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  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
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    So I'm leaving my job and making TLDR my full-time job. To make this sustainable we're going to need your support, and we have hopefully made Patreon more interesting than ever...

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    TLDR is all about getting you up to date with the news of today, without bias and without filter. We want to give you the information you need, so you can make your own decision.
    TLDR is a super small company, run by one person with the help of some amazing volunteers. We are primarily fan sourced with most of our funding coming from donations and ad revenue. No shady corporations, no one telling us what to say. We can't wait to grow further and help more people get informed. Help support us by subscribing, following and backing on Patreon. Thanks!

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  • TLDR News
    TLDR News  4 months ago +203

    Hey All! Thank you so much for your incredible support. We have already hit the first threshold, so I guess we ought to start thinking about that podcast. Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your support so far and can't wait to see this grow further.

    Just one thing to answer a lot of your questions. At least for now, we won't be updating the goals based on changes to our sub count, so don't think that unsubscribing will get us there quicker, it was based on the totals at the beginning of the campaign.

    • ecos889
      ecos889 4 months ago

      Woo one plus you managed to start a career due to the brexits.

    • AssHattery Engaged
      AssHattery Engaged 4 months ago +7

      Jack - 1st cheers to you on taking the plunge and going all in! Chasing a dream takes courage, determination and a bit of luck.
      Without a doubt, Brexit has provided you an issue which galvanizes viewers in a way most political issue can't. You are at the right place, at the right time, with the right skills to seize the opportunity. I truly believe when (if) Brexit dies down, your approach to analysis will transcend this single issue and be applicable to any political/social/economic debate you chose to tackle. How you cultivate your following now will weigh heavy on your future success.
      Along that line of thought, I'd like to make a suggestion. I understand why people are commenting about your goals measured as a percentage of contributors versus subscribers being an arbitrary metric. I put to you, in the spirit of transparency, posting monetary targets is more meaningful. Reaching these targets should not mean an action will absolutely take place but rather that your next goal can be realistically considered. This is no longer a hobby, it's an income. Your costs and revenues are your business, not ours. But these targets can indicate when you believe it's possible to expand your offerings, grow your reach, and hopefully have a little more free time for yourself. We are along for the ride, want you to succeed and wish you all the best.
      BTW: If you haven't already, please read Chick Starr's comment to you.

    • Stelios Kapourniotis
      Stelios Kapourniotis 4 months ago +2

      Great effort and business plan Jack. congrats, excellent progress mappimg. Just try improve your spelling m8, even occasional hiccups are quite evident... Thanx tho, good try sofar!!

    • Mr Son
      Mr Son 4 months ago +2

      It's.... really not a good idea to go by percentages of subscribers
      adding patronage for your goalposts. I struggled enough to get a 1%
      views to COMMENTS ratio when I was writing stories online, and that has
      no money involved, just a minute or less of typing.
      It would probably be much better to go by clear patron money per month goals.
      Otherwise subscribers like me, who will probably NEVER donate (I'm on limited
      income, I *CAN'T*) will be dragging your percentages down.

  • J.D. Wardell
    J.D. Wardell 29 days ago

    I will be supporting you within a few months when my new income is in place! Love your content. Keep it up!

  • peterhoz
    peterhoz Month ago

    Patreon v Paypal. Which one is better for you? Both short term (lower fees deducted) v long term (growth of the channel eg through knowledge of its existence).

  • antonio vedenbul
    antonio vedenbul 2 months ago

    go get a real job boy

  • Little Kaori
    Little Kaori 2 months ago

    congrats mate! I've been with the job next to the freelancing and sleepdeprivation, but I promise you that the high you are feeling right now is totally worth it! Nothing beat working from home on something you love. I hope you will enjoy it for a long time to come and I hope I will be watching you channels grow.

  • Axe Murderer
    Axe Murderer 3 months ago

    So wait, you're telling me common sense is making a resurgence?

  • John Brass
    John Brass 3 months ago

    Good content and interesting. Please mention any monetary values in USD, GBP AND EUR

    LINCS 3 months ago

    congratulations on the big step ... makes complete sense 🙏

  • Victim700
    Victim700 3 months ago

    i fucking love your cushions dude

  • Devin Padilla
    Devin Padilla 3 months ago +2


  • riskinhos
    riskinhos 3 months ago

    does the items include costume taxes?

  • Cecilia Corbett
    Cecilia Corbett 3 months ago

    Alas, unable to donate just now, but very glad that all your work is paying off. Journalism was never an easy business so here's wishing you the very best of British luck.

