PS5 Controller Revealed in New Sony Patent | Bulkier Dualshock 4 Design and No Lightbar

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Recently a newly filed patent by Sony was discovered and it reveals what it most likely the PS5 controller which is more than likely going to be named the Dualshock 5. A few things worth noting with this PlayStation 5 controller is that the overall design looks like a bulkier PS4 Dualshock 4 controller. It also seems that the lightbar has been removed which will mean better battery life. This is some very interesting PS5 news and if this is in fact what the PS5 controller ends up looking like, I'm all for it.
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  • MBG
    MBG  25 days ago +26

    What are your thoughts on this potentially being the PS5 controller, it seems very likely that this is in fact the final design we are looking at. Do you like the bulkier look or are you not a fan, also how do you feel about the lightbar potentially being removed? Also, let me know if you think Sony will us the same material for the thumbsticks.

    • B Bain
      B Bain 24 days ago

      MBG Hopefully it doesn't have shit battery life this time around.

    • Astrong417
      Astrong417 24 days ago +1

      They need to go back to the dome thumbsticks period majority of gamers prefer them over the other options.

    • Old School Gamer
      Old School Gamer 24 days ago

      MBG It’s a necessity for PSVR so it does have a practical use so I hope they have an alternative tracking system

    • SmokyTrail 270
      SmokyTrail 270 24 days ago

      Sadly I won't be using that controller because I prefer the xbox style [Thumb Sticks placments]

  • Christopher Simon
    Christopher Simon 20 days ago

    I think there's still gonna be a touch screen that only lights when you touch it. That would be awesome

  • Abram Little
    Abram Little 22 days ago

    Take the damn touchpad off. Its useless and gets in the way

  • armored titan
    armored titan 22 days ago

    Looks great

  • _TRL!TH _
    _TRL!TH _ 22 days ago

    The PS controller was to me already a perfect controller... The only thing I want them to find a fix for permanently, is the stick drift to disappear and never happen, make that little coil sealed and air tight... Got 8 plus controllers and only 2 that don't drift, seems like it could easily be solved in manufacturing and design!!! But I'm sure it helps them sell more!

  • LukeBailey182
    LukeBailey182 22 days ago

    There is a use for the light-bar. It signifies the charger is connected, flashing when charging, constant orange when charged. Also in some games, forget which, it serves as a health bar, green with full hp, then orange, and red for danger.

  • will Brown
    will Brown 23 days ago

    I hoped against all hope they would integrate paddles in this controller

  • BallupKori
    BallupKori 23 days ago

    Easy solution on the light bar. Keep it but just add a setting to turn it off. Some people like it for character and I can respect that. Me personally, I play in the dark and if I get up or move or something is super easy to find again.

  • Mitchell Wybinow
    Mitchell Wybinow 23 days ago

    I was hoping for a microphone for chatting without a headset. I suggested that be a feature to my friend several months ago. I’m glad they seem to be adding it. That and More Bluetooth capability (non proprietary) for wireless headsets as opposed to bulky headsets that need to be plugged in to the controller.I would hope for a bit less give and more durable analog sticks as I wear mine out where I’m having to put pressure to run in certain games. It would then veer in a certain direction. It was specifically noticeable in GTA when I drove. I liked the light pad just for charging purposes and knowing when the menu was coming up where I would have the audio coming out of the TV and not my headset, but if we get better battery life and there’s some small indicator light to show if it’s charged then that would be fine with me. I don’t want a touch screen as I do admit that I drop my controller occasionally, so that’s just a potential disaster waiting to happen. I hope being bulkier it’s more durable. PS4 controllers are already the cost of a game and I imagine that number is only going to go up for the PS5. I was never able to acclimate to the 360 controller for certain games more for its configuration, but it just felt uncomfortable. I’m glad to hear that it will still be slimmer than the Xbox controller. Overall, it seems like a really good design.
    I’m just looking forward to when we see what the new generation is capable of doing, load speeds, photorealistic graphics, the games, etc., the price and release date. I hope in general that they produce enough where you don’t have to camp out overnight on Black Friday or any day when a shipment comes in just so you can get a PS5 or spend a small ransom because somebody bought 10 and is selling them for over $1,000 dollars on EBay (which I have no designs of doing either). I’ll just wait for the insanity to die down. Hopefully, we can just preorder the console online or at a store, but I am guessing that is a pipe dream. Thanks for the content. I’m always grateful for the work that you put in whether it’s research, editing and the passion you have for gaming shows in every video you make. Thanks for doing what you do and keep it going.

