The Avengers - Disneycember 2015

  • Published on Dec 6, 2015
  • It's one of the biggest blockbusters of all time! Does it hold up after all the hype?
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  • Luce Gibbs
    Luce Gibbs Day ago

    looking back at the first avengers from now was geriphgsiepuhgruiheg

  • ILL Pictures
    ILL Pictures 10 days ago

    R.I.P. getting a Black Widow movie

  • Sunny's Side
    Sunny's Side 24 days ago +1

    You know what I've noticed after watching Ragnarok, IW and Endgame? Ruffalo's performance has gone from sedated to disturbingly cheerful. This strangely enough seems to be deliberate. I think it’s a creative choice intended to show that the horrifying events of these movies are messing with Bruce’s psyche.

  • Joseph Greenhorn
    Joseph Greenhorn Month ago

    i remember after i saw this film the audience CHEERED for how great it was

  • KND Video
    KND Video Month ago

    Tbh once you start watching this movie again it’s mediocre at best and its pretty boring it was good when it first came out, but I do like infinity war that’s the best avengers movie

  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent 2 months ago

    I guess I have this movie to thank for setting up all the other Marvel movies that came before it like avengers endgame, Winter soldier, Civil War and avengers infinity war. We even got to see Spiderman in the MCU. And thanks to Disney we finally have the rights to The X-Men, the fantastic four, dead pool and probably Batman.DC tried build up their little cinematic universe but they failed on all accounts with justice league & Batman versus Superman!I didn’t like the Quicksilver was killed off in age of Ultron I felt like they could hold more stories with the character!The only problem I have for the MCU is that they didn’t add more Marvel characters like I dreamed of wanting. We never got to see Moon Knight, The Sentry, Hercules, Squadron Supreme, Daredevil, Blade,FireFox,FireStar, Jack of Heart, Whizzer,She-Hulk,The illuminati,Justice and Tigera!

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt 2 months ago

    In the UK it was titled Avengers assembled

  • Super Cool
    Super Cool 2 months ago

    Anyone ready for the endgame?

    • Mic Drop
      Mic Drop Month ago

      Saw it 2 days ago. I cried in the end.

    SIMI DAS 2 months ago

    One of my favorite movies of all time. I can watch it everyday.

  • Linkachu the Pikachu
    Linkachu the Pikachu 3 months ago

    “I have an army!”
    “Well we have a Hulk.”
    I love that line.

  • Place Holder
    Place Holder 3 months ago

    Endgame is going to break people.

    • Mic Drop
      Mic Drop Month ago

      It did. The theater clapped at least 10 times. I personally cried at the end.

  • Jarek Gunther
    Jarek Gunther 3 months ago

    "If we just started off with this movie before Iron Man, Captain America, and all the other films, it wouldn't be as good."

    Me as a DC fan: 😂...😅...😭

  • Super Cool
    Super Cool 4 months ago

    Ready for the endgame?

  • Mitchell Ulrich
    Mitchell Ulrich 5 months ago

    Channel Awesome 0:24 wasn't it 5 Previous films?

    • Mic Drop
      Mic Drop Month ago

      Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America. Yep, 5

  • JMtheSmartAlec
    JMtheSmartAlec 5 months ago

    Aww remember when Loki was intimidating? Good times lol

  • General Greninja
    General Greninja 6 months ago

    Critic predicts the problem of Justice League.

  • Devin Sweeting
    Devin Sweeting 6 months ago +1

    4:57 "If we just started off with this movie before Ironman, Captain America, and all the other films. It wouldn't be as good" The Justice League movie's problem in a nutshell.

  • glamourchick21
    glamourchick21 6 months ago

    I love Mark Ruffalo in...anything.

  • Johnno9989
    Johnno9989 7 months ago

    Am I the only guy who was genuinely bored by this movie?

  • Saimeren
    Saimeren 7 months ago +1

    One thing that really REALLY disappointed me was the end when The Hulk yells at Iron Man to wake up. And I'll tell you why.
    In the comics there is a panel where Tony's heart stops, and Thor brings the lightning and shocks him back to life. Basically acts as a defibrillator.
    So, during their fight in the beginning; when we see that Thor's lightning super charges Tony to 400% power; I was REALLY hoping to see this scene play out. When they were all gathered around Tony's unconscious body after Hulk catches him I was thinking "This is it. They're pulling the panel from the comic. Thor's going to bring him back!"
    Then suddenly "ROAR"... Really?
    The Hulk simply screams at him and he comes back to life? Disappointed.
    This set up this amazing scene in the beginning only to have it wasted on The Hulk being a screaming moron. Also, if your heart stops (which we can assume it did as his suit has a life support system and wouldn't cause him to pass out from the lack of oxygen, or even from the G's he's pulling falling to earth (likely only 2-3 by the way)) being screamed at isn't going to make it start up again.

