“Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving” \ Exhibition Tour

  • Published on Oct 20, 2020
  • Immerse yourself in Frida Kahlo's vibrant artistry through our exhibition tour of ‘Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving’. We’ll take a closer look at some of her personal items, photographs, and paintings that reveal the many ways Kahlo constructed her identity.
    This film was directed by Benjamin Michel, an award-winning filmmaker specializing in cinematography and directing. He has become known for creating beautifully poetic imagery coupled with imaginative storytelling: www.benjaminmichel.com/ artofmichel
    About the Exhibition: dey.ng/frida-kahlo
    Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving examines how politics, gender, trauma, and national identity influenced Kahlo’s diverse modes of creativity. The exhibition features highly personal items, which came to light in 2004 at her lifelong home, La Casa Azul (now Museo Frida Kahlo) in Mexico City-including approximately 30 photographs, 20 vibrant Tehuana costumes from her wardrobe, and personalized braces and prosthetics-alongside paintings and drawings by the iconic artist and photographs reflecting her unique self-fashioning.
    The exhibition is on view at the de Young museum through February 7, 2021. Reserve your ticket here: dey.ng/tickets
    This event is part of Virtual Wednesdays, a weekly TheXvid broadcast bringing you unique viewpoints exploring diversity, resilience, and creative spirit in the arts as we aim to reframe our exhibitions and collections. View upcoming Virtual Wednesdays programs here: dey.ng/virtual-wednesdays

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  • frankie bluebird
    frankie bluebird Year ago +84

    after only having a vague idea of who she was, I found a book that covered every aspect of her life. I read it in one sitting when I was 16 and it was the catalyst for an immense change in my creative life- I found so much freedom in learning about her relationship to herself as her own muse, and it shook me out of a huge rut I’d been in regarding my art. She is such a powerful person.

    • Jenniffer Leal
      Jenniffer Leal Month ago

      @Erica G. I'd like to know the title of this book as well :)

    • tootstoyou1
      tootstoyou1 11 months ago +3

      The inspiration you found from Frida’s life, is in itself inspiring. ❤️

    • Erica G.
      Erica G. Year ago +4

      May I know the title of the book? 🙏

  • Kim Huckaby
    Kim Huckaby Year ago +35

    Beautifully filmed and narrated! I love this so much. Frida is one of my very favorite artist. Wish I could see this exhibit in person, but at least I can see it here thanks to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Thank you all!

    • Laura Woods
      Laura Woods 5 days ago

      She is one of my favorite artists. Her bright colors both in paintings and clothing are what draw me to her. It is amazing how she shows her pain and her life through everything she touched. Provo.

  • Sevilla Productions
    Sevilla Productions Year ago +19

    The collection and video are superb! Everyone did such a wonderful job of telling Frida Khalo's life and work. It's wonderful that so many of Frida's personal items were preserved so that we can enjoy them.

  • Lydia Rowe
    Lydia Rowe Year ago +49

    The life of Frida Kahlo was so immense that she could be who she was enduring such physical pain..
    Her legacy endures long after her

  • Bianca Natal
    Bianca Natal Year ago +2

    The very first time that I saw one of Frida's self-portraits I was both enchanted and then haunted by her. I began to read as much as I cd find on her and Diego. To this day I am as much enamoured with Frida as I was when I first saw her portrait.

  • sgmares
    sgmares Year ago +7

    Simply spectacular! Thank You for making this available through TheXvid. I will be showing this to my students. A true mexican (of mixed races) She is an awesome example of how extraordinary and artistic many Mexicans are. 🙏🏽💖

  • Qiana S
    Qiana S Year ago +3

    Frida kalo is one of my daughers favorite arts ever!! My daughter wishes she had met her. Frida Kalo is so so so so amazing. My daughter is hopeing one day she can see the blue house I said one day I will take you. I hope more young pepole are interested in her like my 8 year old daughter.

  • Mars kinlan
    Mars kinlan Year ago +8

    The display cases, lighting, and exhibition design looks superb. Great respect shown here for the artist.

  • Rosina Ramón
    Rosina Ramón Year ago +4

    A very clear description of who she was and her love for clothing and being unique, and how her playing with fashion gave her the power to make her pain a little easier for living her life with dignity, and filling it with creativity.

