Bournemouth vs.Liverpool | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • 📺 Klopp on the Reds' trip to Bournemouth, why rotation is required this month, the quality of the squad players, and the Club World Cup-League Cup double header.
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Comments • 115

  • Daniel Tićak
    Daniel Tićak Month ago

    Come on Liverpool , come on.Croatia with you all times all games and YNWA! Hate Manu , city,arsenal and everton . COOOOMEEEE ON REDS

  • Andrew collier
    Andrew collier Month ago

    Fantastic manager and a real genuine human being. YNWA

  • MU57AF4 M41lK
    MU57AF4 M41lK Month ago +2

    Liverpool are going to win they the best 🔴🔴🔴💪💪👌👌🔴✅

  • Stephen Gill
    Stephen Gill Month ago

    If and when Klopp leaves Pep Lijner ( think I've spelt that wrong but you know who I mean.. whoops...!!)is the man to take over.
    If klopp wants a year out he can come back...Pep can take over...

  • Willy Ata
    Willy Ata Month ago

    I'm afraid we will lose lots of points in the coming fixtures, I worried also about the CL game which is only 48hrs after Bournmoth game .

  • Alok Joshi
    Alok Joshi Month ago +3

    yeah..first cough..right on point...lollllll

  • Keith O Hanlon
    Keith O Hanlon Month ago +4

    I think Brendan Rodgers deserves a lot of credit with the attacking style he got LFC believing again and much respect to Brendan🤙

    • ĐΣċīƥΣɌ
      ĐΣċīƥΣɌ Month ago +1

      Are you insane? It's not like he invented attacking. And there are some managers that do it way better than Rogers. For instance Jurgen Klopp. Remember the name kid.

  • andy lambert
    andy lambert Month ago

    Leave it to KIopp...he will get everything sorted.

  • Wolfgang Scorpio
    Wolfgang Scorpio Month ago +1

    "This is Anfield" STILL don't live up to modern day technology with microphones for the reporters (are we hearing their questions through Klopp's microphones?) or even cameras on the reporters asking questions -- it's still like a village club interview session.

    • Marky Mark
      Marky Mark Month ago

      Wolfgang Scorpio I don’t care about seeing the reporters but how does a club of this magnitude not have a microphone to pass around during a press conference lol. Can’t hear shit for half of the questions

  • Paul Barber
    Paul Barber Month ago +1

    Once again Klopp on good form in the press conference looking relaxed and confident.👍I love his humourous comment about the importance to have players in a "Smart squad" 11:36 with at least half a brain or ideally a full brain 🙂 to understand his selection motives 😁 it must be great to work with him every day. I've no doubt whatsoever that he will pick the best "line up" against Bournemouth to get the job done, and claim another important points - fingers crossed 🤞 Come on You Reds....

  • Stoker Films
    Stoker Films Month ago +3

    Considering the achievements of Klopp already and what is potentially to come. This brilliant man has already gone down in history as one of the pivotal figures in Liverpool’s history...perhaps the most important of all. I say this because he has brought this great club well and truly into the 21st century...all with a style, a smile and a man management talent, that is in my opinion unparalleled in world football. We compete without fear and total confidence against any club team in the world...who could say that 4 years ago?....or even the last 30 years?This team and it’s philosophy is simply incredible, records are being broken on a regular basis and we are getting even stronger!!
    Anfield is now a fortress once again and we play every game with the positive intent to win it. It’s a cliche but the sign of a great team is also winning when below bar or average. The whole squad is compact, solid and has a unique flair. Add to this the players Klopp has signed, which are a mastermind stroke of managerial genius. Each player knows his role and we play as “one”.
    I thought coming so close last season to the premiership would make it almost impossible to kick on this season. Psychologically it was a kick in the stomach but we have stayed strong and surpassed surely anyone’s expectations. We have challenged Manchester City and upped the standard of our own play...this alone is testament to our mentality and self belief.
    It was the same with the champions league. How many teams could come back the next season after such a dis-appointing final and actually win it!!?...absolutely phenomenal!! The Barcelona game alone is already part of footballing folklore.
    We stay focused on the next game and take nothing for granted. Come on the Redmen.🥊♥️x

    • Jim B
      Jim B Month ago +1

      What a great comment! Like you said how many teams could have the disappointment of losing the champions league and coming back stronger to win it and also how the disappointment of the Premier league last season but we have come back stronger mentally once again. No disrespect to spurs but they lost the CL final last season and they have reacted negatively and look what's happened there. All comes down to Jurgen and the amazing recruitment him and his team have done.