  • Anthony Hoffman
    Anthony Hoffman 7 months ago

    NONE of the others have succeeded, Doug.

  • Richard The Imaginator
    Richard The Imaginator 9 months ago

    I just came here because of "Avengers: Infinity War".

  • Stw3art14
    Stw3art14 10 months ago

    The only thing bad in this movie is Captain America's suit. They should have used the one from first avenger in my opinion

  • DigiDestined13
    DigiDestined13 10 months ago

    Doug needs to keep this review in mind when he eventually reviews Justice League - the story didn't make sense, but it didn't matter because the Avengers were together on screen for the first time.

  • Pcssfc
    Pcssfc 10 months ago

    Do avengers infinity war! That shit was tight I loved it

  • The Kaijuguy
    The Kaijuguy 10 months ago

    Thalking about "meet the team" cliche i think thats what ruined stranger things

  • Ethan Webster
    Ethan Webster 10 months ago

    "We will never forget who did it first" My sir let me tell you about this little film called Destroy All Monsters...

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 11 months ago

    I love this movie one of the first mcu films I saw

  • geeky films and theories
    geeky films and theories 11 months ago

    Love that critic is a black widow fan

  • Totally Scoot
    Totally Scoot 11 months ago

    Loki brought them all together to tear them apart quicker. If he had tried to keep them separate all it would've meant is that he would've had slightly more time. Admittedly, Loki likely would've won in this scenario however Loki didn't intend his actual plan to bring them closer as it did. That WAS a massive fuckup, and Loki basically sealed his own doom. But in his original plan he'd bring them together, tear them apart and while separated they would be powerless to stop the Chitauri. They could only win as a team, on their own they didn't stand a chance. That was the plan.

  • Paul on Xbox
    Paul on Xbox Year ago

    Infinity War Review? Wait until it comes out on dvd tho, dont re-creat it

  • Theo Vance
    Theo Vance Year ago

    Cant wait for you to reveiew infinity war!

  • epicsamurai5
    epicsamurai5 Year ago

    Calling the Avengers big feels weird now.

  • Blink Animations and Art

    How about 18 marvel films leading to a 2 part climaxe (infinity war)

  • Internet Assassin

    Am I the only one still kinda wants a Hawkeye movie?

  • Red Falcon
    Red Falcon Year ago

    6/9/2018 as i became the 6.9k liker!

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor Year ago


    .......justice......nah I'm kidding I haven't even seen it 😂😂😂

  • Reaper The Indoraptor

    Hopefully Avengers Infinity War has good story, good action, and being very serious since Thanos is supposed to be a big threat.

  • Chase Sanchez
    Chase Sanchez Year ago

    Watching this again now, I realize he wrote the introduction for the Infinity War review too. Haha

  • The Paranormalist
    The Paranormalist Year ago +1

    And this is why DC should never try! No matter what DC makes, Marvel will ALWAYS do better! : )

  • bashbro1able
    bashbro1able Year ago

    I disagree that this film is "mindless" or "dumb." People do not give Joss Whedon enough credit for his ability to craft dialogue and character development. The focus is on how these individuals learn to work together and coexist despite their numerous differences. There are running themes of sentiment, the idea that freedom suffocates peace due to humanity's pride, and running from our pasts instead of looking to the future. The story is simple, but it's not done without any intelligence either.
    I especially love the argument between Tony and Steve, and how Cap claims that Stark wasn't capable of being selfless for the sake of the greater good. Then in the big fight, it's Tony who saves the day by directing the nuclear missile through the portal at the Chitauri ship, well aware that he may not make it out alive but goes through with it anyway. That's character development. Take away the colorful costumes and the spectacle action sequences and there's some very underappreciated writing in there imo.

    CECIL Year ago

    I like Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. He really makes him feel like a regular guy. I think that is what makes it shocking that he does get really angry and become the Hulk. It makes a very good contrast.

  • Prince Starcraft
    Prince Starcraft Year ago

    Pretty much all the MCU Movies has been one story.

