• Published on May 29, 2019
  • In this video I'll show you the 7 heroes that can get an assist in an illegal way.
    Meaning they can get assist even without dealing damage to the enemy.
    To make things easier we will use our turret as the damage dealer.
    ? just has to use his ultimate to get an assist.
    He can do it anywhere on the map.
    ?'s ultimate can get you an easy assist.
    Just like Aldous, he can do it even while in the base.
    ?'s ultimate can get you an assist as long as the enemy is in her range.
    It activates even though she has a different target.
    ?'s 2nd skill in wolf form gets an assist too.
    The dying enemy has to be in his 2nd skill range.
    And since it's a big one, it's no problem for Roger.
    ?'s exclamation mark is an easy assist.
    Just walk right into a clash without showing yourself.
    Once the enemy gets an exclamation mark sign and they die, they are your assists.
    Easy assist.
    ? is at #2 because unlike the rest of the heroes he doesn't need to use a skill.
    ? just needs to equip Blade of the 7 Seas.
    He automatically gets an assist from an enemy that dies nearby.
    No skill required.
    Just like a boss.
    The hero with the most illegal way to get an assist is ?.
    There are two ways to get an asisst with ?.
    First he just needs to be near the enemy.
    If the enemy leaves a soul, it means he gets an assist.
    That's some sinister magic you got there ?.
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  • Twilight Flux
    Twilight Flux Month ago

    Rip wizard boots.

  • Clark Getigan
    Clark Getigan 2 months ago

    If only wizard boots is still here we would be rich with those assists

  • Amielle Aguirre
    Amielle Aguirre 2 months ago

    I think Minotaur also gets illegal assists... whenever he heals an ally and that ally kills someone.. you get to have an assist evethough you haven't inflicted any damage... thats just from my observation..

  • Cyril Yves Gonzales
    Cyril Yves Gonzales 2 months ago

    You forgot Harith! He can also gain assists just by being in proximity like Faramis.

  • kookieness
    kookieness 2 months ago

    The idea I got from watching this is use either Faramis or Martis near a level 3 lord

  • kookieness
    kookieness 2 months ago

    I always thought ressurecting Diggie assists were illegal, but some are more illegal ehem Faramis

  • Alif Alfian
    Alif Alfian 2 months ago

    Lolita get assists from the shield.. Even lolita don't move

  • ですサム
    ですサム 2 months ago

    Just my prediction..I think the reason why they will remove the wizard boots item is because of these heroes..don't you think it's unfair getting enough gold from assists that were counted just because of effortless damage?..

  • Muczkapl
    Muczkapl 2 months ago

    Faramis gets assists just by existing. Not using his first skill damaging healing nothing. He just needs to exist near the killed enemy.

  • Pig With 10,000 Subcribers

    Aldous is just basiclly hacking right??

  • Marcus Chiong
    Marcus Chiong 2 months ago

    I got a kill with aldous while somebody was killed by a jungle monster

  • ebf natsu
    ebf natsu 2 months ago

    Thanks Elgin I didn't know about faramis and martis

  • FrakeZ
    FrakeZ 2 months ago

    so thats why i kept getting kill but im not hitting the enemy

  • Kenホイイマガイビッチウ

    It's not really illegal it's actually helpful

  • Anas Otaku
    Anas Otaku 2 months ago

    Well 2 of them give vision to allies so they are not that illegal

  • MTL CC
    MTL CC 2 months ago

    you just shown me new build with martis...i always ply like support...its so good

  • TC 13
    TC 13 2 months ago

    ML turret: Gets KS
    LOL's Turret: *Ha! I'm no joke! Even if the enemy is low health and I killed it, it will always be my kill!!!*

  • alexa
    alexa 2 months ago

    blade of the HEPTAseas lol

  • Aviation1992
    Aviation1992 2 months ago +2

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals

  • Kirkland Seldal
    Kirkland Seldal 2 months ago

    Try it with Rafaela with Dominace Ice funny as hell coming out with 30 assist 7-3-27

  • None
    None 2 months ago

    i remember getting a kill because of faramis. i was just mindin my own business killin minions, then i got a kill. it was irithel farming lol

  • JNV 23
    JNV 23 2 months ago

    Is that really an illegal assist?