  • Ramon Player
    Ramon Player 3 months ago


  • Ramon Player
    Ramon Player 3 months ago

    I would like to be a patriot member but I'm still minor, maybe I'll buy something from the store

  • Ed SR
    Ed SR 3 months ago

    Jack has a really beautiful voice. A very pleasant one. And oh look he is really pleasant to look at too

  • DragonMaster Gaming
    DragonMaster Gaming 4 months ago

    Good luck in the future! One of the best news channels on youtube if not the best!

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris 4 months ago

    Have you interacted with the Rogue Rocket team? It looks like they're looking to expand their independent and unbiased news so they'd be able to offer advice at a minimum or perhaps it could be the beginning of a working relationship if you feel that is appropriate. Just a suggestion because I love unbiased independent news sources like you guys and Defranco.

  • S Omnipotent
    S Omnipotent 4 months ago

    Uh...who knew that Jack was hot??? This is news.

  • Denis Yedin
    Denis Yedin 4 months ago

    Good man!

  • Jacob Sparrow
    Jacob Sparrow 4 months ago

    Yay, I'm so glad that you are making this your job I love what you do and I'm glad that you will have more time to do it and that you will be able to do more with it xxx

  • Shredorbread
    Shredorbread 4 months ago

    Congratulations! Love the channel! TLDR NEWS💙

  • Shaggydoo
    Shaggydoo 4 months ago

    Thinking of being a patron. By the sounds of it you want a kickstarter type of thing. Keep up the good work 👍

  • Knor Voland
    Knor Voland 4 months ago

    You go man!!

  • Jeremy Price
    Jeremy Price 4 months ago +1

    I have been really enjoying your Brexit coverage, but I have no interest in "this week in parliament", as I'm not British. I would definitely donate if you covered international news in the same style that you have been covering Brexit. Even if the news is not about my country, I like to hear more detail about things that affect the whole world.

  • WhaleSeaB
    WhaleSeaB 4 months ago

    Grongrats man! You really deserve it!

  • Martijn van Hoesel
    Martijn van Hoesel 4 months ago

    "How are we going to make that happen?" If you simply ask your subscribers to UNsubscribe from your TheXvid channel, you'll hit the 1% marker in no time at all. You may want to set your goals to match an absolute number of Patreons, not as a % of subscribers. If the number of TheXvid subscribers rises faster than the number of Patreons, you might actually never hit 1%.

  • Halby G
    Halby G 4 months ago +1

    Hey. I really wish I could support you, but like a lot of people I'm a struggling student with debts.
    Maybe in the future I can support you. Thanks for what you do.

  • Simon S
    Simon S 4 months ago

    Will you be creating News from around the world or just the UK?

  • sezrules
    sezrules 4 months ago

    Dude you look exactly like you sound!

  • Kaari Laanemäe
    Kaari Laanemäe 4 months ago

    I was looking through your merch, and noticed that you do not offer womens models. The unisex models are less of an unisex and more of a mens models. Please add womens models, I am hoping to get one of the t-shirts.

  • Aart Miedema
    Aart Miedema 4 months ago +1

    get subscribestar!

  • Tom Whipp
    Tom Whipp 4 months ago

    I'll pledge to you on patreon, if you pledge to keep the amount you receive on it public. This is something that is important to me

  • Alan Dillon
    Alan Dillon 4 months ago

    With more time can I suggest widen your themes such as: we keep hearing of the BBC is inbalanced shouted out by disgruntled Torys or Question Time etc. How about looking at these sort of issues. We all know The Sun, Daily Mail v Mirror but, TV stations and Programmes seem more difficult?

  • Alan Dillon
    Alan Dillon 4 months ago

    Why talk on $ and not £ or are you not a British based company?

  • Maria Selepak
    Maria Selepak 4 months ago

    Wow 😲 big challenge!!! You have my support!

  • alana verhoeven
    alana verhoeven 4 months ago

    Wish I could support but honestly on my student budget I don't have any cash to spare like this at the moment but when I do I'll try and support you guys!!!

  • Just because no other reason

    Your videos are good and very informative, I would actually say great at times but as you're not neutral in the whole Brexit debate I stopped watching your videos. Every time you leaned towards your Remain roots it put me off supporting you and ultimately I stopped watching them. Philip Defranco shows you neutrality with his opinion added on afterwards if you're interested in it, that's the way be. I want information without your personal opinion trying to sway me towards your view, just pure information. I bet I'm not the only person who wants this so I can make a decision on the truth rather than one sided or slightly skewed information. Just my 2c.

