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  • Published on Jan 14, 2022
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  • Midwoka Milling
    Midwoka Milling 4 months ago +6947

    Pilots get in the habit of filling dead air with "uhhhhh" noises so that people they're talking to by radio can tell the difference between "I'm checking my instruments" silence and "the line is dead, something terrible might've happened" silence. Neat, huh? =)

    • Candle Kid
      Candle Kid 6 days ago

      Finally someone else knows the reason

    • 3vil3y3
      3vil3y3 18 days ago

      That makes so much sense 🤯

    • Tony Morris
      Tony Morris Month ago

      No it's more so that nobody else keys up the radio at the same time since the radios just transmit garbage with two at once on the line.

    • Sad Man
      Sad Man Month ago +1

      That is way more thought out than I expected

    • Ivory Coffin
      Ivory Coffin Month ago

      Oh! That makes sense

  • izzes
    izzes 4 months ago +1094

    I love how Sean is complimenting the voice control at the end and asks "how are you able to do this" while almost being able to do it himself. Don't sell yourself short Sean, lmao

    • Jade
      Jade 3 days ago

      @Dr. Bubby Prototype did you read what anybody said, using autotune does not mean that hes a bad singer, he is extremely talented. But if you listen to the recording it sounds like he uses autotune

    • Dr. Bubby Prototype
      Dr. Bubby Prototype 8 days ago +1

      @Morgan Ritson sean literally called out people like you who think everything on the internet is fake.

    • うさぎ
      うさぎ 16 days ago +1

      @Xepherya OH WAIT. Peter COLLINS 😂😂😂 I was reading that as Peter HOLLENS Bru kill me...

    • Xepherya
      Xepherya 16 days ago +1

      @うさぎ he’s literally the last video duetting pentatonix

    • うさぎ
      うさぎ 23 days ago

      @Anton Illustration While Peter Collins is indeed incredible, he's not even in this video..... Am I missing something or am I just that dumb?

  • Rachel Burton
    Rachel Burton 4 months ago +252

    As a flight attendant, I can say the pilot one was MOSTLY accurate. What would make it better is to mumble inaudibly after the first few words so passengers can ding the call light and ask us what the hell he said (hahaha we don't know either). Unless it's a redeye flight and everyone in sleeping, in which case the PA will be so loud it could wake a hibernating bear.

    • HoneyComb
      HoneyComb Day ago

      iv never been on a plane

    • CorvusCorone68
      CorvusCorone68 Month ago +5

      that would be an interesting movie concept; instead of Snakes on a Plane, it's Bears on an Airplane; admittedly, there would be a lot less surprise attacks

  • LemixLemon
    LemixLemon 4 months ago +468

    As a fellow Irishman, I have to say, jacksepticeye is the reason people wish they were Irish. Plus the content he puts out, I mean I almost bought the Irish prep bowl. But, then I thought to myself, how much would I actually use it.

    • Ivn
      Ivn 15 days ago

      @D Vinko Can't blame them tbh. Knowing their neighbor and what they did..

    • C.o.R (Lex)
      C.o.R (Lex) 3 months ago

      You would use it to take out da starch, obviously! Grannys got artritis you know

    • T P
      T P 3 months ago +4

      @D Vinko Yes but people in Ireland are already Irish

    • D Vinko
      D Vinko 3 months ago +7

      @T P Literally false, what the fuck?
      Ireland has some insanely high national pride.
      You're not paying attention in geopolitics.

  • Mr. Kitty Saves The World

    2:49 Jack saying _'ZA HANDO'_ needs to become a meme immediately.

  • قناة الرعب The horror
    قناة الرعب The horror 4 months ago +3122

    Man, Jack's content never fails to make us smile and laugh, his content is just amazing.

    • Koren GD
      Koren GD 3 months ago

      @Nerfew whichever one makes you feel better

    • Nerfew
      Nerfew 3 months ago

      @Koren GD HARDEST or hardest eh?

    • Koren GD
      Koren GD 3 months ago

      @Nerfew whats ur hardest demon then?

    • Nerfew
      Nerfew 3 months ago

      @Koren GD I don't see your content look better

    • Koren GD
      Koren GD 3 months ago

      His content got so bad imo, i get that its his channel and all but the surge of react content on his channel really lost his uniqueness

  • Suspicious Wolf
    Suspicious Wolf 4 months ago +163

    It makes me happy that Ella Watkins is finally being noticed after years of hilarious content
    I love the cooking with Ella series on her TheXvid channel

  • Nathan Chase
    Nathan Chase 3 months ago +65

    As a musician whose ATTEMPTED to sing with flawless vocal transition like the guy at the end, I will say, that man is an immediate legend. I could never pull that off. And I'm sure many others who have tried will agree.
    Bravo amazing voice man!

