International KFC Taste Test

  • Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • Can we figure out where in the world these delicious international KFC dishes are dished out? GMM #1516
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Comments • 4 621

  • jose moreno
    jose moreno 3 hours ago

    ok its 3 am and im still watching you guys. officially i beat my own record

  • Wendy's owes me money yes they do

    Didn't link win the first international taste test?

  • Obladi Oblada
    Obladi Oblada 12 hours ago

    Us Filipinos love wieners

  • Finnegan Healy
    Finnegan Healy Day ago

    Rhett went first 2 times in a row

  • mario benny
    mario benny 3 days ago +2

    They should not show where the dish is from, so we can play too

  • mariana galeas
    mariana galeas 5 days ago

    The many different ways link has said churrascaría wrong is perplexing

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 6 days ago

    Does anyone know what jacket Rhett is wearing? I really like it.

  • chao
    chao 6 days ago

    How did they get these??

  • Ethan Terrazas
    Ethan Terrazas 7 days ago

    Did Rhett throw first twice in a row

  • Gabi Mara
    Gabi Mara 8 days ago

    Im a Filipino and i never remembered a chicken hotdog sandwich from kfc. Was expecting the chizza was from us lol

  • Jack Andy
    Jack Andy 8 days ago

    Link should start with -50 points

  • Syd volly
    Syd volly 9 days ago +1

    Rhett be lookin like a greaser

  • Joe Vincent Titular
    Joe Vincent Titular 9 days ago

    Philippines numbah wan

  • CallumLockton
    CallumLockton 9 days ago

    I'm from the UK and have never eaten that ever 😂

  • Jack Patterson
    Jack Patterson 10 days ago

    Never seen that chicken pizza in Canada XD

  • Audrey
    Audrey 11 days ago

    Okay but how did you get these international items in the US?

  • Kelsey Wardell
    Kelsey Wardell 12 days ago

    I just got back from a trip in Zimbabwe and there are literally so many kfcs... like there’s one on like every corner in Harare(capital)

  • Abdullelah TSKDI
    Abdullelah TSKDI 13 days ago +1

    We had the chizza in saudi arabia, thanks japan. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sydney vickers
    sydney vickers 13 days ago

    my only brain cell during something important: 5:45

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 14 days ago

    one day i'll make it to the top comments

  • Zach
    Zach 14 days ago

    I thought the pizza chicken thing is from my country since even we have it but then I got the answer why 13:57

  • feline diagram
    feline diagram 14 days ago

    rhett went first twice (france then united kingdom)

  • Nattiex999
    Nattiex999 15 days ago

    when link said tokyo i cried. it was such a throwback hearing rhett scream lol

  • Taco Muncher
    Taco Muncher 15 days ago +2

    Man I remember the original video where Rhett said he would do that thing whenever link said tokyo

  • Joe Burns
    Joe Burns 16 days ago +1

    What time is it? 4:08

  • Anark Trash lol
    Anark Trash lol 16 days ago

    Dear FBI,
    What happened to Doomsday Rhett?
    From me

  • Sam Vu
    Sam Vu 17 days ago

    who else covered up the country it was from so we guess for ourselves

  • Zonia Flx
    Zonia Flx 18 days ago

    I love it when Rhett takes a few seconds to register that “Tokyo” was just said. xD

  • Júlio Salotti
    Júlio Salotti 18 days ago


  • Dani D
    Dani D 20 days ago +1

    I think Link almost shed a tear when Rhett said he chickened him. D'awwww

  • Sarah Fouad
    Sarah Fouad 22 days ago +1

    Can someone explain to me the Tokyo screaming thingy

  • Rebeca V
    Rebeca V 23 days ago +1

    Me, a brazilian seeing the map :
    Wait, we have KFC?

  • Inaren Commander
    Inaren Commander 23 days ago

    You luhcky dawg.

  • lillian janky
    lillian janky 23 days ago +27

    Every time the Tokyo thing happens, I wonder what newer people are thinking 😂 they HAVE to be confused!!

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 24 days ago

    In the UK, turkey, sage and onion and cranberry means Christmas. Surprised they didn’t put Brussels sprouts and seething family tensions on it too.

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 24 days ago +1

    I wouldn’t like to be living with Rhett during the 2020 summer Olympics 😂

  • asdasd
    asdasd 25 days ago +1

    “Could , would , should “ , get it right yo...

  • A H
    A H 25 days ago +1

    Y'all measuring scores based on a Flat Earth perspective!

