I Spent a Week with Japan's Biggest Rock Star

  • Published on Dec 21, 2019
  • I spent an amazing week with Japanese rock legend Hyde (of L'arc en Ciel fame), getting to know the man behind the mask and helping my good friend Natsuki's dream come true.(日本語字幕はCCつけてね)
    A huge thanks to Hyde for letting me run around with a camera all week and get behind the scenes. Hyde often performs outside of Japan so keep an eye out for when he's next in town.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +11377

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: 7 years ago when I first arrived in Japan, amidst my frustrating attempts to learn Japanese I started watching an anime series after I got home from work. It was a hilarious show called GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), and at the start of each episode it kicked off with an iconic theme tune called "Drivers High" by the band L'arc en Ciel.
    If somebody had told me back then I'd be spending a week with the frontman, Hyde, all these years later, I would have laughed them out of my treacherously small apartment.
    This was easily one of the most surreal experiences in my time in Japan so far, I had an absolute blast meeting a rock legend who means so much to so many people - and of course, teaching him some swear words along the way. Best of all, it felt great to take Natsuki along for the ride as well. His shocked expression said more than words ever could! I hope you enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit watching his dream come true!

    • Nairuulagch
      Nairuulagch Month ago

      Cool job man!

    • John Hurley
      John Hurley 2 months ago

      As a teenager, I was obsessed with Iron Maiden. I got to meet the drummer, Nicko McBrain at his restaurant in Florida a few times. Such a wonderful, personable guy. I'm glad you got to meet one of your heros too!

    • Aditya HermawanShaddyx
      Aditya HermawanShaddyx 6 months ago

      GTO is the reason why I am a teacher now

    • Derrick Hisel
      Derrick Hisel 7 months ago

      @Mark Mclean agreed

    • Kiefinity
      Kiefinity 8 months ago

      Missed this video, playing his music now, he got a new fan

  • Sora The Troll
    Sora The Troll 2 years ago +5931

    Wow, hyde is literally the most popular singer in Japan I think and you met him!?!?!? I'm legit mind blown and this is just way beyond my expectation!!

    • oii m8 it's meh
      oii m8 it's meh Month ago

      Sora x Hyde song needs to happen now, maybe Sora can make Hyde as popular as him

    • Kreisler
      Kreisler 3 months ago


    • o2_
      o2_ 7 months ago +1

      I sense JEAKOUSY

    • yaa apeadu
      yaa apeadu 8 months ago


      MBV TELESHAKA 8 months ago

      Literally?? Wtf?!

  • PartySuvius
    PartySuvius Year ago +1695

    Hyde’s makeup artist is insanely good. Makes him look like he’s still in his 20s when he performs.

    • Alan's Saladbar
      Alan's Saladbar 12 days ago

      @Levi • Wtf does that mean? Tupac didn't age well, he never got past his 20s. Hyde is in his 50s. Are you saying hyde looks as good as tupac's ashes?

    • milkmancatcher
      milkmancatcher 2 months ago

      @Jessica Mills poc age with grace

    • Zarneth
      Zarneth 5 months ago

      @Levi • LOL indeed.

    • Genji Mccorkle
      Genji Mccorkle 5 months ago

      Also surgery.

    • Zarneth
      Zarneth 5 months ago

      @Peter Brooks Hyde is infact African.

  • insanecamel
    insanecamel Year ago +2679

    Hyde, 50 years old: climbing speakers, baseball batting bottles
    Me, 30: struggling to get out of bed everyday

    • XiaoMo
      XiaoMo Month ago +1

      @insanecamel Nah he wasn't. He was in his early 20's when he started l'arc en ciel and when he gained fame, he was around late 20's (1997-1998). That was pretty late compared to some Japanese musicians who started earlier

    • Maggie
      Maggie 4 months ago

      I'll be 31 and honestly same, I can't pick something up without my joints creaking

    •   What is life
      What is life 4 months ago

      He was 50 there? he looks incredible lol

      PANDORA'S NYACTOR 4 months ago

      geez dude no need to call the rest fo the fricking galaxy out

    • [ LumiX ]
      [ LumiX ] 5 months ago

      bro same problem but I'm 15...sad live

  • N K
    N K Year ago +842

    A man who dreamed about being a manga artist is now becoming the character from the manga itself. What a cool way of life.

