Women of Congress - SNL


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  • UbetYou2
    UbetYou2 9 hours ago

    Pelosi the Hottest

  • Dalia Lule
    Dalia Lule 15 hours ago

    Funny. 🤣😂

  • lightningkyuu
    lightningkyuu 19 hours ago

    This was hilarious!

  • Eric Lane
    Eric Lane Day ago

    Hilarious! This has to be a continuous bit! More, more, more!!!

  • Carol Sullivan
    Carol Sullivan Day ago

    God help us. What a bunch of bonehead women. (Politicians, not the actors.)

    • Deborah Burke
      Deborah Burke 22 hours ago +1

      Carol Sullivan And The Men are....?

  • leviathan
    leviathan Day ago

    That shit is not funny at all. SNL needs to hire some better writers.

  • please don't kill steve rogers marvel studios

    i'd watch this as its own tv show

  • angelofmydreams 26

    That’s one of the best!

  • Your maker
    Your maker Day ago

    Needs to be made a recurring sketch.

  • Terrance Kayton
    Terrance Kayton Day ago

    Left us wanting more, well done,I was like wtf it’s over wtf

  • Jason Brewer
    Jason Brewer Day ago

    unbridled emotion should not be such an effective platform.

  • janie camacho
    janie camacho Day ago

    Love it. Too short but once shit gets done, SNL will portray it.

  • Tina
    Tina Day ago

    They make women of Congress look bat-shit crazy.

  • Peachrocker
    Peachrocker Day ago

    I absolutely can't stand these women-- and I'm a woman. AOC is intolerably stupid, nancy is disrespectful and now there are two pro-sharia antisemites here too... america is fucked

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Day ago


  • leonard barlow
    leonard barlow Day ago

    This was written by every triggered feminist ever

  • Niveous23
    Niveous23 2 days ago

    i don't get it. laugh tracks for non-jokes. making them look both bad-ass and incompetent.

  • Forest Thomer
    Forest Thomer 2 days ago

    Any skits on their anti semantic remarks?

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 2 days ago


  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 2 days ago +2

    YOU GO GIRLS !!!!!

  • Nick Bowen
    Nick Bowen 2 days ago

    Satan got his grip on Hollywood..

  • Dave
    Dave 2 days ago

    I’ll tell ya one thing. Pelosi has the hottest tits of any other speaker of the house

  • Olgav19
    Olgav19 2 days ago

    Stupid. Congress women and this is stupid not funny. SNL sucks

  • Farhana Sarmin
    Farhana Sarmin 2 days ago

    Wow. They look like super heros.

  • frank blanco
    frank blanco 2 days ago


  • NeoPrince2015
    NeoPrince2015 2 days ago +2

    It’s funny because they actually think they accomplished something. Lol

  • EBE
    EBE 2 days ago

    This didn't age well

    ORAORAORAORA 2 days ago

    aoc is a moron and omar is an anti-Semite is this the best snl can do?

  • agrey832
    agrey832 2 days ago

    Nice one!!! I kinda wish this was longer...........

  • Dorian Green
    Dorian Green 2 days ago

    So it's a bunch of women up their own asses and getting pissy at Trump. How hilarious.

  • Terrence Hamilton
    Terrence Hamilton 2 days ago

    Let's hope the women get things accomplished up there and not the usual political gridlock.

  • miracle parish
    miracle parish 2 days ago

    They didn’t even include one republican woman of Congress. Could they be anymore obvious about where they stand?

  • Fist Sticks
    Fist Sticks 2 days ago

    Whats with the white ? All these poor minority people has the evil white man forced you to wear white .Are you secretly calling for help ? Is this the real message ??

  • James Sudbury
    James Sudbury 2 days ago


  • Fist Sticks
    Fist Sticks 2 days ago

    Oh wow all the brave bitches getting together to fight and save the poor liberals from the horrible horrible twump . LOLSMH

  • Maty R.
    Maty R. 2 days ago


  • weaselbomber
    weaselbomber 2 days ago

    Thought this was going somewhere.

  • Yajaira Ramos
    Yajaira Ramos 2 days ago


  • sweatpantsprincess
    sweatpantsprincess 2 days ago

    "They call me Aunty Maxine, but I'mma make Trump say Uncle." This just brightened my day, filled my bank account, cured my acne

  • Çhristine Woodruff
    Çhristine Woodruff 2 days ago +1

    Tried to laugh but couldn't find anything funny, please hire some better writers.

