      Slovenian Home Guard 2 years ago

      You can ally Germany as Poland and then take on Soviet Union together.

  • Anas Bouhassoun
    Anas Bouhassoun 2 years ago +6

    Are you fucking kidding me? They hired this DUMBASS to do a review for this complex game? Wtf?!

    • Nikos A
      Nikos A 2 years ago


    • MrLeermeister
      MrLeermeister 2 years ago

      lol, they may have simplified the game enough for joe

  • zimizi
    zimizi 2 years ago

    5:05 LOL srsly

  • John Malovich
    John Malovich 2 years ago

    i bet his high lol

  • 鳳皝
    鳳皝 2 years ago

    I want to use Silesia to attack and controll Poland, Czech=Slovakia, Germany. I hope IN This GAME, it will have Silesia and Silesia culture.

  • Alden Ben
    Alden Ben 2 years ago

    Poland is one of my favorite country too because they made the witcher!!

  • KIT2142
    KIT2142 2 years ago

    No resources, no order of battle, miserable research.
    And those battles, draw a line- press a button
    Holy shit, and they call this "grand strategy game"? What a joke.

    • Andres Batista
      Andres Batista 2 years ago +1

      but you can draw the line and command the troops within them and your troops will still have the planning bonus thingymajiger.
      As well i personally think that the research in HoIV is a lot more polished, and also you have national decisions like Rhineland or treaty of Versailles i dont know if that is in HOI III haven't played in a while

    • KIT2142
      KIT2142 2 years ago +1

      +Andres Batista You will not have a bonus without battle plan, so drawing lines is mandatory. Research- compare research tree from HoI3 to HoI4

    • Andres Batista
      Andres Batista 2 years ago +1

      yes resources, you can control your troops however you want, how is the research bad?
      and those battles, command how ever you want
      Grand strategy war-games: typically focus on a war or series of wars, often over a long period of time. Individual units, even armies, may not be represented; instead, attention is given to theaters of operation.

  • журналист
    журналист 2 years ago

    Lol @ women pretending to be gamers.

  • Simple Jack and a Horse

    Is there a custom mode where you can set your own win conditions? and you do not need to follow historical way of events?

    • akis geo
      akis geo 2 years ago

      +Simple Jack and a Horse there is an end date (1936 or 1939 until 1949) but it's very easy to mod and within 1 week maximum steam workshop will be full of "expand end date" mods...so you can make it to end in 2999 for example

    • Simple Jack and a Horse
      Simple Jack and a Horse 2 years ago

      +akis geo and it can go for ages, right? I mean there is no set amount of time to win?

    • akis geo
      akis geo 2 years ago

      It's not a history simulator... for example you can take Germany and start a civil war in order to go communist... or take Britain and go fascist... you can alternate the history

  • ademar9988
    ademar9988 2 years ago +2

    I love her voice

  • ademar9988
    ademar9988 2 years ago

    Finaly i can play as the Fuhrer and conquer the world to end the new world order of capitalists pigs

  • iateaplumandifeelweird

    I like to play this game. How long would it take to learn it?

  • Gruff
    Gruff 2 years ago

    This comment section is filled with nit picky smart asses who cant accept the fact that some people might not be a History nerd. Gott im Himmel!

  • Pride Of The Fatherland
    Pride Of The Fatherland 2 years ago +5

    Joe PLEASE review hearts of iron IV - im begging you.

  • Txj aa
    Txj aa 2 years ago

    PLEASE, follow this game closely I am looking very much forward to its realese!

  • Teoras duxas
    Teoras duxas 2 years ago +1

    He sounds like a guy who is interviewing her for a porn movie, wtf.

  • andrew young
    andrew young 2 years ago +3

    You know the girl showing him the game is super hot when joe acts that calm

  • Heim ins Reich
    Heim ins Reich 2 years ago

    i hope they did something about:
    - threat mechanic (tedious long wait times are tedious)
    - GUI (same depth, clean layout)

  • Heim ins Reich
    Heim ins Reich 2 years ago

    @AngryJoe: you should try to get into Crusader Kings 2.
    It's very hard at first due to a very steep learning curve but man oh man it is so exciting to build an empire around a royal bloodline.
    Expanding your realm through marriage/torture/homicide.
    groom future ruler(s), fufure council members, just TMI to describe it all.
    The sheer amount of things that can happen creates a story behind every character.
    There are some pretty crazy things that can happen, you can find enough crazy stories about the things that happened spontaneous while playing.

