Will It Butter? Taste Test

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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Comments • 8 206

  • It's Thinzy
    It's Thinzy 7 months ago +8665

    will it stop my heart

  • Richie !
    Richie ! 11 hours ago +1

    My gramps eats butter by the stick, I think he’d eat logs of the baked beans one

  • Just Me
    Just Me Day ago


  • Leif likes leaves
    Leif likes leaves 3 days ago

    Gutter butter, beyond the udder
    (This needs to be a thing. Maybe not made from actual cow guts tho. Ya know, more palatable.)

  • Greg Rohs
    Greg Rohs 5 days ago

    Why wouldnt you try putting popcorn into butter?

  • Brian Morrissey
    Brian Morrissey 5 days ago

    the glow of a man that has communed with the beans!

  • Kaitlin Eswizzle
    Kaitlin Eswizzle 6 days ago

    I'm really curious about their religious backgrounds. Like, they're both southern so I'm assuming they went to church, but idk. I'm v nosy.

  • Just K
    Just K 8 days ago

    This episode: will it heart attack
    Answer: yes

  • PUPPY158
    PUPPY158 8 days ago

    Yall dat aint no biscuit dats a scone

  • Enter Thy Name _
    Enter Thy Name _ 9 days ago

    This is one of my favorite episodes, because of the variety of the things they put the butter ON. popcorn, cornbread, lobster. It's versatile.

  • EmoWhale
    EmoWhale 9 days ago

    Link: *smells the food and then gags half the time* OH MY GOD WHY DO I DO THIS?!
    Rhett: Oooo! This looks nice!
    Link: * Eats it and hates it 100% *
    Rhett: * Eats it and likes it *
    Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that Link smelling everything first is making him hate it more.

  • Foxxets Cousin
    Foxxets Cousin 9 days ago


  • Lauren Samantha Clarke

    I want marmite butter! Some one get on it!

  • Valerie TV
    Valerie TV 14 days ago

    Udder Butter belongs in the gutter

  • Argent
    Argent 15 days ago

    Will it penis?

  • lovely shadow beast
    lovely shadow beast 15 days ago

    4:30 the world stopped for a moment when Rhett didn't dink it😂

  • The Mouse In Your Room

    I became a type 2 diabetic just watching this.....

  • Jessi amo
    Jessi amo 16 days ago

    8:30 But it isn't an insect, Rhett...

  • Igor Pupilo
    Igor Pupilo 17 days ago

    I always wondered, do you guys sleep on a couch after these episodes, cant imagine ur wifes let u in bed after eating all that stuff 🤢

  • Isaac Rumley
    Isaac Rumley 17 days ago

    Literally everything (except the cow guts) buttered!

  • Devin Mckinney
    Devin Mckinney 17 days ago

    my question is why are they eating crayons

  • David Lefebvre
    David Lefebvre 19 days ago

    we need a GMM cookbook

  • anime freek
    anime freek 21 day ago

    umm worry for there health because they ate crans did they ever say it was a natural cran do those things even exist idk all I know is we're lucky they do this for us

  • Mantis lair
    Mantis lair 21 day ago

    Will it chip

  • Albin
    Albin 21 day ago

    Well all The swedish People know the udder butter is what we call leverpastej

  • GST Monkey
    GST Monkey 22 days ago

    Rhett’s face at 0:55 when link called him a butter face tho

  • Madeline Larson
    Madeline Larson 22 days ago

    Missed opportunity to call the cow insides butter, gutter.

  • Delta Deann
    Delta Deann 23 days ago

    Rhett's face when Link calls them both butter faces is a mood

  • Phoenix Swanson
    Phoenix Swanson 23 days ago

    Do a “Will it Beverage.”

  • Catherine Chau
    Catherine Chau 23 days ago

    Cow intestines are good though...

  • James Hanvey aka GeekyRaptorStudios

    rhett and link, i bet the starburst candy company would cut a deal with you... starburst butter is a genius idea.