    • Tobi Adams
      Tobi Adams 3 months ago +5

      sort of a "I can't make manga? I will become manga!" situation lol

    • Shaurik Mishra
      Shaurik Mishra 3 months ago

      @The Lemond Drops Kid he's like 50

    • Zarneth
      Zarneth 5 months ago +3

      @Levi • giga Chad big brain hours sigma grind set 👆 reb pilled. Based.

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago +21

      @The Lemond Drops Kid can you granma give me an altograph and i can sell it as if it was hyde's tho

    • The Lemond Drops Kid
      The Lemond Drops Kid 9 months ago +4

      He looks like my grandma. Creepy

  • Monk
    Monk Year ago +618

    What made this so impressive is that Chris never put himself below Hyde during their interviews. They were equals in every way from beginning to end. It just goes to show that confidence earns respect, even from someone as famous and accomplished as Hyde. Definitely something for me to remember.

    • Carrie Padgett
      Carrie Padgett Month ago

      I agree. I love that Chris stayed true and didn't take on a simp or artificial tone. Chris rocks

    • Sext Empiric
      Sext Empiric Month ago +1

      McCord, I'm surprised you're impressed with it, as I believe that you know more than that about Englishmen. They are taught to feel more important than anyone else.

    • zahidur rahman
      zahidur rahman 3 months ago +10

      Just say, HYDE is a nice and kind person. I don't think many other celebrities would have welcomed Chris in such a kind way as HYDE did.

    • Stereo Dan
      Stereo Dan 4 months ago

      Yes, I learned something from this

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago +21

      I think its also because hyde is such a nice person
      If it was someone else in his position it could have been different

  • Ruki
    Ruki 2 years ago +20299

    Chris looks like a dad that won a VIP ticket by accident

    • Zarneth
      Zarneth 5 months ago

      @Nathan Marineau 😂

    • Val Kyrie
      Val Kyrie 8 months ago

      It makes it all so much better, he’s treating Hyde like a normal person instead of being awestruck.

    • Cassandra
      Cassandra Year ago


    • KodeJason
      KodeJason Year ago

      Age don't matter in this day and age! 😂😂😂

  • Blouzy
    Blouzy Year ago +735

    ''I may not be able to draw with colours, but through music I can create the image of colour in people's minds.''

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago +3

      Super badass line and story

    • David Fletcher
      David Fletcher 6 months ago +8

      As an amateur musician, I found this part absolutely beautiful.

    • Lexmon
      Lexmon 11 months ago +8

      And its true, I do create artworks and most of my ideas come from listening to music it inspires me way more than images.

    • C.C Green
      C.C Green 11 months ago


    • Kadimus Baratheon
      Kadimus Baratheon 11 months ago +2

      The funny thig is that I've always listen to Larc~en~Ciel with this mindset. I never knew that he actually made the songs like that.

  • K.E.N-DIGIT / 火影Hokage

    HYDE is a superstar that Japan is proud of.
    I would like to thank you for being picked up by me as a Japanese person‼

    • Carrie Padgett
      Carrie Padgett Month ago

      As someone in the US, I was familiar with his work due to all the anime I watch lol. His rendition of Red Swan is amazing btw

    • Raistlin90
      Raistlin90 5 months ago

      @Thaydrian Listen to Nemophila if you want younger rockstars ;)

    • Zarneth
      Zarneth 5 months ago

      @Potato_ nyin_ The band The Cure.

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago

      @sakurakou2009 damn can you imagine it sounds like a sad childhood for me ಥ‿ಥ

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago

      @Thaydrian thats... Such a dumb comment lol

  • Phobia
    Phobia Year ago +356

    I love how hyde actively listens to him and looks right at him, shows he is interested in what chris is saying. Also he started from motley crew. I love the man

    • Nyan
      Nyan 27 days ago +2

      The singer from Motley Crue did a cover of one of his band’s songs! Blurry eyes!

    • Joshua Blinco
      Joshua Blinco 4 months ago +8

      Yeah as soon as he said he was a Crue fan that was instant respect from me.

  • Blockistium
    Blockistium Year ago +357

    he has the energy of that one really cool uncle that you don't want to bother because he's got so much going on but he still makes time for you for some reason

  • 420bakersarmy
    420bakersarmy Year ago +2375

    Hyde is lucky to get to pose with an international celebrity like Natsuki

    • Gateaux Q
      Gateaux Q 3 months ago

      Found Natsuki’s secret account

    • Notus
      Notus 4 months ago

      @Ash "who fucking cares lmao" why did you even comment if you didn't care??

