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  • Sean Hirsch
    Sean Hirsch 2 days ago

    I really like watching your videos. Mainly because of the language. No cursing or blasphemy. Thank you

    MOSSMYD 4 days ago +1

    Not to down your work but I feel like this was rushed and if you slowed it down and tried it would have come out a lot better again not saying it’s not bad it just could have been a lot better

    MOSSMYD 4 days ago +1

    Is eny one ganna mention that spongebobs spatula is silver

  • Little Drummer Boii
    Little Drummer Boii 5 days ago

    Next, make a krabby patty with it.

  • Xenronnify
    Xenronnify 5 days ago

    The blacksmith's underwear must be red! No, blue. He strikes three times with his uhh...
    his wallet contains..

  • Fat Egg
    Fat Egg 5 days ago

    You will be a god and you will like it

  • George Washington
    George Washington 6 days ago

    Spongebob Battle for Bikini bottom. That game never gets old. Gold spatulas, shiny things, socks, and tikis. I think I might fire up the gamecube and play it.

  • Geffrei Maudeleyne
    Geffrei Maudeleyne 6 days ago

    Why are you chocking up on the hammer handle so much? You will get more force with less work if you hold it closer to the end.

  • Marco Papa
    Marco Papa 6 days ago

    ⧋ Not sure copper is great for food contact ⧋

  • FitzTripple Z
    FitzTripple Z 7 days ago

    Is this the krusty crab?

  • Garrett.W
    Garrett.W 7 days ago

    I wish I had your work drive😫

  • morten nielsen
    morten nielsen 7 days ago

    why din't you make it in brass instead of copper by the way super cool vid keep up the good work

  • K1LL3R Jawz
    K1LL3R Jawz 8 days ago

    Lazarbeam outro!!!

  • Oli Bajkiewicz
    Oli Bajkiewicz 9 days ago

    SpongeBobs rusty spatula

  • mikey presnell
    mikey presnell 10 days ago

    Where does the water go one the band saw

  • Henry Peterson
    Henry Peterson 10 days ago

    You should put some leatherwork on the handle

  • _ ZEN_
    _ ZEN_ 10 days ago

    Song name

  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion 12 days ago

    Me watching this at 4 in the morning right now: I'm gonna eat Cheerios out of a coffee mug.

  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion 12 days ago

    Me watching this at 4 in the morning right now: I'm gonna eat Cheerios out of a coffee mug.

  • Dermorder
    Dermorder 13 days ago

    You use a Mac? Come on dude, do yourself a favor and let me build you a proper computer. No seriously. If given the chance, I will build you a computer.

  • fox animations
    fox animations 13 days ago

    Makes spongebobs spatula plays bloody rock music

  • o Intensives
    o Intensives 13 days ago

    You should do something with ZNA Productions

  • JeepGuy 9519
    JeepGuy 9519 13 days ago

    The cloth in the can was that like never dull?...

  • August V.S.
    August V.S. 13 days ago

    That part where he was just about to say fun but edited in some music right before he finished the sentence REALLY triggered me. No matter how many times I replayed it I could not seem to hear an n sound

  • night mare gamer23
    night mare gamer23 14 days ago


  • Illustrator-San
    Illustrator-San 14 days ago

    Those 409 dislikes are the morons that though it would be made from actual gold, it's very expensive and that much gold would cost a lot, even a lover carat would still be a small fortune.

  • TF2 Fan Boi
    TF2 Fan Boi 16 days ago

    Did he just say heats

  • Issy algar
    Issy algar 16 days ago

    Is it just me or is his voice amazing

  • FluffyBunny_Jr Gaming
    FluffyBunny_Jr Gaming 16 days ago

    You should make a SpongeBob to go with the spatula.

  • Pratik Zaman
    Pratik Zaman 24 days ago

    What's the song at 2:50?

  • 澤人志Hitoshi Sawa

    Rip creator

  • Stelios The Greek
    Stelios The Greek Month ago

    Did anyone else want to eat that watermelon?

  • S0m3th1ngN3w
    S0m3th1ngN3w Month ago +1

    make it a deadly weaponized spatula

  • Justme Notme
    Justme Notme Month ago

    Mini Ladd?????

  • Ethan Durtschi
    Ethan Durtschi 2 months ago +1

    Hey you should see what happens when you forge the bandsaw shavings together.