  • L. Rivera
    L. Rivera Year ago +24

    Great opportunity to see this virtual show. Even though she experienced a lot of pain, her life was very vibrant. Loved the show! Thanks! ❤️💛

  • Bindy Sweett
    Bindy Sweett Year ago +4

    Thank you for this peek into her life. I would love to travel to San Francisco when it is safe again, to spend a day taking in the whole exhibit. Her biography by Hayden Herrera was very interesting, but seeing her on film is something else. What a beautiful woman and artist.

  • V the B
    V the B Year ago +1

    I can never get enough of Frida!!! I wish I could visit this expo...

  • Picasso Friend
    Picasso Friend Year ago +1

    Such a beautiful presentation of Frida Kahlo, thank you. Frida Kahlo was masterful♥️

  • Kelsie Glasscock
    Kelsie Glasscock Year ago +1

    The way this was filmed is so well done. Now knowing a little of Frieda Kahlo's life shows why the way she painted and make me appreciate it more

  • Little Ghost Films
    Little Ghost Films Year ago +4

    Frida was an artistic magician who used the terrible pain she endured as the material for her art. She lived with humor, passion and grit to rise above what few could survive. Has there ever been such an honest artist before or since. She's in that circle of artists like Van Gogh, Bukowski, Artaud, Lenny Bruce who bare their soul warts and all.

  • Calvin Hamilton
    Calvin Hamilton Year ago +5

    Thank you for posting this! Your words bring great depth to her stories, courage, and strength. That amazes me because her strength has redefined possability

  • Kathryn Hansen
    Kathryn Hansen Year ago +20

    This video is excellent to promote and understand DIFFERENCE . Frida is an Artist that I love,and this is an excellent video. Thank you.
    She over came her disability and became great.

    • Lidija Birsa
      Lidija Birsa Year ago +1

      And what’s very interesting, she became more famous as a painter than Diego Rivera! 😁👍Everyone knows who's Frida all over the world!

  • Linda Thape
    Linda Thape Year ago +9

    This is wonderful to look at. A Piece of beauty and light in these dark times. The life of this extraordinary woman and artist was not easy to say the least. But it shows also how strong and resiliant people can be. Rest in peace Frida. 💜🙏

  • Anna Maria Nieves
    Anna Maria Nieves Year ago +1

    I was able to see this exhibit when it travelled to the Brooklyn Museum and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great presentation that really humanized her art and vividly brought her to life on so many levels outside of her art. It was good to see this video to remember this.

  • Arte Delint
    Arte Delint Year ago +1

    I really appreciate this. Thank you for sharing it with us on TheXvid 💗

  • Jennifer Serenity
    Jennifer Serenity Year ago +11

    Thank you for this overview of the exhibit and of Kahlo's life. I was able to see the exhibit when it was at the Brooklyn Museum. I was so captivated by everything on display.. What struck me the most was to see the makeup she used. As said in the video she was truly feminine. I don't remember seeing the perfume bottles so I appreciate you sharing that in the video. Photos weren't allowed in the exhibit which I so appreciate. Your film captures all that someone needs to see. Thank you!

  • Kamna Narain
    Kamna Narain Year ago +15

    Wow! That was wonderful. Thank you so much. I am homebound due to COVID-19 and really loved getting this tour. I look forward to visiting the de Young again in the future! But in the meantime, thank you for this!

  • Joanne Dykstra
    Joanne Dykstra Year ago +25

    Lovely! How she could turn pain into beauty!

    • Awesome Blossom
      Awesome Blossom 4 months ago

      I think pain makes people more creative...

    • Jasmine Lourdes Chávez talavera
      Jasmine Lourdes Chávez talavera Year ago

      Gran artista pero particularmente no me termina de gustar mucho porque se ve sólo su tristeza interna en sus obras...la historia la muestra como representante de la mujer fuerte pero la verdad es otra. Khalo fué una mujer codependiente emocional de Diego Rivera.Un pintor muralista famoso pero fue un hombre que la humilló y públicamente y de todas las formas posibles, siempre le ponía los cuernos hasta con la propia hermana de Frida y ella así con todo seguía detrás de él servil y humillada en una relación por demás tóxica.Frida no me representa como mujer para nada.

    • Jazelda
      Jazelda Year ago

      There is beauty in pain we just have to see it and discover what is means to us.

    • Jazelda
      Jazelda Year ago

      She turned pain into power. The passion she had for love, life, and art helped her to push through.

  • Shari McCann
    Shari McCann Year ago +5

    Such a beautiful, inspiring, immensely talented woman. Simply watching this video....she spoke to me. Thank you 💕

  • Sandra Nerland
    Sandra Nerland Year ago +9

    I have been following Frida for years and I am so glad to see this virtual offering. I just wish I could see it in person. Thank you for giving recognition to this amazing woman.