  • Merivio
    Merivio 4 months ago +20

    11:18 My brain is yelling 'is this being autotuned or not?' every time I listen to it. Still a fantastic sound either way but, I'm surprised I've not seen autotune being questioned yet.

    • Benuscore
      Benuscore 4 months ago +3

      There are a lot of subtle cues that make it sound autotuned to me

  • Mark Hashman
    Mark Hashman 3 months ago +25

    Sean: "I'm surprised I didn't go _mad."_
    Me: "...How could anybody even _tell?"_

  • Allen Moore
    Allen Moore 4 months ago +3368

    The fact that jack laughed at a child hurting themselves is proof that jack will be a great dad

    • BrokenIsNotMentallyOkay
      BrokenIsNotMentallyOkay 2 months ago

      @Aiden Cantrell pregantenat

    • Taylorwailer
      Taylorwailer 4 months ago +1

      When my youngest brother was little we used to make the South Park “kick the baby!” joke while bouncing him. 😁
      Actually.. I think it was just to annoy my mom.

    • Krîmż
      Krîmż 4 months ago

      @Lex McDufflePants Sorry to burst your bubble but it is a joke. Nobody knows if Jack will have kids or not.

    • Ninja Nelly
      Ninja Nelly 4 months ago


  • Fernando Costa
    Fernando Costa 4 months ago +49

    I also like to imitate voices, sounds and accents and that "shifting" or (as called by Jake Peralta) "worping" is so real and annoying sometimes, when you're trying your best
    Bonus: as a Portuguese, hearing Jack say "SIM" is delightfully entertaining 🙃

  • The olivia Is here
    The olivia Is here 4 months ago +16

    Whenever I am feeling particularly shitty about how the world and the future looks, I watch a few of Jack’s vids to remind me that there is still some good things out there and positivity can still be found. Stuck in quarantine right now:( thank you Jack for lifting so many peoples’ spirits!

    • Leo R.
      Leo R. 3 months ago

      Hey man, hope you're doing better. These videos do help tho! :)

  • hueo far
    hueo far 4 months ago +13

    That last dude's voice was just straight up evolved. Such incredible control.

  • Clare LG
    Clare LG 4 months ago +5

    so excited elle watkins was in this she’s so funny and creates some of my favourite tiktoks (also as an aussie it makes me so excited to see her being acknowledged by such a huge youtuber)

  • Wutaii1 Nostalgia
    Wutaii1 Nostalgia 4 months ago +2567

    Ah the ol' slap and shake. Now that is a man tactic

    • Wandering Outcast
      Wandering Outcast 3 months ago

      @Peanut Butter Yeah.... just no.

    • Blaze Phoenix Feather
      Blaze Phoenix Feather 3 months ago +7

      @Peanut Butter Agreed, it only causes infection

    • Peanut Butter
      Peanut Butter 4 months ago +5

      @Amelia Foley YES!! Never ever do back to front!

    • Amelia Foley
      Amelia Foley 4 months ago +8

      @Peanut Butter FRONT TO BACK !!!!!!

    • Random YouTube channel for me
      Random YouTube channel for me 4 months ago +3

      @Beast v2🔥 first of all your milking from mrbeast 2nd of all your milking someone's dad's death you think that's ok? I know the owner of these bots isn't gonna see it but still these makes me so fucking mad..

  • Potato Speedwagon
    Potato Speedwagon 3 months ago +6

    The sheer euphoria I felt when Jack understood a Jojo reference. He's learning.

  • [MARIA]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    I love how Sean is complimenting the voice control at the end and asks "how are you able to do this" while almost being able to do it himself. Don't sell yourself short Sean, lmao

  • Slightly Distressed Slug
    Slightly Distressed Slug 2 months ago +11

    How did it take me this long to realize “wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings” refers to MOONLIGHT hitting their feathers, and not an actual crescent moon marking???

  • Daniela Laked
    Daniela Laked 3 months ago +2

    Lol the “stank face” is universal when you hear something so damn dope you zoom right past a simple smile or bopping your head lol.