  • Cartoon Network/Disney XD Superheroes

    0:00 - 1:14 I'm really hoping this is exactly what we can say about Infinity War.

  • Seka Persa
    Seka Persa Year ago

    X Men did it first!

  • klimmr3021
    klimmr3021 Year ago

    I'm a simple a sense. I see a crossover, I get hyped, I watch it. Who would've thought that one day a crossover would not only be one the highest grossing films of all time, but also set a standard for future cinematic universes to take place? All I have to say is, "Thank you Marvel for bringing us The Avengers."

  • the geeky witch
    the geeky witch Year ago

    Do age of Ultron

  • Flip3nt _42
    Flip3nt _42 Year ago

    Why didnt this get a full review

  • PKMN Trainer Mark

    "take over the world, of course."
    It feels... wrong to not use the clip.

  • GojiZilla 2005
    GojiZilla 2005 Year ago

    Destroy All Monsters was the first gigantic crossover

  • 2Scribble
    2Scribble Year ago

    4:57 - the one fucking thing it took DC THREE WHOLE DAMNED MOVIES to figure out...

  • TimeWarpDrive 77
    TimeWarpDrive 77 Year ago

    They all got movies except hawkeye and black widow but let's face it there boring and failure as superheroes

  • BloodyBatons
    BloodyBatons Year ago

    Scarjo is the worst actress but of course he thinks shes the best cause shes hot lmfao

  • Dead Dogg
    Dead Dogg Year ago

    This was my favorite movie

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow Year ago

    The Avengers was actually one of the first movies (besides Batman of course) that really got me to liking superhero movies. And the hilarious irony is, I actually liked and respected the Avengers not because they were these perfect, ridiculously hot, badass superheroes, but because they were willing to admit they had flaws and fears and they had to overcome those flaws in order to unite as a team and defeat the bad guys. Like when we meet Black Widow (also one of my favorite characters) she starts out as this strong, gorgeous badass fighter, but we later learn she has made mistakes in her past and she has a really painful backstory and she has to come to terms with that. And Bruce Banner is actually scared of his alter ego and he's had to really suppress his emotions because he DOESN'T want to be that guy but then he has to accept that part of himself in order to save the world . And the whole dynamic between Iron Man and Cap just cracks me is the noble warrior with an honor-code and the other is this snarky narcissistic billionaire and they are both trying to be in control. And then Thor is literally a god and he is trying to come to terms with the fact that his brother is the villain and trying to understand the humans.

  • Book Addict
    Book Addict Year ago

    3:36 2017 and still waiting on that Black Widow movie. You know what they say, hope dies last.

  • cwagz 311
    cwagz 311 Year ago +1

    “It would be too jumbled because you wouldn’t have all the characters defined.”
    DC, TAKE SOME NOTES!!!!!!!

  • Stan Loona
    Stan Loona Year ago

    The only thing I hate abt Loki was his character in this film tbh it felt off and I just.... hated it

    • Julian Davis
      Julian Davis Year ago

      BoomBoxVeiw At least they fix him in Thor Ragnarok

  • Stone Celtden
    Stone Celtden Year ago +1

    But The Dark Knight, Logan and Mad Max: Fury Road - despite tying-in with other films are regarded as absolute classics for their complete lack of BS pop references and serious tone and incredible directing and performances
    there will always be franchise series
    But Avengers will be remembered in history of films like Lord of the Rings in terms of effort and build up
    But Lord of the Rings will be viewed as real art all with the entire trilogy
    the fore mentioned movies above will be viewed as Classics not just hits
    and movies like Empire Strikes Back and even 1989 Batman and even the original Mad Max and Mad Max: Road Warrior
    will be viewed as the risk takers and art shining through quality
    The Avengers is brilliant but it'll be dated and unrelatable in the future
    Road Warrior is dated in terms of effects but the drama and scenario still rings true
    Hell even the emotions and dialogue and themes in the personality of the first Mad Max are the same kind of timeless appeal and art that keeps audiences loving A Clockwork Orange despite being dated years later
    My personal favourite movie of all time is the Lon Chaney silent movie of 1925 - The Phantom of the Opera
    Historical value AND artistic content

  • TheGoggleHero
    TheGoggleHero Year ago

    technically the Japanese Godzilla movies did it first

  • William Mbongolwane

    This was the first movie I saw in 3D. Man what a ride.

  • Smitten Werbenjagermanjensen

    What does the avengers have to do with Disney?