  • michaelcontreras892
    michaelcontreras892 2 months ago +1

    U should use that to make some hamburgers.

  • DreamTheory
    DreamTheory 2 months ago +1

    i love how in his montages the powerhammer seems to just shake the whole world as it strikes.

  • Travis Denison
    Travis Denison 2 months ago

    Alec, what kind of files do you like best. I want a really good file set for around 100$?

    FLIPPY FLOPPER 2 months ago

    Lol lazar beams outro

  • Handskemager
    Handskemager 2 months ago

    I know gold would have been EXPENSIVE, but Aluminium Bronze would have looked SWEET!

  • Trever Belmont
    Trever Belmont 2 months ago

    this is a episode of man at arms that I am glad I saw

  • MrTruffles
    MrTruffles 2 months ago +1



  • Phynix Channel
    Phynix Channel 2 months ago

    Can you make Set's staff from Gods of Egypt. Or Ra's spear?

  • Its_Squeezy
    Its_Squeezy 2 months ago

    Why are you not holding the hammer the proper way, which is at the end of the handle to have more force behind a swing

    • danielsmith5664
      danielsmith5664 2 months ago

      Its_Squeezy holding a hammer at the end equals more power but equates to little control.
      Choking up on the handle a bit allows you to hold the hammer at its natural point of balance and you get the best of both worlds without destroying your wrist

  • Wi-Fi TV
    Wi-Fi TV 2 months ago

    Turn lead into gold

  • April Death
    April Death 3 months ago

    Can someone tell me what's the music playing in 0:55?
    I couldn't find it so. XD

  • Tyler Formby
    Tyler Formby 3 months ago

    Horrible job

  • Random stuff with Michael

    Who lives in a metal shop in a land of tea?

  • TrollingBozz
    TrollingBozz 3 months ago

    It's a shame that the Spongebob remix wasn't in this video...😂

    WKGtheSQUAD 3 months ago

    Make a metal Harry Potter wand

  • V3-Mercy
    V3-Mercy 3 months ago

    Shoulda used brass

  • Austin Kent
    Austin Kent 3 months ago

    i always come for the forging but stay for the cold work! the file detail really makes these videos!

  • Oliver Baddeley
    Oliver Baddeley 3 months ago

    Lasar beams outro

  • Alphaback gaming
    Alphaback gaming 3 months ago

    Why not brass it's more gold like

  • Lil' Peridot
    Lil' Peridot 3 months ago

    ♪ K-R-A-B-B-Y-P-A-T-T-Y SAYS I!!!!!♪

  • slashed in public didnt survive

    Kinda upset you didnt make a crabby patty with that spatula.

  • den meer
    den meer 3 months ago

    You should make a sliding brick door with a foot pedal for your furnace

  • gaiusmarcus8
    gaiusmarcus8 3 months ago

    The legendary spatula of SpongeBob.

  • Randy Kirk
    Randy Kirk 3 months ago +1

    False advertisement. That's a copper spatula.

  • adi wicaksana
    adi wicaksana 3 months ago

    you hit it like a man #DAILYSTEELE290

    • adi wicaksana
      adi wicaksana 3 months ago


  • Remix136
    Remix136 3 months ago

    So your telling me he didnt make an abrasive side joke

  • Nicole Heymann
    Nicole Heymann 4 months ago

    I've only found your channel relatively recently (about a month ago), and I am glad I finally did! I've always been fascinated by blacksmithing, and your amount of dedication, willingness to learn, honesty and fun at it are inspiring. I am a painter and sculptor and have rarely seen this kind of combo. Often you either see "good, snobby" art or "not so great but fun" art. It's great to see you can push yourself to new achievements and still be a fun and approachable.
    Have a great day, and cheers from Germany :)

  • Rise of the chicken army

    Because AWE me wouldn’t do it

    SPONGE BO! 4 months ago

    Woah!!!!! Reallly!

  • J W
    J W 4 months ago

    I don't know the laws in England but if he made a flintlock pistol he would learn many new things and get to engrave it. Imagine the wood work and precision it would take.

  • The Only Gamer
    The Only Gamer 4 months ago

    You could have used the press for the flat part

  • ?
    ? 4 months ago

    Are you going to make any krabby patties now?

  • Linus Andersson
    Linus Andersson 4 months ago

    What is the name of the song at 3:10

  • Dale Montes
    Dale Montes 4 months ago

    Give it to BingingwithBabish and make a krabby patty with him

  • C R A K IVI A N
    C R A K IVI A N 4 months ago

    I feel brass would've been a lil more politically correct....

