• Published on Jul 19, 2019
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Comments • 922

  • Matthew Dassow
    Matthew Dassow 2 days ago

    Tom will the posters be available for the US shop at some point this week?

  • Hydrakken
    Hydrakken 4 days ago

    jay and romell shoud do a superslide down your driveway

  • Grand Master Jacob
    Grand Master Jacob 5 days ago

    grey ice cream........................................ right

  • TerrificTv
    TerrificTv 13 days ago

    Tom a trick that I leaened is put mayo on the steak, it seals the juices in it.

  • Lars Thorup
    Lars Thorup 13 days ago

    so where is the jaguar?

  • ky lo
    ky lo 16 days ago +1

    Tgf should do a 24 hour challange in toms house lol

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 16 days ago +1

    Your house is 👌🏻👊🏻🇬🇧

  • Ben Pickering
    Ben Pickering 17 days ago

    “Lydia bends over backwards for me” for course she does😉

  • Malnourished orphan 420

    I honestly expected Romel to inhale the bearded dragon

  • Erp 2014
    Erp 2014 19 days ago

    AmaZing video please Collab more with them ❤️👌

  • kingx codyx
    kingx codyx 19 days ago

    You ruined the steak meal with the sauce and mushrooms. Damn. Otherwise, that would have been 🤤

  • CHW_Games
    CHW_Games 21 day ago

    tom you should get alex to hook up a system so you can ask alexa to turn off all the lights

  • Joaquín Cassagnet Ezcurra

    Why does Tom look like Franco during the time between Trainspotting & T2?

  • Allan Godfroy
    Allan Godfroy 24 days ago

    Will we ever find out what it was poped for

  • Aaron Manuel
    Aaron Manuel 24 days ago


  • 3PIC shh4d0
    3PIC shh4d0 24 days ago

    I just came back from kasadasi turkey

  • Ryan Raybone
    Ryan Raybone 25 days ago

    Like if Tom and TGF should do more videos together

  • Angry Cuck
    Angry Cuck 25 days ago

    As an American, tgf is fucking amazing

  • Jellybean
    Jellybean 25 days ago

    He drawing a penis on ur wall XD

  • Koyote
    Koyote 25 days ago

    Are we still remembering yoteslaya 5 years later

  • Krystian Moson
    Krystian Moson 25 days ago

    You've won at houses mate

  • Liam Thain
    Liam Thain 26 days ago

    What size hoodie is that your wearing??

  • TTV Galaxxy
    TTV Galaxxy 26 days ago


  • 360PrimalProductions
    360PrimalProductions 26 days ago

    Seriously Tom your tree still up lol haa. love the videos mate

  • jodie carol
    jodie carol 26 days ago

    great content x

  • Enemy
    Enemy 26 days ago

    Literally 40 mins of straight flexing 😣

  • Gnostic Warrior
    Gnostic Warrior 26 days ago

    Jay lookin like ragnar lothbrok an that.

  • hiby1990
    hiby1990 27 days ago

    Jay and Romell looked so proud, my guys 😂

  • Jack Lorimer
    Jack Lorimer 27 days ago

    Mon the scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • caesar the ape
    caesar the ape 27 days ago

    This was so cringey especially when he put the ice cream in Jay's face. Fucking cringe

  • Krisso
    Krisso 27 days ago

    If you've got wide feet with yeezys go a size up.

  • Spencer Amos
    Spencer Amos 28 days ago

    It has always amazed me that Tom can relate so well with others. This is major goals one day, would love to share my future home with friends!