    • Dead Dogg
      Dead Dogg Year ago

      Smitten Werbenjagermanjensen you are correct

    • DeluxeChin
      DeluxeChin Year ago +4

      Disney owns Marvel Studios

  • Shy Thalia
    Shy Thalia Year ago

    R.I.P. Agent Phil Coulson

  • The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube

    Doug: “Characters...So Defined,” Me: EXCEPT FOR HAWKEYE

  • Sol Invictus
    Sol Invictus Year ago +1

    I... Don't know how I feel about this small review.
    On one hand, I'm very glad you like it and pointed out EVERYTHING it does amazing.
    On the other, I feel like this movie should have been in one of your bugger reviews. Especially since you've taken to doing it with the DC films. And a movie like the Avengers NOT getting to be on Nostalgia Critic while a movie like Suicide Squad is?
    Idk, just kinda seems wrong to me.
    Still, glad to see you like the movie!

  • john cornwell
    john cornwell Year ago

    Loki's plan only failed because Thor showed up on earth. Without him, Hulk would have destroyed the Helicarrier and shield for the most part.

  • The Anime Noob
    The Anime Noob Year ago

    Wait until you see how big infinity war is

  • Daniel Ficarra
    Daniel Ficarra Year ago

    Do a review of Avengers infinity war as the Nostalgia critic

  • Lena Storm
    Lena Storm Year ago

    What I realy, realy love about the MCU is that the heroes are ALWAYS try to save the people first and as many as possible and THEN fight the bad guy(s)! (Take notes DCEU!)

  • ARC the Clarinet Master

    Really? You're listing that misogynistic _Ghostbusters_ remake as an example of an "expanded universe"? And to think, you're the same guy who gave _Inside Out_ , a film with *original female characters* , a positive review - during the exact same Disneycember, nonetheless! Surely you would be deploring that GB remake as a huge step backwards for women in Hollywood, right?

  • Wyvernblue
    Wyvernblue Year ago +1

    As much as I love the MCU, I'm really afraid that it's going to end horribly. They keep adding in more characters for fan service, like Doctor Strange, and soon Adam Warlock, that there's no way they can fit them all into a climax.

  • IceFire9yt
    IceFire9yt Year ago

    The fact that they set up every here, the villain, and the plot device (the tesseract) in previous movies is part of why this movie works so well. When making ensemble movies, its very easy to get bogged down in exposition, introducing character and the plot (batman v. superman is the best example of this going wrong, but I think Age of Ultron falls victim to it too).
    Marvel made sure that they had basically everything set up before hand. They just hit the ground running- giving the audience what they really wanted to see- the characters playing off each other and the action.

  • Some Crazed Nerd
    Some Crazed Nerd Year ago

    *One of the most hyped up films of all time*
    I think Infinity War is going to overtake that

  • Ninja Greg Show
    Ninja Greg Show Year ago

    Really? Dracula untold was supposed to connect with a bigger universe?

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 Year ago

      Yeah, they wanted to make a "universal monster universe" or something with Wolfman and I Frankenstein and such. Guess what? That series tanked and nobody remembers it.

  • Donelle Bullock
    Donelle Bullock Year ago

    So Dc ended the Comic movies, Sony sparked it, and MARVEL revived it.

  • CSquared 84
    CSquared 84 Year ago +1

    Can you believe it's been 5 years since this movie came out?

  • ilopominecrafter
    ilopominecrafter Year ago

    I am actually kinda shocked you didnt mention the soundtrack

  • zadose
    zadose Year ago

    I found Black widow to be a bit of an emotional wuss in this movie. Her feelings get hurt by Loki and she gets scared of the Hulk to where she's huddled in a corner......... badass female assassin????

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 Year ago

      She obviously manipulated Loki into giving her the information that she wanted. Did you just miss the entire "Ha, thanks for the info" scene right afterward? Also, what would YOU do if Hulk was coming down on your face? She's not Thor!