  • Paula Morgan
    Paula Morgan Year ago +8

    So jazzed at this possibility! Thank you to whomever was the mover and shaker offering up this jewel!!

  • Julie Rogers
    Julie Rogers Year ago +9

    Love this, thank you! I especially enjoyed seeing Frida on video .... moving, in life!

  • Rena
    Rena Year ago +1

    That was beautiful. I feel her energy within my soul💜🙏

  • Itzel Martinez
    Itzel Martinez 6 months ago +1

    What an incredible artist 🖼🎨💕

  • Hugo Laleu
    Hugo Laleu Year ago +1

    i never know this part of frida Kahlo i love her art she is so strong and powerful same if she got so problem she turn it as art
    she is very inspiring

  • Lana Frye
    Lana Frye Year ago +22

    Thank you for making this available. Just awesome.

  • Ronald Martin
    Ronald Martin Year ago +2

    My first post COVID trip I have planned is Mexico City. A visit to Casa Azul is on the itinerary. Looking forward to this trip. It is what keeps me sane these days.

  • Warhol's Circus
    Warhol's Circus Year ago +3

    I love Frida's artistic voice so much, it's nearly crippling as an artist. Standing ovation. I said, "nearly."

  • bikinggal1
    bikinggal1 Year ago +2

    I wish I had gone to view this exhibition. I was there last year....I want to see Diegos art, but ended up on a walking goose chase and finally gave up, we were only there for 3 days. Had I know she had an exhibit I would have gone!!

  • Martha Melara
    Martha Melara Year ago +16

    In my Spanish Classes we are studying the Thematic Unit: Frida Kahlo Selfies (Self-Portraits). This will be a great opportunity for them to watch the exhibition from their homes and learn about Culture and Personal Identity in the context of Art. 150 students will be watching!

  • Helen Ann Lee Shung
    Helen Ann Lee Shung Year ago +5

    This was so illuminating, thank you. I enjoyed it immensly

  • shannon roy
    shannon roy Year ago +15

    I’m so excited after all these months I’ll be able to see this fantastic exhibit next month in SFO

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Year ago +1

    I have always loved Frida, and her art is so raw and beautiful in how emotionally vulnerable it is. There are some pieces here I've never seen before, like the portrait for the doctor and the painted orthopedic corsets. The one with the foetus broke my heart, you knew exactly what she was thinking and feeling with that. I hope they are able to keep this exhibit open after quarantine is done.

  • Philip K
    Philip K Year ago

    So Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this exhibit with us!

  • Gina Friend
    Gina Friend Year ago +6

    I would love to have the opportunity to see this museum and its extent of. I would also love to see her museum house in Mexico City. I will see however the touring Frida exhibit once covid lifts. "To Frida" 🙌❤

  • Ricky Vega
    Ricky Vega Year ago +5

    I was bummed out I couldn't travel to SF to see this exhibition, I am so excited you are offering a virtual tour.

  • Bambi Waterman
    Bambi Waterman Year ago +1

    Beautifully done. Thank you! I hope to see the show in person when the Museum opens again.

  • Yoni Mayeri
    Yoni Mayeri Year ago +3

    Fabulous video, thank you deYoung!

  • Emgee78
    Emgee78 Year ago +2

    Saw this exibition at the V&A in the UK in 2018 when it was titled 'Making Herself Up'.

  • Susanne Stegmann
    Susanne Stegmann Year ago +6

    Seen the exposition in London in the New Tate, loved it so much, was a split of the orginial treasure . In my opinion such treasures should be shared with all of us, not end in rich peoples tresores, never to been seen for the so called ordinary public again

    • Laurissima No
      Laurissima No Year ago

      @Susanne Stegmann 💌

    • Susanne Stegmann
      Susanne Stegmann Year ago +2

      @Laurissima No Maybe later. I've seen it at the New Tate. Had to travel from Germany.

    • Laurissima No
      Laurissima No Year ago +1

      Wasn't the exposition at the V & A?

  • Thyme Flys
    Thyme Flys Year ago +7

    Beautiful video.
    Beautiful Kahlo.
    I have my kitchen dedicated to her , I love it , all her art work and colour and flowers around me.
    Thank You. 🙏🏻❤️💫

  • Runaway Horse
    Runaway Horse Year ago +5

    So beautiful! Thank you.

