Tyron Woodley Says He's Training Floyd Mayweather For His UFC Debut | The Hollywood Beatdown


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  • Rugged Techie
    Rugged Techie 2 days ago

    I keep telling y'all , Floyd has some balls. Waaaaaay bigger then Conner that being said , I wouldn't advise him to do it. He has way then enough money , but he has that fighters spirit. It's a shame he won't just enjoy his kids and his life.....but I get it.

  • mike harvey
    mike harvey 3 days ago

    Connor would kill him in under a minute. It would be ugly

  • Bryan B.
    Bryan B. 3 days ago

    Connor is so offended right now haha, fuck. I love Floyd and Connor but Connor is surely to be the winner. Very interesting fight and will be major props to Floyd. Truly a man of his word if he does this because he told Connor during a faceoff “we can go there next” yelling in his face. If he doesn’t... well, he still has 800 Million in the bank so.

  • Seth White
    Seth White 4 days ago

    So Tyron wants to teach floyd to check some leg kicks and hes got a legit shot? Oh please god let this fight happen.

  • Arnold Rivers
    Arnold Rivers 4 days ago

    Floyd is going to fucking smash them MMA fools. Im looking forward to it!!

  • td202 mixes
    td202 mixes 4 days ago

    smh of course its with woodley... even though he walks around 200 whats he gonna show floyd how to man handle him lol woodley a bitch for doing this he the biggest diva UFC has ever seen. he will even root for floyd and say he can win smh lmao

  • Shelley Cline
    Shelley Cline 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Floyd has been trying for MMA for a few years now? He is a long game thinker.

  • Tone G
    Tone G 5 days ago

    People been saying Floyd was going to get his ass beat the last 10 years off his career cut the doubt Stfu and watch I'm so tired of keyboard warriors if y'all so great grow some balls hop in either the ring or the octagon before commenting on how a professional fighter will fare in a sport

  • skylar maldonado
    skylar maldonado 5 days ago

    Well that guy said he likes his music and could spit one bar from his music...

  • Frank Gartrell
    Frank Gartrell 6 days ago

    He's with a good one!
    Dangerous yall...

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison 6 days ago

    Tyron, PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSE tell Floyd that he is ready to fight Connor in the cage ! Give him all the confidence that you possibly can. Do it !!!!

  • Alpha Maze
    Alpha Maze 7 days ago

    Clen would be useless for him bulking up lol... Jesus, these fighters do a really good job of acting like they dont know these products.

  • IR 07
    IR 07 8 days ago

    Woodley be like “I don’t know damn shit what I’m saying but imma just let it out for the show” LMFAO!!!

  • Lawrence Fishberg
    Lawrence Fishberg 8 days ago

    Depends who Floyd fights....if it is a ring girl, he would win....plus he has experience hitting women, come to think of it!!!!

  • Dinpuia Deepee
    Dinpuia Deepee 8 days ago

    Woodley fights is boring boring his style is fuckin boring

  • Aaron mughal
    Aaron mughal 8 days ago

    Floyd can't learn the grappling aspects of mma overnight regardless how good an athlete he is . This is a process that takes time. Any opponent he has just has to take him down and jits him to submission.

  • Fu Fu
    Fu Fu 8 days ago

    feed him to artem

  • JP19
    JP19 8 days ago

    Floyd should fight artem “the greatest of all time” lobov

  • Bodhi Zafa
    Bodhi Zafa 8 days ago +1

    Jon bones jones could train him it won't matter he's to old to become a real threat to any title in the UFC this bullshit is just clickbait. An if he gets a chance to fight I hope he taps the fuck out in all of them. This fucking mma talk is a huge pile of bullshit.

  • Isauro Dominguez
    Isauro Dominguez 8 days ago

    Wtf are you taking about Tyron.. he will need to learn it all Your a fool .. .. Stop being scare to say the truth .. calm down .. He will still want your training & you will get paid ..