  • Gaz B 007
    Gaz B 007 24 days ago

    I hope it’s not a lot bigger than the DS4... I have really small hands.
    The PS3 controller was the perfect size for me.
    The DS4 was manageable, but not as easy as DS3.
    If DS5 is bigger then I hope I can still use a DS4 on the PS5 console.

  • David Meier
    David Meier 24 days ago

    The battery life was a non issue sunce I always kept it connected to my PS4. I'm not at all a fan of wireless controllers.

  • winged hussar
    winged hussar 24 days ago

    I'm disspointed at least they should have let us change the placement of the joy sticks and hopefully the back triggers aren't flimsy cheap plastic tht feel like it's on rubberbands

  • Project Scorpio
    Project Scorpio 24 days ago

    Xbox Controller is the wax to go as a Gamer.
    Dualshock is bullshit in any way

  • Splatgunnz
    Splatgunnz 24 days ago

    I just hope the bulkier design of Dualshock 5 doesn't feel clunky when playing Tekken, as it does on Xbox controllers. The Dualshock 4 was perfect for fighting games..

  • Gareth Lloyd
    Gareth Lloyd 24 days ago

    I know there will be those who will say that "it's the same controller or the same design, no innovation" blah blah. My response to that is if it ain't broke don't fix it. I think Sony arguably has the best controller design. Why change the design of the controller for ps5 and risk being disliked especially when the dualshock design for ps4 is spot on.
    Yes I liked the light bar. As long as the dualshock still works with vr tracking

  • -pyrant-
    -pyrant- 24 days ago

    Don't really like it :/

  • Sam Ash
    Sam Ash 24 days ago

    Honestly the light bar has nvr bothered me, and my thumb sticks plastic has nvr rubbed off on any of my controllers.

  • Kim van loocke
    Kim van loocke 24 days ago

    the R3 and L3 repeated pressing wile moving do's hurt my thumbs

  • Repugnantone
    Repugnantone 24 days ago

    Good riddance to that light bar. I like playing in low light and that light bar was more distracting than helpful. Glad it's gone.

  • Christina Bennett
    Christina Bennett 24 days ago

    I'm addicted to death stranding!!!!

  • Hatim Shalabi
    Hatim Shalabi 24 days ago

    I hope fortnite wont be on ps5 and xbox 2

  • aznpanda510x
    aznpanda510x 24 days ago

    I believe a touch screen a thing, you know how easy it will be to send message to a friend or see who on? I can see myself checking to see if my group of rainbow 6 is on without going to the main menu and click on friends

  • aznpanda510x
    aznpanda510x 24 days ago

    I'm just glad we don't need batteries, xbox player will never get that satisfaction. They need to spend another 30$ to get a rechargeable one.

  • Kula_lala
    Kula_lala 24 days ago

    I just noticed it has no screws on the back and has a clip like thing on the bottom, just by the way they have made it easy to open with the clip it makes me think this controller will be a modular one.

  • Zoeila
    Zoeila 24 days ago

    im a female with smaller hands so i always worry about controllers getting bulkier

  • Kévin Zerbib
    Kévin Zerbib 24 days ago

    Plus, lot of Dualshock features are not compatible with the service PlayStation Now.

  • Warnut
    Warnut 24 days ago

    im not fussed about the light bar but it was a nice thing to have, i also think they made it more xbox bulky shape but could be how the picture looks, i do like to see the speaker still being in it even though i personally dont use it, i have the sound through the soundbar/tv, but i do know people love using it for the sounds to come through

  • Adrian Goran
    Adrian Goran 24 days ago

    MBG, you don't need to offload your cargo when you want to repair spray it, just hit square when you have the spray equipped and then R2

  • thismeinteil
    thismeinteil 24 days ago +1

    They can't be removing it, otherwise some PS4 games won't be playable. More than likely it's just a part of the top of the touchpad, instead of below it.

  • Darkchii Gaming
    Darkchii Gaming 24 days ago

    for me they look like the pro controller for the nintendo switch

  • charles gee
    charles gee 25 days ago

    Doesn't bother me that the light bar will be gone. I like gaming in the dark and I play close to my 4k tv and the glare from the light in my tv will definitely not be missed lol

  • RexinGhosty
    RexinGhosty 25 days ago

    Man this is sad no more concrete genie, infamous or psvr functionality with just the normal controller. I hope we can still use the DualShock 4 on the PS5

  • G Camel
    G Camel 25 days ago

    Ds4 was perfect, best controller ever. Looking at the illustration on this patent im surprised that there is no back buttons like on a scuf. Hope that the ds4 is compatible with ps5, dont want to use a stock controller ever again. we want paddles on the back sony, not a gimmick small lcd pannel on the front.