  • Purple Murple
    Purple Murple 2 months ago

    I actually get a kill from my teamates sometimes even though i didnt damage the enemies
    Id say i have good luck :)

  • lucy lestrange
    lucy lestrange 2 months ago

    i feel like this is the reason why they're taking off wizard boots 😔

    AFRIEL RIZKY NURALAM 2 months ago


  • Pogi Ako
    Pogi Ako 2 months ago

    How about yi sun shin ?

  • Mihawk MLBB
    Mihawk MLBB 2 months ago

    I was near lord my team near enemy base they killed and I got assist

  • Mihawk MLBB
    Mihawk MLBB 2 months ago

    For cyclops it happened today

  • briyahgnz
    briyahgnz 2 months ago

    tamang ks lang

  • B R I G I A G N Z
    B R I G I A G N Z 2 months ago


  • Unknown Gwapo
    Unknown Gwapo 2 months ago

    Ks hahaha

  • Andrei Playz
    Andrei Playz 2 months ago

    Muahahaha what is balde of the 7 seas
    I tought it was blade of the heptaseas

  • Cj Garcia
    Cj Garcia 2 months ago

    It also works on harith

  • Some Random ML Channel
    Some Random ML Channel 2 months ago


  • Charlon Mls
    Charlon Mls 2 months ago

    Should you have included diggie? Even if he dies he can get an assist.

  • seth ken
    seth ken 2 months ago

    Yin sung shin ult is like aldous ult.. if a tmmate is on a clash on the other end of d map, ysy ult gets assist.can illegaly kill too..he can ks unintentionally.

  • Wiejay Abad
    Wiejay Abad 2 months ago

    Blade of Heptaseas,can it be used by other heroes??, To gain an assist? Please answer

  • Hentai haven -chan
    Hentai haven -chan 2 months ago

    Faramis is good at assist what if they didn't remove the wizard boots so much gold for him

  • AIM Shiryuu
    AIM Shiryuu 2 months ago

    I dont think some of them are illegal like aldous?? Cuz he helped his teammates find and locate the enemy which also counts as helping (assisting)

  • mohammad 021
    mohammad 021 2 months ago

    I think u miss mino

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 2 months ago

    diggie the dickmeister...assisting in egg form...just dont overlook at the countdown

  • Hiro Shiro
    Hiro Shiro 2 months ago

    10:30 😥😖 but Wizard boot is retiring....

  • Hiro Shiro
    Hiro Shiro 2 months ago +2

    Lol I remember using Faramis an enemy died because of the jungle creep and the kill became mine 😂

  • Fang Vlog#1923
    Fang Vlog#1923 2 months ago

    You left one out:if faramis is farming and the enemy is farming too if the enemy dies because of the jungle monster it will become faramis's kill just search what I said

  • Ren Federigan
    Ren Federigan 2 months ago

    Aldous can kill the enemy sometimes using his ultimate

  • Nonsense Gaming
    Nonsense Gaming 2 months ago +1

    When I used Natalia when me and my cousin was playing 1v1, I was wandering around because I'm already Level 15 and the rules are, if the 2 of us are already Level 15, we will fight, but when he get executed by a Jungle Monster then I get a kill by just wandering around him and he's a 14 year old who doesn't know how to Farm properly

  • ElytsGod96 96
    ElytsGod96 96 2 months ago +1

    Can someone explain Martis?
    I'm confused

  • Hades ML
    Hades ML 2 months ago

    Where is yss

  • Jessica Kamal
    Jessica Kamal 2 months ago +1

    Bro U forgot alucard ultimate mate :,( 💔

    • LalisaManoBangs
      LalisaManoBangs 2 months ago

      Well He Deals Damage He has.long ranged skill so Ofc he'll hit the enemy

  • Destiny Villaflor
    Destiny Villaflor 2 months ago

    Most of the heroes have the right passive to get the assist ever if you don't hit them read your passive pls, and some ulti are global know you're heroes, in some occasion the items...... Read players plz

  • Akosi Charles
    Akosi Charles 2 months ago

    What about yi sun shin?

