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Comments • 80

  • Desi Perkins
    Desi Perkins  Year ago +1929

    I see a lot of ppl don’t like my lip liner. Let’s keep TheXvid positive and if there’s something that you might not like then you can always switch it out for what works for you. At the end of the day it’s just makeup and it’s fun for me to try and change things up. Maybe new things don’t work out but it can be discouraging to try new things when ppl are so savage online.

    • Rosette Gonzales
      Rosette Gonzales Month ago

      Desi Perkins - You skipper over the brows: what color brow pencil did you use?? I gotta get it 😉

    • EL RC
      EL RC 2 months ago

      Desi Perkins I like the lips

    • Pinki Devi
      Pinki Devi 2 months ago

      @Taylor Bennett and o

    • Pinki Devi
      Pinki Devi 2 months ago

      Anaf7 4

    • Simana Mvlog
      Simana Mvlog 3 months ago

      Guys anyone to use for youtube tutorial canon 200d with lance 18- 55 mm??

  • Angry prash brother
    Angry prash brother 14 days ago

    good video

  • Nancy A. Vazquez R.
    Nancy A. Vazquez R. 25 days ago

    “Oh she drinks lot’s of water” 😂😂😂💀I laughed out loud, thank you Desi 😘

  • Lianna Tomasello
    Lianna Tomasello 29 days ago

    I love ur makeup it’s beautiful & simple. I love the lip too lol

  • Patriot_Lady ***
    Patriot_Lady *** Month ago

    Love your videos!!! So beautiful and minimal looking.

  • Shegufa Rohani
    Shegufa Rohani Month ago

    I died when she said "This is like a really nice oh I'm healthy lip color look....oh she drinks a lot of water" LOL

  • Swastika Paul
    Swastika Paul Month ago

    She looks so great😫

  • Nadine Meier
    Nadine Meier Month ago

    Is it just me or do you actually look like jlo😅❤️

  • Jeannette Quintana Zaldivar

    How often do you clean your brushes .?

  • jessicarlo
    jessicarlo 2 months ago

    The lips are so fucking cute yall are hatin

  • Evelyn J
    Evelyn J 2 months ago +1

    Why are the comments to negative?!?? This is literally the most unique makeup technique! ITS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

  • Jazmine Repass
    Jazmine Repass 2 months ago

    I LIKE YOUR LIP LINER DESI. I know this video is old, but it does just what you said. Makes it looks very plump! And this is a technique I use often too. I use concealer and a little setting powder for my face. I dont like foundation all over either. Your skin always looks bomb! ♡

  • Mia Ann Cole
    Mia Ann Cole 2 months ago

    Any dupes for that Morphe G6? I don’t think they sell this brush anymore...PLEASE ADVISE!!!!

  • Your Local Paintshop
    Your Local Paintshop 2 months ago

    You know what I’ve noticed, no matter how “much” makeup you have on, you always look flawless & seamless, I love it

  • Evel Queen
    Evel Queen 2 months ago

    It’s funny cause Katy is onboard with concealer game...u guys are like twinning

  • sarcastic pancake
    sarcastic pancake 3 months ago

    the Ardell lashes I love and the tip to lightly pinch the false lashes to real ones to make it look more spikey was helpful, thank you :)

  • Songchelin 7KON
    Songchelin 7KON 3 months ago

    i love this makeup look so much!! it looks amazing & flawless. the technique is dopeee. i learnt a lot from this!

  • Simana Mvlog
    Simana Mvlog 3 months ago

    guys anyone to use canon 200d with 18-55mm lance for youtube tutorials?? please reply me🤝🤝

  • hey its kere!
    hey its kere! 4 months ago

    U look something like Izzy azela

  • Adriana Hermida
    Adriana Hermida 4 months ago


  • Parvaneh Vahidi
    Parvaneh Vahidi 4 months ago

    love your tutorial ....thank you

  • Hrush Everly
    Hrush Everly 5 months ago

    I love the lip!! I'm definitely gonna try it 😍 who doesn't want to look like you??

