Dr. Gabor Maté Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • Tim Ferriss speaks with Dr. Gabor Maté, a physician who specializes in neurology, psychiatry, and psychology. He’s well known for studying and treating addiction. I’ve wanted to invite Dr. Maté to this podcast for a while because he is not only an expert in the pathologies of addiction, but he’s experimented with - and used successfully - tools that are perhaps outside the realm of traditional psychiatry. He is also a co-founder, along with Vicky Dulai, of Compassion for Addiction, a group that advocates for a new way to understand and treat addiction.

    Show Notes: tim.blog/2018/02/20/gabor-mate/

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Comments • 3 834

  • Cyber Synapse
    Cyber Synapse 3 years ago +523

    I’ve had the pleasure of attending a two day workshop with Gabor. As a child and adult trauma therapist he is my hero and there’s not enough of us spreading this work...

  • Stephen Bottom

    I could have used this as far back as 10. I've discovered it at 49. Still in time to be very useful. Thank you, Gabor.

  • Gustav Agenbacht

    Tim, you're one of a kind in your kind and patient hosting of your guests. And this interview, the Stuff of Life, much healing in there for those who can get beyond their own impulse to malicious response to a cruel life. I was a loveless child, and a hate filled youth. I wanted to become a professional assasin in my young days. But one grows up and learn. A good friend once told me....Gustav, once you leave the hate behind, life starts. Respect to people like you and Dr Mate, in a world filled with fear, hatred, and sheer malice. Heroes do not wear capes. They wear dignity and insight.

    SHEEP DOG  +143

    Just a straight up awesome doctor who is willing to listen to his patients an a doctor who has actually experienced some if not all of his patients problems. If you haven't gone through stuff, you just don't understand (most doctors). Thanks for having this interview Tim!

  • Cat Vega
    Cat Vega  +45

    What a wonderful, beautiful, insightful and inspiring conversation. ✨ I’m so grateful I’ve arrived here. Love to everyone 🙏🏼

    JAYLEEN BOYD Year ago +171

    He is such an incredible human being.

  • Sabnock1990
    Sabnock1990 Year ago +395

    Show Notes

  • SisterRon
    SisterRon  +43

    Not sure if there’s a succinct word to mean the ‘opposite of a waste of time’ but listening to this was precious time used wisely. Tears of revelation flow. Thank you so much Gabor and Tim for this hugely important conversation. 🌷

  • Dabri Chard

    Dear Tim, thank you so much for this interview. The people who find this video will be treated to a Doctor who while sharing his knowledge also shares his own life experience to help the world. I feel motivated to learn more. Thank you, again!

  • K
    K  +181

    "The message you get isn’t that good little kids don’t get angry: it’s that angry little kids don’t get loved.” 💗🙏🏻💗

  • Ferran Bujalance Devesa

    Thank you. The only thing I have to say after watching this video is thank you. I feel much better after watching this conversation and I definitely know now that I'm not alone in this world, that there is people that think the same way I do. Thank you, this has been a wonderful piece of time of my life. Thank you

  • Lovesauce
    Lovesauce  +13

    I cried several times during this. Thank you guys, fantastic insight!

  • Allyson
    Allyson 3 years ago +207

    What a beautiful heart-opening experience. Gabor has more depth than all the worlds oceans and he’s all heart. It gives me hope and inspiration.

  • TheA SignalMan

    "When the student is ready, the teacher appears". Humble thanks for your personal vulnerability and insight which enhanced the interview in multiple ways... I have listened to several of your interviews without comment. Blessings for your healing light!😇💘 11/2/22

  • SmokingSevens

    This is hands down the single most important Tim Ferriss Show episode ever.

  • Valencia DelaVega De Lloyd

    Dr Gabor is a gift to the world 💕

  • Pamela Nichols

    I'm speechless. This has to be the best interview I've ever seen.

  • Philip Gahan

    Can't thank you enough, Tim and Gabor that was brilliant. I'm 64 and at last I am hearing what I have needed to hear since the age of 6 and thought I never would.

  • Kelley
    Kelley 3 years ago +325

    This was a great talk. I've watched a lot of Gabor Mate's presentations and interviews, but this was by far the most enjoyable. It's nice when the host / guest dynamic is authentic and fluid. Thanks for this.

  • Jackie W
    Jackie W  +68

    If I hadn't been stuck in a shielding household for a year with 2 parents with Aspergers, in the middle of a pandemic, I would probably have never heard this. I can so, so relate to a lot of this...my environment, the numbing, I don't take drink or drugs, I was widowed in 2000, but never had emotional support from family, from age 12 I never wanted to go home...now at 52, I've run out of internal resources...thank you so much Tim and Gabor xxx