  • Cristian Heinz
    Cristian Heinz 2 days ago

    Thanks, fantastic show.

  • Jackson Beverly
    Jackson Beverly 2 days ago +1

    Wrong title these are not women, there are other names for them

  • Rebel Rollit
    Rebel Rollit 3 days ago

    KKK 2019

  • flat land drifter
    flat land drifter 3 days ago

    A whole house full of whores.pathetic bitches.

  • Dan Gold
    Dan Gold 3 days ago +1

    I think they made Pelosi a little too young looking and energetic. It would have been more accurate if they used a dirty farm tire with cow shit plattered on it for her face. Then we would all recognize her better.

  • Alex Barcenas
    Alex Barcenas 3 days ago

    They got the complaining angry women part right.

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky 3 days ago

    fun fact, ilhan omar hates jews and married her own brother, great role model for the young liberal oppressors of tomorrow!

  • S Thunda
    S Thunda 3 days ago

    I've met both Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and those are the two most kookiest spaced-out women ever.

  • christian piazza
    christian piazza 3 days ago +1

    the so called women of congress, those crack whore leftists retarded bitches will never know what it is like to be a real woman like the women on the right, everything is right on the right and everything is wrong on the left! the leftists just keep making an ass out of themselves all the time. they are truly cancer to society and forever be scum of the earth!

  • Heph The Craftsmith
    Heph The Craftsmith 3 days ago

    The women of SNL are so fucking hot😂

  • Emmanuel Clark
    Emmanuel Clark 3 days ago


  • Monique Hill
    Monique Hill 3 days ago

    And your not rich! 😂😂😂

  • Jameela
    Jameela 3 days ago

    Please make this recurring omg

  • Ramon Gonzalez
    Ramon Gonzalez 3 days ago

    Kate makes Nancy look sexy and now I feel weird. >:(

  • Alan Meredith
    Alan Meredith 3 days ago

    that’s the payoff ?? how about a punchline

  • A Helpful Handjob.
    A Helpful Handjob. 3 days ago

    Women aren't funny.

  • Jimmy Garrett
    Jimmy Garrett 4 days ago

    Wronge the hoochie mamas of Congress

  • Kmra PanMedia
    Kmra PanMedia 4 days ago +1

    Coulda been funny... But it wasnt...

  • D Wilkerson
    D Wilkerson 4 days ago

    They left out the part were there all 100 years old and sly as a used car salesmen

  • 555 stonerlife
    555 stonerlife 4 days ago


  • L Peterson
    L Peterson 4 days ago

    Why isn’t this a show already?

  • Whylder Moore
    Whylder Moore 4 days ago

    Please more of this

  • Candyce Evette
    Candyce Evette 4 days ago

    Don't Go Chasing.. Waters 😂😂😂😂

  • Anna D
    Anna D 4 days ago


  • le th
    le th 4 days ago

    Downvoted because this shows women as unable to control their emotions? How about something intelligent and funny? Mock Trump for being the narcissist he is. Mock Trump for taking credit when the opposite is true. MOck Trump for being a misogynistic liar.
    Come on Michael Che, do better.

  • Samantha Bates
    Samantha Bates 4 days ago

    Hey Trump! Correlation does NOT equal causation!

  • Carol Gaskill
    Carol Gaskill 4 days ago

    Love the Charlie's Angels background. Baahaaha!

  • X Man
    X Man 4 days ago

    ilhan Omar is a national treasure

  • RaPZaD
    RaPZaD 4 days ago

    They hesitate to clap for sex trafficking arrests by ICE

  • Trod T
    Trod T 4 days ago +1

    God Bless you President Trump. Lord Jesus Christ Bless and Protect President Trump.

  • Guy Ko
    Guy Ko 4 days ago

    Nice to see Democrats wearing their Klan colors

  • iDie
    iDie 4 days ago

    OH MY! SNL making fun of the dem women? I'm surprised this has so many likes!!!

  • oil9vinergar
    oil9vinergar 4 days ago

    NYC killed off the Amazon hq deal.... NYChitholes are staying NYChitholes.... Marx and Engels are the original social parasites: tuneyadstvo, now joined by NYChitholes..... those NYChitholes are telling us, "why work and pay taxes when we get free money from you who do work and pay taxes eh...." brought to you by: Ocasio-Cortez = Chavez rotten-fruit = Venezuela of socialism is slavery,

  • Cahil Robinett
    Cahil Robinett 4 days ago

    And they are all Democrats

  • 1vw4me
    1vw4me 4 days ago

    Yep! The CUNTS of Congress!