  • Oskar Pytkowski
    Oskar Pytkowski 28 days ago

    Is that Luke Spittle in there as well

  • Neve Shelsher
    Neve Shelsher 28 days ago

    My two fav you tubers, well yt and yt team 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • jim smith
    jim smith 28 days ago

    Rookie mistake with the yeezys always go up a half size with 350s best advice is remove the insoles or else buy a half size up I my size is £400 at the moment 😭 I wanted them so badly

  • Apolloway
    Apolloway 28 days ago

    Thats the way uh hu uh hu I like it, uh hu uh hu

  • shaun clare
    shaun clare 29 days ago

    Aren't you suppose to blur your registration plate

  • Jack Price
    Jack Price 29 days ago

    Imagine jay if a seagull flew down and knicked the bearded dragon😂😂😂😂

  • Benniuk
    Benniuk 29 days ago

    After soooooooo much waiting, we finally got a house tour!!

  • Nathan Chadburn
    Nathan Chadburn 29 days ago

    Jay was soo pissed

  • Morgan Prosser
    Morgan Prosser 29 days ago

    You explaining your bedroom spun me the fuck out

  • Tom Freeborn
    Tom Freeborn 29 days ago

    Tom, I get the same issue with some shoes on my feet - they're too wide for loads of shoe styles!! Wider fit stuff is your friend :D

  • Omg why though
    Omg why though 29 days ago

    Do more vids with tgf

  • TSlum _
    TSlum _ 29 days ago +7

    To save you some time, TGF arrive at 23:00

  • George Richardson
    George Richardson 29 days ago

    Thought tgf had fallen out

  • nebulamegan
    nebulamegan 29 days ago

    bro jay holding the bearded dragon and softly petting him is so wholesome

  • Mad Music
    Mad Music 29 days ago

    what's that girls name she's a little sexy thing

    TEAM CB 29 days ago

    I love tgf honestly I wish I could meet them both be a dream their so funny

  • Oyth
    Oyth Month ago +1

    When you said turn off the lights it looked like my dad.

  • Sulayman Islam
    Sulayman Islam Month ago

    I remember ur collage vids riding a bike

  • Lornezo Smith
    Lornezo Smith Month ago


  • Kso Active
    Kso Active Month ago

    25:02 it’s got ligma dude😂😂

  • Bethany Gledhill
    Bethany Gledhill Month ago

    Two of my favourite you tubers come together ❤️👌

  • Max Robert
    Max Robert Month ago

    Tom please make me that steak 🥩

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful Month ago +2

    I'm like tom. I stay screwing up my sleep schedule. xD

  • ardzz
    ardzz Month ago

    Childish people where u at ???

  • Lucy Mills
    Lucy Mills Month ago +1

    I feel like you keep trying to make everyone about you like I’m trying to watch jay and Romell

    BRAD LYON Month ago

    The British version of the Paul Brothers 😂👌🏼

  • VegaCentari
    VegaCentari Month ago

    tom your relay got me going out at 6:30pm to by a steak and cook to and 7:10

  • Callum Sault
    Callum Sault Month ago

    Can I come over for a steak

  • danontay100
    danontay100 Month ago

    Cake all around brother

  • Hoa Freas
    Hoa Freas Month ago

    Bro I get back from vacation to hear Syndicate and TGF my two favorite TheXvidrs are in a video together this was awesome

  • TacoMonsterNick
    TacoMonsterNick Month ago

    30:37 *cough *cough TELL US WHY YOU POPPED IT!

  • Just The Dave
    Just The Dave Month ago

    Surprised Jay didn’t run with Steve

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood Month ago

    "Hydration For The Nation"

  • Mo1880
    Mo1880 Month ago

    BTEC Morrison

  • Harry Eley
    Harry Eley Month ago

    Love the vids but these videos are getting too long

  • Liz. Foley
    Liz. Foley Month ago +1

    Romell looks so fit

  • ItzJosh
    ItzJosh Month ago

    Hi tom i like your videos!

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins Month ago

    Two of my all time favourite channels on TheXvid, I love it

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago


  • HeyIt'sJohn
    HeyIt'sJohn Month ago

    flip floppy *time*

  • Belp
    Belp Month ago

    Did she go Ireland to the center parks bcuz I went the other day