  • Sakura_ Wolfie
    Sakura_ Wolfie 2 months ago

    OMG its also weird how I die on a match and if someone dies near me I GET the kill!!
    Without doing a single thing!!

  • being a BUDDY is in my body

    i've been using natalia lately and i hope i could farm assists during clashes 😂😅

  • Dan Tan
    Dan Tan 2 months ago

    Faramis has the most broken way of getting an assist wtf

  • Dan Tan
    Dan Tan 2 months ago

    Martis and 7 seas actually has some logic to it. The passive mark procs 7 seas passive, lowering the enemys armor. It doesnt deal damage visually but you ARE doing something that contributes to an assist. Same goes for high and dry+7 seas

  • dainande01 Rajkumar
    dainande01 Rajkumar 2 months ago

    Imagine faramis getting a savage for doing nothing

  • Kenny Foo
    Kenny Foo 2 months ago

    Wonder what would happen if Natalia had an exclamation mark shown over the head of the enemy and then just walk away, so that the enemy died without the mark

  • Davin Playz
    Davin Playz 2 months ago

    Lol i have been playing martis for a year and i still dont know about that haha

    KYROS CELL SIRUV 2 months ago

    Along with that, there are few heroes who can steal farms from enemies (if it is timed correctly).
    Come to think of it, there is only one hero.. =p

  • Animations with Seth
    Animations with Seth 2 months ago

    You forgot selena

  • XxWallzxX
    XxWallzxX 2 months ago

    Interesting indeed Elgin. I am a Roger main. So this is helpful while I use my second skill when someone is about to die for that assist. Thanks! 😋

  • SolarEntity_XD
    SolarEntity_XD 2 months ago +1

    #layla Abuse😆
    R.I.P. layla

  • markie mark
    markie mark 2 months ago

    Why illegal? Aldous and Lesley reveal enemies within range... especially for Natalia and campers. Helcurt ultimate is global, blocking vision of enemy and helping team re attacks. These 3 are much like support heroes who do not cause damage, but helps in team fights. Maybe illegal is such a strong word to use.

  • RazorKamaitachi X Blade

    Another way to get illegal assist although its legit assist is use his 1st skill to pull all enemy ganking team, use 2nd skill to deal massive damage or even kill some squishy hero with less hp, then use 3rd skill and let your team kill the rest opponents for wiped out

  • sharingan draft pick
    sharingan draft pick 2 months ago

    Oh that's why I got 47 assists using my brand new unlocked hero Aldous I was just gonna target the lowest health and I saw my see my Aldous got assist

  • umbrella ella
    umbrella ella 2 months ago

    I saw Natalia that's why I tapped the video HAHAHA

  • MaybeARTS
    MaybeARTS 2 months ago

    Wait that's illegal 🤣

  • AluCard Gaming
    AluCard Gaming 2 months ago

    Because roger,helcurt,aldous gives vision/remove thats why u can also get assist like ashe using e (skill 3 vision )and if its spot an enemy u get the asssist

  • Red is Blue
    Red is Blue 2 months ago


  • m a r I a
    m a r I a 2 months ago +4

    I found out that you can have an assist in faramis just using his first skill because when I use him in rank my stats are 7/7/35 and the assist is crazy 😂🤣

  • Luis Jade Fuertez
    Luis Jade Fuertez 2 months ago

    7 heroes get assist without damaging the enemy

    *wAiT tHaT iLleGaL*

  • DiamondFrost Gaming
    DiamondFrost Gaming 2 months ago

    That's why the boots have removed from game

  • Daphi Nongsteng
    Daphi Nongsteng 2 months ago

    Wow great info! Thanks

  • Yuudachi Poi
    Yuudachi Poi 2 months ago


  • Chona Briones
    Chona Briones 2 months ago

    Are a filipino?? Coz your sigh are filipin flag??