  • Bloodylaser
    Bloodylaser 4 days ago

    And look at that the libs at SNL are promoting 3 socialists/2 anti semites!

  • Bloodylaser
    Bloodylaser 4 days ago

    What about Marsha Blackburn the first female senator from Tennessee or Cindy Hyde Smith the first female senator from Mississippi oh wait they are Republican of course the SNL lib writers wouldn't include them!

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger 5 days ago +1

    I died when AOC chucked that tablet and it got stuck in the wall😂😂😂

  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese 5 days ago

    This is all they are good for because for the real job they suck!!!

  • Payne Stancil
    Payne Stancil 5 days ago

    Lol the only thing those women of congress clapped for at the state of the union was themselves. Think about it

  • Casey Bledsoe
    Casey Bledsoe 5 days ago

    Haven't seen that many Democrats in all white since the Democrat KKK marches back in the day.
    Women of Congress: They may not applaud saving immigrant girls from sex trafficking, but they will applaud for themselves.

  • lochinvar00465
    lochinvar00465 5 days ago

    They didn't change their clothes this time when they got a day pass from the mental institution. That explains everything about these women.

  • Jack Roark
    Jack Roark 5 days ago +1

    With all these women in congress, who’s gonna make my sandwich?🤔

  • Matthew Cable
    Matthew Cable 5 days ago +50

    Get the hijab done - holy poop I couldn’t breath when I heard that

  • Matthew Cable
    Matthew Cable 5 days ago +4

    “They wear white but there not all white” 😂

  • Joe Tatone
    Joe Tatone 5 days ago

    Pathetic! Elected because of their ethnicity or gender instead of their qualifications! & it shows

  • Candy JohnsonCanoli
    Candy JohnsonCanoli 5 days ago

    Poor ignorant trumpturds. The most uneducated, feeble-minded, idiots in our country’s history. Dumbing down America, one faux spews conspiracy theory at a time. Sad.

  • L S
    L S 5 days ago

    They are bad ass women!
    ...Watch out Trump 😔😓😢😭

  • john dalibert
    john dalibert 5 days ago +1

    Anyone else think this show's gotten lazy? Like, I even agree with it politically, it's just not funny. It's like it's more important that the audience agrees with the opinions presented than for the audience laugh.

  • suiterd62
    suiterd62 5 days ago

    Female demon crats are beyond anti-Freedom, anti-American and anti-America.
    All part of the democrat destruction of America folks. DRS / RVN Vet.

  • Russell Nathan Gwinn

    Why is Kirsten Sinema “kooky?” Also this skit sucks.

  • Randy Brisentine
    Randy Brisentine 5 days ago

    Thay should get naked. Might get more done

  • Sabiya Ahamed
    Sabiya Ahamed 5 days ago

    "I'm so woke, I can't close my eyes!"

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone 5 days ago +1

    Emotional Ignorance. The USA has some ignorant women voters to bring these women to congress
    Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren
    Hillary (Fake Russian Collusion Dossier) Clinton
    Kamala (Adulterer) Harris
    Dianne ( 20 Year Chinese Spy) Feinstein
    Ocasion (Take from the Top end) Cortez
    And all the ignorant Congresswoman in White that Trump easily made fools of during his incredible State of the Union speech.

    Considering the fools that women voters are putting into office.... we might want to consider taking the Right to Vote away from women completely.

    After all......These women have been voting to take guns from young men who are of age to be sent to war and die for our Freedom.

    I for one do not want to send a young American man or woman to war who has been restricted from owning the gun that he will use in war.

    But these ignorant women who sit and watch The View do not think beyond the gun and they these Red Flag Laws are actually burning the 2nd and 4th Amendment.... Which means that they are not laws.....they are tyrannical Government decrees !!!!

  • Teresa Wright
    Teresa Wright 5 days ago


  • J Alex
    J Alex 5 days ago

    Can this be a real show

  • Michael Kemp
    Michael Kemp 5 days ago +2

    Really stupid, what has happened to SNL.

  • Tio Doubledee
    Tio Doubledee 5 days ago

    Yeah... funny

  • Micah H
    Micah H 5 days ago

    Technically, Trump may actually be part of the reason these women ran or were elected. The irony.

  • Bkajunn82
    Bkajunn82 5 days ago

    Sooo SNL are glorifying these dumbasses. Yep I knew there was a reason I don’t watch that program anymore. Make SNL great again