    • Crystal Rose
      Crystal Rose 5 months ago

      @Sharon Mianscum that is the weakest thing you could have said

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +140

    Wow. I can’t imagine how much confidence it must take to interview such a famous person in Japan. You made it look effortless. Good job.

  • Erik Hendrickson
    Erik Hendrickson Month ago +14

    One thing I've learned by reading LOTS of musician biographies is that many of these mega-famous music acts we see are actually extremely shy and introverted in their personal life, with their on-stage persona acting as a sort of release valve for all the things they're too shy to do in their normal life.

  • Simon Andersen
    Simon Andersen Year ago +111

    That drawing was actually amazingly well done. Impressive to catch defining features of a face with such a simple style.

    • Jonathan Garcia
      Jonathan Garcia 2 months ago +4

      I just thinking the same, is a very good drawing. Than man is amazing.

  • Michael Rainsbury
    Michael Rainsbury Year ago +249

    Strange to think that more people in the west possibly know who Natsuki is over Hyde at this time.

    • Thanus Songprasart
      Thanus Songprasart 5 days ago

      Well Larc~en~Ciel has been a band for the last 30 years. They had world tour and the states tour in major venues like Madison Square Garden. Hyde also has personal project, as shown in this one, which also had a world tour.
      So I guess the headcount of the people who attended those concerts already exceeds combined view counts of the videos featuring Natsuki

    • Yue Yagami
      Yue Yagami Month ago

      Lol I just watch this video for Hyde

    • Andromeda18_
      Andromeda18_ Month ago +1

      In 2012 I travelled from Portugal to Paris just to watch a L'Arc-en-Ciel concert. That's how big a fan I was (still am) and I know there were many others like me. So, I'm pretty sure more people in the west know who Hyde is over Natsuki, even if there's not enough of us to make him a rock star here as well.

    • IamCree
      IamCree 2 months ago

      Yeah, I had never even heard of Hyde!

    • D U
      D U 2 months ago +3

      @Random Me Maybe not Natsuki but I've heard way more people mention Chris randomly in completely unrelated situations than I've ever heard people mention Hyde.

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak Year ago +1171

    He is so humble!!!

  • Annapaz25
    Annapaz25 3 months ago +12

    It's funny how Hyde says that no one knows him in America. I've known him, I've been a big fan of his, for a little over 20 years now. 💙

  • J To
    J To Year ago +72

    Hyde!!! America knows who you are! We love you very much! I’m an American and I’ve loved your music for over 15 years! 🖤🤘🏻

    • Thanos Darkseid
      Thanos Darkseid 2 months ago

      liar! too true legends of japan are black metal gods SABBAT longest living band of any

  • Olessia Tchijova
    Olessia Tchijova Year ago +52

    I found Hyde years ago through a movie called Moon Child, with him and GACKT, who is also fantastic. Been in love with both of them and their musical styles ever since, for a decade now 💕

    • Nyan
      Nyan 27 days ago

      I LOVED THAT MOVIE, I watched it specifically for them LOL

  • Varlan Vitalina
    Varlan Vitalina Year ago +58

    For some reason, I avoided this video for years. Watched it a few months ago and now L'arc en ciel is my all time favourite band. God, they deserve to be known all over the world.

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago +2

      Same 😂😂 i see the thumbnail and i was like "yeah its Hyde i know its going to be awesome and fun, ill watch later" and just now i finally watch it and damn lol why did it took me so long

    • Lingga G.A.
      Lingga G.A. 9 months ago +2

      Welcome to the club! I'm always excited to see a new fan! They deserve a lot of recognition

    • Le Ciel
      Le Ciel Year ago +3

      Yay! Thanks for giving them a chance. Laruku and Hyde hold a special place in my heart 🥺❤️ they really do deserve worldwide recognition

    • rally vincent
      rally vincent Year ago +3

      I agree with you. L'Arc~en~Ciel and Hyde deserve to be known by a lot of people around the world. I really love their music.

    • C T
      C T Year ago

      Great, I think so too ✨
      I'm so happy to know that there are comrades who love HYDE and L'Arc-en-Ciel music in country far from Japan .。.:*♡

  • Ayojo
    Ayojo 2 years ago +9364

    Thinking about how Natsuki got to meet HYDE because he decided to talk to a random foreigner years ago :')

  • Lobster Tail
    Lobster Tail Year ago +15

    It was extremely difficult for me to get somewhat lousy tickets to one of Hyde’s - or should I say L’arc en Ciel’s - concerts. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you got to interview him and hang around him for a week. Wow! I’ve been a fan of his for YEARS! Thanks for the awesome video which allowed me to live vicariously through you. 🥳

    • PKG
      PKG 11 months ago

      Hyde wants to reach an international audience, and knows Chris's audience is likely mostly outside Japan. Seems like a smart move, as now I have discovered Hyde as well.

