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  • Pavi Preethi
    Pavi Preethi 53 minutes ago

    Which song is this?

    JENNIE KIM Hour ago

    Main rapper ❤

  • Mariah Brito
    Mariah Brito 9 hours ago

    varios palavroes em dona jennieee, po continua

  • Yutika Sharma
    Yutika Sharma 10 hours ago

    pls give jennie more rap lines...i swear she will kill it

  • ParkJane
    ParkJane 10 hours ago

    I loved her before 2018

  • jujubs sz
    jujubs sz 12 hours ago

    minha utt linda💙💙💙

  • •MyCupOfTae•
    •MyCupOfTae• 23 hours ago

    Eh she’s okay.

  • Miranda MM
    Miranda MM Day ago +1

    She swears:c

  • Andrea Garibay
    Andrea Garibay Day ago +1

    Estoy orgullosa de ella. ✨

  • Ankita Sharma
    Ankita Sharma Day ago

    *Jennie's intro..
    *me:ohh awww😍😍 she is my cute dumpling 💓💓
    *she starts rapping...
    me: jungshok 😳😳😳
    (it's a joke don't kill me plzz😂)

  • Rosie Posie
    Rosie Posie Day ago

    Omg how colorful pinkpunk is.

  • Rae Yoo
    Rae Yoo Day ago +1

    TheXvid recommendations.
    2012: NO.
    2013: NO.
    2014: no..
    2015: mmm, no.
    2016: mmmmmmm, not yet.
    2017: mmmm, no, it's not the time.
    2018: just a little more...
    2019: YES.

  • Ratni Susianti
    Ratni Susianti 2 days ago

    Jennie my fav 😍😍😍

  • little blue inkling
    little blue inkling 2 days ago

    2012: *Jennie Kim*
    Me: who?
    2019: *Jennie Kim*
    Me: IM gOiNG sOlOLoLOLOlolOoO

  • Carmelita Castro
    Carmelita Castro 2 days ago

    Now TheXvid decides to recommend this to me :/

  • Luna Valente
    Luna Valente 2 days ago

    She's untalented and also ugly but she still ugly she make me sick 😫😫😫😫

    • Luna Valente
      Luna Valente 11 hours ago

      @WE don't worry i dont see her face then im ok tnx for asking 🤣🤣🤣 loser

    • WE
      WE Day ago +1

      I hope u stay sad

  • La MochiUwU
    La MochiUwU 2 days ago

    *Jennie 2012*
    Wut , she is...?
    *Jennie Kim 2019*

  • Giulia Santagata
    Giulia Santagata 2 days ago

    2012:Jennie kim
    Me:who the frick is she?
    2019:Jennie kim
    Me:sAyS LiFe'S a BiTcH bUt MiNe'S a MoViE

  • blissxfull
    blissxfull 2 days ago +1

    yg princess

  • Rasha _E
    Rasha _E 2 days ago


  • mocha
    mocha 2 days ago

    yall this bitch said the n-word (0:51-0:55) dammit i was jus finna stan

    • WE
      WE Day ago +2

      Ur fave did too

    • I'm S
      I'm S 2 days ago +2

      No I think she said the b-word

  • bro v
    bro v 2 days ago

    Woah she is boss bitch 😮. Now she is a angel

  • alena elzabeth rear
    alena elzabeth rear 2 days ago +1

    Now Jennie has become the queen
    Only if she didnt get those fucking hate

  • Dokae Baekie
    Dokae Baekie 2 days ago +1

    if YG cannot promote main rapper jennie..i hope jennie can do it by herself making her own youtube acc or soundcloud and post her own raps cover

  • Hiraimai *
    Hiraimai * 2 days ago

    Pinkpunk in your area

  • catherine sim
    catherine sim 2 days ago

    Cute but dangerous 😶😶😶

  • Khanh Huynh
    Khanh Huynh 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does she kind of sound the same except a bit more raspy?

