Dana White Says Conor Vs. Khabib Is Next, Important For Both Fighters | TMZ Sports

  • Dana White says Conor McGregor's next fight with almost definitely be a rematch with Khabib ... and the result of the match will have a major impact on the legacy of both guys.
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Comments • 80

  • Амир Unknown
    Амир Unknown Month ago

    This is what MMA turned in. MMA is not about justice, MMA is about money

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    I wanna see conor vs tony

  • Jamie Kloer
    Jamie Kloer Month ago

    Why would their be a rematch? He was dominated in the ring and outside of it. This ridiculous fake show Conner put on doesn't make him worthy of Kahbib. The first fight was uncompetative.

  • Nas from-da-Ldn
    Nas from-da-Ldn 2 months ago

    Connor got smashed he better get in line

  • Mikyla Smith
    Mikyla Smith 2 months ago

    Didnt that comment " you married a towel" come AFTER their fight...I guess they"ll "talk" again in the ring...smash BAM 🇨🇦

  • Kevin Lin
    Kevin Lin 2 months ago +1

    Conors got to be my all-time favourite fighter to watch (perhaps second to GSP) but he doesn't deserve the fight. No integrity from Dana and 0 respect for Tony. I'm dying to see the rematch but c'mon you've got to give Tony the nod first atleast

  • Ahmet Selim Savi
    Ahmet Selim Savi 2 months ago

    Tony should get a title shot

  • darryl juhasz
    darryl juhasz 2 months ago

    Did you guys see the devils face in Dana's forehead when he squints? What the fuck!?!

  • Punk Ass
    Punk Ass 2 months ago +1

    but khabib and his bitch dad are scared for rematch ....cuz they knw it was luck😂

  • Serhat Atalay
    Serhat Atalay 2 months ago

    Dana starting to get annoying for his love to Conor🤦🏻‍♂️ overseeing tony and geathje like they don’t excist all he thinks about is the money

  • Mondar Daman
    Mondar Daman 2 months ago

    What happend to Tony Ferguson??

  • Angel A
    Angel A 2 months ago

    Hate the way they talk about tony..

  • Tyson Finn
    Tyson Finn 2 months ago

    Ufc just want mcgregor to have the belt

  • shinjinani?
    shinjinani? 2 months ago

    Ngannou vs mayweather in mma😂

  • Baruch Hashem
    Baruch Hashem 2 months ago

    When Mcgregor Knocks out Terrorist Salafi rat Khabib he will fight Floyd

  • phonevidz
    phonevidz 2 months ago

    Conor doesn't deserve khabib.

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised 2 months ago

    RIP KOBE. (For real this time, not one of those BS jokes)

  • MrMongoose221
    MrMongoose221 2 months ago

    If Dana says its a Khabib rematch next then it definitely won't be. I'd like to see Justin next then Masvidal or Khabib. Shut all of those new Khabib fans up who came out of the woodwork soon as he beat an out of form Conor lol

  • Liam james
    Liam james 2 months ago

    I think it's crazy how much people are underestimating Tony Ferguson the guys a fucking animal. Stylisticly it's a bad match up for kahbib, watch man this fight goes ahead Ferguson is taking it.

  • Mayyhem Martin
    Mayyhem Martin 2 months ago

    Did Tony die?

  • Ellis P
    Ellis P 2 months ago

    It's all bluff for fight negotiations...It's absolutely Jorge next and there'd be offers on the table

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust 2 months ago

    So Where Does Justin Gaethje Fit Into All This?

  • Ethan Chan
    Ethan Chan 2 months ago

    Dana strikes again.... one win and he wants to throw conor in with the khabib because of the box office and PPV money. Instead of letting conor get a few more fights under his belt so that he can knock the rust off and possibly get the W against Khabib, it is going to be rushed for the paycheck. If I were conor, I would tell him to go fuck himself and take a few more fights before getting back in there with Khabib, especially since he is going to have to solve the take down problem.

  • D M N
    D M N 2 months ago

    Dana shut your big mouth.
    It's was never important for khabib.khabib is the winner idiot.
    It's important for your husbund conor and your slave herb dean to sweap all your need.

  • P T
    P T 2 months ago

    At this point you're just disrespecting Tony

  • naveed ahmed
    naveed ahmed 2 months ago

    Medival will crack connor and brock him up hard bro

  • Noel Leon
    Noel Leon 2 months ago

    Conor VS Lawler

    • Noel Leon
      Noel Leon 2 months ago

      misolou fout that fight sounds interesting. But now we have to watch out for Conor Mcshoulder. But I would still have to say Lawler, I think Conor can overwhelm Justin don’t get me wrong Justin is definitely a challenge for him but I think Conor doesn’t deserve to fight Justin in my opinion. I would luv to see Lawer KO Mctappin.