  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan Campbell 25 days ago

    some ones pissed on that guys top

  • azzahra vlogs
    azzahra vlogs 29 days ago

    Thanks for saying that about Indonesia

  • Diana45251
    Diana45251 29 days ago +1

    How do they get there food from since there from the US?

  • anna p
    anna p 29 days ago +1

    am i the only one that's confused on how they got a hold of these international food items?

  • Señor Tequila Purr

    Link doesn't remember because it's not peanut butter.

  • Philip Manavado
    Philip Manavado Month ago +1

    thats not solar power, that is photochromism


    I rather eat than play lmao
    (also, America needs to step up their game. jfc other countries have better food options)

  • Optimus PrimeRib
    Optimus PrimeRib Month ago

    Just what I want... A t-shirt that suddenly looks like it was used to wipe up cat piss when I go outside.

  • Dark Slayer14
    Dark Slayer14 Month ago +39

    Link: *takes a normal bite from the sandwich*
    Rhett: *eats half the sandwich in two bite*

  • Lumpy Dumper
    Lumpy Dumper Month ago

    Rhett is so good at guessing

  • Ur average slav
    Ur average slav Month ago


  • Tori Tennant
    Tori Tennant Month ago +1

    4:31 that was weirdly in sync

  • Arief Nugroho
    Arief Nugroho Month ago

    I think there's a kfc fried chicken skin exclusively in Indonesia

  • daniel kemble
    daniel kemble Month ago

    @GoodMythicalMorning - from the next episode of the dartboard taste test things like this episode you guys should put an actual dartboard on chase just in case chase gets hit by link. I am a fan from port pirie south Australia #GoodMythicalMorning #RhettAndLink #PureAwesomeness

  • Leon Goodley
    Leon Goodley Month ago

    I’m from the UK and I’ve never ever once EVER seen a KFC chicken sandwich featuring cranberry

  • Daniel Zammit
    Daniel Zammit Month ago +1

    I dont get this WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA when Tokyo is mentioned....
    How did that became a thing?

  • Ewok 88
    Ewok 88 Month ago +1

    Why does Rhett look like John Trovolta in this video?

  • Nozirashi
    Nozirashi Month ago

    I'm from Scotland never heard of the uk one

  • Anthony Nathaniel
    Anthony Nathaniel Month ago +2

    I totally believed that Brazil was the corn capitol of the world 😂


    Where the Sri Lankan KFC??? The items are spicy and yummy!

  • Rowdy Speaks
    Rowdy Speaks Month ago

    the brazil one looks like what we call at my house cheesy corn wich is cream chease and corn from a can.i would realy like to know if any one else as ea this or likes it.and it is amazing.if you very should deffintly try it. i hope if you do try it you like this more like a conversation/question more than a comet?

  • Kxng_ Deve
    Kxng_ Deve Month ago

    Jamaican KFC is the greatest ever

  • Shuttle Babe -Beachcricket

    Yummy! 💖

  • Jake Quenet
    Jake Quenet Month ago +1

    Im so interested to know how they get all of the food?

  • CrazyDawg 0
    CrazyDawg 0 Month ago +1

    After watching this video I went downstairs and said to my Dad, “I chicken you Dad.” and walked away.

  • Giacomo Grech
    Giacomo Grech Month ago


  • Marnes Richemond
    Marnes Richemond Month ago

    Tokyo through back.

  • Hayden S
    Hayden S Month ago

    someone loop link's fiendish "" cheers

  • Elan Hawk
    Elan Hawk Month ago


  • Gncelectric
    Gncelectric Month ago +1

    Can you get these things still and at any KFC

  • Jenna Terrell
    Jenna Terrell Month ago +1

    Where did the Tokyo thing originate? Super curious

  • Simen Skaar
    Simen Skaar Month ago


  • F L U T E B O I Z
    F L U T E B O I Z Month ago

    FYI UK Christmas food is very similar to US thanksgiving food: turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, and then some other more British specialties.

  • VashXTrigun
    VashXTrigun Month ago +16

    Rhett should be a detective the way he deduced the hotdog's origin.

  • VashXTrigun
    VashXTrigun Month ago

    Pretty cool shirt mechanics going on there.

  • Froggo Doggo
    Froggo Doggo Month ago +2

    5:38 look at chases face

  • Ròäd wôrk ähęåd
    Ròäd wôrk ähęåd Month ago +1

    There was no pizza in this video. That “thing” with pineapple is not pizza. People who eat pineapple on pizza are on the bottom of the food chain