  • Sinokernowian
    Sinokernowian Month ago

    “Players with half a Brain, at least. I’m glad we have that..... ,” I love this man. In the most admirable way.

  • Alhagie Gaye
    Alhagie Gaye Month ago +1

    I love you me kloppo

  • LFC 4 LIFE
    LFC 4 LIFE Month ago +1


  • Nundlall Gungadin
    Nundlall Gungadin Month ago +2

    We are proud of having such a great manager. ynwa

    DONDADA MVP Month ago +9

    Klopp is the best manager in the world!!!🔥🔥🔥❤

  • ABE_DaKing AKO
    ABE_DaKing AKO Month ago +2

    They said split the team wtf for!! no way we will split enjoy your crab-O cup and let’s win our first club World Cup🙌YNWA

  • ABE_DaKing AKO
    ABE_DaKing AKO Month ago

    Let Salah know he can be the king of Assist this season bcoz most Gkeepers exposed him they already know what he’s trying to do that’s why he couldn’t score more goals than the last seasons I wasn’t surprised why Sadio was mad earlier unless he brings different techniques

  • David Via
    David Via Month ago +11

    Christmas BAH! I will be happy when we are 20 points clear with 6 matches left.

  • ABE_DaKing AKO
    ABE_DaKing AKO Month ago

    Klopp knows we cannot be comfortable the lead and we been this place before and we have to wait until last match no chance for slip

  • ABE_DaKing AKO
    ABE_DaKing AKO Month ago

    Rest mane and Gini for CL next week

  • Naseerul Kabir
    Naseerul Kabir Month ago

    Same lineup again as Everton? Add allison

  • Michelle Edwards
    Michelle Edwards Month ago +14

    it says something about our strength in depth when Bournemouth's best player is one of our players.

    • Malligrub 1
      Malligrub 1 Month ago

      One of our work experience kids...

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 Month ago

    Big game I am hoping the team treat this game as important as the Everton game every game is a Cup Final now Allison back and the same players as Everton , A bit of Dilemma against my Cherries ARGGGHHH YNWA

  • let's talk about it
    let's talk about it Month ago +1

    100% Sadio Mané is underappreciated at LFC, they didn't do nothing to help him to win the ballon d'or. I sincerely hope that he leaves LFC next year for a team where he's appreciated at he's value.

  • Neasth F.
    Neasth F. Month ago +2

    JÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜRGEN komm zurück nach Hause oder hauptsache Deutschland :-)

    • PhenoOmaZz
      PhenoOmaZz Month ago

      Wäre ein Rückschritt. Nach liverpool kommt maximal noch die Nationalmannschaft oder ein job im board etc.. Dann bspw auch wieder bei mainz oder Dortmund oder doch weiterhin bei liverpool.

  • loudandpr0ud
    loudandpr0ud Month ago

    The journos ask some frigging dumb questions

  • Rhy John
    Rhy John Month ago

    Another 3 point on record sheet of Liverpool team.

  • Perky Izonfire
    Perky Izonfire Month ago +16

    Going to be a very sad day,the day he moves on 🥺🥺🥺 I hope he gets rewarded very well, if we win the league this year,let's hope the board constantly back an support him to the max.YNWA !

    • D OB
      D OB Month ago +4

      As hes says. Live in the moment ! In this moment hes our manager. And what a joy to behold it is !!

  • Martin G
    Martin G Month ago +1

    Ah fuck. When a journo starts a question with "how important" I could run for the fuckin hills. "How important is it to not have 25 players injured" I know it,s not asked, but the questions are in this type of format. They ask these type of questions because they really can,t think of anything more worthwhile challenging or in-depth. If we get closer to the winning line, say with 6 games to go, and are still top with a reasonable cushion, I bet, I really do, think one of these wally hacks will ask" How important is it to keep the momentum in the squad at this stage" Watch out for it. I swear it will be asked or a variation of it. Just you watch. Money for oul fuckin, rope.

