[Rainbow V] LUCAS X HENDERY X YANGYANG Freestyle : Wow. (Post Malone)

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • [Rainbow V] LUCAS X HENDERY X YANGYANG Freestyle : Wow. (Post Malone)
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  • Airene Moya
    Airene Moya 7 hours ago

    sarap panuorin 😍

  • Faith Chong
    Faith Chong 14 hours ago

    I didn’t know that Lucas ,Hendery and Yangyang were this good at dancing

  • dazais dirty bandages
    dazais dirty bandages 18 hours ago

    dang yangyang 😳

  • Dette Gaspar
    Dette Gaspar Day ago

    LuHenYang 💚😍

  • lili
    lili Day ago

    they’re all the reason why i like this damn song

  • Niño uwu del Pato Lucas

    Fuck, Lucas is not just a pretty face, Do you understand?

  • The Jaehyun queso.
    The Jaehyun queso. 2 days ago


  • Hiyori
    Hiyori 3 days ago


  • Haechan Nct
    Haechan Nct 3 days ago

    Sooo cool by wayv is my bias ten i like Yang Yang why he can german speak i speak German too

  • Vidia Diniati
    Vidia Diniati 3 days ago

    Hendery you are the best

  • Vidia Diniati
    Vidia Diniati 3 days ago

    Happy Birthday Xuxi

  • Abby Yyyy
    Abby Yyyy 3 days ago

    Fucking LIT

  • Namrata Barman
    Namrata Barman 4 days ago

    Could I ask for a great combo?

  • Nancy Rose Perido
    Nancy Rose Perido 4 days ago +2

    1:09 Btch lucas swag will get me killed real quick

  • Fernanda Holmefjord
    Fernanda Holmefjord 6 days ago +1

    try to not lokk down 01:04 haha

  • 二重國小賴妍潔


  • Dette Gaspar
    Dette Gaspar 6 days ago

    Hendery, you got me 💚✨

  • Carol
    Carol 6 days ago

    Hendery with that move and cute smile at the end I see you!!!
    And I know you all know which move I’m talking about :)

  • Cici Amina
    Cici Amina 7 days ago +1

    This Video Just SCREAMS SWAG OKAY 😫🙌🏽🔥

  • nisa citong
    nisa citong 7 days ago

    Yummy challage pls

  • Little Princess
    Little Princess 9 days ago

    This is the best freestyle i have ever seen💚💚💚😭😭😭

  • Psycho Mami
    Psycho Mami 10 days ago

    Fuuu I’m in trouble with those lips of Lucas

  • Psycho Mami
    Psycho Mami 10 days ago

    Fuuu I’m in trouble with those lips of Lucas

  • Elgne S
    Elgne S 10 days ago

    I know Ten is regarded as the best dancer but I love Yangyang's clarity, like that kid hits HARD.

  • Rina Juliana Pasaribu
    Rina Juliana Pasaribu 10 days ago

    With winwin please 😱

  • yEaH mAtE
    yEaH mAtE 11 days ago

    In Germany we call Yangyang


  • imcherrywoo
    imcherrywoo 11 days ago


  • Elsistema Retrógrada Delamars


  • juli more
    juli more 12 days ago

    Lucas !!!!! Beautiful

  • Brenda
    Brenda 13 days ago

    Ok.. MR. HENDERY????

  • Brenda
    Brenda 13 days ago


  • NuีTTAPAT Golash24
    NuีTTAPAT Golash24 13 days ago


  • Yasmin 101
    Yasmin 101 13 days ago

    LuHenYang slays even with no music. Dancing, Singing, Rapping - LuHenYang can do anything, you name it.

  • Sir Ooh Sehun
    Sir Ooh Sehun 13 days ago

    1:02 u r welcome

  • loveydoyoung
    loveydoyoung 13 days ago

    yes we need it moreeee

  • scottyimagination
    scottyimagination 13 days ago

    Hi I’m luhenyang trash and I watch this at least once every morning. That’s how you start the day right

  • Mitu S
    Mitu S 14 days ago

    YangYang Hendery Lucas mis babys raperos genios en todos los aspectos wow

  • 磕磕
    磕磕 14 days ago


  • Anzelly Nur Shabilla
    Anzelly Nur Shabilla 14 days ago

    Yanyang u must know how much i luv u💓💓

  • joyce gaspar
    joyce gaspar 15 days ago

    Hendery is killing me.

  • nutty y2
    nutty y2 15 days ago

    Love you

  • 전taehee
    전taehee 15 days ago

    Honestly Hendery deserves more love..

  • Marie
    Marie 16 days ago

    I feel like I'm watching the best fashion ad in my live😂

  • Roshni k
    Roshni k 18 days ago

    Yang yang is so underrated..he's so handsome..cute...swaggy....and the best dancer....💖💖💖💖💖

  • Roshni k
    Roshni k 18 days ago

    Yang yang is Waymo's best dancer after ten

  • Lana Isenhour
    Lana Isenhour 18 days ago

    Anybody here in 2020 enjoying this masterpiece?😁😁

  • CrazyTributeGirl
    CrazyTributeGirl 18 days ago

    hendery is the original e boy 🥺

  • نعم شتبي؟.
    نعم شتبي؟. 18 days ago

    Luhenyang:AAAA go crazy AAAA go stupid

  • winwin and zeren deserve better

    it's 2020 and im still waiting for the hoodies

  • Mark Bee
    Mark Bee 19 days ago

    i love their energy!

  • jeraine
    jeraine 19 days ago +1

    the rainbow V logo on the staff jackets is so cute honestly uWu

  • just, Sara
    just, Sara 19 days ago

    Posty should really see this

  • trying to get my wig back


  • Sidra Fatima
    Sidra Fatima 20 days ago


  • Na Luqy
    Na Luqy 21 day ago


  • sara ibrahim
    sara ibrahim 21 day ago +3

    Oh no my husband lucas did this? Imma report it cz it is illegal

  • SIKE
    SIKE 21 day ago


  • The girl Jackson got on panic

    Who's here after Hendery posted a video dancing? I miss Rainbow V so much 😔

  • Naomi Samara Aguilar Olaguiver


  • ATEEZ 8Makes1Team
    ATEEZ 8Makes1Team 22 days ago +1