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout 2 months ago +1

      the man conor should have fought justin has won his last 3 fights in the first round by knockout .But i know for a fact he wont fight gaethjy because justin has the power to kno

  • Oldysrv
    Oldysrv 2 months ago

    tony is a wildcard...and u have to understand that this is a money driven machine.But im down to see Khabib kick Connors ass again :D

  • Diwas Chromche
    Diwas Chromche 2 months ago

    Dana says Khabib is 28 1:07 . He is 31 yrs old now. This interview was taken 3 yrs ago.
    Exposed 🔥

  • sam m
    sam m 2 months ago

    Conor isn't talking kabob!! why is white?? I personally want to see Conor kick his ass, and with the frame of mind Conor is in right now I think he can do it..

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose 2 months ago

      what would happen if tony beats khabib tho? :^)

  • Com Bat
    Com Bat 2 months ago

    😂 He beat Conor McGregor again... that's hidden Dana's prediction

  • Boby Berry
    Boby Berry 2 months ago

    UFC = WWE 2.0

  • Boby Berry
    Boby Berry 2 months ago

    Someone remind Dana that Khabib is still not taking a dive

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 months ago +1

    This is just confirmation that Tony will win.

  • Jackson Wilson Music
    Jackson Wilson Music 2 months ago

    Dana, you are a dumb bitch

  • Chronics
    Chronics 2 months ago

    This show you that dana is conor pimp normal nobody get a title shot after cowboy had 2 losing streak and conor get title shot ? Hahaha he skipped Geahtje he was next inline for that title shot. If Khabib whoop his ass again than what Dana than he fight Usman for the title? GTFOH everybody want to see conor fight masvidal next. You guys still think Conor good for the sport? He fucking the sport up just because the can earn ufc more money it ain't about who is the best. Conor dickriders saying he bringing all that money in but what that do for you ? Why the fuck do you care how much money they earn y'all forgetting the sport that is how the sport gets boring like boxing everybody want to see wilder vs aj and that still hasn't happen because of money issues. And when the rematch happen dont let conor cheat again holding shorts and inside gloves the first fight conor didn't get warnings and khabib still took him down lol. They favor conor they want him to be champ no matter what. He going to lose anyway against Khabib or Usman and when that happens his fans going to say he fought the champs tho lol that's why dana keep promoting him as double champ but never defended one of his belt for 3 years. What is so impressive if you dont defend you're belts. And than calling yourself the best lol that is Chicken status.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 2 months ago

    Dana’s favorite line is; “We’ll see what happens”

  • Nice Comeback
    Nice Comeback 2 months ago

    I remember when the UFC use to give boxing shit. Now look at them.

  • Nice Comeback
    Nice Comeback 2 months ago

    What a joke!

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 months ago

    So Dana basically saying tony just gona lay down vs khabib??🤦🏿‍♂️

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy 2 months ago

      Tony haves issues he said to Dana. Is not dana fault ok guys

  • Agua Flow
    Agua Flow 2 months ago

    Conor Mcgregor fights all who wishes and dismastles as easily as the 40 seconds seemed

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu 2 months ago

      Khabib do need more of Conor for his legacy that’s politics talk crap no sense me dana le ur Conor fight same more fights

  • bigalpo1988
    bigalpo1988 2 months ago

    hell no thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard now he deserves a rematch with khabib after beating cowboy what? first of all cowboy had lost two in a row heading into the conor fight hes had so many fights his chins gone me and anyone reading this can prbrobly knock cowboy out which is sad to hear believe me fighting 7 times a year against the best takes alot out of you , not to mention cowboys been knocked out in the first round 5 times not mention his last fight before this one against justin gaethje. gaethje .justin is the man conor should have fought justin has won his last 3 fights in the first round by knockout .But i know for a fact he wont fight gaethjy because justin has the power to knock him out which the the thing conor takes most pride in , he know khabib cant knock him out or cerrone so he will take those fights, but mark my words you wont see him in there with justin gaethye or masvidal but gathje is the fight i want and should be done

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu 2 months ago

      Tony haves issues he said to Dana. Is not dana fault ok guys

  • Christopher Flores
    Christopher Flores 2 months ago

    After everything is done with this coming fights, will be nice to see Masvidal vs Tony Ferguson

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout 2 months ago

    Fans : we want Khabib vs Ferguson next. Dana : who?

  • Oliver Kranichfeld
    Oliver Kranichfeld 2 months ago

    I hope Khabib forces Conor into taking one fight before he agrees to a rematch- and that fight should be against Tony Ferguson.

  • Jan Paje
    Jan Paje 2 months ago

    Khabib vs yoel romero

  • Hoshi and Yoshi
    Hoshi and Yoshi 2 months ago

    what would happen if tony beats khabib tho? :^)

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout 2 months ago

      Dana forget to mention that It's nothing new or special to knock out Cowboy Cerrone. Anthony Petis, Rafael dos Anjos, Jorge Masvidal, Darren Til, Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaet

  • Nezar Regales
    Nezar Regales 2 months ago

    I love mcgregor, but lets keep it reall!! He dnt deserve the rematch just yet.

  • Christian LIVE
    Christian LIVE 2 months ago +1

    He's not going to beat khabib, mcgregor has no multiplier. He's only won one time after being an off and on loser. If he really wants to win, he'll need to successfully submit nate diaz and than he might be ready to defend khabib's master grapple game.