  • How to win bet daily

    Klop has now find his team that he use to use at any time he bring team he knows he will deliver 💪💪💪

  • Tom Mot
    Tom Mot Month ago +1

    " idea" Yes, because Mr. Klopp, you play the hyper-master real life playstation! ;D

  • Adams Nabil
    Adams Nabil Month ago

    Impressive update on the team.......YNWA

  • Ронай Дневной свет

    Charismatic! Successful! Extraordinary! His name is Jürgen Klopp.

  • mike jones
    mike jones Month ago

    What’s with the questions? I can hear them!

  • c len
    c len Month ago


  • Datairns
    Datairns Month ago

    I like Klopp, brilliant man and burn for the club. BUT i hate that he tough the water bottle 10 times an press conference or use phrases like "thats how it is" and "to be honest..." "...and all this stuff" His english is good enough that he dont have to use this phrases every time over and over again. Just anoying to listen to. For me as a german it shouldnt, because my english isnt perfect as well, but when i listen to him it sounds like he said everything 5 times.
    But anyway - i wish liverpool keep the performance till the end of this season.

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Well Datairns, _that's football..._ 😉

    • Ryan Griffiths
      Ryan Griffiths Month ago +2

      Dont watch troopz on AFTV then

    • Kurt König
      Kurt König Month ago

      @Perky Izonfire You see, Klopp has a clear concept. I guess, the commentator himself has habits of speaking. Well, .... - As I said .... , You know.... etc. etc.

    • Perky Izonfire
      Perky Izonfire Month ago +2

      Better than well errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like all other foreign managers start every sentence with.

    • Kurt König
      Kurt König Month ago +5

      If THAT is the only problem there is.... To be honest: that's how it is and all this stuff. ;)

  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D Month ago +1

    Ok, I'm going to sit down and take a deep breath and admit to the world for the first time:
    I hope Manchester United play the game of their lives and win massively!

    • tony shortland
      tony shortland Month ago +1

      Doesn't matter what teams in Manchester or whatever do. Liverpool are where they are because that's how good they are

  • Leonard Palma
    Leonard Palma Month ago +1

    Tumi hala panir bottle nia ato dhong koro Ken?

  • Leonard Palma
    Leonard Palma Month ago

    Yeah... You need to rest players in fifa as well 🙄

  • malachi clearkin
    malachi clearkin Month ago +1

    I would love to see Klopps 1 to 11 since he was a manager.

  • Lybah Sarwar
    Lybah Sarwar Month ago +62

    Jurgen Klopp the best thing to happen to LFC for decades.

    • djdag2000 -ev
      djdag2000 -ev Month ago

      True. The best coach in the world right now. We miss him badly. Hopefully Liverpool will win the PL this season! Greetings from Dortmund❤️🙏👍

    • ken smith
      ken smith Month ago +1

      True that!

    • LFC 4 LIFE
      LFC 4 LIFE Month ago +2


  • Inishbofin Places
    Inishbofin Places Month ago +2

    All the managers should watch Klopps conferences. Tips from the top

  • Tom Ehlen
    Tom Ehlen Month ago

    Mr Klopp we have these things called Squad Fitness Cards it’s like magic we just put them on the team and boom 💥 full fitness for every one 😆

  • Carl Whitby
    Carl Whitby Month ago +1

    😁😊😋3points & a great display by the greatest team in the world 🌎 will do🤞🥊

  • Adi the Dude
    Adi the Dude Month ago +2

    I understand only Train Station

    • T N
      T N Month ago +2

      Adi the Dude 😅 Bahnhof

  • erixxon74
    erixxon74 Month ago +13

    he makes players perform way above their limit on a consistent basis.
    Barrios,Götze,Kagawa,Sahin,Mikitharian,Aubameyang,Coutinho, were awesome players under Klopp and their performance got worse the moment they left klopp.

    • drbacki
      drbacki Month ago +1

      That´s a very good point and the other side of the story is, the players in second line are fit, physically and mentally they come on the pitch and no matter how big the game is, they are ready. See the Barca game.