  • F4aXxZ 〈3
    F4aXxZ 〈3 2 years ago

    Thank you for destroying this series and making it bullshit.. Well i still have HoI3... Fuck Paradox

  • Yuri Andropov
    Yuri Andropov 2 years ago +2


  • Njoy
    Njoy 2 years ago

    Take your own mics with you Joe, i feel like im on a plane and you are the captain.

  • totalnizmetek
    totalnizmetek 2 years ago

    JOe shouldve joined the ranks with the Darkest hour game.

  • Mic Dy
    Mic Dy 2 years ago

    not impressed by this game

  • Alecxace
    Alecxace 2 years ago

    I'm buying this!

  • Levi Goldman
    Levi Goldman 2 years ago

    joe if you like this you should play other paradox grand strategy games like Victoria 2 crusader kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4.

  • Sjwaria Law
    Sjwaria Law 2 years ago

    Did they take back their fucking utterly stupid decision of not having fuel in this game?
    Yeah you read it right, a grand strategy game that has no fuel simulation, your tanks, ships and planes can just run on gravity engines!

  • Quantum Immortality
    Quantum Immortality 2 years ago

    that soundtrack!! =)

  • tyler kane
    tyler kane 2 years ago

    how the hell can you play hearts of iron but havent played europa or ck2 and to get rhineland completed you have to have austria and germany and all her lost property back from world war 1

  • Trusteft
    Trusteft 2 years ago

    Why do these publishers approach AJ for these games? I like AJ but his strategy tactics are of the grab big heavy whatever and attack variety.

  • Duncan Stewart
    Duncan Stewart 2 years ago

    Game looks so basic. She clicked like 6-7 times and won the war, while in hoi3 you are completely engaged in the combat from start to finish.

    • TrackSpider
      TrackSpider 2 years ago

      Yep, completely engaged in making all theaters autonomous and sitting back

  • PoliticsGaming
    PoliticsGaming 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who sees animations of bombings on Poland? 3:55

  • James A Clouder
    James A Clouder 2 years ago

    Angry Joe, if you want a nice, easy game to ease you into Grand Strategy, this is probably noting going to be the one! I've always found Hearts of Iron to be the Darks Souls of Grand Strategy.

    • np11111
      np11111 2 years ago

      +James A Clouder yep

    • James A Clouder
      James A Clouder 2 years ago

      Actually, playing the game now, it was much easier to get into and understand than I expected. It's still complex, but at least the complexity is understandable now

    • np11111
      np11111 2 years ago

      Vic2 is probably one of the easiest ones to tackle

  • Austin Hurt
    Austin Hurt 2 years ago

    I was never really able to get as into Hearts of Iron 3 as I was into Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings. But 4 looks to have an improved UI so I'll have to give it a shot.

  • poe farm
    poe farm 2 years ago

    nazis new fav game

  • lovetownsend
    lovetownsend 2 years ago

    looks like plants vs zombies times abillion lol
    also that PO women :p PO people always sound the same

  • Johnny Begood
    Johnny Begood 2 years ago

    is there an option to turn of all the animated chaos over the battlefield, like in HOI2 ?

  • binary1123
    binary1123 2 years ago

    I gotta admit, I'm way to stupid to know how to play these games :(

  • Crazy_Canuck_97
    Crazy_Canuck_97 2 years ago

    Cringe "yess" by the developer

  • DarkDeserter
    DarkDeserter 2 years ago

    This new one looks good, I'm pretty excited.

  • lLegion
    lLegion 2 years ago

    i was like "i have no idea what's going on right now" for the entire video... not necesseraly a bad thing of course xD

  • GmoneyStylez
    GmoneyStylez 2 years ago


  • CP
    CP 2 years ago

    Ohh Linda angryjoe noice

  • Nihadkeso
    Nihadkeso 2 years ago

    Game looks beyond stupid

    • DawnofInfo
      DawnofInfo 2 years ago +2

      +Nihadkeso Easy boy. It was only your reflection on the monitor.

  • Chech Nya
    Chech Nya 2 years ago

    I hope they don't do the same shit as with the other games, such as an insane amount of DLC just to play a nation, or worse, religion. (The Sword of Islam DLC costed 10 fucking dollars on release, was lucky on sale)

  • Gary Grandy
    Gary Grandy 2 years ago

    "I felt a great disturbance in the WoT, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out KURWA in terror, and were suddenly silenced." -wunston "420_B14Z3_m8" churhcILL

  • TheWolfOnUranus
    TheWolfOnUranus 2 years ago

    Still waiting for Victoria 3

  • RobRules 9
    RobRules 9 2 years ago +1

    I hope there will be more of nationalist china.