  • Mike Stanek
    Mike Stanek 2 months ago

    Well Khabib still has a fight...why not book McGregor/Diaz 3 in the meantime? Diaz is running his mouth so make it happen.

  • wahiz Mumand
    wahiz Mumand 2 months ago

    No one buy the pay per view so this mother lover can shut his mouth about money fight there is no rematch we want Ferguson

  • Wes Yates
    Wes Yates 2 months ago

    Let’s be honest. If tony or Khabib make it to the fight. Conor wants none of Tony. He just wants Khabib.

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan 2 months ago

    fk off with the boxing, it screws up conor's regimen, throwing a wrench in the machine to watch two guys pillow fight!

  • AbadazadYT Gaming
    AbadazadYT Gaming 2 months ago

    Dana White has wierd stubble man.. He looks like homer

  • Alpha lord Sanchez
    Alpha lord Sanchez 2 months ago

    Tony haves issues he said to Dana. Is not dana fault ok guys

  • Ifrican Abakari
    Ifrican Abakari 2 months ago

    Khabib do need more of Conor for his legacy that’s politics talk crap no sense me dana le ur Conor fight same more fights

  • Eyad Alqawlaq
    Eyad Alqawlaq 2 months ago

    I want Khabib.................*In Russia*

  • Anthony Ortega
    Anthony Ortega 2 months ago

    I hope and pray Tony Ferguson beats the shit out of khabib!!!🙏

  • Jac K
    Jac K 2 months ago

    It’s called BUSINESS!!!


    Get used to it tony fans

  • SkyDaLimit925
    SkyDaLimit925 2 months ago

    What the hell dana talking about khabib wants to fight he said he has to beat 10 people then he can have a rematch

  • Rique G
    Rique G 2 months ago

    Everybody looking past Tony Ferguson. The disrespect is unbelievable.

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres 2 months ago

    The the da da da...

  • Bashhy863
    Bashhy863 2 months ago

    There’s no way Conor vs Nate Diaz 3 isn’t happening gotta think Diaz wants that payday before he calls it a wrap

  • Escanor _
    Escanor _ 2 months ago

    Letsgoo conor v khabib is more fun anyway.

  • zantos o2t3a
    zantos o2t3a 2 months ago

    Conor doesnt deserve a title shot yet , hopefully khabib makes him earn his shot

  • Sadhanabrata Roy
    Sadhanabrata Roy 2 months ago

    Conor 'John Cena' Mcgregor
    Dana 'Vince Macmahon' White


  • Zach IceInMyVeins
    Zach IceInMyVeins 2 months ago

    There’s no way he drops weight to fight him

  • Corey
    Corey 2 months ago +5

    Dana the “ Pillsbury Doughboy” vs. Joe “The Elkk Eater” Rogan. Tickets on sale now. PPV channel 69.

  • Drew'z Cartoonz
    Drew'z Cartoonz 2 months ago +1

    Dana might as well make Stone Cold Steve Austin vs McGregor then Khabib vs Tony in a hell in a cell, Winner of both face off in buried alive match.

  • Manny Arambula
    Manny Arambula 2 months ago

    Dana say Khabib beat Ferguson. Even in a hypothetical it's insulting to Tony. What is this guy's problem with Tony? he's a great fighter.

  • Navin Cintury
    Navin Cintury 2 months ago

    Feed him to Jorge...

  • DJ 2020
    DJ 2020 2 months ago

    Cowboy was paid to lose!! Cowboy didnt lay a finger on connor! Hell No we dont want to see connor vs khabib! Connor is just a hype

  • Linkin Park Fan 72
    Linkin Park Fan 72 2 months ago +1

    It's hard to tell with Dana! Is he sidelining Tony or just back to the Diaz hate! As Conor mentioned the "Nathan, Brother" Trilogy 😆🥊. He can't handle the pot smoking "non ass kissing Diaz brothers" 🤣🤣 my favorite quality they have *Surprise Mother Fuckers!* 😅✌️ *Dana is a bitch* either way!

  • lakergyo8
    lakergyo8 2 months ago

    Dana is a pos. End of story.

  • Rocky
    Rocky 2 months ago

    Dana is a businessman .!!

  • Still Dre
    Still Dre 2 months ago

    Khabib is going to turn down the fight with Conor because he doesn’t deserve a rematch. Just because you beat Cerrone in 40 seconds doesn’t mean you deserve a rematch, you need to earn it. He should get a streak of wins and then fight Khabib, now it’s too early for that fight to happen.

  • Boris Matic
    Boris Matic 2 months ago

    Fuck that khabib going to MAUL conor mcnugget again its going to be boooooring.......

  • Jeven John
    Jeven John 2 months ago

    Tony the type of guy to prepare for the fight with khabib , break his leg a week before and hand it over to Conor and say have fun fighting my undercard

  • Anas Gaming
    Anas Gaming 2 months ago

    1:22 He beats tony Ferguson!

  • Jason Khawaja
    Jason Khawaja 2 months ago

    He wants CM to be Champ Again °°