  • Leif Hicks
    Leif Hicks 4 months ago

    Did discovery ever air the show that you were in and what show or documentary was it I'd like to watch it

  • Joshua Snider
    Joshua Snider 4 months ago

    You should take all your mill filings and scraps, forge them into a flame 🔥 and brand it as a sub giveaway 👌🏼

  • The Toy Soldier metaaldetectie

    Whit all respect of your hard and super nice work I watch.. thumbs up from me ... I wish you do a episode where you will make the best digging tool .. (a grass knife to dig into the ground while metaldetecting)
    Greets from Holland. The Toy Soldier metaldetecting.

  • François-Xavier de Crevoisier

    Does anyone knows what's the music at 6:20 ?

  • Jace Colton Jackson 2000

    You should melt all the shavings from the band saw and forge something.

  • Fire of Jagz
    Fire of Jagz 5 months ago

    The perfect video doesn't exi... OMG A REAL LIFE SPONGEBOB SPATULA MADE BY ALEC!!!

  • Stacey McNae
    Stacey McNae 5 months ago


  • dafalln games
    dafalln games 5 months ago

    spongebob lies it is a fish slice not a spatula

  • living garbage
    living garbage 5 months ago

    I know you watch patty mayo

  • Graham Pike
    Graham Pike 5 months ago +1

    Good vid... But why not brass?

  • None none
    None none 5 months ago

    how do you activate the port and starboard attachments

  • Jan
    Jan 5 months ago

    Seeing this (after you made your 1 Mio special) I am kinda sad, you didnt forge the Spatula from the gold you bought. :/

  • ruubz001
    ruubz001 5 months ago

    never bring a hammer to a gunfight, unless you're alec steele afcourse

  • MSC mc.nugger
    MSC mc.nugger 5 months ago

    Golden Spatula... makes it with copper 🤔🤔🤔

  • laserbuddha
    laserbuddha 6 months ago

    Isn't it kind of poisonous to handle food with copper.

  • G Vandromme
    G Vandromme 6 months ago

    What is the first song called while you were filming for discovery

  • Moop de poop G
    Moop de poop G 6 months ago

    it was gold?

  • Codingmaster
    Codingmaster 6 months ago

    why not brass ?

  • ZerqTM
    ZerqTM 6 months ago

    this reminds me of a Forging project i want to do...
    I call it "The Dining set of lunacy"
    1) "a runcible spoon" (from the non-sense poem the cat and the owl (No on is sure what runcible means))
    2) "a vorpal blade" (from the non-sense poem "Jabberwocky" i would interpret it as a sharp table knife like something you may use when eating meat (no one is sure about vorpal either but it seams to have taken on the meaning of Fucking lethal!!! or freaking insta-kill!))
    3) "The Fork of Horripilation" (not from a non-sense poem but a quest item from Sheogorath the Daedric prince(basically a demon god) of madness...)

  • shaheer Ahmad
    shaheer Ahmad 6 months ago

    please make thor's storm breaker.

  • Cody Call
    Cody Call 6 months ago

    Tell you what. If I was a smithy I’d have my anvil up higher. All your tools are so low. Looks like it can be painful

  • cody price
    cody price 6 months ago

    really polish it now

  • Not Known
    Not Known 6 months ago

    Alec reach out to Cody'sLab he has plenty of gold to forge a real gold spatula. 😎

  • The Mad Hacker
    The Mad Hacker 6 months ago

    just remember, perfect patties are made with love...not magic

  • Axelle Axl.
    Axelle Axl. 6 months ago

    Lovely :D

  • Borris Bic
    Borris Bic 6 months ago

    Next project?

  • RandoTopia
    RandoTopia 7 months ago

    I’m sorry Alec. I was binging all of your projects but now I’m gonna go watch some spongebob. I hope you’ll understand.

  • Jeff Klaubo
    Jeff Klaubo 7 months ago

    My wife likes a slightly curved shaft

  • Sasquatch 420
    Sasquatch 420 7 months ago +1

    "We are gonna make Spongebob's Golden Spatula *in copper* but definitely gonna make Spongebob's Golden Spatula."

  • Trust in Dog
    Trust in Dog 7 months ago

    You don't cook, do you Alec?