  • Anna Beauty
    Anna Beauty 5 months ago

    WOW you looking soooo awesome. love you

    SHARE MUSIC BHOJPURI 5 months ago


  • Eileen J
    Eileen J 5 months ago

    I wish makeup women would ZOOM in some of us like that. Thank you!

  • Farida Munawar
    Farida Munawar 5 months ago

    how to make up bold and it's look like a barbie.thank you dessy

  • Radhi Art
    Radhi Art 5 months ago


  • 掌事大宮女—琥珀

    is she asian?


    Hi your what's app number

  • Faizah Alkatheri
    Faizah Alkatheri 6 months ago

    Wow! awesome technique. Thank you!

  • Lama
    Lama 6 months ago

    What is the brand of the eye pencil ?

  • VCBA1990
    VCBA1990 6 months ago

    Love it. This natural makeup look is great and Easy to follow along.

  • Myrna Ramirez
    Myrna Ramirez 7 months ago

    If I had skin line yours, I would love this !!!

  • Jo Gosa
    Jo Gosa 7 months ago

    Love the look! Very fresh and Dewey! Thanks so much

  • Sandra Leigh
    Sandra Leigh 7 months ago

    I actually like the lip liner. Looking beautiful as always, Desi ❤️

  • Jackie Rodriguez
    Jackie Rodriguez 7 months ago

    U had me until that horrid lip thing . Uiiii no !

  • Luna Li
    Luna Li 7 months ago

    love your no foundation makeup tutorials

  • Maria m
    Maria m 7 months ago

    This is great for super model skin! I have too many discolorations and no way i could pull this off but it was very informative and good 👌
    It's nice to see an actual makeup tutorial on TheXvid

  • shiva Faghih
    shiva Faghih 7 months ago

    I love you

  • Ploy Jh.
    Ploy Jh. 7 months ago

    Love this! Would be great to have a drugstore version for this tutorial as well 😄

  • Mona Mills-Johnson
    Mona Mills-Johnson 8 months ago

    Love, love the entire look! People every look is not for everyone, but you won’t know until you try it.

  • Yuri Kannã
    Yuri Kannã 8 months ago

    The thumb looks like Beyoncé's natural soft glam makeup and hair

  • Luis Arroyos
    Luis Arroyos 8 months ago


  • Dalia Hussain
    Dalia Hussain 8 months ago

    I love it i'm gonna do it

  • Vanessa Freeman
    Vanessa Freeman 8 months ago

    Can we get a drugstore version

  • GlammedupBy Mira
    GlammedupBy Mira 8 months ago

    Love this . I’ve been doing this no makeup method all summer long . I love it . All about healthy dewy looking skin 🥰

  • Carla Hykawy
    Carla Hykawy 9 months ago

    Thanks for this great tutorial!!!!! Miss your videos!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne Goss
    Wayne Goss 9 months ago +286

    Of all the makeup tutorials that I watch online - yours are always so beautiful and flawless. Stunning.

  • The Peñas
    The Peñas 9 months ago +1

    The lip technique is poppin🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Harpreet Kaur Parhar
    Harpreet Kaur Parhar 9 months ago

    Hey could you please do a review for MAC pro correct and conceal palette, thanks!!

  • Monica Gordillo
    Monica Gordillo 9 months ago

    Desi can you do an affordable version of this please and thank you?

  • Hrush Everly
    Hrush Everly 9 months ago

    I'm living for that lip trick gurlllll

  • Blanca Medina
    Blanca Medina 9 months ago

    This video gave me so much life ❤️

  • Lynette La Roche-Cervantes

    I Love the looks you give while applying your makeup😍Get it girl❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicole
    Nicole 10 months ago

    This is so everyday summer vibes! Loved it

  • Yisel Gutiérrez
    Yisel Gutiérrez 10 months ago

    A lot of people who don’t like the lip liner technique are just not used to getting out of their comfort zone. As for Desi, she likes trying new things. (which is what I actually love about her) She’s never afraid when it comes to makeup. 💄