    • C T
      C T Year ago +1

      HYDE is currently doing an acoustic live tour, but it was very difficult to get a ticket for it. But this concert is very intense and really great, unlike a normal acoustic live ✨
      This video is a really wonderful work that has conveyed the charm of HYDE to many people, and I love it too. I want more people to know HYDE and love his amazing music.。.:*♡

  • Akirato
    Akirato Year ago +151

    I thought this guy was pretty cool and wanted to take a listen to him, but by peeking at his spotify i realised he was the vocals behind Attack on Titan's third seasons opening!

    • Rube Louisa
      Rube Louisa Month ago

      U should go back father to rurouni kenshin.. he sing a few of the songs..

    • joonie ღ
      joonie ღ 8 months ago

      Andi Arima Kun there is something called "opinions"

    • Arima Kurotetsu有馬 黒鉄
      Arima Kurotetsu有馬 黒鉄 8 months ago +7

      @Armed with wings how dare you, Red Swan is one of my favourite song just like many others, as if the sensation can make others feel the enlightenment of solitude and wonders. Why do you think its trash??

    • A Sopala
      A Sopala 10 months ago +9

      And another one of the biggest rock stars in Japan, Yoshiki, played piano. He also played the Garden (which took a lot of metal fans as a surprise that a metal band was playing the Garden). Also a great dude.

    • Plastic Cleopatra
      Plastic Cleopatra 10 months ago +18

      @Armed with wings ok

  • anima099
    anima099 Year ago +72

    Man, I've been a L'arc fan since I was 12, unknowingly. It's because the animes I watched in my childhood (Rurouni Kenshin, GTO, Full Metal to name a few) had songs sung either by Hyde or L'Arc.
    Really crazy considering he's like 50 now and he's still so energetic.

  • TheFlyingCrud
    TheFlyingCrud 5 months ago +6

    I actually teared up a bit when he was speaking about finding music. I'm no professional musician but had a similar experience when I realized I had found 'it'. I will play drums until I'm not physically able to. Probably saved my life, no joke.

  • Namida Koh
    Namida Koh 2 years ago +1931

    Hyde’s generations of JRockers are just legendary. Hyde, Gackt, Hide, and Yoshiki. Timeless awesomeness!

    • hizoka andou
      hizoka andou 4 months ago

      my favourite jrock period of time. Immortals. Also Dir en grey, MUCC and many others.

    • Deborah Mioranza
      Deborah Mioranza Year ago +1

      This is sooo true.. 😌 HYDE is a Legend of JRock 💖 AMAZING HYDE 😊🥰😊 HYDE the Best singer on this earth...
      For me 😉😆😃😊💕

    • kasou01
      kasou01 Year ago +1

      I think Hide and Yoshiki is older since X-Japan started since early 80s and L'Arc started in early 90s. But they all legendary nontheless.

    • Aesthetic Porkbun
      Aesthetic Porkbun 2 years ago +1

      Bro, have you seen Miyavi as well?

    • BigMarv50
      BigMarv50 2 years ago

      There are two Hyde's?

  • M Irvan Ginandjar
    M Irvan Ginandjar Year ago +80

    L'arc~en~Ciel has a very big part in my life, and probably in many Indonesians. We still can't move on from that concert they gave us years ago, you know.

    • XOoOX zZzz
      XOoOX zZzz 2 months ago

      @C T japanese culture is pretty massive in indonesia especially because many of us here also grew up watching anime (anime like doraemon, naruto, one piece, yu yu hakusho, dragon ball, etc were broadcasted on tv). One thing leads to another and so yeah… there’s a large population of jrock band and music fans here 😂

    • M Irvan Ginandjar
      M Irvan Ginandjar Year ago +2

      @C T I will. Cheers!

    • M Irvan Ginandjar
      M Irvan Ginandjar Year ago +2

      @C T they have many fans here. Wowow will broadcast the concert in Indonesia sometime in March i guess.

    • C T
      C T Year ago +4

      I'm very happy to know that there are HYDE and his music-loving comrades in Indonesia, which is far from Japan ✨
      When the threat of COVID-19 is gone and HYDE starts a live tour abroad again, I hope everyone waiting for him can meet him .。.:*♡

  • Thompsongs
    Thompsongs 9 months ago +30

    I almost get the impression that he's something like Japan's version of David Bowie, in terms of constantly reinventing himself. Is that accurate?