  • tipppy1000
    tipppy1000 9 days ago +1

    This dude is delusional.. 😂

  • ben cantu
    ben cantu 9 days ago

    I like Woodley!!👊

  • Russian Bears
    Russian Bears 10 days ago

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  • Sadaris Wilson
    Sadaris Wilson 10 days ago

    FUCK all of it do you see how small that man really is don't get me wrong he's 50 and 0 in boxing and he made a lot of money but don't fight in UFC going train some other young fighters to be just as good as you or help clean up boxing

  • HeadsupMaster
    HeadsupMaster 10 days ago

    He can call you bald but he's a convicted child molester. Worse thing you can do in life

  • Jack McDonald
    Jack McDonald 11 days ago

    Could floyd step in the octogon with connor? Fuck no. Could floyd win some mma fights against sub-top 10 strikers in the ufc? I think so.

  • Chenzo K
    Chenzo K 11 days ago

    This guy is delusional. Like actually delusional. Please just disappear

  • Brain Over Brawn
    Brain Over Brawn 11 days ago

    Floyd is old and needs to go enjoy his money while his health is still intact...why go to UFC and sustain a life altering injury? There's nothing else he can do with extra $100 million that he can't do right now.

  • Aristoddler
    Aristoddler 11 days ago +1

    We already know it would take Floyd around 25 minutes to damage Conor with hands... in his own sport... using tactics that would get him back mounted and head kicked. There is no way he can even make an mma fight look interesting vs. Conor. Give him Bethe Correia.

  • GWFallenWarrior
    GWFallenWarrior 11 days ago

    i see Floyd Vs. Diaz ... Think about it that's really the only challenge and the only one that could stand with conor.

  • svenson Ong-A-Kwie
    svenson Ong-A-Kwie 11 days ago +1

    Floyd is the best fighter ever (in the ring) in the octogon against conor he wouldn't last 30 seconds

  • Roman Reigns #1 P4P King

    The best channel ever with the best fighter ever 🤗🤗👌👌

  • jean do
    jean do 11 days ago

    I love woodley.. But woodley You talk some bullshit..
    Listen I'm a super stand up fighter.. I might not fight in the ufc.. I'm 74 KG... I knock Woodley the fuck out if we are not allowed to fight on the ground. Just stand up. Just like floyd trained his whole life to be a professional in Punching.. Thats how long it takes to become a professional in kicking..;) Yoel Romero and edson barbosa are guys for example they can kick but they are on a c or b level compared to... HIghlevel taekwondo fighters or Kickboksers but these people trained atleast 10 years for this level. And your saying that Floyd can kick good in 3 months,.. WHUAHAHAHAH IF he buys that he is a dead man;)

  • Tim Sloan
    Tim Sloan 11 days ago +1

    Mayweather is going to get destroyed.

  • Isoke Nichols
    Isoke Nichols 11 days ago

    Floyd only doing it for the money. He knows dam well this aint is back yard. IF ITS AGAINST CONNOR, HE WILL B LICKING HIS CHOPS. GET HIS ASS CHEWED UP, AND COLLECT A BIG ASS CHECK💰💴💵💶💷💸

  • Ak Hussain
    Ak Hussain 11 days ago

    Easy money

  • Steven Hair
    Steven Hair 11 days ago

    Tyrone Woodley will not have time to train a figher with zero experience in the cage. IF mayweather still has some fight left, he should do it in the boxing ring, not the cage This is a bad idea.

  • Legendary 401x
    Legendary 401x 11 days ago

    Let’s see how floyd does then

  • Legendary 401x
    Legendary 401x 11 days ago

    This can’t be true

  • BCP '10
    BCP '10 11 days ago

    If Floyd fight in the UFC, he broker than me.

  • PEOPLES DaBozz
    PEOPLES DaBozz 11 days ago

    Cm punk os the only fight he can prolly win

  • JOSEPH Paige
    JOSEPH Paige 11 days ago

    I like Woodly but must disagree with both guys when it comes to Chyna's BUNS.....I LIKE THEM TOO !

  • Blxst Power
    Blxst Power 11 days ago

    "Money Mayweather" That's the point of this whole thing.

  • the Faceless
    the Faceless 12 days ago +1


  • Alan Lon-Ho-Kee
    Alan Lon-Ho-Kee 12 days ago +1

    Dis Number 1 B@llsh!t!

  • Reality Fallacy
    Reality Fallacy 12 days ago

    Anyone who said Connor would knock out Floyd literally has no buisness commenting on what you think will happen. Unlike boxing in ufc fights are coin flips 1 mistake you lose so floyd definitely could lose but he definitely has a chance to win.