  • Kylie R
    Kylie R 4 months ago +3873

    "the only thing that would be worse is if it was the shin"
    Little does Jack know, they made the same video, but with the shin 😂

    • Scared Child in the back
      Scared Child in the back Month ago

      oh dear god these poor people

    • alec dufour
      alec dufour 2 months ago

      i was legit just thinking that lmao

    • Emilyyy
      Emilyyy 4 months ago +3

      Ok, but, what about the ankle

    • Ninja Nelly
      Ninja Nelly 4 months ago


    • Blaze animations
      Blaze animations 4 months ago +1

      @Yu Huang it'll be like that one time Peter ate ricecakes but it was edited to him fucking glitching out

  • Space_Ape
    Space_Ape 4 months ago +14

    Hey Jack your being strong against all the bad people and the world and you ask everyone how's there day but no one asked you, so how is your day jack and stay strong :D

  • Aly Cake
    Aly Cake 4 months ago +4

    I love that your keeping the Jenna marbles watch tiktok with me alive! Love these vids

  • Quadraxis
    Quadraxis 3 months ago +17

    Sean: "I've never actually punched someone before."
    Girl in his class half a lifetime ago: "Are you sure about that?"

  • Trans_boy_kole
    Trans_boy_kole 4 months ago +8

    His voice control is absolutely astonishing. Jeeeee Im in awe

  • shinesnakee
    shinesnakee 4 months ago +849

    The joy in Sean’s face when a child gets smacked it another dimension is the best

    • kai-14
      kai-14 4 months ago

      @MGTOW Entrepreneur damn bro
      no one asked

    • I SHAT in the the urinal
      I SHAT in the the urinal 4 months ago +1

      @I'mgonnasaythenword Sean is his real name, jack is his nickname you would've known that if you were a long time fan
      Also who the F asked?

    • kai-14
      kai-14 4 months ago

      @I'mgonnasaythenword who asked

    • Devil Skylar
      Devil Skylar 4 months ago +1


  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 23 days ago

    5:47 Jack “gagging” at what is arguably his favorite view. Considering what he’s admitted he’s into.

  • Slushyshake -
    Slushyshake - 3 months ago +5

    Looking back at this video. Jack actually had a great accent when mimicking Ronaldo. Of coarse he didn’t say the sentence correctly but I feel like he would have a great accent if he spoke that language.

  • Yasininn 76
    Yasininn 76 20 days ago +1

    Jack "omg my sleep schedule has been so broken"
    Me, who's watching this video at 4 am: mh hm

  • Chuterranj
    Chuterranj Month ago +2

    Kids have like a 200% humour boost against jack

  • OhHowKeni
    OhHowKeni 4 months ago +2

    I get such a high off of people supporting and encouraging others for their skill, hobbies, etc! I love when Jack makes these videos and then gets super hyped for what the people do!!! 😁

  • Neko Hitomi
    Neko Hitomi 4 months ago +1

    Sean’s discovering the magic of vocal runs ❤️❤️

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo 3 months ago +3

    That last dude's voice was just straight up evolved. Such incredible control.

  • Caleb Fyvie
    Caleb Fyvie 4 months ago +8

    Dear Sean, I have to say I have been going through a very rough patch of life recently and I have been a subscriber of your channel since 2014. Your videos are always a highlight to my day and really help me forget about my troubles and laugh so hard my face hurts. I have been watching the back log of videos as well as your recent ones. Old classics such as Turbo Dismount and Happy Wheels never disappoint. Your funniest home video series is my recent obsession, I have been watching them all in order. Please continue being awesome, you are the much-needed light in my uncertain dark times. Thank you.

  • Maniacal Matro
    Maniacal Matro 4 months ago +1822

    I’m glad that you’re okay, Jack.

    • Feeling Better
      Feeling Better 4 months ago +2

      ingore and report the trolls, they are fishing for your reactions so dont give any :) ty

    • Blip Blop
      Blip Blop 4 months ago

      @TheImmortalCrab it's a bot I'm pretty sure

    • Ethan Vallejo
      Ethan Vallejo 4 months ago

      im not.

  • I love you!!
    I love you!! 12 days ago

    Fun fact: my little brother and I were once fighting over a scooter and we both grabbed the handle and it tilted. Each end came around and smacked us in the noses, one at a time.
    It was a crazy day for both of us and many hours were spent debating who attempted murder.