  • TvSonic Serbia
    TvSonic Serbia Year ago

    My biggest problem with the film is that it mostly feels like a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie, featuring all the Avengers

  • Winston Shih
    Winston Shih Year ago +1

    It was pretty overrated

  • getmarioN64
    getmarioN64 2 years ago

    "The Avengers" is....SO AWESOME!!! Okay, okay, I'm being such a overhype commenter to keep saying this, but I fucking love "The Avengers." Its Marvel's "Goldfinger" epic film. Sure, it's stupid, sure it's one-liners dumb summer flick, sure it's a dumb summer blockbuster film for most popcorn viewers, Marvel fanboys, and to all these teens alike. But it's a perfect superhero crossover film with all star cast, a big premise, fantastic action scenes, characters interact one another, and they've so much after 5 films until they make into a big screen. Downey Jr, Evans, Hemsworth, Johansson, Renner, Jackson, Smulders, and Ruffalo (good choice as the new MCU character) were excellent. The villain is over the top and Hiddleston was so good. Whedon's direction is impressive with tons of action, quote to quote lines, and some fun memorable moments. Such effort this film and yay, I rewatch many times and this Marvel's best film of all time. Let's enjoy watching Avengers film!
    Yup Justice League, we're waiting?

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 2 years ago

    Thanos certainly risked a lot to gain a lot. Giving Loki a scepter will an Infinity Stone just to obtain another was risky.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 2 years ago

    Loki's evil plan and motives were pretty weak but I've grown to love this film more and more every time I see it. Of course it was all to spite Thor. Thor loves Earth so Loki wants to rule it and ruin it to get under Thor's skin.

  • Jericho Strayker
    Jericho Strayker 2 years ago +1

    4:56 And thats why DCs Cinematic Universe is in the shit right now.

  • Kifflom Dolphin
    Kifflom Dolphin 2 years ago

    "If we started out with this movie before Iron Man, Captain America, and all the other films, it wouldn't be as good". Oh DC, how you proved Doug soo right!

  • Dommbuscus
    Dommbuscus 2 years ago

    Not only was this movie important to the comic book genre of film, but this movie was probably one of the most important films to come out in the last decade. For years before this, movies were just fine but they weren't amazing or spectacular. Much like Toy Story, this movie changed films forever. Now filmmakers have to prove themselves that they can be just as great as The Avengers or else they'll probably fail

  • Salene Brom
    Salene Brom 2 years ago

    It's more complicated than you think
    Loki was not willingly leading the invasion he was being controlled by the other who in turn was working for thannos

  • rocknrollkid90
    rocknrollkid90 2 years ago

    I want to see a sequel to, "The Incredible Hulk!"

  • solidmario64
    solidmario64 2 years ago

    There were five movies that built up to the Avengers but why split hairs right?

  • MP
    MP 2 years ago

    This is how you make a good superhero movie, DC.

  • The King Of Cinema
    The King Of Cinema 2 years ago +1

    4:58 and this is the problem with DC

  • Lee Thompson-Kolar
    Lee Thompson-Kolar 2 years ago

    Fun fact: That Darn Cat! (1965) has a higher Rotten Tomatoes score than The Avengers. How...

  • Neko Commune
    Neko Commune 2 years ago

    actualy the alien guy wanted to annihilate all life in the universe.

  • Coco Maehler
    Coco Maehler 2 years ago

    I honestly hated Captain in the Avengers film
    And his suit was horrible to top it off

  • Daniel Rogers
    Daniel Rogers 2 years ago

    I think this movies success is what sealed DC's fate, because DC didn't really have anything other than The Dark Knight series that was that good and all of a sudden Marvel was kicking down the door and dragging everyone to the theaters. DC felt that they had to catch up fast so they cut straight to the character mashup without taking time with development movies like Marvel did.

  • Agent Prime
    Agent Prime 2 years ago +2

    This is how I would rank all 14 MCU Movies
    14) Thor: The Dark World
    13) Iron Man 2
    12) The Incredible Hulk
    11) Iron Man 3
    10) Avengers: Age of Ultron
    9) Thor
    8) Captain America: The First Avenger
    7) Doctor Strange
    6) Ant-Man
    5) Guardians of the Galaxy
    4) Iron Man
    3) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    2) The Avengers
    1) Captain America: Civil War

  • Marta Ora
    Marta Ora 2 years ago

    "If we just started off with this movie before Iron Man, Captain America and all the other films, it wouldn't be as good."
    Are you listening, DC?

  • Kudos
    Kudos 2 years ago

    I didn't like this film very much. It was boring and underwhelming to me.

  • silentguy123
    silentguy123 2 years ago

    This one is missing from your complete Disneycember playlist. Hope I did not miss any other ones just letting it go through the long list...

  • MarioSaavs
    MarioSaavs 2 years ago +1

    This movie is awful, the first 2/3 it's just the avengers fighing each other for no good reason, I seriously can't see why somebody bar fanboys would enjoy it.