  • Thiago Mulungas
    Thiago Mulungas 3 days ago

    Fa numero#1

  • tokyo - ンョス
    tokyo - ンョス 3 days ago

    2012: nope
    2013: nope
    2014: nope
    2015: nope
    2016: nope
    2017: nope
    2018: almost there
    2019: there we go

  • Mang Mang
    Mang Mang 3 days ago

    who is watching in 2019?

  • Jasmine :D
    Jasmine :D 3 days ago

    She looks like she walked out of ‘no more dream’

  • Marya Eduarda Gonçalves

    Foda d+

  • Boba Tea Studios
    Boba Tea Studios 3 days ago

    Who's here in 2019 LOL!!!

  • Fancy wo
    Fancy wo 3 days ago

    Pink punk caraio kkkkkj mano ia ser completamente diferente

  • Sevi Yana
    Sevi Yana 3 days ago


  • Rū
     3 days ago

    Why this is in my TheXvid’s recomandations ?

    CHAENG 4 days ago +1

    Era 1 fetito man ahora es una re mujer Dios te amo Jennie

  • v m o n
    v m o n 4 days ago

    was this one anyone else’s recommendation?

  • lim lawliet
    lim lawliet 4 days ago

    No rapea mejor que Lisa, jsjsjjs

  • Maria Eduarda Albuquerque


  • Alexinkzy
    Alexinkzy 4 days ago

    Any blinks 2019

  • REMAS 88
    REMAS 88 4 days ago +1

    احح ي الماضي المفحم.

  • Juscimar Paim
    Juscimar Paim 4 days ago

    2012: *Jennie Kim*
    Me: who are you?
    2019: *Jennie Kim*

  • Shinxy707 l
    Shinxy707 l 4 days ago +2

    Like pq putea

  • burte munkhbaatar
    burte munkhbaatar 4 days ago

    Song's name

  • arianator_swties _blink_jenlisa

    Jennie looked more asian before her eyes are bigger now

    • Dokae Baekie
      Dokae Baekie 2 days ago

      contacts lens and heavy make up because when she went bare face she totally look like this

  • —I'м моռвęвę ;;

    0:14 Woow No sabía que Jennie tubo el mismo pelo que yo.... :00

  • Josiah Conway
    Josiah Conway 5 days ago

    why is she dressed like a black person

    • punasluha
      punasluha 4 days ago

      aint kids had phase dressing like that

  • Safia Elkotamy
    Safia Elkotamy 5 days ago +1

    SHIT:Jennie don't got flow in her rapping 🙄
    16 years old jen:hold my channel bag bitch.

  • You got Bill Cosby'd

    0:51 *but did she say niggas*

  • baekie suga
    baekie suga 5 days ago

    tiba-tiba muncul diberanda😌

  • Crazy Kpop girl
    Crazy Kpop girl 5 days ago

    OMG she is a jennie kim no she is not ı can't believe

    KIM LORI 5 days ago +1


  • Ánastásia Raín
    Ánastásia Raín 5 days ago

    Ого, раньше она проходила пробы, а сейчас звёздочка BlackPink.

  • Sriramagopalan Desikan

    0:08 ohhhhhhh dang this was when they were still gonna be called pink punk ayyyyyyyy but to be honest I prefer black pink more than pink punk.

    JEON JIMIN 5 days ago

    Ctm..... Mi jennie ha crecido mucho :')
    Joder, te conocí tan pequeña y ahora ya eres una estrella conocida mundialmente💓

  • swag boii
    swag boii 5 days ago

    Jennie rap is the best. I'm damn sure that western artist will surely luv her rap more than Lisa bcoz Jennie is that type of person that suits in every concept so with her fast, swag concept she can be the best bt why YG you are not giving her rap parts that she deserves. We want main rapper back in next comeback. (I'm so bored to see lead rapper rapping in every songs) don't be favouritism OK Jennie also deserve a fair treatment.

  • Safyra Vitória
    Safyra Vitória 5 days ago

    Gente, ela não mudou nada, como pode?

  • a hoe
    a hoe 6 days ago

    omg y’all she snapped