  • Random Rizzy
    Random Rizzy 3 months ago +1

    Sitting here doing my 5th nebulizer treatment in 3 days from covid, this helped me feel a *lot* better. Keep doing what you're doing, Sean!

  • CrystalGemGirl
    CrystalGemGirl 20 days ago

    What I love about the cough alarm one is how the guy was mouthing along with her the same way I do when I go to voicemail when I'm trying to call someone.

  • Kristin Bosby
    Kristin Bosby 3 months ago +1

    Your natural talent for voice is amazing I love it!

  • Tim Parker
    Tim Parker 4 months ago +1354

    Sean: "lets end on a positive note"
    Also Sean 20 seconds later: "GET OUTTA HERE! F*CK!"

    • Kris Romero
      Kris Romero 4 months ago +1

      @Epeli00 ah, I see-

    • Epeli00
      Epeli00 4 months ago

      @Kris Romero He’s trolling, just saying.

    • Kris Romero
      Kris Romero 4 months ago +6

      @I'mgonnasaythenword there's several copyright free versions of his logo online as we speak, so I suggest you be wary of these bots or anyone masquerading as your favourite TheXvidrs

    • Kris Romero
      Kris Romero 4 months ago +4

      @I'mgonnasaythenword unfortunately it's not

    • I'mgonnasaythenword
      I'mgonnasaythenword 4 months ago

      @Kris Romero but you cant use his profile pic its copyrighted

  • Bricknificent
    Bricknificent 4 months ago +1

    love jack's laugh!

  • Logan Sanchez
    Logan Sanchez 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for making me laugh one more time before I go into boot camp for the military, it’s been one hell of a ride knowing you and watching your videos and now I’ve grown up and it’s time for me to start my life

  • BasicallyAFailure
    BasicallyAFailure 4 months ago +2

    Watching this after another mental break down ✌️ thanks for making me laugh Sean.

  • Snorlax
    Snorlax 3 months ago

    dont worry jack, you are international treasure too

  • Ceanna Deita
    Ceanna Deita 4 months ago +1198

    Was not expecting to see a Kurtis shoutout. We knew Sean had top tier humor but being a fan of Kurtis is next level.

    • Jess R
      Jess R 4 months ago +13

      we’re all citizens of Kurtistown here 🤝

    • Whatintheworldisthat
      Whatintheworldisthat 4 months ago +7


    • Vibe
      Vibe 4 months ago +2


    • Luis Cruz
      Luis Cruz 4 months ago +6

      @Frances_Frenzy same here Lol, I was pretty shocked!

    • Frances_Frenzy
      Frances_Frenzy 4 months ago +60

      Legit. I was like "wait a sec, is that good ol Kurt Boy?!"

  • Honk Onyx?
    Honk Onyx? 4 months ago +23

    that “POV: you’re a man” one was surprisingly euphoric as a trans masc person 😭

  • Loowl's Shadow
    Loowl's Shadow 25 days ago

    you can tell that there's lots of passion went in this editing

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon 3 months ago

    This entire video feels like a personal viewing, like Sean's just showing you Tik-Tok's he has saved on his phone that he found funny and decided to show you.

  • Quickbite2
    Quickbite2 4 months ago

    can we just mention how awesome Sean’s beard is
    like magnificent

  • casperriee
    casperriee 4 months ago +783

    i love how jack is going through tiktoks HE’S liked and he’s still giggling at them and saying that they’re good

    • x_.iamkira_.x
      x_.iamkira_.x 4 months ago

      @casperriee hello !

    • casperriee
      casperriee 4 months ago

      @x_.iamkira_.x OH HEYYYY

    • x_.iamkira_.x
      x_.iamkira_.x 4 months ago +1

      @casperriee hey?

    • el
      el 4 months ago

      @Reoat9000 imagine talking like YOU ARE on a topic of loss and death.

    • Reoat9000
      Reoat9000 4 months ago

      @el Then why are you talking to them?

  • oceanmoontea
    oceanmoontea 4 months ago

    I like that we get introduced to new content and it's like watching it with a friend, plus some worthy content creators get the exposure they deserve. :>

  • faerydagger
    faerydagger Month ago

    I love that train guy, you're right I follow him simply because he brings joy to my day by showing his joy.

