Mail Carriers Reveal Secrets About Your Packages

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • "People try to deliver all types of things."
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Comments • 481

  • Yt Kat
    Yt Kat Day ago +1

    During the winter my family leaves a bucket full of Gatorade and water bottles and tell the postal workers to help themselves since a lot of the gift were bought online and we constantly have packages arriving at the house

  • Government Official

    Sleeps with all the mail mmm c:

  • IShitOnTheWorld420
    IShitOnTheWorld420 5 days ago

    If yu show teeth or smile at a big dog, run. Thats you're intimidating the dog

  • Periwinkle Gacha
    Periwinkle Gacha 6 days ago

    Our mail dude has a long beard and one day, mailbox: FLATTEND. we got a new one and stuff but im still mad cause I saw him today delivering our mail.

  • Aubreyna Archer
    Aubreyna Archer 14 days ago

    These are actors, not real mail carriers. That's the guy from the viral invisible challenge. C'mon.

  • Spencer Sablan
    Spencer Sablan 17 days ago

    These are actors...? That dude was in that magic video

  • softwarebrian
    softwarebrian 18 days ago

    Dude idk why my dog hates nail people’s so much

  • Dane Reid
    Dane Reid 20 days ago

    Thank you for your service. I salute you

  • garden roses
    garden roses Month ago

    The girl is so boring

  • Slow Amazing
    Slow Amazing Month ago +1

    That guy was in the viral invisibility magic prank on netflix

  • The Adventures of Pip and Cheek

    It's pronounced con-e corso but you know what they are so kudos to you for that.

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    buzzfeed is losing it with the sex blow up image oof

  • The Weird Cousin
    The Weird Cousin Month ago

    She looks like Storm!!

  • Noni Park
    Noni Park Month ago

    omg he thinks he delivered a head. that's quite terrifying

  • Maija Johnson
    Maija Johnson Month ago

    Isn’t that the guy that was “invisible”

  • Mekhia Khiev
    Mekhia Khiev Month ago

    My dad make lemonade for the guy delivering our tv; it was summer

  • • Jaida •
    • Jaida • Month ago

    The lady was so bland

  • Rgan Girl
    Rgan Girl Month ago

    My mum was bit on the back of the leg by a chihuahua. It left a huge bruise for weeks

  • Drew Austin
    Drew Austin Month ago

    Imagine gatekeeping for mail delivery

  • princesslamour1985
    princesslamour1985 Month ago

    OH I didnt know yall took water from ppl. I'll keep one handy next time

  • Pierre Louis
    Pierre Louis Month ago

    They’re both hot

  • daniel james
    daniel james Month ago

    She’s so numb

  • Sethicus
    Sethicus Month ago +5

    My best day at UPS was when I got in and my manager said "We're cutting your run today, sorry we don't have enough work for you, I'll see you tomorrow".

  • Dinah Lewis
    Dinah Lewis Month ago

    I really like these videos. Y’all should do one about garbage men!! 😁

  • Big Stepper
    Big Stepper Month ago

    The lady is beautiful.

  • Nndndnd Dhhdjdhd
    Nndndnd Dhhdjdhd Month ago

    I like how that girl knows the difference between horse poop and cow poop

  • unbelaneablebeautyy

    Okay Mr Postman 👀👀👀👀

  • Coolguts 345
    Coolguts 345 Month ago +1

    I would bring treats just in case

  • Solid Bruh
    Solid Bruh Month ago

    I worked for FedEX & at the end of the shift we would load the trucks for the drivers but the drivers would be there & kinda guide us where to put the packages because each driver was different but overall they just wanted you to be neat. I am a neat freak & I was fast so they would always call me to their trucks & be so happy if I was the 1 grabbing & loading the packages for them.

  • BlackGirlLovesAnime6
    BlackGirlLovesAnime6 Month ago +1

    My mail carrier sends mail to the wrong house all the time

  • Chantelle Streete
    Chantelle Streete Month ago


  • Parker Weiss
    Parker Weiss Month ago +1

    Lady: DoGs SmElL fEaR

  • Juan Martines
    Juan Martines Month ago +1

    Bruh that dudes armpits were sweating

  • a tyagi
    a tyagi Month ago

    Why does she look like someone from wakanda??

  • Elektrolyfe
    Elektrolyfe Month ago

    Do one for Casino Dealers

  • Emma Jepsen
    Emma Jepsen Month ago

    Did anyone else notice that the amount of time in the video is 5:55

  • Aesthetic_Waffle
    Aesthetic_Waffle Month ago

    Ayeeee it’s the man who HATES caliouflower! What up XD

  • tellyomaw4
    tellyomaw4 Month ago

    The cut is an actor. Probably never worked for ups. But yet the information is pretty correcr

  • Владица Алексић

    03:11 how did you find that clip?

  • Lil Maddie The Baddie

    Optimism vs. Pessimism

  • rydonwunali
    rydonwunali Month ago

    yall need to get a new job if you've never had a best day.

  • lauren
    lauren Month ago

    aye buddy if you're gonna be sitting under huge studio lights, don't wear the color grey.. my guy was getting toasty under those arms

  • Seza Fink
    Seza Fink Month ago

    The lady had a really pretty smile at the end. Das it.