  • Earthworm Jim
    Earthworm Jim 2 years ago

    Have to say the developer preview was very bad designed, should have gone through the forces in quick detail first and explain the battleplan and how everything works together so Joe wouldnt say "this looks like chaos" because it is not if she had explained what would happen instead of just setting speed 4 and GOGOGO MOFO!!!

  • luckystriker
    luckystriker 2 years ago

    When is release?

  • 2Polev
    2Polev 2 years ago +1


  • Richardsen
    Richardsen 2 years ago

    Rommel´s cap is not well shopped, it is too big. Yeah, I am that picky.

  • Annon lel
    Annon lel 2 years ago

    ''Take over Poland to make more Witcher games'' Yep that's some awesome American logic.

    • Leif
      Leif 2 years ago

      +Richardsen Sadly Europa is slowly turning into the ME.

    • Richardsen
      Richardsen 2 years ago

      +Chris lel

  • Chris Cryer
    Chris Cryer 2 years ago

    mhmmm I've never played a Hearts of Iron game before, looks alot like Europa Universalis but more in depth

  • Stephen Holcomb
    Stephen Holcomb 2 years ago

    Big wargamer here. Normally this would be right up my alley.....sadly this game looks very boring and uninspired :( I hope I am wrong

  • samymasta
    samymasta 2 years ago +9

    -Oh,the fall of Warsaw!Did we win?
    Go home Joe,you're drunk.
    Seriously,gotta love when Joe is clueless about a subject lol,even the lady was like : .....yes.
    Can't wait for this game to release tho.

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago

      how's it now then? :D

    • np11111
      np11111 2 years ago

      +Ben I've done it before.

    • Ben
      Ben 2 years ago

      +Defender of Capitalism Good fucking luck mate

    • np11111
      np11111 2 years ago

      Can't wait to build Lithuania up to a global empire and try to tackle the Soviets

  • Enoch
    Enoch 2 years ago

    "Poland refuses to........., what's that?" LMFAO!

  • Lord Shanghai
    Lord Shanghai 2 years ago +98

    Angryjoe: Rheinland, what is that? *facepalm* I guess Joe is another victim of US education system.

    • Spoderman233
      Spoderman233 2 years ago

      championshehe123 addis abba

    • championszz
      championszz 2 years ago

      +Jan III Sobieski Lets review the conversation.
      You: Trump is the best.
      Me: haha.
      You: ?
      Me: I like your joke bro.
      You: I meant it.
      Me: Wait it was not a joke?
      You: %()%/()"$%/=) (some personal insults)
      Me: I honestly and genuinely thought it was a joke.
      So, when did I "keep spamming" that it was a joke?
      Anyway, since you are Polish, it's not like you can do anything about the president choice of Americans. Your opinion doesn't even matter. Just like mine. Now I don't care for your thoughts about Trump anymore lol. I thought you were American. Maybe if you spend more time for your country, one day Poland can finally into space.

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago

      +championshehe123 You can't state why you found that funny by keeping spamming that it was a joke? I'm pretty sure you should be able to do it as every thinking person can state why they laugh as someone for their views. I'm not American either, I'm Polish.

    • championszz
      championszz 2 years ago

      +Jan III Sobieski If I even give a cent about your choice of your president, I still can't do anything about it, right? So why should I care in the first place?
      And you can't state why you feel something funny, you just can't, now back on track, I am waiting.

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago

      +championshehe123 See the difference is that if you found my comment as a joke you should state it why, it will probably make it quicker than me stating why I like him plus don't giving a cent of a president choice for USA as a superpower doesn't seem right.

  • Rob Butz
    Rob Butz 2 years ago

    looks like a cluster fuck for sure

  • obmf desertfox
    obmf desertfox 2 years ago

    Wait, so this game will come out two days before the day after tomorrow? Oh my God..... Thats today!!!!!!

  • Vasich lolcode
    Vasich lolcode 2 years ago +4

    lindas voice is so sexy.

  • Adam Ais
    Adam Ais 2 years ago

    Sad. Looks live they've dumbed this game down a ton from HOI2 and HOI3. Yes those games were daunting to learn, but once you did learn how to play, they were by far the best WW2 strategy games on the market. This shit looks so stripped down for casual players. Just make an arrow to your objective and that's it. I like planning and executing intricate battle plans, this game looks like the AI does everything for you. There will be nothing interesting for the player to do once they build up their war machine. I mean look how fast she is progressing in time, In HOI3 and HOI2 you would never fast forward that fast, the game required you to respond to changing circumstance on almost hourly basis. I want a real time strategy game out of HOI, not this fire and forget shit.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 2 years ago

      Wtf are you talking about, yes you can control divisions. Have you even watched the WWW videos or paid attention to the game at all? You have the option to control just as much as you can in HOI3, just without OOB. The production is more complex if anything with the new factory system, and the tech tree is still big, and personalized for different nations. You seem to know very little facts. To say the combat system is anything like EU4 or CK2 suggests that you have not played either game one bit.