  • Pokedragon
    Pokedragon Month ago +1

    Me seeing all the proud, chill, and wholesome people in the comments: Man am I proud to be a part of this community (^w^)

  • Lonely_Potato
    Lonely_Potato 4 months ago +1

    I was wheezing for 5 minutes straight. 😂

  • Loic Reviews
    Loic Reviews 4 months ago +8785

    Peter Collins has such an amazing and beautiful voice.

    • Echofrost /Echostar
      Echofrost /Echostar 4 months ago

      @SC [High Quality Videos] wtf is wrong with you?

    • Bella L
      Bella L 4 months ago

      Hi! As a bit of a vocal nerd myself, I totally agree with this comment! I must say though, upon first listening, I was baffled at how lightning quick he sang that descending scale. It sounded, dare I say, a bit too perfect. After listening several more times at various playback speeds, I think the video is sped up. No, there’s not any auto tune, it’s just unnaturally fast due to the video being sped up in post. Anyways, that’s just my theory! (Edit: spelling)

    • The Fire Master
      The Fire Master  4 months ago

      TBH He Kinda sounds like Mj near the middle

    • JustMyFL
      JustMyFL 4 months ago

      @DeepBlue talent and lot, LOT of training :)

    • George Garcia
      George Garcia 4 months ago

      Sounds like autotune

  • Gabriel Is Watching

    I didn't like the last one much but I respect the HELL out of it. Dude has amazing control of his voice

  • TheeBigHandsome
    TheeBigHandsome 4 months ago

    you make my days so much better! never change please!

  • Adam Hanneman
    Adam Hanneman 4 months ago

    Jack, to be fair I’m paying you the absolute most valuable thing we have in life. Time. So, not free. But I thank you for giving me time I enjoy.

  • Ezeboy 21
    Ezeboy 21 4 months ago

    The last one I broke the like button!!!!!!!!!
    Jack always makes me happy 😊

  • Draco Distortion
    Draco Distortion 4 months ago +1703

    "something about a child getting fucked is just..., NO"
    Jack's last two braincells: We did it! We saved the city!

    • Kelly Dean
      Kelly Dean 4 months ago +1

      This comment made this do much funnier, I'm in trouble for laughing so loud but it was worth it

    • James Hill
      James Hill 4 months ago

      But his dad didn’t have a TheXvid channel

    • Nerfew
      Nerfew 4 months ago

      @Instagram User you are not sound city quit trying to be him

    • MiotaLee
      MiotaLee 4 months ago +3

      I was like heck yeah I'd watch that channel and then immediately like oh god ko i take it back xD

    • Jeshie Wafflez
      Jeshie Wafflez 4 months ago +16

      It was funny, 'cause I made a face like.. wait.. what? And then No! No no! made that 10x funnier XD

  • Isaiah Buchanan
    Isaiah Buchanan 4 months ago

    I love how in the first few Tiktok videos Jack was against Tiktok and now he's like, "Can You Believe This App Is Free!"
    Love the content. Thanks for everything.

  • Dr. Neptune
    Dr. Neptune 4 months ago +4

    JackSepticEye : “Yeah and you’re watching this for free right now.”
    *The people who pay for TheXvid Premium :* “Am I a joke to you?”

    • TheTrueKnight
      TheTrueKnight 2 months ago

      I’m pretty sure he was talking about TikTok

  • Erin Fehderau
    Erin Fehderau 4 months ago

    Me = once again late to see my favorite content....
    Also Me = Staring at my cup of coffee and being unaware after working overnight that Jack would be comin in hot at the very start of the video lol
    What a nice way to start the day! I am seeing this 4 days behind but it made me smile so thank you for making it a better day!!

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma 3 months ago +1

    The singer at the end somehow manages to sound like an FNF character or the lead singer of Gorrilaz, all natural. It's amazing

  • Arturo Garduño
    Arturo Garduño 4 months ago +551

    2:27 that was the most genuine laugh I’ve ever seen.