  • Mai Hayashi
    Mai Hayashi Year ago

    What a beautiful exhibition ✨Thank you for your sharing .I can’t go there .So I’m glad to watch it .
    Thank you ❣️
    I really love her.

  • CooksFSH
    CooksFSH Year ago +2

    The exhibit looks wonderful! I wish I could see it!

  • Taylor Rosenberg
    Taylor Rosenberg Year ago +1

    One of my favorite artists. Thank you!

  • Jim Overbeck
    Jim Overbeck 24 days ago

    This lady's brushwork is seriously accomplished & beautiful.

  • Karen Lindsay
    Karen Lindsay Year ago +4

    Thank you so much for making this possible!!

  • D. McDaniel
    D. McDaniel Year ago

    Frida Kahlo, a woman of amazing soul strength, beauty on high in her heart and her art !

    KEATS GIPSY Year ago +1

    Wonderful documentary
    Thank you 🌺

  • Dennis Mason
    Dennis Mason Year ago +1

    I love Frida. Frida inspires me, always. Music tells me how to feel. Clickout. (I'm a composer). It's not bad, it's not what I choose for Frida.

  • Maria Galbova
    Maria Galbova Year ago +9

    She was talented and beatifull.I love her and her paintings.

  • Rosalind Martin
    Rosalind Martin Year ago +2

    A Wow! A beautifully done video too.... I have lived various times in Mexico over 60 years past ... sometimes taking visitors to Gto where i visited Diego's small home. Never went to the Blue House tho. Now I see that I might have missed the best part😳🤣😇

  • ✨Teary✨
    ✨Teary✨ Year ago +2

    Thank you for this feature. I love Frida Kahlo. I hope to visit this display soon.

  • Wini Kessler
    Wini Kessler Year ago +4

    Tuned in from British Columbia; loved it! Thanks so much.

  • Jean Sindhikara
    Jean Sindhikara Year ago

    Frida Kahlo, a woman of the ages. Amazing!

  • Nelson Rivera
    Nelson Rivera Year ago +6

    V excited for this! I had planned to visit the exhibit while I was living in SF but sadly had to move away due to the pandemic before the museum opened back up its doors. 😔

  • Helen Krolik
    Helen Krolik Year ago +2

    Beautiful 😍 I love all that’s Frida thank you for sharing

  • Susan Cushing
    Susan Cushing Year ago

    I will never know enough of Frida Kahlo. What a fascinating woman she is: thank you, belatedly, for the extensive exhibition of her works.

  • Matt Aquilino
    Matt Aquilino Year ago +4

    beautiful! she had more than communist "sympathies", she was a proud communist and spent her last days fighting for the cause. other than that this presentation was great.

  • Cynthia Cormier
    Cynthia Cormier Year ago +15

    This is so cool. with C-19 going to the Museums is right on time. Once again Thank you

  • Elmarie Bester
    Elmarie Bester Year ago +1

    I love Frida Kahlo. Period! 💖 Can someone perhaps lipread what she is saying in the short video at the beginning and translate it to English

  • mike law
    mike law Year ago +1

    Frida Kahlo was one of the best artists in 20th century.

  • Ivan Klymenko
    Ivan Klymenko 2 months ago

    Frida Kahlo is interesting and original. I saw several of her paintings when I was in Frankfurt am Main

  • Maureen Francis
    Maureen Francis Year ago +3

    This looks wonderful!

  • Miriam
    Miriam Year ago +1

    Thank you for such a great video 🌷

  • Isabella García
    Isabella García Year ago

    Ever since I was little they would teach you about frida as a part of Mexican culture and she is honestly SO respected in Mexico everywhere you go
    Also in some names that are of native from Mexico that are given to animals or things you mostly don’t pronounce the “tl” and the “x” is mostly pronounced “ch” for example “xoloizcuintle” is pronounced “chollo escuincle”

  • Helen Noorthoek
    Helen Noorthoek Year ago +4

    so excited to be able to see this particular show

  • xXx tearful angel xXx

    I have recently had to accept that I am chronically ill from various things, and I do feel fucking broken. I am also a mixed Latina, but I was told to never speak about it or meet that side of my family, so I feel equally as fucking broken in my heritage. Frida really inspires me, thank you for sharing her work, I hope to become as confident as she was and live my short life on this earth fully.

    • Toni Y
      Toni Y 26 days ago

      Dear Tearful Angel, Please condider your tears as cleansing so you may move forward and make your dreams a reality. Take it slowly and enjoy the beauty of your journey.