  • Novi Beograd -45-
    Novi Beograd -45- Month ago

    3:12 This part of video was taken from "Stereo Banana- 5 do 12 sindrom" song.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago +1

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate the hard work these folks put in every single day.

  • alyssa1bbsA
    alyssa1bbsA Month ago

    I lasted 2 weeks as a mail carrier at USPS. Great pay but that job is sure not for everyone! 😬

  • Emily Delgado
    Emily Delgado Month ago

    Is this the guy that thought he was invisible???

  • Far Is
    Far Is Month ago

    the girl is soooooo hoooot❤️❤️🔥😍

  • Far Is
    Far Is Month ago

    whats the name of the girl?😍💔

  • Kieorasama
    Kieorasama Month ago

    I miss our ups lady. She retired. She was so sweet and kind and loved my dog! If you see this, Happy and I really appreciate you! Thank you! She misses you!

  • zhinka
    zhinka Month ago

    that loser guy deserves to be bit! dog hater, nosy loser

  • Neat Gifts
    Neat Gifts Month ago

    I wouldn't have watched this video if I had known it was not mail carriers. UPS does not carry mail! Or should I say, UPS is not USPS. No all!

  • Sarah Kinsey
    Sarah Kinsey Month ago

    I live in Minnesota, and one time when it was a VERY snowy winter and the snow banks got too big, the US mail carrier wrote a note on the mail saying they won't deliver if they can't drive up to the mail box. We had so much snow that our snow blower couldn't get the snow over the snow banks! God forbid they can't get out of their truck and walk 2 steps.

  • Teil sullivan
    Teil sullivan Month ago

    Isn't that the same dude from the magic show on netflix???
    Smh these paid actors are getting outta control

    • Tam Nguyen
      Tam Nguyen Month ago

      What do you think actors do? Not do other side jobs/gigs??

  • Nikki M
    Nikki M Month ago

    My Caine Corsa loves to scare my delivery / mail persons. He just wants a biscuit

  • вυииу -ѕυвlιмιиαlѕ

    I'm now going to give them water-

  • Isabella Ponder
    Isabella Ponder Month ago

    O.44 on the mail one I have a “ big ass Corso”

  • Natalya
    Natalya Month ago

    if only my dog was there she’s kill them (with love)

    FORMORTAL Month ago

    the dude sounds like he just wants to tell stories and vent, the girl is like done with the job

  • Coral Lilac
    Coral Lilac Month ago

    When I was little, after Christmas, my mom and I would make sugar cookies and other types of cookies and leave it in the mailbox for our mailman.
    We stopped after he retired and we got some other guy that gave us a bad feeling. I loved the our old mailman, I would give him a shy wave every time I was outside. 😁❤️🍪

  • Tina
    Tina Month ago

    She reminds me of Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn 99

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez Month ago

    As a past Fedex Employee, I can agree with video!

  • Hillary Abad Carrillo

    Buzzfeed views r going down

  • chayanne amador
    chayanne amador Month ago

    My boyfriend told me that some of his coworkers likes to pee on packages lmao and I’ve heard how bad it can be sometimes

  • Roblox Every day
    Roblox Every day Month ago

    well i'm still waiting for my amazon box..

  • Lou
    Lou Month ago

    Ya’ll steal hella birthday cards

  • Lois Mugo
    Lois Mugo Month ago

    My little brother works for UPS........ the loaders are literally the most important people......and at times the laziest...... No offense meant, just what I've heard.

  • A A
    A A Month ago

    When I was younger my dream job was to become a post woman because I used to obsessed with post man pat

  • Joana Durão
    Joana Durão Month ago

    You guys have a weird mail system..

  • kmq1313
    kmq1313 Month ago

    Tip your mail carriers! If you want your mail/ packages in a specific spot then tip your mail carriers

  • ricards
    ricards Month ago +1

    Yo, isn't that the guy who thought got disappeared?

  • Ashley Briones
    Ashley Briones Month ago

    DO BUS DRIVERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Kami Chan
    Kami Chan Month ago

    This is why I never get irritated for a late delivery lol like gurl its gonna come anyway

  • Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Shiny Blue Ball

    Never had a bad experience with UPS, they're always on time and really nice to me, and you can tell the package has been cared for and not just thrown around...
    Now when it comes to some other delivery companies, like GLS and MRW, that's a whole diferent ballsack...
    I've had deliveries being delivered almost 3 days after the guaranteed date on times I pay extra for express shipping, like excuse you, if I wanted to get this in 5 days I would've taken the free shipping and not pay extra for faster delivery...

    • KelseysWonderland11
      KelseysWonderland11 20 days ago

      Make sure you call & get your money back. Idk about the other companies but UPS refunds overnight shipping if it's late.
      -A UPS warehouse worker

  • mpeppermint23
    mpeppermint23 Month ago

    i used to deliver packages for amazon and the amount was way too much, especially since i was only part time, between the aggressive dogs, people being confused by the hours you work and think you are an intruder, and the fact amazon wants you to be a reckless driver to deliver their packages, enough is enough.