  • Anne Mac
    Anne Mac 28 days ago

    They should have used a Culver’s Butterburger for the burger butter.

  • Madhu Krishnan
    Madhu Krishnan 28 days ago

    I have been enlightened on the basis of cow gut butter, thanks Rhett and Link, for your noble sacrifice.

  • Kyle Cook
    Kyle Cook 29 days ago

    Do “Will it Oreo?” Try new and exotic cream fillings!

  • Hamnster209
    Hamnster209 29 days ago

    Thank you for choosing: Exotic Butters

  • Marius Groth
    Marius Groth 29 days ago

    You have to do "will it mayo", where you try it with fries

  • FozzieatDetour BillNye

    Where can I find some of that Starburst butter?

  • Acejal 6625
    Acejal 6625 Month ago

    Did ya get a butter bite buddy only real ones will get it

  • HiCludo
    HiCludo Month ago +1

    The 2k dislikers disliked cos Rhett didnt dink it

  • Ephraim Adedokun
    Ephraim Adedokun Month ago


  • Momo Maruto
    Momo Maruto Month ago

    Looks like pâté more than butter :v

  • B-Series
    B-Series Month ago


  • Brando H
    Brando H Month ago

    Utter butter naaah GUTTER BUTTER!

    CITRON Month ago

    You should sell these on your tours


    Thats what daddy needed👌

  • Daniel Turchan
    Daniel Turchan Month ago +1

    6:00, it’s thick
    Thick and hardy make you ... farty??

  • Lexi Kay
    Lexi Kay Month ago

    The fact that the smell of intestines is “familiar” 😂

  • pittkendoka
    pittkendoka Month ago

    Marijuana. Will it butter? Yes!

  • N Valiente
    N Valiente Month ago

    Sometimes they do/say things that make me think “these guys are definitely dads”

  • Mochi V
    Mochi V Month ago

    all I see is that *relax* sign in the back and i-

  • Quazzy Modo
    Quazzy Modo Month ago

    5:40 Link is truly unhappy hahaha

  • Fatih Çelik
    Fatih Çelik Month ago

    Hi guys
    Don't miss this free Bacon & butter deal!

  • Alayna Cunningham
    Alayna Cunningham Month ago

    Will it tea?

  • Madison Barnhardt
    Madison Barnhardt Month ago

    This could have been the perfect chance to make blood butter. They could’ve called it BLOOD BUTTERS (like blood brothers)

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson Month ago

    5:40 Me when I can't get to sleep

  • Elle White
    Elle White Month ago

    6:24 made me feel some type of way

  • Quart D
    Quart D Month ago

    If it smells like s#%t, then you are eating s$%t. People eat intestines and you know you have to clean it first, right?

  • Kevin /RDT Ramos
    Kevin /RDT Ramos Month ago

    Curious to try the starburst one xD idk about pop corn but yeah..

  • Kevin /RDT Ramos
    Kevin /RDT Ramos Month ago

    Curious to try the starburst one xD idk about pop corn but yeah..

  • Randall
    Randall Month ago

    will it butter?

  • Sapp Cheng
    Sapp Cheng Month ago

    Lol u guys love hotdogs which is also in an intestine. But hated the actual idea that it is poop tunnel.

  • Essel Mcdonkor
    Essel Mcdonkor Month ago

    will it make cheese

  • munchin
    munchin Month ago

    I didn't know they were in the Marines

  • Cameron Radaszewski

    You wasted that lobster on wax you BASTARDS!!!!!

  • Butter
    Butter Month ago

    Nu butters were hurt in the making of this?