    • Jacob Leonard
      Jacob Leonard 3 days ago +1

      Trinity, mate, people need a frame of reference. They're similar. That doesn't mean that anyone's saying they're the same people or that hyde copied bowie.

    • Trinity M
      Trinity M 24 days ago

      He’s Hyde. A lot of artists reinvent themselves, it’s kind of concerning nonwhite people can’t ever have something without being the ethnic version of an existing white person or concept. Totally different artists

    • Amy Rambles
      Amy Rambles 2 months ago +3

      Yes. That's true. He is still very relevant in the eyes of JRock fans

    • Zifhang
      Zifhang 9 months ago +5

      i had the same thought

  • Gari
    Gari Year ago +33

    If I had been Natsuki, I would have cried like crazy and just as he said, my words wouldn't have come out of my mouth!!! I LOVE HYDE SO MUCH!!!

  • Victoria M
    Victoria M Year ago +5

    Reminds me of when I went to see ONE OK ROCK when they released their first English album a few years ago, they were opening at a concert in a small venue in my state with maybe 2k people (if that) who had no idea who they were, that night when I was watching old lives from them on YT seeing them play in front of 50k in the Tokyo Dome with everyone screaming for them, it really puts stuff in perspective of how hugely popular they are, yet in America they can be mostly unknown. Crazy

    • fumetsushinju
      fumetsushinju Year ago +1

      Yep! My brother got to see ONE OK ROCK live during their 2015 US tour. I'm really happy he had the opportunity, because it's rare to see popular Japanese bands perform in the states.

  • Anqry
    Anqry Year ago +2708

    Chris meets a real life rockstar in the flesh, and the first thing he does is talk about how much he loves fried chicken?
    Gotta hand it to him, the man's got his priorities straight.

    • Jimmy Macken Porsche
      Jimmy Macken Porsche Year ago +4

      Well he did make fried chicken his topic on his first speech contest

    • Robert P
      Robert P Year ago +21

      He wants to make sure Hyde understands what kind of a man he's talking to. Any person that says "I don't like fried chicken" should be looked on with some suspicion.

    • Anqry
      Anqry Year ago +11

      @C T Its definitely worth checking out his other videos, lots of really good content to be found.

    • C T
      C T Year ago +13

      If he first started talking about his love for fried chicken, the conversation wouldn't be very lively (♡ˊ艸ˋ)♬
      I know Chris in only this video, so I wonder if I would be better to watch other videos as well ✨

  • Razul Darkwood
    Razul Darkwood Year ago +32

    When I watched this clip back in 2019 I knew nothing about Hyde so as he wanted I listened without prejudice and I have to say that he is one of the few modern performers world wide that managed to impress me. I'm a graphic designer and I value creativity and perfection and I can see him as a fellow creator, he may not draw as much as he would love but I see that he put his creativity in his music as well and that's a rare trait nowadays with most performers which is sad. For those that listen to the most popular performers nowadays they will wonder what I'm talking about, but if they try to change their music taste with something more obscure and find less popular (now rising stars) they will see that they were living in a musical desert until now. Most popular music stars for the past 2 decades were scripted with around 6 people controlling the hits around the world, in short most of the modern stars are only faces but the music behind them is made by people on the top of the musical food chain. So to Hyde I wish him luck and I hope that he will break this mold. ;)

    • C T
      C T Year ago +9

      It's amazing that someone like you who is a creator working in art recognizes HYDE and praises him, and I'm really happy. I feel that those who are doing advanced work to create new things have a wonderful sense of seeing various things with a novel way of thinking without being bound by the past. It's awesome ✨

  • Amer Hasri
    Amer Hasri Year ago +768

    *This man is 52 years old*
    Mad repect

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago

      Respect ಥ‿ಥ

    • RE4VER
      RE4VER 6 months ago +3

      49 at time of recording though

    • Leo Hodges
      Leo Hodges 9 months ago +1

      Only 52? I thought that he was about

    • Somekind of Dude
      Somekind of Dude 9 months ago

      Halford is 70

    • Kuro Neko
      Kuro Neko 9 months ago +3

      Whattttttttttt !!??????
      My dad is 52

  • Konvicted
    Konvicted Year ago +241

    I'm 29, and Hyde(50s) looks as young as me. My Japanese genes have failed me bigtime.