    • Adam Ais
      Adam Ais 2 years ago

      Bullshit, there is no Divisional or Brigade level control like in HOI 3 or 2. The SMALLEST unit you can individually control is a fucking Army. It's just a bland nameless, formless stack with no structure and one leader.
      They've basically copy-pasted the warfare system from their other games like EU or CK2
      There is no OOB
      There is no fuel, money or selling of equipment
      All production is regionalized
      Provinces are not clickable and unnamed.
      The Tech Tree has been completely stripped down to nothing
      Aerial units are basically 100% controlled by AI regardless of what you do. You can only point them in a direction.
      Face it man this game has been turned into EU WW2 edition.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 2 years ago

      +Neas Assiemay The game doesn't actually force you to use the AI. You can make the battleplans as complex as you want, and you can manually control units as the battleplan is unfolding. If you prefer, you can even just not use battleplans altogether, but you'll miss out on a bonus. The preview here shows simple battleplans because the girl is trying to show everything possible in 10 minutes.

  • Mako
    Mako 2 years ago +4

    AngryJoe ASMR. Make it happen.

  • Vixipix
    Vixipix 2 years ago

    Mellow Joe

  • Pebbles
    Pebbles 2 years ago

    looks like a bunch of RNG. Click a few times and watch it play by itself.

    • Pira
      Pira 2 years ago

      +moviemaker85 have to assign navies to certain places assign planes to certain places build equipment for you troops build industry it's more than just 1 click.

    • Ben
      Ben 2 years ago

      +spArKly_spArKly yeah I guess so XD

    • spArKly_spArKly
      spArKly_spArKly 2 years ago

      This is the interweb - don't be fair.

    • Ben
      Ben 2 years ago

      +Just Jacque to be fair there are dice rolls in EU4 in battles which can make it a bit RNG but otherwise nah. And also dice rolls only play a minor part of the actual outcome

    • Just Jacque
      Just Jacque 2 years ago

      +moviemaker85 In all of those battles there are only two elements of RNG, weather and the tactics choices made by the generals. Even those you can tweak and compensate (better weather predictions, enabling or disabling tactics options from your generals, reconnasaince units letting you see what tactic options the enemy has.) Everything else is the myriad stats of each unit versus each other unit. For example equipment, supply, training, planning, terrain, morale, air support and defensive bonuses.)

  • Justin Carr
    Justin Carr 2 years ago

    im a fan of angry joe but this game looks stupid im sorry but the japnese do a better job at making strategy games

    • Ben
      Ben 2 years ago

      +Just Jacque Yeah I know exactly what you mean... Although there are 2 than came to mind (but I had to think long and hard) : Pokemon (if u count that as strategy) and the Ace Attorney games (which could be interpreted more as a puzzle game but whatever) . Neither of these are grand strategies, just strategies but still

    • Saketh B
      Saketh B 2 years ago

      +Just Jacque I think he's just a very bad troll.

    • Just Jacque
      Just Jacque 2 years ago

      +Justin Carr It'd be cool if you were willing to name one. I'm more than happy to be wrong, discovering new games/devs is great.

    • Justin Carr
      Justin Carr 2 years ago

      are you serious

    • Just Jacque
      Just Jacque 2 years ago

      +Ben I can not for the life of me recall a single Japanese "strategy" game of note.

  • john smith
    john smith 2 years ago +1

    Too streamlined

  • Pladimir Vutin
    Pladimir Vutin 2 years ago +2

    CK2 -> EU3 ->VC2 -> HOI4
    Backward compatibility ftw

  • IV VI
    IV VI 2 years ago

    Paradox always makes banging soundtracks, I can already tell HOI4 is gonna have a beast soundtrack.

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez 2 years ago +2

    In Hearts of Iron III I managed to beat the Soviets to Berlin by invading through Italy and managed take back half of Warsaw as the US. I want to know how you guys changed history in your playthrough.

    • Cyberspine
      Cyberspine 2 years ago

      +Jacob Martinez In Hearts of Iron 2 I focused the Japanese heavily on taking on the Chinese and the Soviets while neglecting their Navy. I didn't attack Pearl Harbor, but I managed to divert some 50 Soviet divisions from their Western front, causing the Soviets to eventually collapse in 1942 to the Germans, while managing to take out mainland China and create one big Chinese puppet state. I then proceeded to take out the Pacific islands held by Europeans for valuable resources, ending up gobbling all the territories Japan had wanted to take in the war while staying at peace with America.