  • Yak Addict
    Yak Addict 12 days ago +1

    LOL Tyron Woodley is training him? God what a terrible choice to be your coach.

  • Kamy Alli
    Kamy Alli 12 days ago

    Another money making scheme to squeeze even more money from spectators !

  • Emeka Adibe
    Emeka Adibe 12 days ago

    Floyd can win some fights in MMA because of his speed, defense, and boxing skills, but he'll eventually get his asked kicked some by dudes. That's just the reality of it. Floyd would have to cherry pick fights in MMA and he'll need to fight some weak fighters.

  • C K
    C K 12 days ago +2

    Smh I love Floyd but what is he doing trying to jump into the barbarian ass UFC

  • sabbathcore
    sabbathcore 12 days ago +1

    2 weeks. Mutha fucka please. It takes damn near a year of kicks on the bag to condition your shins just to be able to deal with the force of even blocking UFC level kicks.

  • Dontbemad
    Dontbemad 12 days ago +2

    Obviously it's for the check. There's no way Woodley thinks Floyd can win he's just building floyd to hype it up and get paid by him

  • Yourz TRUELY
    Yourz TRUELY 12 days ago

    CoNAH mcTranny wannabe ass bruce lee who made his fame off welfare is going to be fucked for a second time by an oldman. Yeeeeaaaah!

  • DiiGiiTAL
    DiiGiiTAL 12 days ago +1

    No fucking chance. Floyd 'Rubber Lips' Mayweather would get absolutely smoked in an Octagon fight.

  • Apexbossman
    Apexbossman 12 days ago +2

    Would be hilarious if floyd won a world title 🤣

  • ramone boyd
    ramone boyd 12 days ago

    lol they crazy only way floyd wins if he learn how wrestle and Brazilian Jiujitsu for 6-8 months of training 4 days week and muy thai class , and thats for less experience mma fighter like cm punk but anybody else in 155 division got to many weapons to defeat him with and he only got one ,

  • after1001
    after1001 12 days ago

    God woodley is such a fake ass douche. He has no personality. He's a souless robot and nobody likes him.

  • John Remlinger
    John Remlinger 12 days ago

    I can't understand why Tyrone is adamant about calling Floyd one of The Greatest Strikers... He has never been known for his striking... I'm confused on why this man keep saying that.

  • Frederick Ponting
    Frederick Ponting 12 days ago +1

    Please have the fight against conner mcgregor

  • Adriel Lopez
    Adriel Lopez 12 days ago

    Is there any truth to the shit Tyron just made up

  • Andreas M
    Andreas M 12 days ago

    If butterbean can do it & do it well! Mayweather definately can..timing changes moving grappling all things he has an idea of..he needs to go through 10 semi ufc fighters won, before even stepping in a ring with a st piere type but i belive he can and well ..the guys got talent not size

  • Rick
    Rick 12 days ago +1

    He can’t go in there without learning to kick. Also anyone can get taken down so he has to learn grappling, Mu Tai, judo and bjj. If he has the best trainers in all these things and trained 5 hours a day with great determination it would take at least a year. What do you think?

  • Amadden mind
    Amadden mind 12 days ago

    Floyd gonna fuc conner up again in a mma ring bank it

  • Emily Saunders
    Emily Saunders 12 days ago +1

    Connor mcgregor will eat him alive

  • Rom H
    Rom H 12 days ago

    Man he know he knock the f down now trying to start shit he ain't gonna win

  • dale85300
    dale85300 12 days ago

    Tyron why don't you just call out that ass Colby, beat him down and maybe he will leave the sport or at least leave the division

  • Aaron The Thinker
    Aaron The Thinker 12 days ago

    They focus on one white boy's hair, while 90 % of black females wear weave in their hair.
    Black women also continue to try to expose their dirty nasty stank asses to the public. This is how the devil is rising..... and they do it.

  • The One
    The One 12 days ago

    Deluded Tyrone at it again just ignore it.