    • Levi •
      Levi • 5 months ago

      If that makes you feel better im 21 and ill probably look like him soon (but way less cool looking xD)

    • sakurakou2009
      sakurakou2009 6 months ago

      damn he 50 , this is so unfair 😭

    • Trenton Kynlee
      Trenton Kynlee 7 months ago +1

      @Dodomba the makeup actually makes him look older. I met him face to face in 2019 with no makeup and he looked a lot younger

    • Zea Pic
      Zea Pic Year ago +5

      He probably exercises tons to keep that physique.

    • merry weather
      merry weather Year ago +3

      tbh i've been a fan for ten years and i'm shocked to see how he aged in this vid

  • XOoOX zZzz
    XOoOX zZzz 2 months ago +4

    As a weeb who dwelve into jrock and visual kei a bit when I was 13, I know how big of a deal meeting hyde is 😂 dang son

  • Agent Hysteria
    Agent Hysteria 11 months ago +7

    Honestly, his type of music is something we are in dire need of. We are lacking a lot of rock music here as Pop, Rap, and EDM has taken center stage. Id love to hear more from Hyde!

  • visualdarkness
    visualdarkness 11 months ago +11

    It is surely nice for stars to meet people that doesn't freak out in their presence and rather treat them as a fellow human being. Hyde seemed really relaxed with the interviews and actually enjoying it.

  • Collaboradev
    Collaboradev 11 months ago +40

    It's cool to see when a famous person stays humble and kind. One of the hallmarks of a genuinely good person.

  • Dash Fortune
    Dash Fortune Year ago +8

    He's not wrong, it's thanks to your channel I was introduced to this very talented musician. Thank you for keeping up the quality content mate!

  • Brittny RV
    Brittny RV 7 months ago +7

    I didnt know about him until this video and I love his personality! He seems down to earth for a major celebrity.

  • Moca's Moca
    Moca's Moca 4 months ago +13

    Looking back at this video, I'm wondering how he's doing overseas because you don't see many Japanese artists/bands set a goal to seek for overseas recognition. I bet LiSA and other bands would do amazing overseas.

  • Iceman
    Iceman 11 months ago +20

    So loud on stage, yet so extremely soft spoken in person.

  • るー
    るー Year ago +14


  • AlecsandorSmith
    AlecsandorSmith 2 years ago +15561

    Chris, did you conduct a serious interview with an extremely famous musician while wearing....cargo shorts?

    • 98of99
      98of99 Month ago

      That’s Chris, cargo shorts all the way

    • Francisca Cabrera
      Francisca Cabrera 6 months ago

      A hyde no le importa eso

    • Faiezi abu bakar
      Faiezi abu bakar 6 months ago

      Cargo shorts is the epitome of rock 🤣

    • 天空龍
      天空龍 6 months ago

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    From the short amounts I have heard on this video his music reminds me of emo / alternative rock from 2000's (My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy) his make up and style reminds me of Marylin Manson. I just listened to some of his older tracks on TheXvid music and I am not sure why he has never caught on in America because he has been making this genre since it was extremely popular here...and it is really good! What seems popular in America now is Drake / Post Malone pop rap trap and tattoos on your face.....as for me I have always been more into experimental electronica / IDM / synthwave / 80's new wave revival / indie (Black Marble, Gang Signs, Ariel Pink, Mr Kitty, STRFKR, Part Time, John Maus, Humans)
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      A good PR firm would be able to get him partnered up to do some collabs or interviews on popular related social media channels to build hype with existing fans for a tour, maybe set up some meet&greet events. He could easily get his foot in the door here and start raising his profile.
      I mean, yeah, J-pop/rock still isn't mainstream, but it's not like the 90's and 00's when it was hyper-niche. Everyone knows someone who's into J-pop or K-pop. Americans aren't so isolationist when it comes to music anymore. He doesn't really need to break the ice here.

    • upinarms79
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      I think you might overestimate the number of people who are interested in this kind of thing outside of Japan. A handful of aging weebs isn't even a small portion of the American population and rock here is already a very niche and underground genre, even pop/art rock like his music doesn't get mainstream attention or promotion anymore. He never broke into anywhere near the mainstream here at the height of his career and is still pretty much unknown and is likely to stay that way. You can't take an act that big on tour in America and make money when you're only playing to 100 or fewer people in any city you play. Nothing against him, I wish him luck, but that's just reality.

    • Pierce Yip
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      Not from small town Michigan, GR, but there wasn't a lot to choose from at the beginning. School computers were a godsend.

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    • Aaron
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    • M0rtez
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    • Daniel Clark
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