    • Feeling Better
      Feeling Better 4 months ago +3

      for the future, ignore the trolls and report. they are fishing for your reactions so dont give any :) ty

    • Andrue Eastman
      Andrue Eastman 4 months ago +1

      @emolawnflamingo they actually make bots like that (i knew it wasn't mr. Beast)

    • emolawnflamingo
      emolawnflamingo 4 months ago +4

      @Andrue Eastman Hey, that wasn't actually Mr. Beast. It was a bot that has the same profile pic and a similar name that auto-responds to comments with a similar message. So no, that wasn't actually Mr Beast, and I'm pretty sure he's friends with Sean anyway. Also, for the future, don't interacg with comments like those! When you like, dislike, or respond to a bot comment, it provides it with engagement and helps it stay on youtube. Just report the bot and move on :)

    • Xeta
      Xeta 4 months ago +4

      @Beast v2🔥 hey did you know you are also going to hell? No? It's because you committed the deadly sin: Wrath and plagiarism, stop wasting money

  • malcolm wharton
    malcolm wharton 4 months ago +1

    I was feeling bad for finding ellewatkins videos absolutely hilarious but now that I know Jack does as well, I'm alright 🤣😂

  • へんでるさんTatiana

    The last one made me so happy he definitely needs more recognition 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Joanna
    Joanna 3 months ago

    Sean: "I'm surprised I didn't go mad." Me: "...How could anybody even tell?"

  • bob belcher
    bob belcher 4 months ago +7

    I just had to put down my dog today and this brought me some happiness in such a dark day, thank you Jack.

  • Leo Maso
    Leo Maso 4 months ago +790

    If jack could be any “real job”, I bet he could be a voice actor, he’s gotten rly good at imitating voices and stuff

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 4 months ago +1

      @Wolfen And Irish the Hedgehog.

    • Wolfen
      Wolfen 4 months ago

      He has already voice acted for a couple games, one of which being BATIM

    • I'mgonnasaythenword
      I'mgonnasaythenword 4 months ago

      @Instagram User hahahahahhahaah 😂😂😂😂

    • I'mgonnasaythenword
      I'mgonnasaythenword 4 months ago

      He should just work at wendys or something

  • Trance Cat
    Trance Cat 3 months ago +2

    I feel like he would really like having a singing teacher, he doesn't have to go pro. I just think if he needs another hobby; he should try for fun.

  • Maleia Taylor
    Maleia Taylor 4 months ago

    Everytime I watch jack for a while I get a random ass Irish accent out of nowhere when I'm talking😂

  • LuqmanOfficial
    LuqmanOfficial 4 months ago +1

    2:13 is just jack's pure joy laugh LMAOO

  • PopCulturePony
    PopCulturePony 3 months ago

    Who else would love to see him react to ego cosplay tiktoks? So many talented people I think he'd love to see

  • Toasty
    Toasty 4 months ago +291

    This entire video feels like a personal viewing, like Sean's just showing you Tik-Tok's he has saved on his phone that he found funny and decided to show you.

    • tearfilledrum
      tearfilledrum Month ago

      @jacksepticeye and its a good one i adore it

    • Kalie Wiest
      Kalie Wiest 2 months ago

      @jacksepticeye sup bro

    • Emilia Rose
      Emilia Rose 3 months ago

      @ghostpad gunship pffffft facts

    • ghostpad gunship
      ghostpad gunship 3 months ago +1

      You got destroyed by Sean. Never thought I'd saw that

    • Emilia Rose
      Emilia Rose 3 months ago

      @jacksepticeye I've been watching u for like 5 years I really appreciate your content it always makes my day, I've probably watched this vid like 5 times, I know u prolly hear this alot and it might get kinda boring, just wanted u to know we all love you ❤ keep making amazing content!

  • Kaisa Simmering
    Kaisa Simmering 3 months ago

    I simply love that your shirt says 'cloak' - spell that with a k instead of a c and it means 'sewer' in Danish ;)
    Funny video as always - hugs from DK

  • Rachel The Mannequin Head

    I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with perfect pitch, I can read music by sight... I can play by ear... but nothing. NOTHING COMPARES TO PETER COLLINS TALENT FOR HIS PERFECT SINGING.
    I'd Give Up ALL my talents just to have that voice.

  • halo_ohno
    halo_ohno 2 months ago

    Bruh I had the video at 2:22 saved on my phone for months bc it would make me laugh hysterically every time I saw it. My bf made fun of me for finding it funny lmao

  • MeltingDoll
    MeltingDoll 4 months ago

    2:15-2:23 Best 8 seconds I've had in quite some time lmao

  • Can’t think Of a name
    Can’t think Of a name 4 months ago +705

    I’m loving these videos. It feels like chilling out with a friend.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 4 months ago +1

      @Anisa Elmatschi What do you mean by that?

    • Espeon Mistress
      Espeon Mistress 4 months ago +2


    • TTV sage 339
      TTV sage 339 4 months ago +1

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    • yourboySVA
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    • Utopss AKA PJ
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