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker 4 months ago

    Amazing. So happy for you. You do a fantastic job and provide a really valuable service to your subscribers.

  • Tremmuh
    Tremmuh 4 months ago

    Best of luck to you on this new leg of your journey!

  • a1990hussain
    a1990hussain 4 months ago

    Is it possible to setup a Standing Order, to TLDR or at least 'THREE26 LTD'?

  • Luli GM
    Luli GM 4 months ago

    Hi! I just check your merch. Wonder if you will be doing mugs any soon? Keep up the good work!

  • Raymundo Lopez
    Raymundo Lopez 4 months ago

    awesome news, you've made a jump that seems to work for you!

  • TheBaconHunter
    TheBaconHunter 4 months ago +1

    I’m not signing up for a random pin when I’d want one for my own country.

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 4 months ago

    Best of luck. I have found your series very helpful. I particular like how you are unbiased, simple and clear. Keep up the great work. I’m backing you on Patreon.

  • Audio Library Plus — Official Releases

    Hey thanks for using our music on your last video, but it is extremely important that you follow our usage policy, otherwise, your video can be takedown.

  • tsuchan1
    tsuchan1 4 months ago

    Hi Jack... very good luck with the future... I hope you've got a great plan and it's really successful. You've certainly made a great start on many levels, and you have my admiration.
    I admit to being a bit confused with the expansion funding plans, as described. Planning the route forward by percentage of subscribers rather than income seems odd to me: it means simply losing most of your subscribers could bring you through most of your milestone commitments. And $1 subscribers are nothing like $10 subscribers. Because of the overheads charged by Patreon for small donations, they're probably around 5% of it. And Patreon charges your patrons, so 20% of your donations are really going down the sink; and for your non-USA subscribers, there's a double currency conversion expense going on. :-( Have you thought of promoting PayPal donations more? Just some thoughts... I hope you find them constructive. Good luck again!

  • Agustin Ferrario
    Agustin Ferrario 4 months ago

    Your face looks like lots of people were right and you really need some sleep. Congrats for this new step!

  • SoarinInTheSky
    SoarinInTheSky 4 months ago

    Ur gay... I'm unsubbing

    FMORAIS 4 months ago

    Well done mate! Great job!

  • Carlena P
    Carlena P 4 months ago

    Good luck!

  • duffry
    duffry 4 months ago

    Help TLDR:News reach 1% of subs as Patreon backers; unsub now!

    Just kidding - all the best peeps.

  • David D.W.
    David D.W. 4 months ago

    Considering his main topic is Brexit. I'm sure he'll have content for years to come.

  • Josh Leaman
    Josh Leaman 4 months ago

    Your videos have helped me so much in understanding uk politics so thank you

  • Rucelei
    Rucelei 4 months ago

    Could you also make videos about important parlement news from other European countries (for exemple Croatia and the Euro). Also it would be nice if you could make videos about the EU parlement (once a month).
    If you would do so, I would be happy to donate.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  • garyfalvey
    garyfalvey 4 months ago

    Congrats man ive watched you since day and you have been one of the most reliable objective sources i use. Its rare to see honest breakdowns your gonna go places and ill support you where i can

  • Zach Tong
    Zach Tong 4 months ago

    NO, NOT the Tory leadership race! We NEED at least ONE honest person to TELL us about it, NOT to SPIN IT! I've done my part to help Jack. Let's all
    help him as best we can.

  • Christopher O'Grady
    Christopher O'Grady 4 months ago

    Serious resting sad face XD
    Good luck with going full time, it's a good move to get out of the system.

  • Mário Garrido
    Mário Garrido 4 months ago

    Videos like this one alienate because i don't care about all of this, i care about the content, and i am already supporting the channel by watching the ads. I understand that Patrion would give you an extra $ and that's great, but we, the viewer, don't need a dedicated video to understand your financial situation. I knew you had a patrion before and i know you release videos there first then on youtube, like the "ORDERRR!" video. Letting us know that we can get more content there at the end of the videos should be enough, not this nonsense.

  • Joshua Ingham
    Joshua Ingham 4 months ago

    Is it possible to get more personification on the countries like have the Bavarian hat on Germany and a top hat on the britain?

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter 4 months ago

    The power of independent news !