Bradley Walsh DESTROYED 😱 by Michael McIntyre’s nightmare text - Send To All

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
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    Michael McIntyre causes mischief with Doctor Who star, Bradley Walsh's phone as he rifles through his photos and sends an embarrasing text to his contacts. Bradley gets his own back & he pranks Michael.
    Michael McIntyre’s Big Show returns for the biggest series to date.
    Filmed in front of a live audience at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, the show is packed with celebrity guests, musical performances, stand-up comedy and surprises.
    Michael McIntyre's Big Show | Series 4 Episode 2 | BBC
    #MichaelMcIntyresBigShow #MichaelMcIntyre #SendToAll
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Comments • 1 153

  • Mrs Baggins
    Mrs Baggins 2 days ago

    If everyone had these guys sense of humour the world would be such a happy place, 😂😂😂😂

  • Joia C. Gibble
    Joia C. Gibble 5 days ago

    The funny thing is West Hollywood is LITERALLY right next to Beverly Hills. The weather is the same 😅

  • xxoMIKoxx
    xxoMIKoxx 6 days ago

    I like Gino’s response to these texts .

  • Ana R
    Ana R 9 days ago

    Bradley has the best laugh and sense of humor.

  • Cristina Raduinea
    Cristina Raduinea 9 days ago

    One direction isn't the biggest boy band in the world, not in this lifetime.

  • chrispin HK
    chrispin HK 12 days ago

    "It's just Matt up the yard"
    That kills me😂

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 12 days ago

    Wow didn’t know he could Act and sing only get The chase here

  • Apirateslifefors B
    Apirateslifefors B 12 days ago

    Matt Up The Yard's Cystals and Cars Shoppe!! I can see it now!

  • XxgamerFaceXx Xx
    XxgamerFaceXx Xx 15 days ago

    I wish Michael would do gordon ramsay

  • M3rlin
    M3rlin 16 days ago

    He was here (Portugal)! That is probably Algarve. Why british only go there, I dont know! Theres a giant ass beach 40 miles from Lisbon called Fonte da Telha , its neverending, i spent some of my childhood there and NEVER got to go to the end of it, its the size of half Portugal, and absolute little paradise. I never see foreigners there. Im going in a few days.
    How many of you ever came to Portugal ? (Thoughts in reply, presence in likes.)

  • David Widdowson
    David Widdowson 18 days ago

    I was looking forward to a reply from Joe Pasquale, what a shame that there wasn't one. Some great replies though lol

  • CrashCoaster
    CrashCoaster 19 days ago

    Would love to see Gordon Ramsay do this.

  • Isaac Hassan
    Isaac Hassan 21 day ago +3

    Me: watch this
    *clears out my gallery*

  • Barbara T
    Barbara T 24 days ago

    OMG. I watched at first because it was Miranda. Now I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.

  • Dalton Tomkins
    Dalton Tomkins Month ago

    God bless Michael and Bradley

  • Innocent Obiekwe
    Innocent Obiekwe Month ago

    This show makes me cringe with fear for the contestants..hahahahaha

  • Cally-ann
    Cally-ann Month ago +1

    Hahahaha brilliant !! Bradley your amazing !!

  • Nathaniel Ramos
    Nathaniel Ramos Month ago

    That woman said Helmut Schmacker at 2:00

  • pink willow
    pink willow Month ago

    Love Bradley Walsh in all he does, and he's a bit of eye candy

  • tony mush
    tony mush Month ago

    bradley is good / the show is crap

  • Nala Stogan
    Nala Stogan Month ago +2

    I thought it was Jeremy Kyle

  • Cassandra Smith
    Cassandra Smith Month ago

    Hilarious! Super clean fun.Love the dentist's reply and Matt Up the Yard :))))

  • Alexander Goss
    Alexander Goss Month ago

    he looks like he dun coke at 1:00

  • bulla da lulla
    bulla da lulla Month ago +1

    First time saw Bradley in anything, I LOVE HIM, his humor is sooo good😂

  • Boi Lean
    Boi Lean Month ago

    Just saying Zayn is known as Zayn not Zayn Malik

  • Owen Butcher
    Owen Butcher Month ago


  • Jimmy Morina
    Jimmy Morina Month ago

    Got to love Gino

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik Month ago

    I think Mr. McIntyre takes 2 pounds of coke before doing send to all. I mean just look at the energy.