  • melissa berrien
    melissa berrien 10 months ago


  • Diane Sedacca
    Diane Sedacca 10 months ago

    These no foundation tutorials make me laugh. They put so many products on, might as well just put foundation on lol

  • ImmFuu
    ImmFuu 10 months ago

    I actually do that cupid bow overlining thing since I started wearing makeup (2010?) and honestly, it looks better in person and photos than it does in video bc her lighting is creating a shadow, over enhancing it but i can say, it looks less noticeable in person lol

  • ohmyguinnestheykilledkenny

    I really love your vids! They inspire me a lot. I bought so many stuff you use in your vids because they are so fcking awesome. Thank you for your brilliant ideas!

  • Aymee Travieso
    Aymee Travieso 10 months ago

    Living for her “oh she drinks allot of water” lips 😂💕

  • Mrutik
    Mrutik 10 months ago

    Love this tutorial! And I just subscribed! 💜 do you have any suggestions eyeshadow colors for every day makeup for green eyes? I have a hard time to pull off any of theses trending bronzish-brownish-goldies eyeshadows. Thanks.

  • Lois
    Lois 10 months ago

    My first time watching you and you look stunning regardless of whether people like the lips! I was on board when you mentioned Eva Mendes... she always looks fabulous.

  • Joanna Hernandez
    Joanna Hernandez 10 months ago +1

    Seriously people she always posts tutorials that are for people with less than perfect skin it's nice for a change to see her post something for us people with good skin. Don't hate on the girl because she has good skin if you don't like it you don't have to watch it but don't criticize her because she has nice skin. People like you make these makeup artists not want to post tutorials anymore. Thank you for this awesome video and keep doing what you do!!! Can't please em all 🤷‍♀️

  • Jackie Daniels
    Jackie Daniels 10 months ago

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET THESE HOOPS?! I have spent hours trying to google “hoops with initials at the post”.. fail. Pls help!!!

  • Gjovana Vuljaj
    Gjovana Vuljaj 11 months ago

    Do you think the L’oréal Lumi Glotion is a good dupe for the Charlotte Tibury? I’ve been used two different shades the same way as you do and i’m wondering if it’s worth the investment

  • Cecilia Perez
    Cecilia Perez 11 months ago

    I loveeee this tutorial! Desk which brand are your extensions they look amazing!

  • Mandy Trout
    Mandy Trout 11 months ago

    Beautiful.... Wish I could do this but I have oily ass skin! I think your lips look great... Like the rest of you!

  • Nushrat maya
    Nushrat maya 11 months ago

    She is more beautiful without makeup ☺

  • JanaMua
    JanaMua 11 months ago

    Honestly, u r smart and genius!!! Clapclapclap u r not afraid to try some new tricks!

  • ariannanunez
    ariannanunez 11 months ago

    What color it’s your hair Desi?

  • Dani Foxx
    Dani Foxx 11 months ago

    LOVE this

  • Kara B.
    Kara B. 11 months ago

    You are stunning.

  • Joyce Torres
    Joyce Torres 11 months ago

    You are so magical.... 😘❤Love you soo much everyday watching your video's.... 😍

  • Jordan Cain
    Jordan Cain 11 months ago

    You are so beautiful!!! And so talented! I loved the vibes in this video, the yellow tones were giving it to me! Also your hair looks absolutely amazing!😍😍😍😍

  • pika pi
    pika pi 11 months ago

    it's so sad to call your skin beautiful after you put (a lot of?) chemicals on

  • Carolyn Springman
    Carolyn Springman 11 months ago

    Just tried the lip technique and loved how pouty it looks.

  • Lyn Lyn
    Lyn Lyn 11 months ago

    I love you 😘 😘 😘

  • Zoey Kramer
    Zoey Kramer 11 months ago

    J-Lo? Is that you?

  • MellyBaby AkaCrazy
    MellyBaby AkaCrazy 11 months ago

    6:32 tho 😂😂😍😍😘😘👌👌