  • FoxTc
    FoxTc 2 years ago

    I can make nukes as Germany in WWII? SOLD!

  • grandad1982
    grandad1982 2 years ago +1

    For those who are interested I would say this isn't the best intro to HoI4. Not enough time to really go into the game. If you got to ParadoxExtra they have a series called World War Wednesday, check out the one played as Japan as the dev gives some good info about the mechanics etc.

  • Armid
    Armid 2 years ago +10

    Is it just me or Angry Joe trying to warp his mind around a grand-strat game is just... cringe-worthy?
    As much as I like his reviews, he's so out of his comfort zone here it's disconcerting. (And his lack of general historical knowledge doesn't help when it comes to Paradox games too.)

  • Asmigon
    Asmigon 2 years ago +28

    WE DESPERATELY NEED "VICTORIA III" or I will drink from your SKULLZ!!!

    • Nobody Important
      Nobody Important 2 years ago +1

      +in heaven Less talking, more raiding!

    • in heaven
      in heaven 2 years ago +1

      +Hircine M. Its almost harvesting season!

  • Mr. GoldenGlasses
    Mr. GoldenGlasses 2 years ago +3

    Italy never finishes a war on the same side it started on, unless the war was long enough for Italy to switch sides twice.

  • Pira
    Pira 2 years ago

    I hope they fix those shitty planes.. I mean there doesnt need to be 100k planes flying. They could make it like hoi3 and make it one plane that = 100.

  • auditore63
    auditore63 2 years ago +19

    This Linda seems like she has no idea how to play the game

    • Prone to Drift
      Prone to Drift 2 years ago

      +auditore63 I think she just has a hard time explaining things

    • auditore63
      auditore63 2 years ago +1

      +FlawlessFlaw07 yes you got it, Jake also always says "Daniel is the best at HoI" :D

    • FlawlessFlaw07
      FlawlessFlaw07 2 years ago

      +auditore63 I had Johan in my mind but Daniel really shined in WW Wednesday, if I'm thinking of the right guy.

    • auditore63
      auditore63 2 years ago

      +FlawlessFlaw07 You mean Daniel? :D

    • FlawlessFlaw07
      FlawlessFlaw07 2 years ago +1

      +auditore63 People often think devs are good at their games. More often than not, they're not, like a car mechanic might not be a good race driver. That said, some people at Paradox are really good at it.

  • Archie Strong
    Archie Strong 2 years ago

    Joe watch world war Wednesday

  • Jakob With a K
    Jakob With a K 2 years ago

    She said try defeating Germany as Poland. Poland literally still had mounted horse Calvary when Germany invaded. Lances & horses, against tanks & machine guns.

    • Just Jacque
      Just Jacque 2 years ago

      +Jakob Krebs You probably can't do it starting in 39, but there is a 36 start date that may allow a good player to modernize enough to hold on for alliances to actually help. She did say it would be impossible for most players. But if you look at the achievements for most Paradox GS games they really are achievements, not just things most players will get while playing the game, and the % of people who get them is properly small (like less than 0.1% on many, only showing .1% because thats the lowest steam rounds to.)

    • Johnny
      Johnny 2 years ago +2

      +Jakob Krebs even germans had lots of cavalry moved units in 1939...panzerdivisions were very few, had pzIs and were just experimental...

    • petar vojinovic
      petar vojinovic 2 years ago +2

      +Jakob Krebs And as we know there are no alliances in this game so it is always 1v1.

  • tommo91
    tommo91 2 years ago +60

    You can tell Joe is not a history student haha

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago +1

      He didn't say what it is xD

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago +1

      +tommo91 He said how to achieve this 'Rhine Land' because there is usually something to do before like get enough manpower in the field which goes for Anschluss for example.

    • tommo91
      tommo91 2 years ago

      +Jan III Sobieski what is this, defending him at all costs? if he is a history student he's terrible at it. Just because he's shithouse at hisory doesn't make him a bad person, just makes him shithouse at history..

    • Jan III Sobieski
      Jan III Sobieski 2 years ago +1

      Wrong, he said how do I get it...

    • Ričards
      Ričards 2 years ago +4

      +Xib He clearly doesn't know much about the Second World War. He didn't even know what Rheinland was.

  • tkellaway
    tkellaway 2 years ago +3

    Ayyy another hearts of iron game I will buy and not understand how to play lmao

    • Milesdondon
      Milesdondon 2 years ago +2

      It has been 7 years since Hearts of Iron III so it was time.