  • Colin Langley
    Colin Langley 25 days ago +1

    No light bar makes all the vr titles redundant

  • 4everjesusrules
    4everjesusrules 25 days ago

    It almost looks like an X box controller

  • obigrumpywan kenobi
    obigrumpywan kenobi 25 days ago +1

    The Lightbar is for PSVR .

  • squee zex
    squee zex 25 days ago

    Was hoping for more of a change. Why still touchpad? Useless feature.

  • Dinu Bogdan
    Dinu Bogdan 25 days ago

    Imagine they put batteies like xbox😣😣😣🤢🤢

    PHXNTXM 25 days ago

    All in all, I’m hyped for the DualShock 5.

  • Meistro Shine
    Meistro Shine 25 days ago +1

    I love the light bar. It looks cool as shit

  • Vigilance L
    Vigilance L 25 days ago +1

    I don't care with the look, what inside is matter. Heptic feedback for example that mentioned will simulate what is going on by just holding it in your hand

  • Chris White
    Chris White 25 days ago +1

    I think the new design looks great. I'm very curious on the haptic technology, and the triggers that were supposed to give more immersive gameplay. I do hope the buttons are made better than in the dualshock 4, though. I play a lot of fighting games, and feel the directional pad gets wore out fairly quick for a $60 controller, and so I hope the new ones are just a bit more durable.

    NIXNE 25 days ago

    Aesthetically I loved the light bar. Outside of that it wasn’t very practical.

  • Shamegame God774
    Shamegame God774 25 days ago

    Aww I hope they would get rid of the touchscreen. The touchscreen is literally useless even more so than the light bar. Even first party studios doesn’t use it.

  • ruben van heerden
    ruben van heerden 25 days ago

    No lightbar 😭😭

  • Renjouji Touchme
    Renjouji Touchme 25 days ago

    i like it but hopefully the ligthbar was on the front coz i love my ds4 v2

  • Tristan The vr Gamecat

    A touch screen could be interesting maybe like another of the home interface check out clips you recorded on there to upload etc without leaving the game on the TV

  • MGBfilmTV
    MGBfilmTV 25 days ago

    Very interesting. Maybe it’s a controller and a handheld. Like a vita and a controller all in one?

  • Michael Prince 777
    Michael Prince 777 25 days ago +1

    I like the light bar on my PS4 controller it makes it look so futuristic.

  • Ghosting You
    Ghosting You 25 days ago

    I'm using the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro. I hope the DS5 is a similar size to the Pro controller I'm using. I hate the DS4, I've always preferred bigger controllers, like Xbox's.

  • Wolf Saints
    Wolf Saints 25 days ago

    There are some pic of a PS5 controller with a touchscreen

  • The Viking
    The Viking 25 days ago

    As a powerlifter I just hope I don't keep breaking the triggers and thumbsticks on this controller.

    POATAPON3 25 days ago

    Too simple, i expect it al least to transform to a portable console

  • Bradley Buradori
    Bradley Buradori 25 days ago

    The main reason i liked the lightbar was because earlier ps4 games actually used it to add immersion,on gta if you get cops on you it flashes blue and red and lights up the whole room making it look like there's actually a police car outside your place and on tomb raider if you use fire torches it would flicker orange as if you were holding a torch too.New games don't use it for anything so it was cool at first but became pointless with no games using it

  • William Vidal
    William Vidal 25 days ago

    horrible mando

  • Lob Par
    Lob Par 25 days ago

    I liked the light bar for multiple reasons so this upsets me a bit. It was used very cleverly in certain instances by developers, it helped with the camera and VR tracking so I assume they have a replacement hopefully for that and I also didn’t really mind the battery drain honestly. I never played long enough in one session for it to matter before charging it again

  • Pixel Spartan
    Pixel Spartan 25 days ago +1

    Hopefully the dualshock 4 will work on the ps4

  • David Garvin
    David Garvin 25 days ago +2

    I kinda liked it but I don't mind that it's gone either... implications for PSVR 2.0 are what excites me because if light tracking is out... then what are we going to get instead?!?!

  • VazGaming
    VazGaming 25 days ago +5

    I love the Light Bar makes the controller unique!! Just add an option to turn it off if you want to... so other people that like it can still have it!

  • The Rational Man
    The Rational Man 25 days ago

    I do see that Touch-pad being replaced with a Touch-screen. Uses like a touch-keyboard, touch-navigation in the operating system, showing off game-lobbies, game-scores during FPS, a back-facing mirror during racing games alongside a quick item menu in open world games. I can see a touch screen being a useful addition in comparison to the barely used touch-pad and with today's battery capabilities I don't see it being a huge problem. We'd probably see a bump to $69.99 for each controller.