    • Toni Y
      Toni Y 26 days ago

      If I had my choice I would rather be physically ill than mentally delusional or morally bankrupt and torturing others.

    • Cilja Ittmann
      Cilja Ittmann 8 months ago

      Wishing you good luck and a joyfull Journey

  • jillianvanliew
    jillianvanliew Year ago

    Such a fan of Frida Kahlo. Hope to see this in person some day!

  • Raka 7
    Raka 7 Year ago

    A beautiful Creative Strong Woman I really respect her.

  • La Mantia
    La Mantia Year ago +1

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  • Teri
    Teri Year ago +14

    There are a lot of inaccuracies presented in this video. Additionally, the interpretations about Frida's paintings are just the presenter's opinion about Frida's work and not necessarily what Frida would agree with. It's disappointing that details and facts about Frida's life were not more carefully researched before writing the narration for this video.

    • Julie Pearce
      Julie Pearce Year ago +1

      @Truth Lover hey Truth Lover! ✌️
      Exactly what I was thinking, from my first visual. Knowing what we now know, about history, and inversion... This one is painfully obvious. I think the emphasis on the private part, with the blood dripping down, was due to the mutilation. The fetus part, because "she" was a he... And, the fact that, it wasn't just one Leg being drawn bigger. It was also the Hand. So many things...
      Did you notice the butterfly drawn on the leg?
      So many clues, and these people just don't get it.

    • Che Villa
      Che Villa Year ago

      I agree.

    • kcaj mortsnnew
      kcaj mortsnnew Year ago +1

      painful narration , typical of art lovers....finally a kind of condescension that makes it hard to watch / listen to

  • Barbara Olson
    Barbara Olson Year ago

    Inspirational woman, artistic though out all areas of life.

  • anna majove
    anna majove Year ago +1

    I watched with great interest, thank you for this movie🔆

  • MixedUpMargie
    MixedUpMargie Year ago +1

    Great video! Thank you for sharing 💗❤️💜💕

  • Aquarius Chica
    Aquarius Chica Year ago

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video since I won't get to see it in person. The website kept saying members-only and now it says sold out. 😔🥀

  • William Duncan
    William Duncan Year ago +1

    Amazing 😉 I would love to go there👌🙏

  • Lavender Blossomish
    Lavender Blossomish 7 months ago

    I love every single aspect of her existence will be always remembered and prayed in my deepest prayers.

  • Sabrina Nascimento
    Sabrina Nascimento Year ago +4

    I am inspired by her.

  • Berna W.
    Berna W. Year ago +2

    I would love to visit her home .
    Thanks for the video

  • Gazelle Gazelle
    Gazelle Gazelle Year ago +1


  • Sandra Garcia
    Sandra Garcia 10 months ago

    Hermosos Vestidos Mis RESPETOS 😊👍💯💯💯💝💝💝

  • storres1368
    storres1368 Year ago

    Just beautiful

  • Lorraine Bailin
    Lorraine Bailin Year ago +1

    very excited for this!

  • FoxyAuraGems
    FoxyAuraGems Year ago

    So wish I was there 🌟

  • Ericka Poggio
    Ericka Poggio Year ago


  • JJ G
    JJ G Year ago +3

    Same Exhibition that was at the V and A before the world went mad!

  • RoseRage95
    RoseRage95 Year ago

    I love Frida
    So cool

  • Tom Toms
    Tom Toms Year ago

    Wonderful insight wonderful Artist

  • John Milonas
    John Milonas Year ago

    Would be interesting to know if she is one of the most forged painters now.

  • Samantha Belfeld
    Samantha Belfeld Year ago +5

    I wish I could see it! I don't know if you know but Fridas Father was actually a German Jewish. I feel like people leave that out a lot in various podcasts,articles and videos.

    • Samantha Belfeld
      Samantha Belfeld 10 months ago

      @mrjamila88 not his religion , his heritage. He was Jewish and from Germany. Her mother was catholic, old school money.

    • mrjamila88
      mrjamila88 10 months ago

      Actually no, that’s what Frida thought but there been historians say he was actually Lutheran so who knows

  • Eliz Donovan
    Eliz Donovan Year ago +3

    Thank you. Great video.

  • Leif
    Leif 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope you can pleqse share video walking tours for those ofnis not lucky enough to go in person.

  • OS
    OS Year ago

    So beautiful, so strong...

  • adelia carroll
    adelia carroll Year ago