  • Carson Smith
    Carson Smith Month ago

    “You’ve ruined the experience for me”

  • Mr.Defaul7
    Mr.Defaul7 Month ago

    They should’ve made butter with cow balls and called it “nutter butter”

  • Kaarlina
    Kaarlina Month ago

    In other words you guys are trying different types of Patte 😂

  • Jay Anderson
    Jay Anderson Month ago

    Because they said never again I feel like your team should do a worst of the worst and best of the best video... Make them decide which is the worst and best things the ever ate on the show.. Jay Anderson Brisbane Australia.

  • SQU1RT5
    SQU1RT5 Month ago +1

    If the "&" sign were on the "Sink It" cup, I'd buy them.

  • Zúi Gaming
    Zúi Gaming Month ago

    Will it makes me less depressed?

  • Sophie Grace
    Sophie Grace Month ago

    "biscuits" - here in the UK those are scones, and biscuits would be like a cookie but not quite. Damn cultural differences, 😂😂

  • Grant Mcneley
    Grant Mcneley Month ago

    did he just say "you can really tell that it's an insect" when he was looking at the lobster? lol

  • Mr. Flat Earth
    Mr. Flat Earth Month ago

    Thick and hearty make you farty

  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor Month ago


  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor Month ago

    Is link getting old or is it hair dye

  • ThePlatGamer
    ThePlatGamer Month ago

    “Familiar intestine smell”

  • Hunter x craft
    Hunter x craft Month ago

    Waste of a good lobster

  • Polar702bear
    Polar702bear Month ago

    I'm on my way to Carl's Jr right now lol

  • fem wynn
    fem wynn 2 months ago

    that's not cornbread....

  • SB 50cal
    SB 50cal 2 months ago

    12:20 that’s what she said

  • Luna Park
    Luna Park 2 months ago

    10/10 on those Rhett sounds after he eats the Gutter.

  • Reznov 11982011
    Reznov 11982011 2 months ago

    “That’s what daddy needed.”

  • 20kitkat
    20kitkat 2 months ago

    For the first few butters, I started to believe that 'hey, maybe today'll be the day that everything will butter'...
    But then...nah boi...WHY GUTTER WHY

  • Covey Carter
    Covey Carter 2 months ago

    Rhett finally admitted to being a bird

    • Nero Mauritzen
      Nero Mauritzen 2 months ago

      *Buys shotgun and waits for Thanksgiving/Rhett hunting season🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃*

  • kadijah adams
    kadijah adams 2 months ago

    I enjoy this show way more than I should !!

  • FFX Skipity
    FFX Skipity 2 months ago

    “Will it butter my crossaint”

  • Nishtha Sinha
    Nishtha Sinha 2 months ago

    Exotic Butters :)

  • SUBSCRIBE Just for fun
    SUBSCRIBE Just for fun 2 months ago

    Rewatching this the camera looks so much crisper then now

  • Yasmin Seah
    Yasmin Seah 2 months ago

    Did Rhett say lobsters are insects? Aren't they crustaceans?

  • Dan Hemsley
    Dan Hemsley 2 months ago


  • Breanna Kittle
    Breanna Kittle 2 months ago

    Exotic butters.

  • Leo Moore
    Leo Moore 2 months ago

    pickle butter? anyone

    • Nero Mauritzen
      Nero Mauritzen 2 months ago

      Yes! Made from those big pickled cucumbers

  • deveros dev
    deveros dev 2 months ago

    maybe will it soap ????

  • Screaming Phoenix
    Screaming Phoenix 2 months ago

    Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh, did these dudes deadass just eat the poop chute and the milk fat in one go

  • Vania Pinedo
    Vania Pinedo 2 months ago +3

    I would like ingredients and instructions and a detailed courseso on how to make the baked beans butter, the burger butter and the starbursts butter 😊😊 by the mythical crew😁😁

  • Frankenwolfer Guy
    Frankenwolfer Guy 2 months ago

    Will It Ketchup

  • Destyni Cannon
    Destyni Cannon 2 months ago +3

    Will it soup?

  • bananabuttersomethin
    bananabuttersomethin 2 months ago

    Wow, almost everything buttered.