  • The Vegan
    The Vegan 12 days ago

    And when floyd wins all of you are gonna say it's fake... 😴 bye 👋

  • Vickers Productions
    Vickers Productions 12 days ago

    As soon as he said that Conor wouldn't take him down I knew he was taalkiinn sheeeeet

  • NaziAssUtube
    NaziAssUtube 12 days ago

    White boyz hating on the black champion!!!

  • george borg
    george borg 12 days ago

    DO NOT hand out your hard earned money for another roadshow. These fuckers conor and Floyd take us for fools. Defend your belt you fucker.

    RUGGED BREED 13 days ago

    Two niggas trying to act like they like each other

  • Wagner Bwanga
    Wagner Bwanga 13 days ago

    holy shit you guys are fucking crazy if you think mayweather is going to step in the octagon 😂 he's keeping his name relevant like he has been doing his whole career nothing new

  • King Levitan
    King Levitan 13 days ago

    Dr Woodly

  • Hussein Sam Zak Zebian

    Floyd is a fucking idiot he is going to get his ass smoked. Connor will take him to the ground and crush him.

  • Only Me
    Only Me 13 days ago

    Mayweather has balls but there wouldn't be a Mcgreggor fight in octagon , Connor has good leg kicks

  • tom nickerson
    tom nickerson 13 days ago +1

    Chis Cyborg-vs- Floyd Mayweather LOL

  • Dr. Royal
    Dr. Royal 13 days ago +1

    Okay, now Mayweather is asking to get dicked on. wtf 🍿👀👌

  • David Galaxy
    David Galaxy 13 days ago

    They not going to let floyd fight because of his age and lack of experience.. One head kick could end his life.. And put ufc in billions of dollars in debt.

  • SouthPaw Rey
    SouthPaw Rey 13 days ago

    Woodley is very knowledgable

  • ilondonmodel Alias
    ilondonmodel Alias 13 days ago

    I wish Floyd wouldn't do this and people only want to see Floyd lose

  • jkl; Hjkl
    jkl; Hjkl 13 days ago

    This bitch is delusional

  • beau archer
    beau archer 13 days ago

    The hood captain, Raquel... she’s so fucking annoying I can’t handle if

  • Josh Aldaco
    Josh Aldaco 13 days ago +1

    Punch your self for thinking mayweather could win

  • Anth V
    Anth V 13 days ago

    Conor will have to carry Floyd for 5 rounds

  • Zarak Ortega
    Zarak Ortega 13 days ago

    Khabib is the best striker in the UFC. Floyd vs Khabib make it happen Dana

  • Raptorjesuslives
    Raptorjesuslives 13 days ago

    Didn't he bitch out

  • Bert Jete
    Bert Jete 13 days ago

    People are outta their minds if they think Mayweather can beat Connor in an MMA bout. And just like with boxing, people were ridiculous to think Connor could beat Mayweather. It just two different worlds.

  • ibesweetp2
    ibesweetp2 13 days ago

    Sean O'Malley vs Floyd Mayweather

  • Mike
    Mike 13 days ago

    lol... dream on Tyron. Where is the TMT logo from the ass kiss.

  • Hate the new YouTube.
    Hate the new YouTube. 13 days ago +1

    Don't believe a word this clown woodley says, he's so desperate for a big money fight that he'll say anything. The fact he's working with TMZ says it all. Smh Tyron.

    DARYL COLEMAN 13 days ago

    Woodley will have Money Mayweather ready to destroy McGregor in 2 days.

  • roberto santoyo
    roberto santoyo 13 days ago

    I like his sweater. Pretty sure he got it from H&M 😉

  • Tren Life
    Tren Life 13 days ago

    To say he’s not a good wrestler is ignorant... I’ve seen videos of BJJ black belts gym owners say Conor come in and would request for the best wrestlers to roll with. Apart from that I don’t really disagree with woodley he’s an amazing ufc champion.

  • stephen barter
    stephen barter 13 days ago

    Fired up is the worst possible name for a segment featuring Tired Woodley

  • alvshill
    alvshill 13 days ago

    April Fools Day is not for another three weeks. As such, I’m not sure wtf Woodley is talking about.

    PRESTON THE BEAST 13 days ago


  • bmx7596
    bmx7596 13 days ago

    Clinch is a whole different world in mma, don't sleep on it.

  • M40101
    M40101 13 days ago

    Tyron Bumdley.