  • Mark Jarman
    Mark Jarman Month ago

    Brilliant 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zamzam Jama
    Zamzam Jama Month ago +1

    We buy any
    I died 😂😂😂

  • neeti singh
    neeti singh Month ago

    This is the beat I have watched so far 🤣👍

  • Prakriti
    Prakriti Month ago +1

    Why does the bbc insist on the unnecessary clickbate titles?

  • Ryen Ryenov
    Ryen Ryenov Month ago

    sound peoples up please👇👇👇👇👇

  • Nida Lloyd
    Nida Lloyd Month ago

    I just came across this wonderful bit. I guess I'll have no time to sleep tonight.

  • Mandy Walton
    Mandy Walton 2 months ago

    Ur so crap mcntyer

  • Hullo There
    Hullo There 2 months ago

    The poor guy was soo nervous!!! Yikes😯

  • gaysy1st
    gaysy1st 2 months ago

    Don't know why Michael had to read the text out three times!

  • Michael Macluskie
    Michael Macluskie 2 months ago

    Its amazing what these people who do nothing practical for the better of their country except play around like children and get paid millions.....yet the people who have to work for a living like working thousands of feet above ground level building Tower Blocks etc in all weathers get paid peanuts.

  • Itis I
    Itis I 2 months ago

    Oh this man is so nervous. Wish I could give him a hug. Haha.

  • Mairi Laing
    Mairi Laing 2 months ago +1

    I was watching doctor who in the back ground

  • Sally Mason
    Sally Mason 2 months ago

    its very funny but obviously fake

  • Hannah Leung
    Hannah Leung 2 months ago

    please cast Mr. Rowan Atkinson on this segment... We would like to see what mr. bean can do

  • Beauty Pate
    Beauty Pate 2 months ago

    I like Bradley Walsh

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 3 months ago

    Matt up the yard! 😂😂😂

  • sleepy sallie
    sleepy sallie 3 months ago


  • Sumuya
    Sumuya 3 months ago

    I haven`t seen this before, but the Send to all is hilarious X`D.

  • XxX Wild _ Soul XxX
    XxX Wild _ Soul XxX 3 months ago

    The grandma in the background laughing is so adorable omg

  • Ellzbellz 2012
    Ellzbellz 2012 3 months ago

    I'm obsessed with dpctor who ! AND I love Bradley Walsh!!

  • 64Fabby
    64Fabby 3 months ago

    Is there anybody that doesn't have Gino in their phonebook?

  • Abigail Grant
    Abigail Grant 3 months ago

    I can't stand Bradley he is an idiot

  • Vegie Veganic
    Vegie Veganic 3 months ago

    I have never laughed so much in my life lol

  • Maria G
    Maria G 3 months ago +8

    The "Matt-up-yard who does crystals on the side" made me cry of laughter 😂

  • Jose R Suarez
    Jose R Suarez 3 months ago

    This was sooo hilarious...lmao...😂🤣😂🤣

  • James The Pig
    James The Pig 3 months ago +1

    Lol who else saw Duolingo on his phone

  • Sobiah Selvarajah
    Sobiah Selvarajah 3 months ago +7

    This is honestly one of the best send to all...crying with laughter here 😂

  • Mi Tie
    Mi Tie 3 months ago

    looks like Uther pendragon

  • Lon Don
    Lon Don 3 months ago

    Notice how he throws a Samsung and actually has an iphone

  • Bianca Taylor
    Bianca Taylor 3 months ago

    Pink eye?

  • Abi Giggles
    Abi Giggles 3 months ago

    he missed a good opportunity to say, thigness.

  • Boomer  Ang
    Boomer Ang 3 months ago

    6:46 Bohemian Rhapsody, anybody?