  • Nathan. Kakembo
    Nathan. Kakembo Month ago

    Very important

  • L.F.C. IN RED
    L.F.C. IN RED Month ago +9

    and harry wilson too can give an extra punch for liverpool when there's a free kick and at the same time he got a good vision to whom he will pass the ball when they're in a difficulty situation in a certain game so hopefully klopp will get him back come january oh man.... hahaha 👍

  • Andrew Halim
    Andrew Halim Month ago +18

    Can you imagine the second, fourth, fifth, and ninth best players are from the same team and it's klopp's team. Even aubameyang was a golden boot last year and he also was his making during Borussia Dortmund

    • ĐΣċīƥΣɌ
      ĐΣċīƥΣɌ Month ago

      @Timmy Time For a defender, that speaks alot about the mentality :) Lets not forget his genious move against Barca.

    • Timmy Time
      Timmy Time Month ago +1

      Also Trent was 17th. Worth noting when he made his champions league debut two years ago against Hoffenheim and scored the free kick for us to qualify for his first of two finals. 18 players in a squad and Liverpool have 5 in the top 18 and in reality fabinho should of been up there too

    • Timmy Time
      Timmy Time Month ago +1

      Klopp has three joint top goal scorers last season

  • lemon tree
    lemon tree Month ago +5

    Alberto Moreno is the worst left back in history

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed Month ago +5

    Genius manager as always

  • B net
    B net Month ago +18

    when you keep winning game, press conference will be like regular conversation with friends.

  • L.F.C. IN RED
    L.F.C. IN RED Month ago +2

    klopp will make tis season a good one as he is learning a bad one from last season oh man.... hahaha 👍

  • L.F.C. IN RED
    L.F.C. IN RED Month ago +8

    klopp is watching closely how his loanee of harry wilson is doing at bournemouth and at the same time klopp will studying his progress and will trying to get him back soon to anfield oh man.... hahaha 👍

    • LFC 4 LIFE
      LFC 4 LIFE Month ago

      Liverpool FC will sell Harry Wilson sadly. Harry,Grujic n Kent should have been in the first team squad at the same time as Trent Arnold. YNWA

    • Jay R Hartley
      Jay R Hartley Month ago +2

      No he won't. He's too busy. Liverpool employ staff to do that sort of stuff.

    • BOURNE15ive
      BOURNE15ive Month ago

      Wilson is not eligible to play against Liverpool.

  • Adrodog
    Adrodog Month ago

    Names Jurgen. Jurgen Agetsacked

  • jonny car
    jonny car Month ago +10

    Love this guy!!! YNWA

  • Nostalgic Productions
    Nostalgic Productions Month ago +3

    is anyone else fed up of whenever klopp is asked a question about what do you think of the place in the table, or the statistic or this or that - he just gives a generic answer of `i am not concerned about that, it is not important i am just focused on the next game`.
    it sounds like a fantastic response but he gives it like a robot to every question he is asked.
    for example if he is asked about an incident in a game he will just say `i am not concerned i am just concerned about the next game`.
    again - whats the point of doing a press conference or interview if you get irratated by questions
    it is realy getting boring listening to him saying the same old thing every time!

    • 1000miles4hope
      1000miles4hope Month ago +2

      Nostalgic Productions same old questions same old replies - need better questions

    • Harry Cooper
      Harry Cooper Month ago

      Press conferences aren’t meant to be entertaining if that’s what you’re looking for

      SCOTT PALMER Month ago


    • TheNovelty8theory
      TheNovelty8theory Month ago +4

      Well maybe they should stop asking him the same stupid questions then. He is probably bored of being asked them again and again and again!!

    • Matthew Vaughan
      Matthew Vaughan Month ago +5

      How very self-centered. Klopp isn't here to fucking entertain you. He's here to manage. He's managing expectations and pressure by giving this answer. There is no other option. He's not gonna give an answer that might upset the dressing room just so YOU can have a more enjoyable TheXvid video.

  • Shaun Davids
    Shaun Davids Month ago

    Three comments ,zero intelligence shown , unsubscribe from this page ,we don't need moronic fans ,ciao

  • monkeyb0ne
    monkeyb0ne Month ago

    Klopp, the manager dispenser