Tyla Yaweh - I Think I Luv Her (Lyric Video) ft. YG

  • Published on Sep 27, 2019
  • "I Think I Luv Her" available at: smarturl.it/UnderstandMe.TY
    Tyla Yaweh online:
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  • -KarmaGoD
    -KarmaGoD 11 days ago

    WoBBle IT!

  • Post Malone
    Post Malone 21 day ago +1


  • Jan Dumitrescu
    Jan Dumitrescu 25 days ago

    I was playing minecraft and i listend random songs when i heard it a got addicted
    No one: nothing
    Me:i think i liv that bitch
    My mom : wtf did u just said i'm beat u . Where is the belt
    Me : aaaaaaaaa
    Don't u scream nigga

  • brandon castillo
    brandon castillo 25 days ago

    That awkward moment when you know the actual song is almost 10 years old 👀

  • Kadija
    Kadija 26 days ago

    I just realized that this is a sample of Bossy by Kelis

  • TheBadgamer0110 XD
    TheBadgamer0110 XD 27 days ago

    im sorry but this song is trash get this out of spotify soundcloud the radio lmao take all this out who even likes this crap

  • Lily J.
    Lily J. Month ago

    if tik tok ruins it. i’m actually suing the app 🙅🏻‍♀️🧢💯

  • Lost_Cause
    Lost_Cause Month ago

    The beat kills

  • High Fly
    High Fly Month ago

    Im bossy...

  • nikol penguin
    nikol penguin Month ago +1

    This song so underrated

  • ninjatekachi60boi.
    ninjatekachi60boi. Month ago

    Ha its good

    ADORJÁN SUCIU Month ago

    Helo helo szias

  • Marquez Picard
    Marquez Picard Month ago

    +1 (407) 564-6923 that’s the number

  • Marquez Picard
    Marquez Picard Month ago

    I think I love her🤪

  • asdfghjkl
    asdfghjkl Month ago

    Fuck TikTok

  • JayarArrington
    JayarArrington Month ago +2

    Shoutout Kelis dat beat still go hard💯

  • Aider Da Costa
    Aider Da Costa Month ago +1

    Kelis - Bossy ft. Too $hort

    Laugh about the beat.

  • Rees Nona
    Rees Nona Month ago +1

    Kelis brought me here “I’m Bossy” ayyy

  • 1887COOT
    1887COOT Month ago


  • Raul santiago
    Raul santiago Month ago

    Gabe Grayson would be a crazy feature on this beat

  • Coolman
    Coolman Month ago

    Thats good

  • Planet Vibe
    Planet Vibe Month ago

    Tyla Yaweh feat Don Toliver??

  • Domqnic
    Domqnic Month ago

    Here before tik tok

  • Mvrshvn
    Mvrshvn Month ago +12

    *beat comes on*
    me: IM BOSSY‼️‼️

  • ファックラブS.T.L

    i fucked my gf to this song

  • Ligal YT
    Ligal YT Month ago +1


  • LiamGM -08
    LiamGM -08 Month ago +17

    There’s something with the flow of this song that just has me so hooked.

    • Rees Nona
      Rees Nona Month ago +2

      Kelis I’m Bossy it’s her beat

    • My Me
      My Me Month ago

      LiamGM -08 same bro

  • Charles Faraday
    Charles Faraday Month ago +1


  • arrtuurv
    arrtuurv Month ago +18

    lets just all pray this song wont be found by tiktok anytime soon

    • Ariana Moran
      Ariana Moran 16 days ago

      Yep we need some body guards on TheXvid or sum...these fuckers

  • Jony
    Jony Month ago

    Tiktok: HiPiTi HoPiTi tHiS tHIS Is NoW pRoPeRTI👺🎭🗿

  • Jony
    Jony Month ago

    I showed this my gay friend and now he is straight🙄😥

  • Rob Schniter
    Rob Schniter Month ago

    I need this instrumental

  • cô tiên xanh
    cô tiên xanh Month ago

    up next

  • Matteo7
    Matteo7 Month ago

    I love it

  • Berleezy's Hairline

    Whats this beat from? I recognize it from the early 2000's

    • Berleezy's Hairline
      Berleezy's Hairline Month ago +1

      @San Yates thanks brotha, but j already found out my older brotger knew exactly when i showed him. This beat goes so hard

    • San Yates
      San Yates Month ago +1

      Berleezy's Hairline it’s from “Bossy” by Kelis, back in ‘06

  • Amor Scars
    Amor Scars Month ago +1

    Damnnnn all bitches on Instagram you will See 😂

  • Desiigner
    Desiigner Month ago

    The Yahweh is the devil, im tellin you!

  • Satsero :3
    Satsero :3 Month ago +13

    who ever thought that YG was the good to be featured on this song

    • Dumpcast
      Dumpcast Month ago +1

      YG is the worst male rapper in existence and you cannot tell me different.

  • Anar Ezizov
    Anar Ezizov Month ago

    Taxi 5 Soundtrack 😍✌

  • GhostCat69
    GhostCat69 Month ago +2

    Did not like this at first but it grew on me!

  • Jamie Leone
    Jamie Leone Month ago

    Walking with a stick like I’m mopping it 🔥

  • Nuț Iojiban
    Nuț Iojiban Month ago +2

    This nouț’ to blow up any moment now

  • orion
    orion Month ago +1

    aight atleast im here before all the fuckboys

  • DeathWingz ツ
    DeathWingz ツ Month ago +1

    Tik tok will prob milk the shit out of this piece of gem

  • Charish M
    Charish M Month ago +1


  • Seth Gerrish
    Seth Gerrish Month ago

    so glad I met tyla before the blow up

  • Nowy1926
    Nowy1926 Month ago

    O kurwa ale to prawie spaliło mi głośniki 😀

  • Yung Turt
    Yung Turt Month ago

    shoulda put da baby on it

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Month ago

    Wow this shit is trash

  • Cherish Youknowwho
    Cherish Youknowwho Month ago +2

    "Cause I'm a boss" wait what!?!

  • Jackson Townsend
    Jackson Townsend Month ago

    I thought this was some lil Wayne shit

  • King Ali
    King Ali Month ago +16

    When I first heard the beat start, I was like "wtf", then I listened to the rest of the track and it was complete heat

  • Supreme_ Groot
    Supreme_ Groot Month ago +1

    Like to protect this song from tiktok

  • esavi lastimado
    esavi lastimado Month ago


  • datboylotus
    datboylotus Month ago +1

    bruh tf this was with 100k views last time i looked

  • stewart the Kid
    stewart the Kid Month ago

    That one part kinda sound like yvng pinch

  • Trentjd
    Trentjd Month ago

    This song sucks

  • Vasi [Been] Villy
    Vasi [Been] Villy Month ago

    Sampled from Kelis-Bossy

  • Azzy PlaysRust
    Azzy PlaysRust Month ago +1

    Yeah Ight